#OOTD: How to Wear a Hoodie For Spring Weather

If you’ve been a bit stumped as how to wear a hoodie for spring (and beyond), I’ve got something just for you. Now, spring weather isn’t exactly a walk in the park all the time, as we’ve talked about in past #OOTD ensembles like how to wear boots for spring, or even how to layer your Oxford shirt for spring. Sometimes, you need something a little extra, something with a bit more oomph and warmth for breezy days. Enter the FreeFly Bamboo Hoodie, a stylish hooded sweatshirt that’s lightweight enough so that you won’t overheat — yet with just enough coverage for when the sun goes down or dips behind heavy cloud cover. We said you need to be prepared for anything, right? And FreeFly can help you do that, with an emphasis on innovative fabrics, adventure-minded silhouettes and casual style points aplenty (especially if you value your visits to the beach or the lake, or your time on the water).

So, here we are. It helps that your new favorite hoodie is made with a lightweight bamboo fabric blend and features UPF 20 protection, plus a hood set-up that offers even more protection from the sun. I could see this one coming in handy on day trips, fishing excursions, brewery hangs and well beyond. Stylish, sustainable and durable? That’s a winner in my book. It’ll get a fitting set of complementary menswear essentials in this #OOTD, like one of the best men’s T-shirts, plus some adventure-ready shorts and more. What are you waiting for? Let’s upgrade that hooded sweatshirt and find out all about how to wear it.

A versatile hoodie for spring, complete with cool adventure gear.

  • The Stylish Hoodie: FreeFly Bamboo Hoodie, $59.50 — For under $60, you’re getting a casual hoodie to throw on at a moment’s notice. It’s ready for the elements and that laidback beach bonfire, too.
  • The Casual Tee: Mott and Bow Driggs Classic Crew, $32 — A super-soft T-shirt you can wear all on its own, and then layer underneath the FreeFly Bamboo Hoodie as needed. Heck, get a couple of these.
  • The Adventure Shorts: Rhythm Essential Adventure Walkshorts, $60 — Get these durable stretch shorts with an elastic waistband and webbed belt for darn near all your spring and summer adventures.
  • The Hybrid Sneakers: LEMS Shoes Trailhead Sneakers, $130 — These stylish hybrid sneakers are made for anything and everything on your spring and summer travel to-do list, day hikes and casual hangs included.
  • The Watch: Alsta Nautoscaph Superautomatic, $1,005 — Anywhere you want to wear this watch (the watch worn by Richard Dreyfuss in Jaws), it’s going to stand out stylishly and provide slick functionality. That’s all you can ask for.
  • The Sunglasses: Huckberry Weekenders Sunglasses, $45 — Leave it to Huckberry to come up with some of the most affordable men’s sunglasses, a pair fit for getting beat up a bit this season.
  • The Daily Carry: Mission Workship 500D Drift Tote, $235 — This rugged Mission Workshop tote, much like the rest of this #OOTD, is ready for absolutely anything. Use it wisely.
  • The Grooming Essential: Duke Cannon 2-in-1 SPF Face Lotion, $15 — Add another layer of protection in the form of one of the best face lotions for men, one with built-in SPF protection. Well-done, Duke Cannon.

How’s that for a new hooded sweatshirt you can wear just about anywhere? The great thing about the FreeFly Bamboo Hoodie is that it’s adventure-ready and built to provide protection from the sun, but it also looks great hanging around the bonfire or… anywhere, really.

The same can be said for that Mott and Bow T-shirt, which I’d wager you’ll find similarly cool and casual for spring and summer. Step out in a pair of adventure-ready shorts and of course, some go-anywhere, stylish hybrid sneakers, and I’d wager that you really can go just about, well, anywhere. That’s the case with the watch worn by Richard Dreyfuss in Jaws, too. It’s an investment worth wearing and enjoying, and yet, it’s helpfully offset by a pair of the most affordable men’s sunglasses. Gear up for your day with a Mission Workshop tote, and add a bit of handy grooming protection with one of the best face lotions for men. Alright, then. You’re ready to go for the rest of spring and summer. Happy shopping!


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