See Now, Buy Now: This Freemans Sporting Club Thermal Shirt is the Best Winter Base Layer

Best men's thermal shirts

A rugged, classic thermal shirt to keep you warm on winter’s coldest days.

As we reach the end of the first month of 2021, I’d implore you to consider how your menswear rotation is looking right now, and then I’d implore you to upgrade it in a crucial way with the latest entry in this site’s See Now, Buy Now series. How about it? Specifically, let’s talk about one of the best thermal shirts for winter, the sort you can wear all on its own, layered beneath a shawl cardigan or throw on underneath your favorite flannel shirt (for starters, that is). The Freemans Sporting Club Homespun Thermal Tee is the answer to all your winter layering needs, no questions asked. Low Cost. High Quality. Classic wardrobe essentials for less!

If you read the blog regularly, you’ll recall that we’ve talked about how New York City’s Freemans Sporting Club makes everything from one of the best pocket tees to one of the best chore coats, but what about when the thermostat plummets and you need something reliable on blustery winter nights? Enter the Freemans Sporting Club Homespun Thermal Tee, the kind you can wear day after day after day. Whether you call it one of the best men’s thermal shirts or just a critical base layer, you’ve gotta have it (keep scrolling for more).


SHOP: The Freemans Sporting Club Homespun Thermal Tee

Freemans Sporting Club review

Sturdy construction and a tailored-but-not-too-tight fit make this an ideal base layer or solo long-sleeve thermal tee.

The specs really are what set this rugged thermal shirt apart, including the fact that it’s made with pre-washed, 100 percent waffle knit cotton (ideal for layering with breathability at the forefront). The Freemans Sporting Club Homespun Thermal Tee  is also made in Vancouver, Canada, home of other respected, classic athletic goods makers like Reigning Champ, so you can be sure it’s up to snuff. The Indigo color is highly versatile, whether worn with tan chinos and a grey flannel shirt or on its own with grey denim and your favorite pair of leather boots. The bottom line is that if it’s sold by Freemans Sporting Club, it’s more than good enough to earn a spot in your winter wardrobe. And with cold winter nights on the way, you assuredly need one of the best thermal shirts for men — kind of like this one, in fact. Happy shopping, folks.

SHOP: The Freemans Sporting Club Homespun Thermal Tee

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