See Now, Buy Now: Get This Everlane Flannel Shirt to Get Into Fall Style

Everlane Modern Flannel Shirt

This is the perfect new flannel shirt to buy for fall, guaranteed.

What is fall if not the perfect time to find and buy your new favorite flannel shirt … right? If you’re on the hunt as cooler weather arrives and approaches, then might I point you towards the Everlane Modern Flannel Shirt, one of the coolest fall shirts around. It’s made with the sort of radical transparency you’d expect from Everlane: That means the brand takes you step-by-step as to where and how this rugged flannel shirt is made (in this case, it’s made in Shengzen, China) It’s an approach the brand has stuck with since they launched back in the early 2010s (it’s still strange to reference that!), and it’s an approach that’s worked well when it comes to sustainable fashion — and stylish results. On that note, the  Everlane Modern Flannel Shirt is certainly the perfect candidate to add to your wardrobe if you want to shake things up ever so slightly when it comes to your rotation of fall shirts.

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Everlane Modern Flannel Shirt

One of six cool color and pattern options for this rugged flannel shirt.

Made with soft 100 percent cotton that’s been brushed for a soft finish, this is the best flannel shirt for men when it comes to layering atop, say, your favorite T-shirt or a classic henley. It’s a reliably casual option with a fit that’s tailored but not too tight, meaning you can throw this on and then put on a waxed trucker jacket over top with relative ease. Of course, you can certianly wear this slim flannel shirt all on its own, too. It’s suited for fall bonfires, socially distanced road trips and casual fall mornings at home. Even better? The Everlane Modern Flannel Shirt retails for under $80, making it one of the most affordable flannel shirts on the market. All of which is to say: You should add this newly classic flannel to your shopping cart ASAP.

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See Now, Buy Now: Patagonia’s Performance Twill Jeans Are an Essential Pair of Fall Pants

Patagonia Performance Twill Jeans review

Durable, rugged performance jeans made from a hardwearing cotton twill blend from Patagonia.

What if I told you that you could get a pair of the best men’s jeans, and yet … so much more at the same time? The Patagonia Performance Twill Jeans are among the best jeans for men, and they double as a pair of rugged adventure pants that you’re going to be able to wear on a day trip, a grueling hike or just about anywhere else you see fit. Patagonia does as fine a job as any brand when it comes to balancing sustainability, rugged style and functionality, and as it were, the Performance Twill Jeans check all the right boxes. It all starts, naturally, with the right fabric blend. In this case, the Patagonia Performance Twill Jeans feature a weather-resistant blend of organic cotton and polyester for a comfort-stretch twill fabrication — see, how’s that for checking all the right boxes?

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Patagonia Performance Twill Jeans

One of six color options in which you can get the excellent Performance Twill Jeans from Patagonia.

These rugged outdoor pants really do blend the best of both worlds, from the slim fit and five-pocket design to the range of versatile colorways — making ’em much more like your favorite jeans than the average pair of hiking pants. The Performance Twill Jeans are made to move with you rather than work against you, complete with antique nickel rivets and plenty of durability.

The unique colorways (my personal favorite is Coriander Brown) provide terrific wearability alongside all your favorite style essentials, be it a Patagonia chore coat and henley combo or a crewneck T-shirt and your rugged denim jacket to dash out & fill up your craft beer growler. When it comes down to it, pants that can go on and off the trail are a surefire must-have this season — and the Patagonia Performance Twill Jeans get the job done handsomely. Game on.

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See Now, Buy Now: Filson’s Dry Tin Pants are the Best Outdoor Pants for Fall

Filson pants

Tough-as-can-be work pants from Filson – they’re the best pants for fall.

I’ll come right out and say it: The Filson Dry Tin Pants are assuredly the rugged men’s pants you need this fall, especially if your season entails everything from early morning yard work to day hikes to brewery visits (wear a mask!) and beyond. Whether you want to think of them as the best work pants for men, or as just a darn fine pair of pants for a casual fall weekend, they won’t do you wrong. Similar in nature to, say, the Taylor Stitch Chore Pants, these rugged Filson pants are a stone-cold classic from a brand that knows how to make the best workwear for men, including some of the best men’s work pants and jackets. It all starts, as you might expect, with the fabrication and construction. In the case of the best outdoor pants for fall, the secret weapon is abrasion-resistant cotton Tin Cloth fabric. This durable fabric just so happens to be ready to take on the toughest projects and gnarly conditions aplenty this fall, and the five-pocket design offers plenty of space for your everyday carry.

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Filson Dry Tin Pants

Reinforced work pants for tough seasonal style.

The Filson Dry Tin 5-Pocket Pants aren’t just your average pair of work pants, though. They’ve got reinforcement at key stress points, including at the rivets, plus a double-layer rear hem to stand up to tough conditions on the ground. And yet, these aren’t an overly baggy pair of work pants. The cut on these Filson pants should be a straight fit, one that’s easy to move around in on the job and yet looks put together when you head to a distillery or brewery (Filson boots afoot, of course) for post-session pint. How’s that for versatility when it comes to the best outdoor pants for fall — and beyond? If I were you, I’d team my Filson Dry Tin 5-Pocket Pants with none other than a rugged Filson henley, a waxed jacket, and yes, Filson boots. Now, get out there and get to work.

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See Now, Buy Now: These Master & Dynamic Headphones are Some of the Best for Fall Road Trips

Master And Dynamic MH40 Wireless Headphones Review

Some of the coolest and most stylish headphones your money can buy.

For your next fall road trip — and heck, for days spent at home — you need some of the best headphones, and it’s really that simple. If you’re traveling via train or airplane (very, very carefully!) or more likely than not, if you’re along for the ride with your partner or a friend, the best wireless headphones are going to bring you peace, quiet, calm … and great music or your favorite podcast. Again, if you just want some quiet respite at home, coffee or cocktail in hand, these will do the trick. And my friends, for all of that listening enjoyment, you assuredly need the Master & Dynamic MH40 Wireless Headphones.

HELM Boots

I’ve been a fan of Master & Dynamic over the years, and I’ve finally had the chance to test out this NYC audio company’s outstandng headphones, as seen on my Instagram. I can say this: They’re worth the investment (in this case, $249 for the MH40 Wireless Headphones). Whether at home or on the road, solo sipping your morning coffee or taking a break from the road, these are some of the coolest wireless headphones your money can buy. As a bit of an audiophile, and a guy who appreciates outstanding design, there’s nothing better than Master & Dynamic. Oh, and if you haven’t ever tried the brand? Know that you can 25 percent off now through October 5th when you spend $250 or more — easy as that.

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Master & Dynamic review

The specs on these headphones are incredible, as is the excellent design.

HELM Boots

But onward to the specs of these wireless headphones (which also feature a cable for passive listening, if need be). In just about six years, Master & Dynamic has gained a reputation among fans of high-quality audio for all the right reasons, and those attributes shine through with the Master & Dynamic MH40 Wireless Headphones. As if the neat colorway options weren’t enough (I favor Brown Coated Canvas and Silver hardware), the listening experience is next-level. For starters: We’re talking 100 feet of Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, and hardware that’s a cut above the rest.
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To wit: Neodyium drivers for a “rich, expansive sound,” plus sturdy construction using lamsbkin leather, coated canvas and durable, lightweight aluminum components — that’s quality all the way from A to Z, making ’em some of the best Bluetooth headphones your money can buy. The fit and feel is comfortable as can be based on my trials, and the sound is clear, rich and warm. These are just about the highest-quality headphones for under $300 you can find, and that’s saying something if you want a premium audio experience. Power your next road trip or at-home listening sessions with Master & Dynamic.

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The Thursday Buy: FRYE’s Tyler Boots are Some of Fall’s Best Boots

FRYE Tyler Boots

Lace up some of the coolest, most rugged boots for men this fall.

That’s right, ladies and gentlemen. We’re back once again today with another pair of the best boots for men (a huge focus on the blog as of late) and with another pair of FRYE leather boots for your consideration and enjoyment. If you read any FRYE boots review, a few things are going to stand out. Namely, this heritage bootmaker doesn’t cut any corners, and that’s why you need a pair of these investment-level boots in your wardrobe. They also produce easily wearable, rugged-yet-dressy boots like the FRYE Tyler Boots with ease — quite a fair bit of ease, at that. What’s that mean for you? It means that it’s high time you invested in some of the best boots for men this season — it’s nearly October, after all.

The FRYE Tyler Boots, although pricey at $328 via FRYE, are going to deliver on multiple fronts when it comes to style, durability and quality, to say the least. Handcrafted, oiled suede gives these lace-up leather boots a bit of a rugged, rock n’roll edge — feel free to wear ’em with slim black jeans and, say, a black leather jacket atop your favorite T-shirt (even if you can’t exactly go to a rock show right now). The FRYE Tyler Boots are made with Goodyear welt construction, which means you can wear and wear them for years … then have ’em resoled with ease. And these rugged leather boots should also provide surprising comfort, whether worn with slim dark denim and a chambray shirt or a thermal henley and tan chinos — they feature a PORON foam footbed for a smooth ride. The  bottom line is this: It’s still the right time to pick up some of your new favorite boots, and you should certainly head over to FRYE to pick up the pair that’s right for you.

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See Now, Buy Now: This Hamilton Khaki Field Watch is Your New Favorite Watch

A durable, rugged and stylish watch from Hamilton.

So, you want one of the best men’s field watches, you say? But you don’t want to spend an arm and a leg (read: Over a grand) — where’s a guy to go? That’s easy. Head to Uncrate to get a deal on the Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical Watch, a standout timepiece that offers heritage quality, rugged performance and classic styling potential in spades. Better still? It’s available for $545 via Uncrate, a heck of a bargain when you consider that this is truly an investment-level watch.

It’s befitting of the Hamilton name, with deep roots in aviation and field watches, and this Hamilton Khaki field watch certainly checks all the right boxes for the modern man. The stainless steel case in a rich and field-ready colorway contrasts nicely with the subtly stylish dial markings, all the better if you aspire to wear this watch out and about on fall adventures, not to mention days on and off the trail. Plus, the 80-hour power reserve means you can go a good while without having to wind this watch by hand (the difference between a mechanical and automatic watch movement). Any way you look at it, this rugged timepiece is destined to become your new favorite watch.

SHOP: The Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical Watch via Uncrate 

A rugged field watch to wear every day this fall.

And the great thing about a military-inspired field watch is that it really is true to form, recreating the types of timepieces worn by soldiers through the years. It features sturdy construction and a nicely sized 38mm case diameter to match. Don’t forget 50 meters of water resistance, either — wear it in the summer or the fall with ease. Whether you pick up the brown colorway or opt for the more sleek Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical in Black, you’re getting plenty of bang for your buck — and a healthy dose of seasonal style, too.

This is the sort of classic field watch you can throw on with dark selvedge denim, a Western shirt and a rugged chore coat, or else rock with your favorite T-shirt for a casual fall morning at home. However you choose to wear the Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical Watch, you can be sure it’s ready for anything you’ve got on your fall to-do list.

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See Now, Buy Now: The Filson Service Boots are the Most Rugged Fall Boots Around

Filson Service Boots

Potentially some of the best boots for fall — heck, the best men’s boots, period — that you can buy right now.

We’re about halfway through September right now — and ever closer to the first day of fall, so it’s high time you continued shopping for (and buying) a pair of the best men’s boots. Where else to go but Filson, assuredly one of the best places to get gear for men? From the Filson Summer Sale on into fall and winter with pieces like the best flannel shirt, they don’t stop — and the Filson Service Boots are as fitting an example of that as any, offering the kind of rugged durability you should certainly demand from your new favorite pair of boots.  On that note, it’s the kind of craftsmanship you’re investing in that really makes the difference (similar to Filson hand-tooled leather goods, ya dig?). But back to these boots.

The great thing is, the Filson Service Boots carry on the sort of rugged, durable-yet-stylish legacy you’d expect from the lauded Pacific Northwest heritage retailer. They make gear that’s made to go off-road and into the field as readily as it can be worn on a winery or brewery tour. And my friends, you can count on the Filson Service Boots to go all of those places and plenty more this fall. The phrase “They don’t make ’em like they used to,” well, it actually doesn’t apply here — that’s because Filson has assuredly succeeded when it comes to these rugged leather boots.

SHOP: The Filson Service Boots

Filson boots

Rugged leather boots made with top-notch construction.

These plain-toe boots draw inspiration from vintage, military standard issue leather boots, featuring oiled, roughout leather construction. That provides durability and toughness when pairing your Filson boots with, say, Filson chore pants in the elements, yet the versatile profile also means these are a pair of boots you can wear with jeans, easily. The Goodyear storm-welted sole also provides additional protection from rain and debris (there’s no way for water to enter the sole), while rust-resitant hardware, triple stitching at stress points, and a Vibram outsole add maximum performance and toughness. These are some of the most durable leather boots to buy for fall, and really … would you expect anything less from Filson? I certainly wouldn’t.

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See Now, Buy Now: These Filson x Danner Boots Are the Perfect Boots for Early Fall

Filson X Danner Combat Hiker Delivers Military-Grade Quality | Man ...

Two companies famed for rugged durability deliver some of the best boots for men, period.

Ladies and gentlemen, your new favorite pair of fall boots is going to come from Filson. That’s right: Filson. If these Pacific Northwest heritage purveyors don’t strike you right off the bat as makers of some of the most rugged men’s shoes, then think again Filson footwear falls perfectly within what you might call “Filson Life,” be it grueling projects at home or lofty excursions in the field.And that’s where today’s See Now, Buy Now pick comes into play. The Filson x Danner Combat Hikers are, simply put, the perfect boots for early fall. They’re a custom iteration of standard-issue combat boots given to troops all across the world, so they can certainly handle anything you throw at ’em.

They’re exactly what you need to navigate rocky terrain, windy weather and tough conditions aplenty — at home or on the road during socially distanced adventures. The best gear for men, after all, doesn’t quit on you when you need it the most, and the same can be said for the best men’s boots. It’s helpful that both Filson and Danner built their brands on creating wildly tough outdoor gear meant to handle any situation, specifically in the Pacific Northwest. These durable, stylish hiking boots fit the mold in that regard. It starts with a hard-wearing, waterproof leather upper and a durable rubber rand placed along the bottom of the hikers, and things only get better from there.

SHOP: The Filson x Danner Combat Hikers 

Dependable men’s boots that blend the best of both worlds when it comes to Filson and Danner.

The best hiking boots for men blend form and function, and the great thing is, these Filson x Danner boots definitely do both (be it back in town, worn with tough chore pants and a rugged henley, or out on the trail). The difference here is the flexible, ribbed Vibram outsole, a hallmark of Danner boots that just so happens to provide excellent traction on slippery trails and surfaces. GORE-TEX lining adds comfort and waterproof protection, too.

The fact that the leather is custom-made for Filson only bodes very well for the long-term durability of these rugged hiking boots (certainly, they’re some of the best men’s boots, period). The Filson x Danner Combat Hikers check so many of the right boxes, you should feel more than comfortable wearing ’em with faded blue denim and a Filson flannel shirt in your downtime hanging out by the fire pit this fall. Sounds pretty unbeatable, right? That’s what you get with Filson and Danner.

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See Now, Buy Now: Lace Up These Rugged Taylor Stitch Boots Heading into Fall

The Moto Boot in Golden Brown Waxed Suede | Taylor Stitch…

Some of the coolest, best men’s boots for early fall — made with uncompromising quality in mind, at that.

It’s nearly the end of August, it’s almost Labor Day … that means, as much as you might not believe it, it’s time to start gearing up for fall, and it’s an even better time to get some of the best boots for men via one of your favorite brands. That is to say, I hope the all-American style gurus at San Francisco-based Taylor Stitch are one of your favorite brands, and if not, picking up the Taylor Stitch Moto Boots is as good a chance as any to get properly acquainted. I’ve certainly been a longtime fan of the brand, from its stylish indigo jeans and expertly cut polos to, naturally, the best Oxford shirt. And on the footwear front, Taylor Stitch has done as great a job as any brand out there at making high-quality, craftsmanship-focused footwear to pair with its full line of menswear (including the tough boots seen at the top of the page). The specs are one-of-a-kind, as is the construction and design process — let’s dive on in.

SHOP: The Taylor Stitch Moto Boots in Golden Brown Waxed Suede

Pin on His Closet

Lace up these absurdly tough men’s boots, then get yourself ready for fall.

It all starts with a team of artisans in León, Mexico, a locale renowned for its footwear factories and high-quality footwear. In that regard, the Taylor Stitch Moto Boots start with tough waxed suede designed to fight the elements and age nicely the more you wear ’em. The Vibram mini-lug sole provides traction and toughness, while a natural leather midsole and storm welt offer up sturdy toughness, too.

Once you’ve stepped into these stylish leather boots, you’re looking at a leather-lined insole for comfort, and antique brass hardware for a tough, laced-up finish. The moto boot profile means these are going to wear nicely with slim Taylor Stitch chinos, rugged denim or tough chore pants in equal measure. Up top, these rugged leather boots team nicely with your favorite style essentials, from a classic Taylor Stitch Oxford shirt to one of the brand’s rugged henleys — or really, anything else you can dream up (you can be sure they’ll wear nicely with an indigo denim Western shirt, among other picks, for example). To get into the spirit of early fall, you need the best boots on the market — start here, and your ensembles are only bound to get better as the season rolls on.

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See Now, Buy Now: This Packable Jacket from Faherty Brand Is Perfect for Late Summer

Your new favorite jacket for the end of summer (and into early fall) — guaranteed.

It’s official — we’re slowly but surely getting through the dog days of summer and ever closer to *gulp* Labor Day weekend. How about that? Even as Labor Day approaches, you still need summer style essentials, and to be sure, you need one of the best men’s jackets on your back, perhaps now more than ever. That’s because breezy late summer weather doesn’t slow down, and thus, I give you the Faherty Brand Surf Stripe Packable Jacket. It’s quite simply got plenty going for it, making it one of the best casual jackets for men on the market at the moment. But as with Faherty Brand, there really is so much more than meets the eye.

You very well might recognize the brand from past posts on this site — they make a stylish summer poncho and some of the best men’s flannel shirts, too — and their commitment to casually cool-yet-rugged styles never wavers. This classic packable jacket is the epitome of what the brand does best, made to fit right into your rugged weekender bag for one final beach getaway — and featuring nylon construction to battle sea beezes and rain, too.

SHOP: The Faherty Brand Surf Stripe Packable Jacket

The right details make for the best casual jacket for the summer months, folks.

Make no mistake, a stylish casual jacket is a must-have in your rotation of the best summer gear, even if it’s sunny and warm during the day. Back patio beers and bonfires await, and the best summer jacket is just what you need — it’s easy to throw on over your favorite T-shirt or a rugged denim shirt, complemented by breezy rolled chinos or hybrid swim shorts. Heck, this Faherty Brand jacket could even work well into early fall, if layered up properly with one of the best crewneck sweatshirts and your favorite pair of blue jeans. Whaddya say? The bold retro stripe on the front of this jacket is eyecatching and yet subtly stylish — kind of like a cool, old lifeguard jacket. Isn’t that what you want at the beach and on the boardwalk this summer? No matter where you’re headed the rest of August and into fall, Faherty Brand has you covered.

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