#OOTD: The Best Way to Wear White Sneakers This Spring

Let’s start things off on the right foot (pun intended) — if you don’t have a pair of the best white leather sneakers for spring, you’re not doing it right. Well, at least you’re not doing it right … yet. The great news is, the  best white sneakers can in fact be found in the below ensemble, and they’re from a brand you know and love: Brooklyn’s own GREATS Brand, makers of fine sneakers that feature Italian leathers and plenty more bells and whistles. GREATS Brand has been a style staple on the blog going way, way back — case in point, this 2015 post on the GREATS Royale Court Sneakers, for starters! And the sneakers you’ll see on display today — the GREATS Royale Blanco — are both dressy and casual, every bit as versatile as you make them. Because breezy spring days are upon us (and because you’re hopefully able to get out of the house a little bit), the right accessories for casual and weekend-oriented style are coming along for the ride. A stylish spring windbreaker gives you protection from the elements and of course, one of the best denim shirts makes an appearance, too. See? These are pieces you know and love, and they all work in harmony together. Think of these sneakers like a nice go-between from dressy loafers to more casual unlined chukka boots — they bridge the gap, and the look great doing it. Wear this to grill at home, wear this on a solo weekend walk — just make sure you’re clear that white sneakers are a new spring style staple. Let’s get to the full look, shall we?

Now that we’re fully in step with one another — right? — it would seem that you’ve simply got to snag a pair of the best white leather sneakers for supreme spring versatility and great looks. The pairings are even more key, and geared toward laidback-yet-polished style (as always here on the blog). Layers make the difference from the outset when dealing with spring breezes, so the Grayers Montreaux Windbreaker is your new go-to spring jacket, layered up with ease atop the Wellen Hemp Tee and naturally, a rugged Buck Mason denim shirt. That combo works for situations where you’ve got to put some effort into it, but still want to feel comfortable. The same goes for the Olivers Apparel Passage Pants, which deliver stretch, mobility and yet tailored style in equal measure. For accessorizing down to a T, why not throw on one of the coolest men’s casual watches… and then check the seconds as you wait for the compliments to roll in? But the versatility and style of this look doesn’t stop there — keep either your stylish sunglasses or the essential pocket knife close at hand for little odds and ends that might come up. All along the way, of course, haul your gear in a rugged, American-made tote for that crucial finishing touch. Can you keep up? With the best white leather sneakers in tow, now you can. Cheers, my friends!


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