See Now, Buy Now: Get Flint and Tinder’s All-American Stretch Jeans for Classic Summer Style

Best men's blue jeans to buy from Huckberry.

From time to time, as I’ve said here on the blog before, you’ve just got to go with the classics — like the Flint and Tinder All-American Jeans. They’re a staple of the men’s denim rotation over at Huckberry, made by the San Fran retailer’s in-house brand and highly effective as a daily style move, no matter the occasion. Finding a pair of the best jeans for men to wear in the heat of summer can be tricky, but the key is lightening up the fabric and going with a slim, rather than skin-tight fit. Folks, I’m pleased to say that Huckberry accomplishes all of that — and then some.

Perhaps you’ve read about these stylish men’s jeans in the past on the blog, but rest assured that this pair has been revamped for your enjoyment this season. Keep in mind they’ve already proven a hot seller, but what guy doesn’t need another pair of inky blue jeans in his style rotation, right? The real kicker is the use of one percent stretch for a nice touch of comfort and mobility. They’re also cut, sewn and washed in the denim hub that is Los Angeles.

Huckberry is your go-to source for stylish men’s jeans

Get your new favorite pair right now

And since they’re such a hot seller, I’ll leave you early today with some final words of wisdom: Even in the hotter months of summer, a pair of men’s jeans from Huckberry (the site’s full denim lineup, that is) can take you from the office to happy hour and back — and then do it again the next day. Happy shopping out there, my friends.

See Now, Buy Now: Shop the SeaVees Sixty Six Classic Sneakers for Timeless Summer Style

There’s no question that you can never have enough pairs of the best men’s sneakers in your summer wardrobe, right? OK, well, perhaps you can, in fact, have too much of a good thing — that’s why, if you want to upgrade your lineup of the best sneakers for men in a simple, subtle, affordable way, you should certainly consider shopping SeaVees this summer. For what it’s worth, the SoCal brand — a pioneer in the sneaker market since the 1960s — does things the right way, the classic way and the stylish way.

That’s especially true with the utterly iconic SeaVees Sixty Six Classic Sneakers, a pair that’s as timeless as it gets. They’re modeled after the original 1966 edition, yet upgraded for today’s modern man (that’s you!), not to mention sold by the good folks at San Fran-based Huckberry, who also happens to curate some of the best casual menswear for spring and summer. Taken altogether, it’s a tried-and-true combination that makes for one heck of a pair of the best men’s sneakers. How so? Reader, I’m glad you asked. Upgrading your sneaker game is well within your reach.

The SeaVees Sixty Six Classic Sneakers are a standout option if you want some serious style without spending a ton of cash, for starters. They retail for just $58, a downright steal even compared to some of the most affordable men’s sneakers on the market. Plus, the design is as good as it gets, modeled after the wear-with-anything plimsoll style that teams up nicely with stretch shorts, rolled light wash denim or cuffed khaki chinos.

The SeaVees Sixty Six Classic Sneakers are particularly adept at going from the boardwalk to the beach, or hopping on a flight (wear those no-show socks!), or else traipsing casually around town on the weekend, iced coffee in hand.

If you should feel like wearing sneakers to the office? You can make the SeaVees Sixty Six Classic Sneakers your next style move, especially with tan chinos, some neutral socks and perhaps a breezy white Oxford shirt and a soft-shouldered navy blazer (a classic high-low style combination).

Best of all, the SeaVees Sixty Six Classic Sneakers in a trio of easily wearable colors like Navy, Black and White — each goes with just about anything in your wardrobe, so consider snagging all three if you want a nice, sharp style upgrade on a budget. With the SeaVees Sixty Six Classic Sneakers in hand, you’ll have a new favorite sneaker option for the warmest days of the year.

See Now, Buy Now: This New Taylor Stitch Oxford Is Your Favorite Breezy Spring Style Move

Best Oxford shirt for men.

Just when you think you’ve seen it all, the good folks at Taylor Stitch come right on back through with another round of the best men’s style essentials for spring, summer and yes, well beyond those two seasons. The San Francisco brand is, of course, a perennial favorite of your friendly Brooklyn style writer, be it making one of the best merino T-shirts or a rugged leather jacket to wear in breezier weather.

Those two style staples are but two areas in which the long-running brand excels, but the Taylor Stitch Jack Oxford has long been another piece worthy of a spot in your wardrobe. The Taylor Stitch Jack Shirt is impressive in any season, harnessing the versatile potential of the Oxford in a fresh, modern way. The fit is nicely dialed in via chest sizes, the collar is substantial but not overly large — with a nice roll that looks great unbuttoned or done up — and the cut is made to be worn tucked in or untucked.

If you’ve tried the Taylor Stitch Jack Shirt, you know there’s lots to love, and it gets even better when you take a look at the best new spring and summer colorways of the Taylor Stitch Jack Shirt, my friends.

Best Taylor Stitch Oxford shirt for men.

The Taylor Stitch Jack Shirt in Teal is particularly impressive, in a fresh, rich shade that wears well with the best indigo blue jeans or with Taylor Stitch’s slim chinos in equal measure. Of course, the especially breezy, dusty Taylor Stitch Jack Shirt in Natural is also a nice change of pace, presented in yet another exceptionally cool colorway that wears well with just about anything you can dream up (yes, even white or off-white jeans or five-pocket pants. Of course, the specs on the Taylor Stitch Jack Shirt remain reliable even if you opt for a more classic color, like the always-wearable shade of light blue that sells out at a frequent clip.

The organic rugby Oxford cotton on the Taylor Stitch Jack Shirt is soft but durable, made to get better with each wash and each wear. And given the fact that you can team the Taylor Stitch Jack Shirt with a lightweight blazer or worn more casually — unbuttoned over the Taylor Stitch Heavy Bag Tee, for instance — it’s a solid bet that this could become your new favorite Oxford shirt. The best and brightest new colors of the Taylor Stitch Jack Shirt keep things cool and interesting, but the classics always win out. Stock your shopping cart with that in mind. Cheers, my friends!

See Now, Buy Now: Shop Smart Casual with Huckberry’s Latest 9-to-5 Offering

Best smart casual style for men
My friends, you don’t need me to tell you that the folks at Huckberry offer up some of the best menswear essentials day in and day out, season after season. From one of the best men’s chambray shirts to essential waxed jackets for men, the San Fran retailers have you covered from head to toe in every possible scenario. That’s also the case with Huckberry’s latest curated offering: Call it the Huckberry 9-to-5 Collection, a carefully selected assortment of the best smart casual style for men.

What exactly does that mean? Well, there’s something for everyone in the offering — you could also call it the Huckberry Smart Casual Collection. From super-soft tees to crisp-yet-easygoing polo shirts, the best men’s Chelsea boots, expertly faded denim and the best men’s chinos, the hand-picked assortment offers up something for everyone.

Shop the best smart casual menswear now

Huckberry has everything you need

Whether your style leans more rugged or more refined, more business casual or more of a hybrid look (think a T-shirt layered underneath a soft-shouldered blazer, for instance), this expertly designed array of your new favorite style essentials is — to put it one way — quite perfect. There’s lots to shop there right now, so I’ll wrap this post up and let you get on with adding the best new menswear to your cart.

See Now, Buy Now: The Taylor Stitch x Huckberry Long Haul Jacket Is Your New Spring Go-To

Best men's denim jacket for spring.

There are some menswear partnerships that just make so much sense, you almost don’t have to think about ’em. Like the way that Todd Snyder teams up with Champion to update rugged style staples, or the way that Huckberry and Taylor Stitch have partnered on your new favorite denim jacket for spring and summer. It could be one of the coolest men’s jackets of the moment, in fact, and it perfectly merges everything you love about the two San Francisco brands, including an old-school, rugged appeal that’s still fresh and modern.

The jacket in question is an update of the Taylor Stitch Long Haul Jacket, a longtime favorite of mine here on the blog, and it plays off all the hallmarks you expect from that silhouette. The fit is clean and hits above the waist, with relatively slim sleeves and high armholes for a surprisingly tailored denim jacket. Of course, those are but a few of the touches that make it one of the best jackets for men at the moment.

The incredibly cool Huckberry x Taylor Stitch Long Haul Jacket is made from soft organic cotton denim, all the better for a soft fit that only gets better with time the more you wear it. This rugged denim jacket has also been washed for a vintage look and feel, but again, it’s only going to get better with age. It already looks like you’ve had it for years, which makes this one a nice change of pace against more polished Taylor Stitch chinos, for instance. The Huckberry x Taylor Stitch Long Haul Jacket also boasts eye-catching, nicely detailed antique copper YKK donut buttons and rivets, plus zig-zag stitching under the collar and along the front placket for added durability.

Taken altogether, both the details big and small make the Huckberry x Taylor Stitch Long Haul Jacket one worth owning and wearing as often as possible this spring and summer. It gets all the better when you team your new favorite denim jacket with, say, a Taylor Stitch merino tee for go-anywhere, laidback-yet-cool style. Regardless of how many lightweight jackets you’ve got close at hand, the Huckberry x Taylor Stitch Long Haul Jacket is one of the coolest to buy right now — guaranteed.

See Now, Buy Now: Throw On the Faherty Short-Sleeve Knit Seasons Shirt for Effortless Style

Best short-sleeve shirt for spring and summer

When it comes to developing the perfect spring and summer wardrobe, there are brands you need to be able to rely on beyond just the current season at hand — still with me on that? Take NYC-founded Faherty Brand, which already makes one of the best winter shirts and is now here for you to lean on when the thermostat starts to climb, too. How exactly does that work out? Easily enough, when you consider the appeal of the Faherty Knit Short-Sleeve Seasons Shirt. It’s a short-sleeve version of one of the brand’s best-selling long-sleeve shirts, and believe you me when I say your wardrobe is all the better for it.

The key with the Faherty Knit Short-Sleeve Seasons Shirt? It carries on the same level of craftsmanship you’d expect from the brand in the colder months, too — again, brands you can trust are never a bad thing to have in your corner. It’s truly billed by the brand as the short-sleeve version of one of its best-sellers, with soft stretch fabric and a relaxed, breezy fit that mimics the look of classic Hawaiian shirts (yet in an array of subdued colors). The organic cotton fabric is also a sustainable, comfortable touch, always nice to have in your array of spring style essentials.

Best floral short-sleeve shirt for summer.

In fact, speaking of classic Hawaiian shirts, you can also find the Faherty Knit Short-Sleeve Seasons Shirt in a suitably cool, breezy and subdued floral pattern, the kind that’s more toned down than other Hawaiian shirts for an effortlessly sharp style. The array of dusty color options gives the Faherty Knit Short-Sleeve Seasons Shirt a timeless look you can team with everything from light-wash jeans to your favorite lightweight stretch chinos and of course, some of the best men’s shorts for spring and summer. It’s worth noting that this stylish short-sleeve shirt is pricier than an option from a fast-fashion brand — it’ll run you $118, although plenty of Faherty menswear essentials can be found on-sale, too.

The great news is, if you’re already a fan of Faherty Brand, then you know exactly what you’re getting with the short-sleeve edition of this shirt. If not, now is a great time to pick up your new favorite short-sleeve shirt for spring and summer days aplenty: The Faherty Knit Short-Sleeve Seasons Shirt is yours for the taking in whatever color you please.

See Now, Buy Now: Pick up the Best Spring and Summer Sunglasses from Sunksi at Huckberry

Best sunglasses for men.

How many boxes have you checked off as of yet in your never-ending search for the best gear for men? Especially gear that can help with warm weather style and adventure pursuits? If you still feel you’re missing a few of the best spring and summer style picks, well, I’m here to help. Let’s keep it simple by starting with your everyday carry, and notably, the best men’s sunglasses. After all, you’ve probably already shopped Huckberry — our featured retailer of choice today — for one of the best waxed jackets, and the most rugged boots. But you still need a pair of the best sunglasses for men, and that’s where the Sunksi Ventana are worthy of your consideration.

Like Huckberry, Sunski was founded in San Francisco, which gives them a unique eye (pun intended) towards gear that’s polished enough for the city, ready to be worn on the coast and durable enough to handle just about anything in between. Over the years, the results they’ve yielded have been pretty impressive — like the Sunksi Ventana, for instance. Let’s get one thing out of the way first: These stylish sunglasses are insanely affordable, retailing for just $58. The Sunksi Ventana only get better the closer you look, though.

They feature a square frame, the sort of timeless look between a pair of Aviators and a pair of Wayfarers, which gives them enough versatility to sit comfortably among the best sunglasses for men. The Sunksi Ventana also feature plenty of craftsmanship-focused touches not normally found in sunglasses that sell for under $60. Try polarized lenses, for starters, finished off with what the company calls a “scratch-proof thermal hardcoat for maximum durability.” Your average pair of shades, these are not. The Sunksi Ventana also double down on the style points, thanks to the rich caramel amber polycarbonate frames.

Stainless steel hinges add durability at that most crucial of stress points, turning the Sunksi Ventana into a pair of frames that look and feel much more expensive than they are. Because of the neutral nature of that square frame design, you could wear the Sunksi Ventana with everyone from the best lightweight jeans and a merino T-shirt, or else with your favorite spring blazer and off-white denim for a nice change of pace. Above all else, you should want to wear the Sunksi Ventana just about every single day this spring and summer, because they’re too well-made (and too affordable!) not to get the most out of them.

See Now, Buy Now: Shop for Your New Favorite Summer Shorts from Buck Mason

Best casual shorts for men.

Are we out of the woods yet when it comes to dealing with blustery spring weather? Let’s hope so, which is where the best men’s shorts gradually start to come into play in your wardrobe. If you keep up with the blog, perhaps you know where this is going. To upgrade your ensembles for a new season, turn to a brand you can trust — a brand like Buck Mason, makers of some of the coolest old-school-meets-modern menswear on the market. They’ve been one of my favorite brands for a good long while, with a full lineup of the best menswear essentials up for grabs — including today’s featured style pick, the Buck Mason Deck Shorts. There’s never been a time like right now to snag some of the best shorts for men, and since the calendar reads April and not May or June, you’re well ahead of the game.

What exactly qualifies the Buck Mason Deck Shorts as some of the best men’s shorts? Like other Buck Mason style moves (including your new favorite T-shirt), the key here lies in versatility and high-quality design. Let’s start with the fabric: It’s a stretch cotton-poly blend, making them more comfortable and more quick-drying than most cotton chino shorts on the market. The Buck Mason Deck Shorts are also available in two inseam lengths. a 6-inch inseam and an 8-inch inseam — both should work out for plenty of different guys. The Buck Mason Deck Shorts only get better from there.

Buck Mason men's shorts.

The Buck Mason Deck Shorts are equipped with plenty of helpful features to keep you moving on the go in style this summer. The drawcord waist is plenty comfortable and allows you to go sans belt, which is helpful for many a spring and summer adventure — on the trail, at a campsite or exploring a new favorite watering hole. I mean that literally, because the quick-drying nature of the Buck Mason Deck Shorts means you can wear them like a regular pair of the best men’s shorts, or like stylish swim trunks. I’d most likely wear these shorts as more of a set of beach or boardwalk shorts when you won’t be in the water for hours at a time, but in a pinch, the Buck Mason Deck Shorts can get wet and dry quickly.

The rest of the time, they wear quite well with plenty of different spring and summer style staples. The Buck Mason Deck Shorts come in four different colors, each of which teams up stylishly with everything from a grey or navy polo to a breezy beige cotton tee or a white Oxford shirt. The Buck Mason Deck Shorts would probably look best with your favorite pocket tee and casual canvas sneakers for seriously easygoing seasonal style. Best of all, these wear-with-anything shorts retail for under $90 and are built to last all spring and summer long. That sounds like a new menswear must-have to me.

Style Pick of the Week: Taylor Stitch Apres Shorts – The Best Shorts to Wear This Spring and Summer

Best spring and summer shorts for men.

You know what I always says: It’s never too early to stock up on the best seasonal style essentials, especially when it comes time to stock up on a pair of the best men’s shorts. We’re in the depths of a breezy spring right now, but when the sun does finally peek through the clouds, you’ll already have your new favorite shorts in hand. And those shorts, my friend, have a lot in common with your favorite weekend pants. That’s because today’s Style Pick is none other than the Taylor Stitch Apres Shorts, which take some crucial DNA from the best lounge pants for men (the Taylor Stitch Apres Pants, of course). Sounds like we’re off to a pretty great start, right?

Yes indeed, the Taylor Stitch Apres Shorts are something special indeed, made from garment-dyed 6oz. 100 percent organic cotton for a soft feel right out of the box, the kind that makes you think you’ve had these shorts for years. As styles continue to get all the more relaxed and laidback, that’s not a bad thing in the slightest. The Taylor Stitch Apres Shorts also feature an easygoing elastic waist with drawcord tips that have been dyed to match the breezy Natural colorway. These shorts hit all the right notes between throwback and modern — let’s keep diving in, shall we?

Best casual spring shorts for men.

The Taylor Stitch Apres Shorts have plenty going for them, including that vintage, lived-in look and an on-trend, shorter inseam (of 6 inches). A 6-inch inseam is likely too short for the taller guys out there, but even your humble Brooklyn style writer (Roster height: 6’2″) would consider wearing the Taylor Stitch Apres Shorts. Slash front pockets and back button pockets — finished off with a nice pair of horn buttons — add some handy storage space on the go, although the Taylor Stitch Apres Shorts aren’t the kind of shorts you’re going to want to load down with gear like the cargo shorts you once wore. In short, you should look to keep the Taylor Stitch Apres Shorts as breezy and effortless as can be, and that goes for how you wear them and where you wear them, too.

If I were you, I’d start out by wearing these stylish men’s shorts with laidback essentials, like one of the best men’s merino T-shirts for easygoing moisture-wicking style and functionality in the heat. To level things up a bit, consider rolling up the sleeves on one of the best men’s Oxford shirts (also from Taylor Stitch, naturally), or team the Taylor Stitch Apres Shorts with a slub polo and subtle canvas sneakers. With shorts that sit comfortably in between throwback looks and the present-day, you can style them just about however you want. That sounds like a pair of shorts worthy of adding to your closet — and all for the agreeable price of $88. Head to Taylor Stitch and scoop ’em up now.

See Now, Buy Now: The Outerknown Roam Polo is the Best Men’s Polo for Spring and Summer

Best polo for men to buy now.

The search for the best sustainable menswear is never really over, is it? Not in my book, it isn’t — not if you want to dress in sustainable fashion while looking great, and you can even doing that while wearing one of the best polos for men. Yes, the once-preppy polo is now getting a bit of a cool, throwback-minded, breezy upgrade, at least in terms of looks, while also featuring some of the most eco-conscious fabric on the market. Yes indeed, when it comes to talking about one of the best men’s polos, I’m talking about the well-made Outerknown Roam Polo, a new spring style addition from one of the most sustainable menswear brands on the market.

The Outerknown Roam Polo is yet another standout addition to the brand’s lineup, designed by menswear aficionado John Moore and developed by both Moore and legendary surfer Kelly Slater. Perhaps you’ve had the chance to layer up with the brand’s more rugged cold-weather gear, like the famed Outerknown Blanket Shirt, but the Outerknown Roam Polo is an outstanding way to keep that sustainable focus rolling all year long — trust me on that.

Best sustainable polo for men to buy this spring.

Available in colors like Bright Navy and Green Night for an added dose of fresh spring style, the Outerknown Roam Polo is made from an eco-friendly blend of hemp and organic cotton — hemp is a fiber that actually regenerates soil as it grows, all the while without requiring a ton of water. The fact that you can find it put to good, very stylish use in the case of the Outerknown Roam Polo is a major added benefit to your wardrobe. Hemp and organic cotton should also prove softer than traditionally stuffy cotton pique, and again, that sustainability factor is essential when shopping for even more simple basics like the best polos for men. I’d certainly count the Outerknown Roam Polo among that crop (pun intended).

Best of all, the Outerknown Roam Polo features small yet high-quality added touches like mother of pearl buttons — two of them, for a classic, casual touch. Subtle logo embroidery at the left sleeve keeps the Outerknown Roam Polo squarely in timeless, not overly loud territory, while the straight hem and tailored fit should make it easy to wear this stylish men’s polo untucked with your favorite chinos and high-top sneakers all spring long. When you want to make a sustainable spring wardrobe upgrade ASAP, look right away to the good folks at Outerknown.