The Thursday Buy: These FRYE Slip-Ons are the Perfect Summer Sneakers

Is it possible to find a pair of the best summer sneakers that are at once casual and yet surprisingly refined? It might sound too good to be true, but believe it or not, that’s what FRYE has managed to do with the FRYE Astor Slip Ons. These slip-on shoes check all the right boxes in what you need from an easy-wearing, equally easygoing set of kicks for the season. Let’s start with the basics first, though. FRYE has a long-running heritage of careful craftsmanship and rock-solid quality across its entire line of men’s shoes and accessories. It’s got to be the brand’s made-in-America origins (they’ve even got an entire USA-made line), but any way you look at it, FRYE delivers time and again. The FRYE Astor Slip Ons are no exceptional to the rule. If you’ve previously tried out more casual slip-ons, like the VANS Classic Slip-ons, you should know that these are cut from a different cloth (or rather, a different material entirely). They’re almost like a pair of dress sneakers, yet you get the relaxed comfort of a slip-on shoe.

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The difference is in the details with FRYE, and they’ve really nailed all the details you need in a casual slip-on shoe, with an added dash of refinement thrown in. You see, the FRYE Astor Slip Ons are made with burnished, vegetable-tanned leather, unlike other slip-on shoes that are made from canvas. This makes them ever-so-slightly easier to dress up with slim chinos and a navy sweater-polo, for instance (head to Todd Snyder to get yours). And yet, it’s that easy-to-slide-on design that keeps them squarely in the middle of your dressy-to-casual summer footwear rotation. The waffle rubber outsole provides solid traction on the city or out in the country for a weekend trip.

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And the fully lined leather footbed offers up plenty of springy, all-day comfort. Through it all, the FRYE Astor Slip Ons are going to wear and age gracefully, not unlike a pair of rugged FRYE leather boots. You’re investing more in the FRYE Astor Slip Ons than you might another pair of more traditional slip-ons, but you’ll also have them for longer, and they’ll offer up either office-ready style (remember that Todd Snyder sweater-polo) or weekend-ready versatility (with an American-made T-shirt and chino shorts). Helpfully, the FRYE Astor Slip Ons defy convention and go above and beyond your typical seasonal slip-ons. Sounds like a new must-buy for the season to me.

SHOP: The FRYE Astor Slip Ons


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