The Friday Read: The Myles Apparel Fall Sale, New Beckett Simonon Boots & The Best Automatic Watches

My friends, join me in another weekly recap via my Friday Read, and contemplate those rugged leather boots shown above as we get ready to kick off another weekend. Those are the Beckett Simonon Lopez Boots, some of the best boots for fall to get your hands on (and your feet into) right now. If you’ve been waiting to upgrade your footwear rotation for the season ahead, allow me to wholeheartedly endorse some of the best men’s boots for pleasantly cool days and nights. The time is ripe, after all. And the time is ripe to really start dressin’ again, as the parlance goes. Even this week, I’ve had the chance to (safely) attend two concerts in NYC — the excellent Julien Baker and the seriously cool indie rock band Wild Pink — and I’ve even broken out some denim from Todd Snyder. Things are happening slowly but surely, so stay safe and stylish.

How else to stay stylish? With a few of my menswear reads and recommendations for your weekend. I’ve had a busy week wrapping up NYFW and working on my next AskMen story (specifically about fashion week), but if it’s new gear you want right away, I think you’ll find a few of these picks below are to your liking. I’ll be doing some digital shopping myself this weekend, and also visiting the famed NYC establishment McSorley’s for some Saturday beers. It goes without saying that I’ll be working on blog content, too. Keep it tuned right here in the meantime for a full weekend of fall fashion, and let’s get ready to step into the next season with some Beckett Simonon boots. You know the drill, folks. Cheers!

  • If you’re seeking some of the best deals on go-anywhere menswear, then it’s the Myles Apparel Fall Forward Sale you should be shopping. You’ll find versatile style picks like the durable Myles Apparel Tour Pants, which blend performance fabric and a clean cut, like your favorite chinos. Here’s the scoop: Head to the End of Season Sale page to get 30 percent off full price styles listed, and then up to 60 percent off already discounted items. It’s a deal not to be missed, so hop on it now. Oh, and the even better news? The Myles Apparel Fall Forward Sale runs through the end of the month! Not bad at all, ehh?
  • Let’s talk another shopping recommendation, shall we? To me, a wristwatch is one of the most valuable accessories you can add to your everyday carry, offering up a sense of purpose and style, as well as complementary appeal alongside outfits both dressy and casual. Luckily, there are watches for every budget and taste out there, too. With that being said, here’s where my latest guide for The Manual comes into play: Head over there to read my picks for the best automatic watches. Get to it!
  • I’ll leave you with one last shopping pick before we roll into the weekend. The power of a rugged, casual flannel shirt can’t be overlooked for fall – as in, the type of flannel shirt you can wear to the office or at home in equal measure. Here’s where the Bespoke Post Layers Box comes into play: It’s got both an essential fall flannel shirt and a toasty hat to keep you cozy all season long. Check it all out via yesterday’s blog post. Happy shopping!

Satchel and Page

That’ll bring things to an end for today’s edition of the Friday Read. As always, we’ll get your weekend rolling in earnest with tomorrow’s Style Pick of the Week. If you missed last weekend’s style pick of choice, head over here to read about the best fall weekend pants: Those would be the seriously cool and comfortable Taylor Stitch Apres Pants. They won’t let you down, not in the slightest. Enjoy your Friday and we’ll see you back here this weekend!


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