The Sunday Sale: Shop the Best Men’s Gear On Sale at Cool Material Right Now

Work From Home Beer Glass (2) - Cool Material

Cheers to Sunday, and cheers to a standout sale from Cool Material.

My friends, perhaps over the years, you’ve become as obsessed with Cool Material as I have. I’ve loved reading the Cool Material site over the years, but it’s the Cool Material Shop that I’ve really dug into lately. Maybe it’s a result of having more time at home to read and shop, maybe it’s the result of looking into, quite literallly, cool design items for men that I can add to my humble abode in Brooklyn … either way, Cool Material does it right. They’ve got everything from cool pocket knives to the best men’s watch under $100, and then some. And you know what’s even, well, cooler?

The ongoing Cool Material Sale features some of the best gear for men, at insanely great prices. It’s a fitting addition to our ongoing Sunday Sale series, is it not? Without further ado, shop the 10 best picks from the Cool Material Sale right here (starting with that cool beer glass shown above). Cheers, folks!

Cool Material “Work From Home” Beer Glasses — $14.25

Work From Home Beer Glass (2) - Cool Material

The coolest beer glasses of the moment.

Marked down from $19, this tongue-in-cheek set of two beer glasses from Cool Material is as cool and stylish as it gets. Perfect for enjoying a crisp, cold lager as you wind down the work day.

MWC G10 Military Watch — $79.16

G10 Military Watch

A tough, affordable military watch to wear every day.

As seen on my shopping page here on the blog, this rugged military watch just so happens to be one of the best watches under $100, period. Now, it’s under $80 (normally $95). Act accordingly.

Claude Dozorme Laguiole Liner Lock Pocket Knife — $78

Laguiole Liner Lock Pocket Knife

A durable, well-crafted pocket knife for summer, fall and beyond.

This durable pocket knife has plenty of heritage and history, seeing as it’s a modern take on the 1920s French Laguiole knife, but better, sleeker and smoother. The best pocket knife for adventures out there the rest of summer into fall.

Hame Design Ltd. Five-Peg Coat Hook — $89

Five-Peg Coat Hook - Cool Material

The perfect way to hang your array of stylish coats and jackets.

Marked down from $110, it turns out there IS such a thing as a stylish way to hang coats at your home. Perhaps spending so much time at home has caused you to organize your wardrobe and your living space — this Hame Design Ltd. coat hanger is a steal for the price.

Leather Head Handsome Dan Football — $110.50

Leather Head Handsome Dan Football

A cool leather football to use as decor or in a backyard game of catch.

See what I mean about Cool Material stocking all manner of great goods for guys? This handsome vintage-style leather football, while fitting as a home decor addition to your den, could be your go-to football for a game of catch (a very stylish game of catch, that is).

Lemur Cognac Key Folder — $32.50 

Key Folder Cognac - Cool Material

Talk about a stylish and effective addition to your everyday carry.

If it’s an efficient, stylish way to store your keys that you’re after, well, the Lemur Key Folder is here to save the day. Add it to your everyday carry so you can keep track of up to eight keys.

Work From Home Whiskey Glasses — $14.25

Work From Home Whiskey Glass

A stylish set of whiskey glasses that add a bit of fun to your happy hour.

To go along with your “Work From Home” beer glasses, you best get this two-pack of cool whiskey glasses along those same lines. Now, let’s get happy hour started.

Black and Blum Food Flask — $25.50

Black + Blum Food Flask

Add this rugged food flask to your list of everyday carry gear for that fall camping trip.

A flask … for your food? You best believe it. Add the Black & Blum Food Flask to your list of outdoor essentials the next time you hit the road. It’s vacuum-insulated to keep food hot or cold for hours, and it features 14oz. of carrying capacity — it’s also leakproof. Bingo!

Bevin Bells Brass Boxing Bell — $136

Brass Boxing Bell - Cool Material

A neat addition to your home, office, living room … you name it.

Now listen, do you really need this seriously cool brass boxing bell? Well, “need” is up for debate, but it’s also subjective. If you liked the look of the vintage-style leather football we mentioned earlier, consider getting this vintage-style brass boxing bell to go with it.

MWC 1960s Vietnam Military Watch — $52.76 

1960s US Vietnam Military Watch

The best bang for your buck when it comes to an affordable men’s watch, that much is true.

This Vietnam military watch is about as cool and rugged as it gets for a watch under $60. Built to be more durable than original Vietnam timepieces, this 36mm watch is wearable in the great outdoors and back at home, preferably as you sip from your new whiskey glasses.

When it comes to a men’s gear sale, it’s always tough to sift through and sort out favorites, right? The thing with the never-not-excellent Cool Material Sale is that it’s really got something for everyone, be it a Vietnam military watch, some cool beer glasses or, better even still, neat home decor items like a vintage-style brass boxing bell. I can’t say enough good things about the awesome men’s gear being sold by Cool Material, and perhaps you feel the same way. After shopping today’s sale, I hope you do. Be sure to let me know on Twitter if you end up picking anything up. Happy shopping!






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