Style Pick of the Week: Season Three Ansel Hiking Boots

Season Three hiking boots review

Refined hiking boots for fall and beyond from Season Three.

My friends, note the date and the day of the week. It’s a Saturday in mid-October, and that means two things. First of all, you need to be wearing your new favorite pair of boots out and about today. And second of all, if you don’t yet have a pair of, say, the best hiking boots for your planned fall adventures,  you’re in luck. The Season Three Ansel Hiking Boots are some of the best men’s boots for on and off the trail this fall, crafted the right way and available this very instant at an investment-level price ($345 via Season Three — worth it, though!). Act quickly to add these surprisingly sleek men’s boots to your rotation, and rest easy knowing that this NYC-based upstart is going the extra mile to inject ’em with comfort, durability and style. How so? Stick with me here to find out why.

Season Three is a direct-to-consumer brand founded fairly recently (2018!) by two MIT grads who wanted to dial in quality and comfort when it comes to stylish men’s footwear (they also have plans to produce outewear). The fact that the brand is selling these quality, Italian-made boots directly to you means no mark-up that you’d find when buying through a traditional retailer, so you should know that the Season Three Ansel Hiking Boots are worth the price. From the waterproof 100 percent Italian calfskin leather upper to the sharp design, every detail has been considered.

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Season Three Ansel Hiking Boots Review

Sharp-as-can-be black leather hiking boots are also up for grabs via Season Three.

The great thing about the Season Three Ansel Hiking Boots is that they eschew the typically bulky build of your average hiking boots, giving them a more refined look that works with ease in the city or out on the trail. These aren’t a pair of hiking boots in name only — the Goodyear welted Vibram wedge outsole is seriously well-crafted and should prove every bit as comfortable as, say, a pair of Danner hiking boots. Did I mention the fact that these stylish hiking boots come in a range of colors, from crisp Black to casual Sand and a dressy Midnight Navy? Because that’s as cool as it gets, and that means you can even wear them with tailored trousers and a merino cardigan.

These rugged hiking boots are also made to be worn with everything from tough hiking pants to waxed work pants and of course, your favorite pair of dark denim. Up top, you can mix in your favorite fall style essentials, from a classic Oxford shirt to a thermal henley and a warm shirt jacket. Add in the fact that the Season Three Ansel Hiking Boots are lined with sustainable New Zealand merino wool, and you’ve got yourself an incredible pair of fall and winter boots. Another fitting finishing touch? Functional and durable paracord laces and a D-ring lacing system for a snug fit. I’m not saying these are your new favorite pair of boots — regardless of how much you plan to hike — but I’m saying they could be pretty close. Try ’em and find out for yourself.

SHOP: The Season Three Ansel Hiking Boots 


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