#OOTD: How to Dress for the Holidays This Year, At Home or On The Road

It’s been the theme of these last few weeks and months: Chiefly, the holidays are going to be mighty different this year, to say the very least. And yet, dressing for the situation and dressing the right way are still tentpoles you can hang your hat on, and that’s why we’re talking about how to dress for the holidays in style — at home or on the road. Hosting a handful of people, hitting the road for a distanced getaway or Zoom-ing through the holidays, getting cleaned up is a small way you can seize the occasion the right way, no matter how different things might look. That’s why today’s #OOTD has everything you need to blend comfort, travel-ready versatility and long-term style in one ensemble. From a comfortable and stylish overshirt to your new favorite henley, the bases are covered when it comes to casual layers. And as you’ll soon see, stretch pants get the job done for holiday dinners, days on the couch and days behind the wheel. The same can be said for stylish slip-on sneakers and premium men’s socks, not to mention one of the most affordable weekender bags (if you do decide to carefully hit the road, that is). Although your plans are probably different than expected, keep in mind that dressing for the occasion is one way to make things more normal — wishing you all the best this season, and scroll on through for the full look below.

The right casual style picks for the holiday season, to say the very least.

  • The Overshirt: Faherty Brand Legend Sweater Shirt, $178 — Wear this laidback-yet-polished shirt on its own or layered up accordingly. Just know that it’ll look polished for hanging out at home, hopping on a Zoom call or hitting the road.
  • The Henley: Flint and Tinder Heavyweight Henley, $62 — Ideal for lounging at home or wearing as a base layer on a cold evening in front of the fire, this is one of the best men’s henleys out there, folks.
  • The Stretch Pants: Western Rise AT Slim Pants in Sand, $128 — Comfortable stretch pants that feature durable fabric, a tailored fit and polished-yet-functional style? Sounds perfect for the holidays to me.
  • The Sneakers: GREATS Wooster Suede Sneakers in Olive, $149 — Because you’re likely either traveling by car or hanging at home (or keeping it casual with a small group of family), some stylish slip-on sneakers are a nice upgrade from slippers themselves, but without the formality of dress shoes.
  • The Watch: Lum-Tec M88 Watch, $575 — Go with a rugged-yet-easy-to-wear leather watch that toes the line between too casual and too formal, then wear it to plenty of small holiday gatherings.
  • The Socks: American Trench Cashmere Athletic Stripe Socks, $119.50 (Three-Pack) — For padding around your house or someone else’s, get these premium men’s socks (and more than one pair, at that) for the holiday season.
  • The Getaway Bag: Boarding Pass NYC “Work Hard, Play Hard” Duffel, $79 — If you do end up hitting the road, use the code BEAUKNOWS to get $10 off your purchase of $70 or more. That makes this bag one of the most affordable weekender bags on the market.
  • The Grooming Essential: Jack Black “Jack’s Most Wanted” Grooming Kit, $65 — No matter whether you hit the road or stay at home, keep your face looking fresh as can be with one of the best men’s grooming kits.

Now then, who’s ready for the holiday season? And in a different way than before, perhaps? You might have planned on rocking sweatpants (not a problem if they’re stylish ones!) but this #OOTD, to me, steps things up just a notch while keeping comfort and great looks at the forefront. It’s all about looking as best as you can while reading the room (sometimes literally!) the right way. To wit: The Faherty Brand Legend Sweater Shirt is always available when you want to add some casual polish to even a rugged henley, while some comfortable stretch pants deliver the great looks of chinos with the fit and feel of, yes, sweatpants. Your stylish slip-on sneakers work well on the road or at home, and it’s best to pair them up with premium men’s socks when the time does come to slip off those shoes. Packing up just got a whole lot easier thanks to one of the most affordable weekender bags, and no matter where you go, you’re destined to look great if you pack up (or simply purchase!) one of the best men’s grooming kits. It’s all accounted for in this holiday-ready #OOTD, so make sure you rise to the occasion this season. Stay safe and thanks for reading!


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