The Friday Read: Oliver Cabell Boots, What to Wear Camping & A Cool Whiskey Decanter

Luminox Atacama Field Automatic 1901

On time heading into the weekend with this Luminox field watch.

It’s *time* to start the weekend, is it not? Bad watch puns aside, that stylish field watch shown above could just be the best weekend watch — Luminox certainly has a history and heritage of making the best men’s watches for work and play. They’re perhaps best known for making NAVY Seal-approved watches, but the Luminox Atacama Field Automatic Watch ought to do just fine for your weekend pursuits (which hopefully aren’t too strenuous). My weekend, in fact, looks a bit different than normal. While I’ve largely been in Brooklyn on my own since this very day in March (aside from a summer trip to the Michigan countryside), I’ll be in Florida across the past week — and quarantining back in Brooklyn thereafter. It’s a great chance to visit with my parents and take some time to rest and relax (and yes, we’ll be going to a quiet beach or two!). I’m also planning to swing by the much-loved Point Ybel Brewing, a favorite of my trips to Florida, for some excellent craft beer.

You can follow along with my trip on Instagram, of course, but before we get into the rest of today’s post, I want to say, most importantly, THANK YOU for swinging by the blog and for reading & supporting my work. I’m not sure if, five months to the day, anyone foresaw what was in store ahead of us. I’m wishing you all safety and health, first and foremost. It’s also been quite the time for me to formally launch my own business, so if you’d like to sign up for my newsletter (it’s free!) or else swing by the new Shop By The Style Guide, any support is appreciated. For now, I’ll be focused on enjoying some time in Florida, relaxing with family and of course, continuing to write for this very blog, plus my ongoing work at Maxim, GearMoose and The Manual. With that being said, the rest of today’s Friday Read is below. Let’s roll on!

SB 1 | Natural

There’s never a bad time to start shopping the best men’s fall boots.

  • Make no mistake, we’re going to be talking a lot — I mean, A LOT — about the best men’s boots for fall in the weeks ahead. To get you in that early fall shopping mindset, head on over to Oliver Cabell to check out a full lineup of the best boots for men, including the exquisitely well-crafted SB 1 Natural Boots shown above. Originally founded with a focus on minimal sneakers, the brand now crafts a whole range of footwear, including stylish lace-up boots you can wear with everything from chinos to denim. So, best start thinking ahead, and you’ll be ready when the time comes.

Freemans Sporting Club Archive Sale

A seriously cool sale from a standout menswear brand.

Alright, my friends. Are you sick of me yet? I hope not, because I’ve got one more weekend read for you to check out (and shop, and just enjoy in general). As I’ve said throughout this post, the idea of weekend adventures sounds mighty appealing to me. From the best hiking boots for men to a dependable, stylish overshirt for outdoor excursions, you’d do well to check out my guide to what to wear on your next summer trip. Especially if that trip goes a ways off the beaten path, you’ll be more than well-equipped. OK, I mean it. I’m wrapping things up and heading out to enjoy Florida! Cheers, folks.

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