See Now, Buy Now: This Filson Twill Duffle Is Your New Summer Getaway Bag

Who else is getting the urge to hit the road this summer, perhaps with the Filson Rugged Medium Twill Duffle in tow? I’m right there with you, and we’ll talk about how to gear up properly today. As you might know if you read the blog, there’s one place to go if you want one of the best duffle bags for a weekend getaway — or any trip at all this summer — and that’s Filson. They’ve got plenty of your bases covered in every way imaginable, right on down to the lightweight short-sleeve shirt you should pack in said bag. In short, if it’s the best new men’s gear for summer you seek, Filson has you covered — and of course, that’s a serious understatement.

We sure do love the Pacific Northwest heritage outfitter here on the blog, and again, that’s also an understatement. What exactly makes the Filson Rugged Medium Twill Duffle so essential? I’m glad you asked. You didn’t expect a brand that’s been around for more than a century to cut corners in matters of accessories and everyday carry essentials, did you? And the Filson Rugged Medium Twill Duffle really is packed with the proper bells and whistles to get you from point A to point B with durable style in mind.

SHOP: The Filson Rugged Medium Twill Duffle

It all starts from the ground up with the type of durable fabric that only the trained folks at Filson can craft. It’s the brand’s famed Rugged Twill, which is naturally tough and abrasion-resistant. Leave the carry-on luggage when you head out on a cabin or lodge getaway, and instead load up one of the best duffle bags, because this one in particular is suited to harsher conditions. Bridle Leather straps and accents, plus real brass hardware, reinforce this tough-as-nails getaway bag even further. As the brand notes, the Filson Rugged Medium Twill Duffle fits carry-on requirements for when you get back to flying, too.

You’ve also got your pick between three eye-catching colors, including the handsome Hemlock option seen at the top of the page. Think of this one like the ideal casual getaway bag, one that’ll look less formal than a leather briefcase as you travel wearing, say, Filson men’s jeans. It’s got everything you need in one of the best men’s weekender bags, to sum it up, but you’ve really got to try out this durable getaway bag for yourself. Last but not least, the Rugged Twill fabric just so happens to be water-resistant. A carry-on and weekend-ready bag that can stand up to the elements? Sounds like just what you need this summer. Start planning your trip right now.


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