#OOTD: How to Bundle Up for Winter In Style This Season

Folks, it’s as they say: When you know, you know. When you see a winter storm rolling in or feel it in the air, it’s time to gear up without hesitation. That brings me to today’s #OOTD, covering how to dress for winter in style this year. Whether you deal with a ton of snow on the daily or just need to be prepared for the occasional polar vortex, the right gear is assuredly a must. In this case, we’ve got all the right picks on hand to help you get around in style, be it to pick up brewery to-go beers, chop firewood or brave the cold on a morning walk. Up for the taking today? A rugged Filson parka as your top layer to battle the elements, plus a full supporting cast of stylish-yet-functional picks. Also along for the ride: A classic shawl collar cardigan and your favorite henley, plus dependable snow boots from Huckberry to really drive things home. All told, this is the kind of outfit that simply won’t quit, and that’s great news indeed if and when you need to face the music (and the snow). Check out the full ensemble below.

The toughest, best menswear on the planet for braving the snow this winter.

  • The Parka: Filson Granite Falls Down Parka, $695 — This rugged and extremely tough Filson parka is the perfect way to combat chilly winter weather, no doubt about it.
  • The Cardigan: Buck Mason Vintage Cashmere Shawl Cardigan, $225 — Here’s a burly shawl cardigan that’ll serve as yet another ideal layer to protect you from winter weather (plus, it’s got that Steve McQueen look about it, too).
  • The Henley: Wellen Slub Henley, $62 — This rugged henley is as cool as can be, with the sort of easy-to-layer vibe that you need this winter.
  • The Work Pants: Flint and Tinder Mill Pants, $118 — Think of these like tougher, more stylish snow pants than the kind you had as a kid — plus, they look great when you’re indoors at your favorite brewery, too.
  • The Snow Boots: Huckberry All-Weather Duckboots, $188 — These dependable snow boots from Huckberry have proven a hot seller this season, so consider yourself lucky if you can get your feet into a stylish, durable pair.
  • The Socks: CHUP Nordic Wool Socks, $38 — The right snow boots call for some of the best winter socks, and this pair right here just so happens to be highly effective and stylish.
  • The Gloves: Hestra Utsjo Elk/Fleece Gloves, $165 — Hestra has long made some of the best gloves for men out there, and this durable pair is practically a winter style essential.
  • The Cap: Huckberry Beanie, $28 — What better way to cap things off than with a stylish winter hat from the good folks at Huckberry, right? Right.

If I had to give this ensemble a rating, I’d call it a perfect 10/10. OK, maybe not quite that, but it’s got all the best picks for dressing for winter weather, if I do say so myself. It all starts off with that ever-crucial rugged Filson parka to help you combat winter breezes and snowy weather, while pieces like an equally rugged henley team up ever-so-stylishly witth a classic shawl collar cardigan for the ultimate in winter warmth and classic looks. That’s true no matter how bad it gets out there, but when you throw in accessories like some of the best gloves for men, it only gets easier to take on a bruising winter storm. Consider the fact that dependable snow boots from Huckberry could be some of the coolest and yet most functional boots you own, and things get even better. Other standout picks include some of the best winter socks, not to mention the ever-durable Flint and Tinder Mill Work Pants, like a newer version of more stylish snow pants. And as mentioned, we’re capping it all off with an appropriately cool and well-made, stylish winter hat from Huckberry to bring things full circle. If you’re asking me if I think you’re ready for a winter storm, I’d say my answer is a definite yes.


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