See Now, Buy Now: The Filson Eagle Harbor Trunks are a Rugged Summer Adventure Essential

Best new swim trunks for men.

Every so often, I like to scour the market for something with both a touch of retro appeal and modern functionality, sort of “what’s old is new again” approach that works especially well for plenty of menswear essentials. Especially as we roll into the summer months, that approach could apply quite well to your new favorite pair of swim trunks. And believe me when I say you can find those swim trunks at a heritage-minded brand, as surprising as that might sound. Yessir, Filson is making your new go-to swimsuit for the summer. Or rather, it’s a hybrid between a swimsuit and hiking performance gear, and that’s also a solid find to keep handy.

In my experience, the best men’s summer shorts are becoming a bit more retro, with a more streamlined cut and a more stylish approach than the baggy cargo-style swim trunks of my youth. That’s certainly on display with the Filson Eagle Harbor Swim Trunks, which certainly call to mind throwback swim trunks while delivering a dose of modern, rugged utility.

How’s that for some of the most versatile men’s shorts to shop now, ehh? And since it’s Memorial Day, perhaps you’ve had your eye on a new pair of swim trunks or hiking shorts — well, consider these as fine an option as any. What separates the Filson Eagle Harbor Swim Trunks from the pack?

They’re a touch unconventional, for one, which is never a bad option to have on hand — especially if your summer pursuits are less about hanging out by a pool and more about rafting, hiking, camping or some combination of all three.

Heck, even if you only wear the Filson Eagle Harbor Swim Trunks to your local lake, they’ll still perform as well as any pair on the market. Of course, as with any number of Filson menswear essentials, this newfound warm-weather staple is built to last. The Filson Eagle Harbor Swim Trunks are made from sturdy waxed cotton that’ll break in nicely over time, so they’re almost a hybrid between swim trunks and hiking shorts (the fly is even gusseted like old-school boxing shorts for ease of movement).

Plus, that cotton construction resists water absorption, while the pockets are made from mesh for water drainage. You can even wear them out of the water, back on the trail with one of the best Filson short-sleeve shirts, too. If versatility and rugged appeal is the name of the game, Filson is the heritage brand you need to shop this summer.


See Now, Buy Now: Bonobos Is Making One of the Best Linen Shirts for Summer

Best linen shirt for men.

Folks, what’s a guy to do to beat the heat in the summer months? All the while looking polished while dressing for the office, perhaps wearing one of the best men’s shirts for summer? In my experience, it’s no easy task — not in the slightest, but that’s why I leave it to the menswear experts at Bonobos. The brand has been a longtime favorite of mine, especially for its exceptionally well-fitting jeans and chinos, not to mention a full lineup of some of the best men’s shirts — is there anything the NYC brand can’t do?

Well, I’ve tried out a little bit of everything from the brand over the years, and I’m just not sure there’s an area in which they don’t have you covered in terms of menswear essentials.

Witness the latest and greatest from the brand, the Bonobos Easy Linen Shirt. It lives up to its billing as a comfortable, ultra-breezy and yes, easygoing shirt, exactly the kind you need to stay cool while looking polished. If it sounds too good to be true, rest easy that, well, it’s not: It’s the Bonobos way, after all.

Stylish linen shirt for men.

Crucially, the Bonobos Easy Linen Shirt boasts largely the same fit options as the rest of the brand’s well-tailored, classically designed shirts. Choose from Slim or Standard, then select from one of three shirt lengths to nail that optimal fit. But the real key when it comes to the Bonobos Easy Linen Shirt might be that all-important fabric. A blend of cotton and linen gives this shirt both a lightweight, breathable feel and yet some nice shape to it. Beyond that, the use of cotton in the Bonobos Easy Linen Shirt means that shirt won’t wrinkle quite as easily.

The rest of the details are on point: The Bonobos Easy Linen Shirt boasts a point collar you can wear with or without a knit tie this summer at a seasonal shindig, and the style itself should look polished and appropriate worn tucked or untucked. And the best part about the Bonobos Easy Linen Shirt? Of course, you can wear it with ease alongside practically any pair of Bonobos men’s pants or jeans, from light wash denim to stretch chinos. How’s that for staying cool in the heat this summer? Go forth and get to it, my friends.

See Now, Buy Now: These New Taylor Stitch Shorts are A Seasonal Must-Buy Right Now

Best shorts for men to buy now.

It’s always refreshing, at least in my book, when one of your favorite menswear brands switches things up and introduces a fresh twist on classic menswear essentials. That could mean a new fabric, a new silhouette or some combination of the two, and there are certain companies that do it better than others.

Take my friends at Taylor Stitch: Be it one of the best short-sleeve shirts for summer or one of the coolest denim jackets on the market, these modern menswear masters are doing things just different enough, and that’s also true with a pair of the best men’s shorts for summer. The shorts in question are the Taylor Stitch Matlow Shorts, which harken back to ’50s and ’60s dockside shorts in a way that only a brand like Taylor Stitch can do.

Of course, it’s the rugged-yet-soft organic cotton fabric that gives them a perfectly summer-ready feel, but they’ve got even more going for them beyond that.

Most stylish men's shorts for summer.

The key here with these shorts is the use of a few different stylistic touches, including a cuffed and tacked leg and a slight front pleat. Yes, that’s right: The Taylor Stitch Matlow Shorts boast a front pleat, but they’re not like the baggy pleated pants of decades gone by — the pleat is more streamlined and gives them an eye-catching sort of look, one that’s different (and more casual) than other of your favorite pairs of chino shorts.

The Taylor Stitch Matlow Shorts are also pigment-washed for an even softer and more retro look right out of the box, while the 8-inch inseam works on multiple body types, even for the taller among us.

Sizes are also available in two dusty, washed-out colors, each of which you could pair up with everything from a Taylor Stitch chambray shirt to the famed Taylor Stitch Heavy Bag Tee. Casual yet cool summer style in the heat just got an upgrade via an old-school-meets-modern pair of the Taylor Stitch Matlow Shorts — shop accordingly this season, my friends.

See Now, Buy Now: Throw On this Classic Sea Culture Henley for Laidback Summer Style

Best short-sleeve henley for men.

At least in my neck of the woods, I’m a big proponent of menswear essentials that switch things up slightly from the norm: For instance, opting for a pocket tee in place of a crewneck T-shirt, or reaching for one of the best men’s henleys to give a look some added texture and visual interest. And that, my friends, is where one of my new favorite menswear brands enters the equation.

If you keep up with the blog, you’re familiar with upstate New York-based Sea Culture, known for making everything from one of the best men’s shirt jackets to a new lineup of stylish terry polos and of course, the rugged-yet-comfortable Sea Culture Tobacco Bay Henley you see on your screen today. The short-sleeve henley as a stylish menswear pick for summer is about as cool as it gets.

There’s just something about a henley that makes every guy look good, be it the rakish vibe of the button placket, a fit that flatters your chest and arms, or the authentic background of the henley’s sporting roots. Luckily, the Sea Culture Tobacco Bay Henley carries forward all of those same attributes in a major way.

Best men's short-sleeve henley to buy now.

Let’s start with the basics when it comes to the Sea Culture Tobacco Bay Henley — the 100 percent slub cotton should prove soft and breathable in the summer heat, making this a henley you can wear all on its own, or perhaps underneath a lightweight, light wash denim jacket. The four-button placket on this rugged men’s henley also gives it plenty of visual interest beyond what you might get from even the coolest of crewneck T-shirts (although you still need more than a few of those in your rotation of summer style essentials, too).

Plus, the Sea Culture Tobacco Bay Henley comes in a breezy Seafoam color, a nice departure from the norm that pairs well with everything from classic men’s blue jeans to tan chinos and navy stretch chino shorts. The standard fit should prove comfortable without being too tight — I’ve tried Sea Culture T-shirts and found their sizing is spot-on.

And for all of the quality and dependable style you’re getting here, the Sea Culture Tobacco Bay Henley is also priced nicely at $70. Wear it beneath a trucker jacket, wear it on its own, or switch things up and style it underneath a lightweight summer blazer. The short-sleeve henley can bring plenty to your seasonal wardrobe, so act accordingly and stock up now.

See Now, Buy Now: Shinola Is Now Making Some of the Best Men’s Aviator Sunglasses for Summer

Best aviator sunglasses for men.

From time to time, one of my favorite things in my never-ending search for the best menswear essentials revolves around finding something completely unexpected from a brand you know very well for doing one thing particularly well. For instance: What if I told you that one of your favorite lifestyle brands, a brand making some of the best watches for men, was also capable of making… wait for it… some of the best aviator sunglasses out there? Pretty great, right?

Yes, it’s great indeed. That brand in question is a long-running personal favorite of mine: Shinola, the Detroit-based lifestyle brand that makes your favorite leather watch — and unexpected picks like luxurious home goods. Add another eye-catching standout to that list, in this case quite literally: The famed Michigan brand is now making an entire lineup of stylish men’s eyewear, including the essential, classic-meets-modern Shinola Runwell Aviator.

Best sunglasses for men this summer.

Think of it like a surprise twist, but it makes sense that the brand would eventually branch into eyewear — after all, quality craftsmanship, precision and versatile style is at the heart of what Shinola does. That lends itself quite handsomely to rugged-meets-refined picks like the Shinola Runwell Aviator.

Coolest men's aviator sunglasses.

Take heed: Just because you can no longer get them at a discount (the brand just wrapped its 10-Year Appreciation Event) doesn’t mean you should forego adding this pair to your rotation ASAP. The Shinola Runwell Aviator boast frames made from hard-wearing Flexon metal, complete with durable nylon lenses and Flexon temples.

Beyond that, your new favorite sunglasses feature nicely sized 56mm frames (a slightly oversized touch that falls in line with the classic aviator design). The Shinola Runwell Aviator also comes with a characteristic touch of Shinola orange inside the back of the temple tips, and that’s not the only notable style option you’ve got with these classic men’s sunglasses.

They’re available in two varieties, a rich Amber lens-meets-Satin Gunmetal design, plus a visually striking Bottle Green lens combination. And even at full price ($299), the Shinola Runwell Aviators are worth it: They’re dependable, well-designed, versatile enough to wear with an everyday #OOTD or a more formal look, and made by a brand you can trust. Go ahead and secure your next must-wear pair of men’s sunglasses for sunny days ahead.

See Now, Buy Now: The Taylor Stitch Short-Sleeve California Shirt Is Your Go-Anywhere Summer Shirt

Best men's short-sleeve shirt for summer.

From time to time, especially as breezy weather rolls into town, you need to stick with the basics — that doesn’t mean your wardrobe has to turn boring in an instant, though. Yes indeed, there’s a surefire way to wear the top men’s style essentials for summer in a way that’s fresh, easy, breezy and stylish, all the while shaking things up in a way that’s distinctly interesting — yet subtle on the surface. How best to do that?

For starters, stick with one of the best men’s short-sleeve shirts when you want a touch of polish, a dash of easygoing air and a sense of comfort that’s nearly akin to wearing one of your favorite T-shirts. Yes, that’s what you’re getting with the Taylor Stitch Short-Sleeve California Shirt, which updates the brand’s iconic Taylor Stitch California Shirt with a more streamlined, sun-friendly construction.

For those days when it’s a touch too hot to wear one of the best denim jackets, yet you still want more polish than even a tee can provide, there’s the soft, easygoing yet sharp Taylor Stitch Short-Sleeve California Shirt. Made from 100 percent organic cotton pique (like one of your favorite polos), the fabric is also washed for softness, and yet the Taylor Stitch Short-Sleeve California Shirt also boasts the brand’s face-framing, flattering California collar.

For good measure (literally), it comes in useful chest sizes, so you can nail the perfect fit. And of course, it comes in cool colors like Marine Pique or a yellow-hued Oak. This shirt has all the trappings of a new spring and summer favorite, so shop accordingly right this instant.

See Now, Buy Now: Layer Up for Spring with This Rugged Chore Coat from Huckberry

Best chore coat for men.

The best style moves in these increasingly casual post-pandemic days are the ones that — at least in the opinion of your Brooklyn style writer — do more than one thing well. Take one of the best chore coats for men, for instance. It’s got workwear roots and can be worn for, well, real live work, but it can also serve as an effortlessly cool jacket for plenty of spring pursuits (and it’s one of the best men’s jackets for spring for those very reasons).

Man and woman standing in a field looking at the camera wearing white tees and jeans

And the Wills Wrinkle Free Chore Coat, from the good folks at Huckberry, knocks it out of the park when it comes to versatile, dependable spring style. It’s got what Huckberry calls “handsome, laidback” style, which is precisely what you should be looking to add to your wardrobe this season — and it’s got the right sense of easygoing cool, plus a classic chore coat design, that makes it fit for work or play in equal measure.

How exactly does Huckberry do it? It’s simple, really: Start with outstanding fabric, the kind that’s both breezy and yet performance-minded. It’s the wrinkle-free linen-poly blend that does the trick nicely when it comes to the Wills Wrinkle Free Chore Coat, and that fabric will actually get softer the more you wear and wash it. And make no mistake, you’re going to want to wear the Wills Wrinkle Free Chore Coat plenty this season.

Best men's chore coat for spring.

It’s got the kind of timeless workwear style you expect in your chore coats, including a top-entry chest pocket and two top and side-entry hip pockets for your everyday carry essentials. The fold-over collar and tailored button front on the Wills Wrinkle Free Chore Coat gives it the kind of polish that means you can wear it as a blazer replacement (yes, seriously) atop everything from one of your favorite T-shirts to a crisp Oxford shirt.

And the Wills Wrinkle Free Chore Coat doesn’t skimp on style points, either: It comes in crisp colors like Fossil and Smoke, either of which fits right in with breezy spring trends. Crucially, the fabric on this handsome, rugged chore coat also resists wrinkles, so you can pack it up for a spring road trip — or wear it as a useful travel jacket — without missing a beat. Style it with expertly faded denim and your favorite chukka boots, or else go a touch more polished with a pair of the best men’s chino pants — either way, it looks to me like you’ve found your new favorite spring jacket.

See Now, Buy Now: The Sea Culture Sitka Harbor Jacket is a Rugged Spring Layering Essential

Best shirt jacket for men.

If you’ve been reading the blog over these past few weeks, you know that we’re all about utility and rugged appeal this time of year, when the weather is still a bit breezy and the right layers (and indeed, the right spring style essentials, period!) can go a long way. Naturally, that’s where one of the best spring jackets enters the fray, with the right design and durability to work for your wardrobe for a long, long time in the weeks ahead.

Best men's shirt jacket for spring.

And as you search for that proper spring jacket or shirt jacket, there’s an under-the-radar brand deserving of your time and hard-earned cash: That’d be New York-based Sea Culture, an independent, family-owned brand with a knack for making breezy, hard-working, classic menswear that draws plenty of inspiration from breezy days on the coast and warm, starry nights around a bonfire.

Best spring shirt jacket.

Attention to detail and craftsmanship, plus a focus on the classics, are the name of the game at Sea Culture, founded by Dan Tagliamonte — they now offer everything from one of the best men’s henleys to breezy shorts and of course, this shirt jacket (and much more).

It all comes together in the Sea Culture Sitka Harbor Jacket, a rugged men’s shirt jacket ready for cool spring nights — and even suited for your fall wardrobe. But let’s focus on what makes this stylish shirt jacket ready for the season at hand, shall we?

Of course, we’ve talked plenty about the best shirt jackets for men over the past handful of weeks, but picking up a new-yet-classic dependable, multi-season jacket is never a bad bet, is it? And the Sea Culture Sitka Harbor Jacket boasts the right specs to work well for your right now (atop a sustainable Sea Culture T-shirt) or when cooler weather rolls around again later this year. It starts with 100 percent cotton canvas construction, a durable touch that elevates the Sea Culture Sitka Harbor Jacket above your typical buttondown.

Plus, it’s packed with plenty of pockets for plenty of utility, including two interior pockets, exterior slash pockets and a button chest pocket, all well-suited for your everyday carry.

The Sea Culture Sitka Harbor Jacket, with its reliable yet soft cotton canvas build, is the sort of shirt jacket that gets better with age, breaking in the more you wear it — and for days on the coast and nights back inland, I’d wager you’re going to be wearing this classic “shacket” a heck of a lot. Give Sea Culture a look and get ready for the rest of spring in style.

See Now, Buy Now: This Todd Snyder Utility Shirt is the Ideal Overshirt for Breezy Spring Days

Best men's shirt jacket for spring.

There are times where, perhaps when you least expect it, the tides turn, the weather shifts and you need to shift gears in your wardrobe. That tends to happen pretty frequently during spring, when sunny days unexpectedly give way to blustery breezes — so, what’s a guy to do? Layer up accordingly for spring with one of the best men’s overshirts, of course.

For all those days when it’s not quite T-shirt weather, yet not quite breezy enough to wear, say, a stylish puffer jacket, that’s where your new favorite overshirt comes into play. Of course, you can leave it to one of America’s best menswear designers to come up with a rugged-meets-refined take on the stylish men’s shirt jacket, and that approach is fully on display with the Todd Snyder Two-Pocket Utility Shirt.

As with most things Todd Snyder, the inspiration is simple and classic — old-school overshirts — yet the final product is an upgrade in every way, especially in terms of fabric, durability and a crisp, utilitarian design.

Best rugged shirt jacket for men.

The Todd Snyder Two-Pocket Utility Shirt has some helpful bells and whistles, as its name implies, including two large front flap patch chest pockets. Those pockets turn the Todd Snyder Two-Pocket Utility Shirt into a handy layer for storing your everyday carry, and the double-needle construction ensures durability at key stress points.

Todd Snyder shirt jacket.

But again, this isn’t quite your average workshirt. You see, the Todd Snyder Two-Pocket Utility Shirt is made with 100 percent Italian cotton — and it’s made in Portugal, which makes this a casually rugged shirt jacket made for more leisurely pursuits than long days in the yard.

It’s the kind of versatile layer every guy needs, one that can be worn unbuttoned over your favorite T-shirt or one of the best men’s henleys. Plus, this rugged-meets-refined shirt jacket comes in a surprising array of colors (six total), delivering something for every sense of personal style. And while the Todd Snyder Two-Pocket Utility Shirt is an investment at almost $180, it’s the kind of durable overshirt you can count on in the clutch, time and time again.

See Now, Buy Now: Layer Up for Spring with this Buck Mason Canvas Jacket

Best spring jacket for men.

Leave no stone unturned in your search for the best menswear essentials for spring, starting with your new favorite jacket for breezy spring days. Take a cue out of the Buck Mason style playbook — one that focuses on rugged-yet-versatile upgrades to modern classics — and reach for something like one of the best chambray shirts, then round things out with today’s featured style pick. That pick in question is the Buck Mason Canvas Rider Jacket, a style modeled after vintage outerwear that manages to look just as fresh and dependable today as it might have decades ago.

It’s modeled after workwear jackets, like the kind made years ago by brands like Dickies, yet with a bit more modern flair in terms of fit and design. The Buck Mason Canvas Rider Jacket boasts soft sueded cotton canvas in a 7.5oz. weight, which should prove ideal for throwing on atop one of Buck Mason’s stylish T-shirts or your favorite spring polo on breezy, casual days.

Beyond that, the Buck Mason Canvas Rider Jacket comes in a highly wearable Sand color: It fits right in with lighter, breezier spring color palettes, no doubt about it. Plus, if you prefer the casually cool, vintage-minded stylings of other Buck Mason menswear must-haves, this jacket should fit seamlessly into your wardrobe.

Best lightweight men's jacket for spring

Other details on the Buck Mason Canvas Rider Jacket are a bit more subtle, from the slanted hip pockets (like other classic workwear jackets) or the button cuffs, which you can flip up for a bit more comfort and airflow. Of course, the Buck Mason Canvas Rider Jacket also features three-piece workwear sleeves for a touch of added mobility.

And yet, this jacket might best be worn with a pair of classic Buck Mason jeans, a soft T-shirt and your favorite chukka boots for laidback spring pursuits aplenty. When you’re searching for a go-to, casually rugged spring outerwear option, this rugged, durable canvas jacket from Buck Mason is a new must-have.