The List: Get the Best Beer for Summer From Threes Brewing — At A Discount

Threes Brewing beer

If the headline of this post caused you to double-take, don’t click away just yet. After all, I normally talk about, say, the best menswear from Taylor Stitch or the best jeans for summer on the blog, but we’re diving into another passion of mine altogether today: The best beer for summer, and specifically, the best craft beer for summer from Threes Brewing. If you’re not familiar with Brooklyn’s Threes Brewing, you’re in for a treat (and keep scrolling for a nice discount, too!).

The Threes Brewery and beer garden is a sight to behold, its can design and branding are both uber-stylish, and overall, it’s one of my favorite spots in the borough. It helps that they make flavorful lagers, inventive IPAs and the best pilsner I’ve tried in some time. How does that impact you? Well, Threes Brewing ships to more than 20 states, and they deliver locally around NYC and beyond. As you stock your fridge and cooler for Memorial Day weekend, it gets even better: Use the code BEAU10 to get 10 percent off your order of $50 or more any time at Threes Brewing.

The code works for online orders or pick-up + to-go orders at the brewery, so craft beer lovers should be covered any way you slice it. How great is that?? To get you started, here are just a few of my favorite beers from Threes Brewing to buy right now. This won’t be the last time you hear from ’em on the blog, either!

The Six Best Beers to Buy for Summer from Threes Brewing 

Threes Brewing Vliet Pilsner — $16 (Four-Pack) 

Threes Brewing Vliet Pils

If there’s a better pilsner for summer out there from a craft brewery, I have yet to try it. Sure, competition is steep, but Threes Brewing Vliet, with clean, sweet flavor and German Pilsner malts, checks all the right boxes. Consider it the best beer for a hot summer day.

Threes Brewing Kicking & Screaming Pilsner — $17 (Four-Pack) 

Threes Kicking and Screaming

Get at least one four-pack of the best fresh summer beer in your fridge ASAP, and revel in its unique flavor. It’s aged in a large oak (foudre) tank for oak flavor that’s not overpowering. It’s crisp, crushable and mighty tasty. Cheers.

Threes Brewing Logical Conclusion Hazy IPA — $17 (Four-Pack)

Logical Conclusion (Hazy IPA)

The Threes Logical Conclusion is one of my favorite IPAs on the market, a great introduction to the style if you don’t want something with a super-high ABV or overpowering hops. You get plenty of ripe citrus and a creamy mouthfeel, as all great hazy IPAs have, but it’s so tasty, you might end up churning through the four-pack across an afternoon (responsibility first, though!).

Threes Brewing Unreliable Narrator IPA — $17 (Four-Pack) 

Unreliable Narrator (IPA)

Is your beer fridge full yet? Why not consider adding another standout Threes Brewing IPA? I know I’m on board. Unreliable Narrator is the perfect balance of four hop varieties (including Citra and Centennial, for the perfect balance of citrus and a dank, piney finish). I’ll have another, please.

Threes Brewing SFY Double IPA — $20 (Four-Pack) 

SFY (Double IPA)

Threes Brewing ups the ante in a big way here with the much-loved SFY Double IPA, packed with what Threes calls “tropical, assertive” tasting notes. Like all Threes Brewing beers, though, it’s not too much on the palette. I’ll drink to that.

Threes Brewing Vliet + Logical Conclusion Mixed 24-Pack — $94

Vliet + Logical Conclusion Mixed 24-Pack (Pilsner & IPA)

Want to really go big this Memorial Day weekend and beyond? Get a mixed 24-pack featuring two of Threes Brewing’s best-loved beers. This Threes 24-pack has something for everyone, from the light, crisp and flavorful Vliet to the hop-packed Logical Conclusion. You can’t go wrong either way, folks.

Hopefully, my guide to the best beers from Threes Brewing — heck, some of the best craft beers to buy this summer in general — has amped up your interest in stocking your beer fridge or your cooler (or your friend’s cooler!) for the season ahead. I’d say it’s pretty helpful — in my humble opinion — that the code BEAU10 gets you 10 percent off your online or brewery to-go order. Now, if you’re just testing the waters when it comes to beer from Threes Brewing,  you can’t go wrong with the easy-drinking, supremely crushable Threes Brewing Vliet, a perfect middle ground for those who love cold, fresh beer that you can enjoy all day.

On the other end of the spectrum, the Threes Logical Conclusion is a perfect IPA for someone either new to the style or someone who’s a seasoned IPA fan. It’s just a great beer, plain and simple. If you end up trying any of these beers, let me know in the comments below. And be sure to give me a follow on Instagram to find out more about my favorite craft beers for summer. In the meantime, keep your credit card handy and get the code BEAU10 at the ready. Cheers to summer, folks!



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