The Friday Read: Boarding Pass NYC, The Timex Q Reissue Watch & the Best Fall and Winter Sunglasses

Running on into the weekend with Boarding Pass NYC — and a special discount just for you.

My friends, we’re going to do things just a bit different today to kick off the Friday Read. In fact, allow me to introduce you to one of my favorite brands — gear and travel accessories brand Boarding Pass NYC — run by my buddy Mike Arnot, out of Brooklyn. You should also keep reading to get a discount on Boarding Pass NYC (In short: $10 off any purchase over $70 with the code BEAUKNOWS). I’ve known Mike for years through the menswear trade show circuit in NYC and beyond, and in fact, Boarding Pass NYC was one of the first brands to send me some gear for review way back in the day (2015!). The roots run deep, and it’s with great pleasure that I caught up with Mike recently to talk Boarding Pass NYC’s past and future. Mike combined his background in marketing and communications with his passion for aviation, travel and his own Canadian military college background to launch the brand in 2012.

“I started it kind of as a hobby … if you’re wearing a business casual outfit, you don’t necessarily want to have the (gym) duffel bag to wear with your gear. We have purposefully created more stylish duffel bags … not made of plastic, made of good quality materials, stylish (and) with colorways that are more evergreen.”

If you like what you hear, again, here’s a reminder that you can head to the brand’s Web site and use the code BEAUKNOWS to get $10 off any purchase over $70 — my first recommended pick is the aptly named, affordably priced “Work Hard, Play Hard” Duffel Bag, one  of the best weekender bags for fall trips. As it were, the bag retails for the excellent price of $79. And if you’ve followed Boarding Pass NYC for a while, you might also recognize the brand’s famed luggage tags. Boarding Pass NYC also sells through sites like J. Crew, with a strong E-commerce base. They also gained crucial early support from outlets like GQ, so you know they can deliver the goods.

The “Work Hard, Play Hard” Duffel is a great pick-up from Boarding Pass NYC, no doubt about it.


As Mike says, “it evolved over time to be more carry-oriented products. We’re making lifestyle products for all of your journeys,” from the subway to the airport and back. Speaking of the airport: Mike’s passion for aviation runs deep, seeing as he has his pilot’s license and is quite confident flying (I should know — I’ve been up in the air with him!). That aviation focus extends to some seriously cool vintage travel-themed accessories on the site, too. But back to that promo. If you want an affordable, stylish, functional duffel bag, you want Boarding Pass NYC. This promo is running through November, and this certainly won’t be the last you hear about the brand.

Once more before you click through the rest of the Friday Read, use the code BEAUKNOWS to get $10 off any purchase over $70 at Boarding Pass NYC. And now: Here are a few other choice picks for your fall weekend reading pleasure. Enjoy, my friends!

You can’t top this incredibly cool, affordable watch.

  • Let’s talk about an utterly classic fall beer, shall we? In fact, you can enjoy the Rogue Dead Guy Ale just about any time of year (with the exception of the high heat of summer, perhaps), but it seems to me that this Maibock-style beer would do exceptionally well for the colder months (Take my word for it — I’ve tried it!). And best of all? You can get this beer delivered to you via Drizly in a matter of hours. Cheers to that!
  • Eyecare remains critical through fall and winter — trust me on that — and it’s with this in mind that I covered the best fall and winter sunglasses for With picks ranging from Persol to Oakley, there really is something for everyone on that list, and that’s a guarantee from yours truly.

It’s with fall style on the brain that I’ll leave you with two final tasks for your weekend. Task no. 1: Head over to this post to shop the Schott NYC Cafe Racer Jacket at UNCRATE, and be prepared to get your hands on a leather jacket you’ll have for years and years to come. Task no. 2: Head over to my twice-weekly newsletter, The Style Guide In Brief, and hit “Subscribe” to get dispatches delivered to your inbox covering everything from menswear and gear to indie rock and craft beer (all my passions, and hopefully some of yours, too)! With both those tasks accomplished, I’d say your fall weekend is ready to start right now. Cheers, my friends!


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