The Friday Read: Fall Style Essentials from Huckberry, The Best Men’s Sweatpants and Kurt Vile

You see that handsome jacket — or rather, those jackets — at the top of the page? That would be the incredible, truly stunning Taylor Stitch Moto Jacket — the new iteration on the right, the classic style on the left — part of the brand’s excellent Moto Collection. This release is a consistent favorite from perhaps my favorite menswear brand, and I’d urge you to shop it right now from my good pals at Taylor Stitch. Seriously, right now. At any rate, that’s as great of a way to kick of the weekend as any, wouldn’t you agree? I’m personally excited to catch my breath a bit — between three days of events this week at my day job (handling menswear PR for Timberland!), plus a busy, music-filled weekend at Austin City Limits Festival, I could use a break! On that note, I can’t recommend Austin enough — the coffee was strong and delicious (hit up The Spokesman if you can!), the beer was terrific and stunning sets by legends like Sir Paul McCartney (and my heroes The National!) at ACL made it all worth it. Other weekend highlights? A powerful, dance-filled set from CHVRCHES to close out Saturday, a fun afternoon of rock with The Wombats and a ripping Sunday night set from English rockers Arctic Monkeys. We also both loved a powerful Friday afternoon set by Canadian rockers Arkells. Oh, and brunch with my amazing fiancee Laura at Austin’s Josephine House helped us power through the day, too. Of course, Austin is excellent in matters of menswear as well — STAG Provisions continues to lead the way there. Some other Austin highlights? The cozy, simply terrific Figure8 Coffee Purveyors — a neatly appointed shop in a quiet neighborhood serving delicious (and strong!) craft coffee.

What do you love in Austin? What should we have on our radar for the next trip? Feel free to check in with me on Twitter! And in the meantime, let’s start the weekend right with today’s Friday Read.

  • I truly can’t get enough of the stylish menswear being produced and sold over at Huckberry — don’t you agree? With that in mind, I rounded up my favorite fall style essentials from Huckberry for GearMoose. What’s on your list this season?
  • OK, so it’s nearly the weekend. In the way of staying cozy and comfortable for fall, you’d well to check out my picks for the best men’s sweatpants over at The Manual.
  • I’m resharing this post once again, because as we get into colder weather, the timing just seems right. The Proof Strong Shirt is assuredly one of the best men’s chambray shirts out there, blending functionality and rugged style with versatility. Wear it as much as you can this fall and winter.
  • Alright, so y’all know I love me some great guitar rock. Kurt Vile fits that mold quite nicely, which is why I appreciate this excellent Steve Hyden profile of Kurt Vile’s latest album, “Bottle It In” — read on and rock out.

That’s closing out today’s post — thanks for reading!


The Friday Read: The National, The Danner Mountain Pass Boots and A Fall Henley

We’ll get to more on these boots in a moment. Standby …

So, we’re doing things a little differently to start the Friday Read — or this edition, at least. You’ll notice the exceptional Danner Mountain Pass Boots featured up top (and down below) to kick things off. They’re a great pair of adventure-ready boots to get your fall weekend started — but that’s just my two cents. For future editions of our weekly recap, you might see a tasty craft beer or a great vinyl record featured, or perhaps a photo from a worthy long read at a Style Guide-approved site like Esquire. Either way, just something to get the gears turning to end the week. What’s on your weekend agenda? For me, it’s a pretty packed one. Coming off the absolutely amazing Audiotree Music Festival last week with my wonderful fiancée Laura, it’s time yet again for another festival — on a slightly different scale. My favorite band and my heroes, Cincy-bred indie rockers The National, are hosting a very  special two-day festival at the iconic Forest Hills Stadium! Titled “There’s No Leaving New York” — a fitting adage for a global band that came up in Brooklyn — the weekend is set to feature two headlining sets by The National (whoop!), plus performances by indie luminaries like Future Islands (whom I saw in Portland last year!), plus Cat Power, Phoebe Bridgers and Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit, for starters. Talk about an action-packed two days, right? In the midst of all of that, I’m aiming to hit up the nearby Finback Brewery, and take care of some writing and blogging in the meantime.  Hopefully, your weekend includes some tasty coffee, some excellent craft beer, some terrific music and perhaps, some shopping for men’s style essentials. Without any further chit-chat, onward through the Friday Read!

  • First things first, let’s start with a bang. A great shopping recommendation, as mentioned above. How’s that sound? Danner just dropped the exquisitive Danner Mountain Pass Boots as an exclusive to Huckberry, and man … are they something else. Get them now, and then wear them as much as you want, with everything from faded dark denim and a trucker jacket to slim chinos and an Oxford shirt.
  • Now, if the Danner Mountain Pass Boots aren’t your thing, I think I’ve found an alternate pair, and they come from Austin, Texas. HELM Boots is a brand I’ve long admired for the careful, considered and significantly stylish way in which they approach their craft — the HELM Boots Muller Boots are no different. Read all about ’em here on the blog, will ya?
  • OK, so you’ve got your new go-to boots, right? What are you wearing up top? I’m going to point you right toward my latest for GearMoose, covering the best men’s flannel shirts for the season. There are picks aplenty from brands you’ll surely recognize, including my pals at Taylor Stitch. Gear up and get ready — maybe pair one with your new favorite henley, yes?
  • Speaking of favorite henleys, I think it’s worth bringing this Style Pick of the Week post back to your attention — that means this tough, stylish henley should be a go-to essential any day of the week, right?

Alright, my friends. That’s wrapping up today’s Friday Read. Join us tomorrow, as always, for our Style Pick of the Week, and follow along on weekend on Twitter and Instagram. Cheers!

The Friday Read: Audiotree Music Festival, The First Day of Fall and the Best Men’s Leather Belts

So, this weekend marks a pivotal turning point in the calendar (and yes, in your search for men’s style essentials). Tomorrow is officially, truly the first day of fall! If you’re anything like the savvy shopper I think you are, perhaps you’ve been keeping up with our ongoing entries on layering for fall, or the best fall boots. That being said, there’s still time to prepare — it’s the best season for menswear, and I’ll say that day after day if I have to. How are you enjoying the season? For me, fall is about taking in the crisp weather in NYC and Michigan, and enjoying more seasonally inclined favorites (Octoberfest brews, anyone?). On that note, I had the chance to swing by a special NYC launch party last week (at Our Wicked Lady) for Canadian brewers Collective Arts Brewing — from hazy IPAs to a neat Guava Gose, these Hamilton-based brewers seamlessly blend excellent beers with custom artwork and cool ways to support musicians. It’s an innovative and entrepreneurial approach to craft beer that injects some life into the industry. Speaking of beer and live music …

This weekend in particular is one that blends both those fine categories! That specifically means I’m heading back to Michigan for my first trip to the Audiotree Music Festival (in the beer-centric city of Kalamazoo!) with my wonderful fiancée Laura! On our list to see on Saturday? Headliners Local Natives, a favorite band of both of ours! They make incredibly poignant and lovely music, and some amazing songs in particular (including the poetic “Everything All at Once.”) To say they’re an important part of our relationship would surely be an understatement, and it’s helpful that they’re a band of kind, talented, caring (and very stylish!) guys. What’s more, it’ll be very fun to see them for the first time since Govenors Ball 2017 — prior to that, I caught the band in a spring 2017 trip to Pittsburgh. Of course, bands like Brooklyn indie rockers Diet Cig should also prove pretty fun to see at Audiotree, what with their unique blend of energetic, punk-inspired rock. Aside from Audiotree, Laura and I are both looking forward to catching up with family and relaxing in Pure Michigan. What are you listening to this weekend? What are you wearing this weekend? Feel free to let know on Twitter, or follow along on Instagram

  • Let’s keep it easy to start: Looking for a stylish and surprisingly affordable crewneck sweatshirt? The folks at Gustin have you covered — read more at Well-Spent.
  • Speaking of stylish and essential gear, I covered the best men’s leather belts for my buddies at The Manual. There are some of my favorite brands of the moment featured, including WP Standard (see more of them on my Instagram) and of course, Abercrombie & Fitch (makers of your new favorite chinos).
  • And last but not least: Fall, for me, means stepping into a stylish pair of leather boots (kind of like the Rancourt & Co. Wolf Boots, for starters). That’s why it was such a pleasure to be able to speak to the inimitable Mr. Todd Snyder about his latest collaboration, the excellent Red Wing x Todd Snyder 877 Moc Toe Boots. They’re durable, they’re exceptionally well-made, and they look seriously great. Try them out for yourself, soon.

That’s going to do it for me today, my friends. I’ve got a music festival to attend and some brews to enjoy — cheers!


The Friday Read: Taylor Stitch Tees, Red Wing Boots & Everyday Carry Essentials

Does it feel strange to be barreling through September and looking toward (gulp) October? It seems to me like it was just yesterday we were talking about the best menswear to close out summer, doesn’t it? At any rate, we’re well and truly in full-on fall prep mode. I’ve got a couple exciting early fall men’s style features in the works for GearMoose and The Manual for which I’m really PUMPED about (yes, PUMPED). More on that soon. And in the meantime, I’m very much looking forward to taking an evening flight back to Pure Michigan to see my lovely fiancée Laura. We’ve got a relaxing weekend on tap, one no doubt fueled by iced coffee and perhaps a trip to the new Founders Brewing Detroit Taproom — what about you? If you need to shop for fall style essentials, this blog has you covered.  If you simply want to find your new favorite pair of denim, again, your trusty friends at The Style Guide are here to help. And if you’re just looking for something to read or peruse? Again, check out the latest Friday Read. Thanks for being along for the ride!

  • My buddies at The Manual always keep things sharp and in line when it comes to your everyday carry essentials — and their post on the best men’s wallets is no different. Keeping your cards handy no matter what will only help you this fall — trust me on that.
  • Last but not least, here’s a bit of music news for you — if you haven’t yet checked out the emotive, powerful indie rock being put out by Lindsey Jordan in Snail Mail, well, here’s my recommendation. Simply put, Snail Mail’s debut album, “Lush,” is just excellent. In fact, you can hear it coming to a venue near you soon — Snail  Mail just extended their tour recently. Get on board, plug in and rock out.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, brings us to the conclusion of another Friday Read. You can be sure we’re gearing up for a great weekend — and a great Style Pick of the Week tomorrow, no less. Still in need of something to read? This #OOTD shows you how to wear a chambray shirt.  Heading to a weekend rock concert? Dress like this. OK, folks — that’s all I’ve got. Cheers!


The Friday Read: New Whiskey Glasses, Outerknown and Interpol’s New Album

I’d say it’s high time we closed out this shortened work week and got onto the business of the weekend — don’t you agree? It’s been a shortened work week for me in Manhattan and Brooklyn, coming off a lovely long Labor Day weekend trip to visit my equally lovely Laura — what could  be better?? Not a whole lot. Speaking of: Did you pack any of these long weekend style essentials for a trip of your own? I  sure hope so. Now that I’m back in NYC, we’re gearing up for a seriously stylish season ahead. Which brings me to my next point: It’s been a busy time at the blog — we’ve got an exciting project of sorts on the way for Huckberry, and to that end, The Style Guide itself will be getting a little bit of a refresh in the coming weeks! That’s right — new season, new look. Same great content, though.

Our #OOTD series will be sticking around, you can expect plenty more entries in our See Now, Buy Now series, and of course, we’re going to get your closet nice and stocked up via The List every week. It’ll just look a bit different — in a cool way, hopefully. That rolls nicely into today’s edition of the Friday Read, a mix of men’s gear and music for your perusal as you while away the weekend. To keep up with me and get some style tips in the meantime, check me out on Instagram. Thanks for reading!

  • If you’re looking for that perfect early fall layer, I can’t stress enough the stylish versatilty and durability of the Outerknown Big Sur Zip Hoodie — it’s casual, it’s well-made and it’s sustainably crafted, too. Read more at GearMoose.
  • Speaking of GearMoose, I write from time to time about spirits and the like (especially craft beer!), and if you happen to enjoy a fine glass of whiskey, my latest is for you. Specifically, I’m talking about the Everest Whiskey Glasses, an affordable way to upgrade your favorite libation. Cheers!
  • Planning a fall weekend trip? You’re going to like the looks of this stylish weekender bag from Nisolo –we recently featured it here in our See Now, Buy Now series, and I gotta tell ya, it just might be the weekender bag to buy for your next getaway.
  • We’re switching gears here to music — truly, I’ve listened to almost nothing else as of late than the new record “Marauder” by NYC rock legends Interpol. If you follow me on Instagram, perhaps you caught some snippets from their amazing show at the House of Vans in Brooklyn — and if you want to dive more into the record and feel nostalgic about the early aughts, then this Uproxx feature on Interpol delivers the goods. What a band, am I right??

OK, my friends. That’s all I have today — enjoy your weekend! Oh, and if you want something else to read? Check out the best new watch to buy now. Or, stock up on stylish high-top sneakers for fall. OK, all done now.

The Friday Read: The Ball and Buck Active Anorak, Transitional Fall Style and Timex x Todd Snyder

Can you hear that? That’s the sound of summer rushing by, on into early fall. It’s hard to believe, to say the least! We’ve already started looking ahead to transitional style essentials to get you ready for fall, but I’m taking the time this weekend to reflect on an amazing summer in Brooklyn and elsewhere — highlighted by the lifetime moment of getting engaged to my amazing fiancée Laura! We spent time exploring Pure Michigan (from Grand Rapids to Ann Arbor), we had a blast of a weekend at Detroit’s Mo Pop Festival, we strolled through Brooklyn’s Prospect Park and we drank more iced coffee and Bloody Mary’s than I thought possible — that’s just the tip of the iceberg! I know we have many more adventures in store even in the months to come (including the sure-to-be-amazing Audiotree Music Festival in Kalamzoo next month!).  For now, I’m actually heading back to Michigan as we speak for a lovely and long Labor Day weekend, with some of my favorite men’s gear picks in tow (naturally). What are your plans for the weekend? Hopefully, they involve some relaxation, some rest, a craft beer or two, and lots of laughter & love with family and friends. If you choose to spend a bit of your time this weekend reading the pages of this site, I sure do appreciate it. Cheers! 

READ MORE: Get Ready for Labor Day Weekend with These Menswear Essentials

  • Cult favorite brand Stefan Grant just launched its largest collection yet — it’s called “Know Your Lines,” and every bit (design, production, even the photo shoot) was done in the lovely city of Los Angeles. We’re talking easy-to-layer staples like lightweight bomber jackets & modern trench coats, perfect to show off some edgy style this fall. The best part? The brand is offering 20 percent off for Labor Day weekend. New menswear and gear that’s on sale? Sounds good to me.
    • In the way of other Labor Day sales, you can also get 20 percent off all Sunski sunglasses (as seen on my Instagram) now through September 3rd! I love my pair, and you’d do well to hop on this train — polarized lenses and a lifetime warranty sound good to me!
    • State Bicycles also has you covered when it comes to functional, sharp cycling gear  — you can get 25 -80 percent off sitewide, and if you’re buying a bicycle, use the code “ROLLUP” to get a free rolltop backpack. Perfect.
  • I’ve long been a fan of the stylish casual watches that come out of the ongoing Timex x Todd Snyder partnership, so I certainly wasn’t surprised to see another excellent leather watch recently debuted by the two iconic American brands: The Timex x Todd Snyder Beekman Watch. I recently took a deep dive (not literally!) with this watch for GearMoose, and I’ve also been featuring it on my Instagram. In short: You owe it to yourself to pick up this timepiece.
  • It’s still pretty darn relevant to talk about how to transition into fall, if you ask me. That being said, I’d advise you to revisit (or visit for the first time!) this #OOTD on how to wear a chambray shirt this fall. Hint: It involves the Taylor Stitch Everyday Chambray Shirt.
  • Let’s close out today with another recommended gear purchase to get you ready for changing seasons. Granted, you won’t be able to get the Ball and Buck Active Anorak until spring 2019, but you’d do well to pre-fund this excellent jacket right now, because it’s packed with functionality and easygoing style. I had the chance to test it out around Brooklyn recently (see more on my Instagram) and can certainly vouch for it. Get to it!

OK, my friends. That’s it for today. Still looking for more men’s style reading? Read on to find out about some of the best men’s jeans to buy now. Then, check out the rugged long-sleeve henley to pick up for fall. Last but not least — check out the best men’s gear to upgrade your wardrobe before it’s too cold (and too late!). Thanks for reading! 

The Friday Read: The Best Men’s Blazers to Beat the Heat, The Rumpl Beer Blanket and Transitional Style

My dear friends and Style Guide readers, can you believe it’s Friday again already — and time for another Friday Read, at that? It’s pretty wild, but we’re nearly staring down Labor Day weekend. Are you ready for it? I already can’t wait to be headed back to Pure Michigan next Friday for a long weekend with my wonderful fiancée Laura. In fact, Laura and I had an amazing (and long!) New York visit last weekend, strolling through Prospect Park and visiting iconic spots like the Brooklyn Museum and Grand Central Station. We also had a great dinner on Monday night at the excellent Blue Ribbon Brooklyn, featuring plenty of fresh seafood and Brooklyn classics.

Needless to say, I already can’t wait for our next visit! But for now, we’ve got business to take care of when it comes to men’s style essentials and preparing for changing seasons. The hot weather seems to have stuck around unusually long this year, so while we wait for that first crisp fall breeze, you should be focused on transitional pieces that tackle the current season swiftly (things like a stylish denim jacket and durable leather lace-up boots). Just know that in due time, we’ll be stepping out in rugged style essentials for brewery visits, football games and more fall fun. So, that’s what I’m excited about at the moment — along with an upcoming Brooklyn summer weekend featuring lots of iced coffee and a few craft brews. What about you? Let me know on Twitter, or join us at The Style Guide Facebook page. Thanks for reading!

  • If I were you, I’d want to stay as cool as possible these last few weeks of summer — Esquire is recommending a lightweight blazer to help you beat the heat in style. Shop accordingly (and be sure to check out my guide on how to wear a blazer with a T-shirt! Bingo).
  • Speaking of stylish, lightweight blazers, what say we revisit this #OOTD that covers how to beat the heat in style? It’s worth keeping in mind even as the calendar approaches September — how crazy is that?
  • And in that same vein — staying cool and beating the heat — perhaps it would behoove you to check out the Rumpl Beer Blanket, a handy craft beer accessory that I covered for GearMoose recently. Take a bunch of ’em out on your next weekend caming trip (Side note: Check out my picks for the best men’s camping gear) or football tailgate this fall. You won’t regret it!
  • Lastly — in the way of classic men’s style essentials that transition from season to season with ease, surely this list of the best men’s Oxford shirts will come in mighty handy (I pulled it together for The Manual, after all!). And if you can’t get enough stylish Oxford shirts, and want another option, you might as well read this site’s post on the best Oxford shirt to buy now, as well.

That’s going to wrap up today’s Friday Read. Still in the mood for more men’s style content? Read all about the best leather watch to buy right now.  Or, stock up on more menswear essentials to close out summer. We’ve got you covered! 

The Friday Read: The Best Smarwatches, A New Denim Shirt and The State of the Music Industry

Step on up and dive right in to this week’s Friday Read, packed with men’s style essentials aplenty to start your weekend off right. I’m looking forward to another early “Summer Friday,” (a perk of working in the NYC PR world!), and then, the highlight of my week: Hosting my incredible fiancée Laura as she visits Brooklyn again this weekend! We’re planning on visiting the iconic Grand Central Station, enjoying some local coffee and neighborhood strolls, and checking out the lauded Brooklyn Museum! It’ll be a relaxing and enjoyable summer weekend, to say the least.  I truly can’t wait. The close of this week also means that we’re one week closer to Labor Day and the end of summer — how are you prepping for early fall? Might I suggest shopping some of my favorite menswear picks to make the transition? I hope that the below menswear reads are helpful to you as you shop, pack and plan. Without any further ado, here we go! Happy reading, happy shopping & wishing you a happy weekend.

  • Some guys are watch guys, and some guys just … aren’t. At least, not in the traditional sense. If you find yourself in the market for a new, tech-forward timepiece, just about the best thing you could do would be to check out my feature on the best smartwatches for 2018 over on GearMoose.
  • I’ll be sharing more thoughts on the best weekender bags in the season ahead, but for now, I’d say you’d do well to check out my latest piece for The Manual covering essential, stylish gear to pack up for your next trip out of town.
  • Let’s talk dependable, everyday style — with just a bit of edge thrown in, that is. The Flint and Tinder Bone Button Western Shirt keeps popping up on the site for good reason. It’s made with quality cotton in a rich indigo color, and it features a reliable fit for layering over everything from a grey slub tee to a long-sleeve thermal shirt (come early fall, that is). That’s why I’d recommend you catch up with our See Now, Buy Now series, and make the Bone Button Shirt work for you.

  • OK, switching tracks a bit here — I’m a huge fan of all things live music, from festivals to small Brooklyn club shows, so I found the big news out of the music industry this week both intriguing and alarming. That is to say, Paste Magazine and other outlets have reported that musicians received only 12 percent of the music industry’s $43 billion in revenue last year. YIKES. Give the article a read, and then buy a T-shirt the next time you see your favorite local indie artist, yes?

Can’t get enough menswear before the weekend? Shop these menswear must-haves before you go. Thanks for reading!


The Friday Read: The Best Men’s Chukka Boots, MZ Skincare and the Best Men’s Chinos

It’s Friday — let’s talk shop! If I were you, I’d be looking forward to knocking back a cold one this weekend — it’s still a full-on heat wave out there, after all! Oh, and if you’re looking for a new brew to try — or at least, new beer-related gear to wear — you’d do very well to check out our latest edition of The List. It spotlights everything from the much-coveted Huckberry x Mikeller Collection (featuring plenty of craft beer-themed garb!) to the excellent Bone Button Western Shirt from Flint and Tinder. Wearing your new favorite shirt while sipping on a new favorite beer? That’s as good as it gets. What’s on your agenda this weekend? I’m back in Brooklyn following two wonderful, lovely weekends on the road back in Pure Michigan while my amazing fiancée Laura (as you can perhaps tell by my Instagram account!). We took the chance to explore Ann Arbor last weekend, stopping at the terrific Shinola store downtown and enjoying some delicious pizza at the terrific Jolly Pumpkin Cafe and Brewery — I had the Bam Biere, a refreshing Sour Farmhouse Ale made with that signature Jolly Pumpkin touch. Both of those spots are surely worth a visit if you find yourself in the area! Which reminds me … if you’ve got a brewpub visit of your own coming this weekend, you’ll want to outfit yourself accordingly. Check out this rugged, casual #OOTD to start, then read on for a few shopping suggestions — enjoy yourself out there!

  • With their timeless silhouette and excellent durability, chukka boots are a style that’s easy to wear with practically, well, anything. I like to wear my classic suede chukka boots with rugged pieces like a slub tee and black denim, or else with an easygoing navy blazer and a light blue Oxford. How about you? Oh, and as to which ones you should be buying — read my picks for the best men’s chukka boots via The Manual!
  • I’m always on the lookout for subtle grooming upgrades that can make a big difference in terms of your daily look. I’ve lately added another product to my nightly routine, one I think you’d do well to pick up for yourself: The Hydra-Bright Golden Eye Treatment Mask from MZ Skin. They feature Nano Gold particles and are designed to minimize puffiness and fine lines — and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Simply put them under your eyes for 15 minutes. I can’t recommend ’em enough.

In the way of other menswear writing pursuits, I also rounded up some of the best men’s chinos to buy now for GearMoose — I’d reckon you’ll recognize one, or two, or a heck of a lot more brands on that list.

We’re going to close up shop on today’s Friday Read — thanks for stopping by, and be sure to come back for tomorrow’s Style Pick of the Week!

Still on the hunt for men’s style essentials? Check out our series The List, covering some of the best men’s gear to buy now — from shirting to home goods to stylish boots & sneakers.