The Friday Read: A Brooklyn Birthday Weekend & The Taylor Stitch Cold-Weather Clearout Sale

Best winter menswear from Taylor Stitch

My friends, as you can tell from the above headline, it’s a pretty momentous weekend in my neck of the woods here in Brooklyn. Now, it’d be exciting enough for the chance to shop the Taylor Stitch Winter Clearout Sale, of course (offering 25 percent off already-discounted Taylor Stitch winter menswear in the Last Call section), of course. Before we go any further, I’d certainly suggest you shop one of the best winter menswear sales of the moment (not that you need me to drive home that point too much!).

But beyond that, it’s a big weekend for me personally — I’m celebrating my 31st birthday, and I’ll be doing it in Brooklyn, to boot! You can, naturally, keep up with all the fun on my Instagram: I plan on making a few stops at my favorite Brooklyn locales, from the quiet confines of Prospect Park to the amber-hued environs of famed whiskey bar Sycamore.

Beyond time spent reflecting on my life and work in New York City, I plan to (of course) listen to my favorite band The National, spin some vinyl on my record player and catch up with family and friends — not bad for a few days of Brooklyn-centric fun!

Above all though, I’m very grateful to get the chance to do what I do — write about menswear, music, whiskey and more in New York — and I’m ever so grateful for your support of this small menswear blog. For now, I’ll sign off — check back for tomorrow’s Style Pick of the Week, and once again: Thanks for reading and stay stylish!

The Friday Read: A Journey Across the Pond to… Morocco

In the course of my freelance writing pursuits (as you well know if you follow me on Instagram!), I’m presented with the opportunity to do some pretty remarkable things, be it writing about luxury watches, sampling opulent bourbon or traveling to London to try the world’s best Scotch. Of course, this blog and my other writing pursuits keep me plenty busy and present opportunities all their own, but none quite like the journey I’ve undertaken this week.

Over these past few days, I’ve had the lifetime chance to hop on a plane and hop across the pond — not to Europe, but to the famed city of Tangier, Morocco, where I’ve hunkered down for the week at the new Fairmont Tazi Palace Tangier. A review will follow on, but again, my Instagram has an inside look at the stunning accommodations!

Talk about an opportunity for a “work trip” not to be passed up, particularly as a chance to start the new year and escape the cold grey of New York City. Myself and my fellow journalists have explored the city on foot, sipped on cocktails throughout the resort, and generally enjoyed (an understatement!) this iconic destination. I won’t spoil it all, but it’s been stunning.

While I don’t write travel reviews on the daily, I’m becoming more acquainted with jetting from one destination to the next, honing my writing skills and eye for detail along the way (a never-ending quest!). And to get the chance to do that in such a historic city, and in such a luxurious locale, is nothing short of remarkable, frankly. Again, you can look for a full review in the days ahead at, but for now, I think I’ll take in the sights and sounds of the city one last time before heading home. As always: Thanks for reading and for your support!

The Friday Read: The Todd Snyder Winter Sale, New Blundstone Boots & Filson’s Latest Discounts

Welcome back to another winter style edition of the Friday Read — New York City has had a relatively mild winter so far, but if you’re in need of the best new winter menswear to bundle up against the frigid cold, I’ve got just what the doctor ordered. You might recall recently that we talked about one of the best cashmere sweaters for winter from Todd Snyder, but I’ll do you one better.

Fully fashioned crewneck sweater to keep you warm against the harshest winter climates.

The famed designer is still running the endlessly shoppable Todd Snyder Winter Sale, with new markdowns aplenty across a wide range of luxe-yet-accessible, easy-to-wear categories. That includes sweaters and outerwear, to be sure, but also some breezy warm-weather style favorites at nice discounts. Do yourself a major favor and shop one of the best winter menswear sales, yes?

Best candles for men.

It’s a sale I’ve got my eye on this weekend, as I hunker down in Brooklyn and work on numerous freelance writing pursuits, from stories at Men’s Journal to another weekly feature for menswear and gear Web site Of course, there will be strong coffee and some of my favorite tunes to help me along, and I’ll be burning my favorite Huron candle (as seen above!) for good measure.

To keep up with my weekend pursuits — and with a very exciting trip coming up next week — be sure to give me a follow on my Instagram. Cheers and let’s get into the rest of the Friday Read!

Huckberry x Blundstone boots.
  • It’s been talked about on the blog over these past few weeks, but I’d urge you to strike while the iron’s hot: The Filson Winter Sale just served up some new Filson discounts, and those deals are available until January 17th. If I were you, I’d move quickly to shop and save on rugged winter gear from the lauded Pacific Northwest heritage outfitter.
  • I’ll leave you with one more recommendation this weekend. If it’s durable winter style you seek, then it’s the on-trend yet classic Flint and Tinder Rancher Jacket you need in your wardrobe. It nails that perfect balance of Yellowstone-esque, dependable style and should stand up to fierce winter weather. For good measure, I wrote about it on the blog this week!

That’s going to close the curtain on today’s Friday Read. I hope you certainly find something worth reading about and shopping this weekend, be it the Filson Winter Sale or the outstanding Todd Snyder Winter Sale — both are assuredly worth your time and hard-earned cash. Cheers, my friends!

The Friday Read: New Year’s Menswear Upgrades & The Taylor Stitch x Golden Bear Bomber Jacket

Best classic bomber jacket for men.

My friends, thanks for joining me in this, the first Friday Read of your trusty Brooklyn style blog! It’s been a productive yet more laidback week around these parts as I ramp up my writing properly in 2023 across multiple fronts, from the best new whiskey to yesterday’s feature on Filson’s rugged flannel shirt and an as-yet-unpublished music feature for (to get the full scoop on all of my freelance writing pursuits, click that link).

In the meantime, let’s talk ever-so-briefly about style upgrades for 2023, in a similar mindset to last week’s Friday Read. What are you looking to add to your wardrobe, or refine, or improve upon? I’ve already talked about a cozy new shirt jacket this week on the blog — perhaps ideal for casual WFH style or weekend travel, not to mention one of the best menswear deals from Billy Reid.

My advice? If you need some weekend reading and shopping inspo, check out those features to send you on your way to start this year. I’d of course be remiss to not talk about one of the best new style releases of 2023 to start this week, too: Head over to Taylor Stitch and the Taylor Stitch Workshop to pre-fund the exceedingly cool, expertly crafted Taylor Stitch x Golden Bear Snap Bomber. It’s a style splurge, to be sure, but one that you’ll no doubt have for years — if you’ve tried out the brand’s past collaborations with legendary SF outfitter Golden Bear, you know that much is true.

As for me, well, that’s going to wrap up today’s post: I’m going to enjoy some downtime this weekend, some cold beer & some Michigan State basketball. For good measure, I’m going to take another brief look back at 2022 as I plan for 2023. I hope you do the same! Cheers and thanks, as always, for reading The Style Guide.

The Friday Read: Cheers to 2023 & A Thank You From Brooklyn

Pappy Van Winkle whiskey.

My friends, it seems like just days ago I was clocked in and talking to you about starting 2022 in style — and yet, now we sit on the verge of 2023. How about that, ehh? It was a momentous year for The Style Guide, if I do say so myself, with a daily publishing schedule and plenty of opportunity to spotlight favorite brands and retailers, be it Todd Snyder or Billy Reid or Buck Mason — the list goes on, of course.

Through it all, throughout another full calendar year of freelance writing pursuits & world travels via my Instagram, consider this a heartfelt, deep and true THANK YOU for your support of The Style Guide!

I launched this blog way back in 2013 in my college bedroom with a desire to better understand the basics of versatile, everyday menswear from denim to boots to Oxford shirts — and along the way, I hoped to perhaps impact a few fellow readers who felt the same about great style. My blog helped me dive into the world of fashion, land fashion PR internships and fashion PR agency jobs, and eventually, build a freelance career doing what I truly love. If that sounds a bit too simple, well, trust me when I say I can’t quite believe it either… most days, at least.

And on that note: Thank you for reading and for engaging with my work! If this blog has helped you improve your wardrobe in any way, large or small, that’s more than I could ever ask for… and I mean that sincerely!

Of course, there’s still one more 2022 headed your way tomorrow (my weekend Style Pick, naturally). In the meantime, perhaps you’ve got your mind set on stepping into a new year in style with on-sale menswear from Taylor Stitch or else the Huckberry See You Out There Sale — I can vouch for both, trust me on that. Either of those sales are more than worth your time, and perhaps even worth a toast of coveted Pappy Van Winkle whiskey to ring in 2023.

In fact, I wish I myself could raise a glass of the good stuff to the devoted readers of this small Brooklyn blog — I don’t have any Pappy in my home bar cart, but consider this a toast all the same. From me to you: Happy New Year, cheers to good health, great times and great style, and we’ll see you… next year!

The Friday Read: Taylor Stitch Discounts, The Best Winter Whiskies & The Best Men’s Turtlenecks

Best Taylor Stitch menswear

Welcome, my friends, to a very special holiday weekend edition of The Friday Read, where I do my best to get you geared up for the days ahead in style. And although I’d hope you’ve got your Christmas shopping already wrapped up, allow me to point you in the direction of some additional shopping on your list: The Taylor Stitch End of Year Sale is here, with the chance to take up to 30 percent off some of the best winter menswear at your favorite retailer.

The San Francisco brand is, of course, a longtime top brand of mine here on the blog, with a knack for producing rugged gear by way of the Taylor Stitch Moto Collection and even better everyday essentials for any guy’s wardrobe. That’s what makes the excellent Taylor Stitch End of Year Sale such a treat, but shop carefully: It only runs through January 1st, but there’s a bonus beyond that.

Yes indeed, when you shop the Taylor Stitch End of Year Sale, you also get $20 in site credit on orders of more than $100. How’s that for a two-for-one deal? Hop on over to the Taylor Stitch End of Year Sale while you still can, and peruse the rest of today’s key style tips below. And as you’ve seen on my Instagram: Merry Christmas from Florida!

  • My friends, Mr. McQueen is in the building. That’s because, in my humble opinion, the turtleneck is back in a big way — and just in time for stylish winter dressing, no doubt. And here’s where your humble Brooklyn style writer comes into play: I wrote about the best men’s turtlenecks for winter over at Men’s Journal. Time to really start dressin’ this season, folks.
  • If you follow me on Instagram or keep up with my other freelance writing pursuits, then you’ll know I also write about some of the best whiskey on the market. With that in mind, here’s a fun one – I wrote about the best winter whiskey over at Maxim, with a special focus on whiskey I’ve tried as of late (excluding Pappy Van Winkle, sadly). Cheers to the season, folks!
  • In case you missed it here on the blog earlier this week, allow me to jog your memory with my guide to some of the best new Chelsea boots on the market. In fact, head over here to read about the HELM Finn Chelsea Boots, a super-comfortable, rugged-yet-refined pair of men’s leather boots that I’ve been wearing back in Brooklyn as of late. They’re exceptionally stylish and dependable out of the box, with no break-in period, and I can’t recommend ’em enough. Go to it, my friends.

It’s a particularly special winter Friday heading into what should be a lovely weekend (in Florida and elsewhere!), so here’s hoping you get the chance to kick back, enjoy a cold craft beer or some of the best winter whiskey, and spend time with loved ones. If these style tips help you along the way, that’s all the better. Fret not, though: You’ll still be getting two blog posts this weekend from yours truly, so bookmark ’em until Monday.

On that note: Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and as ever, THANK YOU for reading The Style Guide!

The Friday Read: The Taylor Stitch Winter Sale, The Best Winter Scarves for Men & Holiday Tattoo Kits

Best menswear from Taylor Stitch

Folks, thanks for joining me on this fine holiday Friday — I hope your week went swimmingly, and I can promise it’s about to get even better. Yes, because it’s Friday, to be sure. But beyond that, Taylor Stitch is still (as of press time) running the Taylor Stitch Winter Sale, with some of the best menswear deals around on rugged, classic gear aplenty. I talked about the sale earlier this week on the blog, but consider this a prime winter weekend refresher.

Whether you’re in the market for a timeless trucker jacket or a cozy winter sweater — or something else well-suited for. say, a holiday party, this sale has just about everything you need, and at 20 percent off, no less. Pretty solid for a weekend kickstart, yes?

There’s plenty more where that came from in terms of holiday cheer and holiday style. In my neck of the woods, I’ve got quite the early start when it comes to festivities — this weekend, I’ll be in Las Vegas with none other than OOFOS active recovery footwear. They’re the official active recovery footwear brand of the Las Vegas Raiders, so a select group of media are putting their shoes to the test.

Of course, we’re also taking in the sights and sounds of Vegas, along with some outdoor fun (whitewater rafting on Lake Mead, anyone?). From there, I’m headed off to sunny Florida to start the Christmas week properly with family. As ever, keep up with the fun on my Instagram, and for now, dive into the rest of my winter weekend style picks. Cheers, my friends!

Best tattoo kits for men
  • Over the past two years or so, I’ve gotten some fresh ink for the first time ever (five tattoos in total!). It’s been a fun journey and a reflective process deciding how I’d like to adorn my skin (of course, with tattoos featuring The Replacements and The Strokes!), and along the way, I’ve learned about caring for said ink, too. A key step in that process? Meeting the good folks at Mad Rabbit Tattoo, who’ve developed a stylish, highly effective brand that targets tattoo care, healing and enhancement. These are some of the best tattoo products I’ve seen (both in presentation and quality!), and you should certainly check out Mad Rabbit’s Holiday Tattoo Sets when you get the chance.

My friends, thanks for being here and for supporting The Style Guide this holiday season and beyond! I hope my guide to the best winter scarves, or perhaps my guide to the new HELM Finn Boots, prove helpful this weekend. Stay tuned for more holiday shopping picks tomorrow, Sunday, Monday and beyond. ‘Tis the season!

The Friday Read: A Holiday Winter Weekend & New Boots from HELM

My friends, thanks for joining me on another fine holiday Friday in December. I got out of the city and into the rugged countryside of Wyoming last weekend with Wyoming Whiskey, but this week, I’ve been back in the New York groove, enjoying the holiday season thanks to a jam-packed schedule. To celebrate Repeal Day, I trekked to the historic Clover Club in Brooklyn to raise a dram of Dewar’s, and last night, I sipped on Jefferson’s Aged at Sea Bourbon at a special holiday media event. ‘Tis the season, after all!

I’ve done it all with the help of HELM Boots, one of my favorite boot brands of the moment (and the past several years, no less!). If you look closely above here, you’ll spot some stylish HELM boots, in fact. These boots are dependable, durable and made on custom last designs from the Austin bootmaker, and the brand’s Southeast Austin shop is very much worth a visit if you’re in the city, too.

It’s an exciting time for the brand as well, as they just debuted the HELM Finn Boots, a sleek, rugged-yet-refined pair of stylish Chelsea boots perfect for plenty of stylish holiday dressing. While this isn’t in fact a sponsored post, think of it like an intro to what could become your new favorite pair of Chelsea boots.

For now, I’ll leave you to explore the full rotation of stylish men’s boots at HELM, since time is of the essence given a packed holiday schedule. Be sure to check back for tomorrow’s Style Pick of the Week, and in the meantime, stay safe, healthy and stylish!

The Friday Read: Off to The Great West With Wyoming Whiskey

Wyoming Whiskey 10th Anniversary

Folks, thanks for joining me on another fine Friday as we roll into the first weekend of the holiday season and the first weekend of December. I’m rolling into ot with a dram of whiskey in hand, of course, but it’s not just any selection from my bar cart. This weekend, I’m visiting the stunning beauty of Wyoming with the one and only Wyoming Whiskey — what a locale and what a trip so far!

I’m here as part of the many freelance writing pursuits I undertake these days, specifically writing about spirits for Maxim, just one of a few trips I’ve undertaken as of late — if you follow me on Instagram, you know I just wrapped up a Caribbean and Florida Thanksgiving vacation, but this jaunt is particularly special.

It’s a special trip out to Jackson Hole and Wyoming ranch country to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Wyoming Whiskey, a distillery with rugged roots and a focus on all-American craftsmanship (not unlike so many of your favorite brands I talk about here at The Style Guide, naturally). While I can’t bring you all with me out to Wyoming, you can indeed order Wyoming Whiskey for yourself at Drizly to get it delivered to your door in the meantime. How about that, my friends?

Best American whiskey to drink now

Stay tuned for more at Maxim on my trip — and stay tuned for regular blog content this weekend, including tomorrow’s Style Pick of the Week — but just know that the significance of these trips isn’t lost on me. I’m always ever so grateful to travel the world, to write about new and exciting menswear, whiskey and luxury brands, and to meet seriously cool, talented people all along the way. To me, that’s worth toasting today (and every day). Thank you for being here and for reading! And cheers to Wyoming Whiskey, of course. Have a great weekend, my friends!

The Friday Read: Matthew McConaughey, The Best New Cologne & Your New Favorite Hat

Matthew McConaughey's Longbranch Bourbon

My friends and Style Guide readers, thanks for joining me for a special edition of The Friday Read. Well, my weekly recap is special every time in its own way, but this is a big one in particular. Earlier this week, as part of my many freelance writing pursuits, I had the chance to share a pretty major story.

Over at Maxim, I caught up with the one and only Mr. Matthew McConaughey as part of a trip to Texas Hill Country last month! Yes, it’s true. We spoke about his work as creative director with Longbranch Bourbon (which you can order for home delivery from Drizly for a downright steal), and we also talked about the seriously cool new Longbranch Ranch experience at the rugged-meets-refined Walden Retreats. I found the brief conversation delightful and a total blast — and again, you can read the results of that interview over at Maxim.

HELM Boots- $50 Off Your First Purchase

I’m ever so grateful for the experience, and truly so grateful for the chance to travel to seriously cool locales while meeting icons and new friends along the way (you can view some snippets of my Texas trip on my Instagram). It’s all in a day’s work, as they say, and the freelance writing world can be a bit of a grind from time to time, but the pay-off and the rewards are immeasurable,

On the best of days (and most of the time, in fact!), I’m very proud of what I get to do — and I’m surely grateful for readers and companies who show an interest in my work! Gratitude is the name of the game this season, what with the holiday next week, but for now, let’s get back to chatting all things men’s and men’s style grooming (and perhaps Longbranch Bourbon) to start your fall weekend properly.

Best winter cologne for men.
Best men's wool hats.
  • Step right up and score one of the coolest new accessories this holiday and winter season — that’d be one of the best hats for men from a new personal favorite brand, Storied Hats. The upstart company makes its stylish hats for men using sustainable materials like recycled wool and upcycled, plant-based leather (in its carefully designed adjustable back straps). Better still is the fact that they also make some of the best wool hats for men in styles more commonly found in traditional tailoring. And of course, they’ve got a line of stylish activewear hats, too. All of this is to say, you’d do well to read my recent guide to the best hats for men from Storied Hats. Cheers and happy shopping!
  • Let’s close out today’s weekend reading and shopping guide with a quick look at a very fun splurge for all you photography enthusiasts. Over at Maxim, I wrote about an insanely cool, special-edition Leica camera made in collaboration with the watch experts at Hodinkee — think of it like the perfect blend of precision, heirloom looks and modern-meets-classic style. Get that wallet (or wish list) ready, folks.

And with that, my friends, I’m going to leave you to venture into the rest of your weekend in style. If I were you, I’d strongly consider ordering up Longbranch Bourbon (remember, you can order for home delivery from Drizly!), and I’d also consider investing in a stylish men’s hat or two from Storied Hats as we move into the winter season. Let’s go to it, folks – thanks for reading, thanks for your support!