The Friday Read: Zodiac Watches, What to Wear on a Boat This Summer and the Best Beers to Drink Now

My dear friends, we’ve reached the conclusion of another exciting week here at The Style Guide! I’m particularly thrilled today to be welcoming my amazing, lovely girlfriend Laura to NYC for a weekend of city exploration and tons of fun! (On that note, be sure to check out her recent guest post on this site). We’re both really looking forward to some shopping, some tasty beer and cider, a few delicious meals, and, in honor of an early birthday weekend for Laura (!!), a Saturday night concert by rapper Logic at Madison Square Garden! Rap is a bit out of my wheelhouse — if you read the blog regularly, you’re aware of that! — but I couldn’t be more thrilled to check out what should be a wild, super fun show at an absolutely iconic venue. We’re also planning on checking out shops like Concrete & Water, helped along by what should be a healthy dose of iced coffee — naturally! I really, truly can’t wait. So, with the start of the weekend ahead, I’ll leave you to check out this week’s fun reads, as selected by yours truly. Cheers!

  • Hitting the water this weekend? Dress in style with my essential picks for what to wear on a boat this season. You absolutely can’t go wrong with my selections — at least, I think so. Shop now, hurry!
  • Laura is a great writer with an eye for style (check out her Instagram!) and an ear for excellent music — if you read her guest post on the blog a few weeks ago, you surely know that. With new tunes for the weekend in mind, I’d urge you to check out her recent Playlist Friday post, covering some of the best new music out there! Plug in and let’s look forward to the weekend, ehh?

  • As we always talk about here on The Style Guide, investing in the right kind of pieces can go a long way. Take the Zodiac Super Sea Wolf, last week’s Style Pick of the Week on the blog. It’s unstoppable, it’s durably crafted and it’s tough as heck. Oh, and it’ll set you back a cool grand-plus. But hey, we can dream, right?
  • I’m always a fan of a tasty, flavorful and well-crafted beer. Particularly in the summer months, when the right beer can help you decompress and remind you of home. In the spirit of great drinking, I wrote about the best summer beers for GearMoose. I hope y’all enjoy! Cheers!

That’ll do it for me today in this edition of the Friday Read. Check out this essential casual shirt from Bridge & Burn for all your weekend adventures if you still need something to read. And with that, I bid you farewell! Until tomorrow’s Style Pick of the Week, that is. Thanks for reading!


The Friday Read: Stitch Fix, North & Mark and the Best Men’s Pocket Tees

We’ve had quite a lot going on around The Style Guide as of late, from a recent trip to Detroit (Editor’s note: Check out my amazing girlfriend Laura’s guide to things to do in Detroit!) to quite a few neat #menswear events here in NYC — one of which you’ll learn about below! Along the way, I’ve carved out some to listen to some new tunes — the new CHVRCHES album “Love is Dead” has been on heavy rotation — and I’ve tried some tasty new beer to kick off summer. On that note, Corona Premier is a pleasingly light, easy-to-drink beer that still harnesses some nice flavor (thanks to the brand for sending over some test brews!). While I love a hefty New England or West Coast IPA — of which you can find a good deal of in Brooklyn — I’ve still got a soft spot for a Corona and a day spent catching some sun.

But, back to business. Let’s talk about the watch you need for summer adventures. Or conversely, the classic white tee to wear with everything this season. Or perhaps, a stylish short-sleeve shirt is more your speed this weekend. Whatever tickles your fancy, hopefully, we can help you find it. On that note, we’re looking into a few handy, helpful seasonal style matters today, a new outerwear brand and classic pocket tees among them. So for now, I’ll say farewell. Happy reading, happy shopping … oh, and cheers!

  • Have you heard of or used Stitch Fix? I was able to give this personal styling service a try last fall via my Instagram and blog, but at any rate, took a closer look at the inner workings of this fast-moving platform recently. You decide whether the service is for you, I’d say.
  • I had the chance last week to check out the launch of North & Mark, a highly functional, highly stylish outerwear brand that makes its gear in NYC and draws inspiration from the Windy City.  From four-way stretch blazers — tailored but easy to wear over a classic white tee to the office — to clean and classic overcoats and a heck of a stylish belted trench coat, this is one brand that’s certainly going to help you up your outerwear game when the weather calls for it.
  • has been tracking the best songs of 2018 (so far), and I’m having a tough time picking my favorite from this list. For this self-proclaimed Indie Rock Dad (Editor’s note: Actually not a father!), it just might be “What a Time to be Alive” by revered North Carolina rockers Superchunk. What’s your pick from that list?
  • Perhaps most helpfully for y’all, I wrote up some of the best men’s pocket tees for My favorite from this list? The Taylor Stitch Heavy Bag Tee, naturally.

That’s going to do it for today’s Friday Read. Still need something to read or something to shop? Start with my list of the best summer style essentials. Then, read why you need this timeless navy polo in your closet for summer. All set? All set.



The Friday Read: Playlist Friday with Guest Blogger Laura Henschke!

Folks, we’re shaking up the Friday Read today with a special post from a very special someone. Take it away!

Well, hello, Style Guide readers! I’m Laura — I’m Beau’s “main squeeze” and also run my own blog with some style and beauty segments as well as general life musings. I do my own blog segment every Friday called Playlist Friday where I curate a playlist with music I’m into.

When your handsome and humble editor (Editor’s note: Aww, shucks!) approached me to do a guest post with a playlist for his blog, I was all about it! The theme of today’s playlist? Vibes, dude, summer vibes! (If ever you were on Vine, you’d get that reference. But if not, click the link). Anyway! Here’s a collection of songs that give me summer feels. Please be advised that some of these songs include swear words and other “inappropriate” content. Enjoy!

The Only Heirs – Local Natives
Beau and I are both huge fans of this band. When we first met, we would talk about their music all the time. I’d like to say he used them as an excuse to talk to me! (He’d admit to it!) But this song just gives me an airy, summer-y, warm feeling. I’m so ready for their new material coming this year!

Guru – Coast Modern

OK, this band is called Coast Modern – they exude summer! Everything they do is really fun, funky, and makes you want to drink Pina Coladas all day.

Ice Melts – Drake, Young Thug
Oh, Drizzy. I love me some Drizzy! Honestly, he can’t go wrong in my book. I could probably make this playlist all Drake (hmm, idea for a future Playlist Friday?) But who doesn’t love a good, fun hip-hop song for a summer day out? I know I do!

Bloodshake – Peace
This song was released way back in 2013. I was obsessed with it then, and I still am! Guitars like this give me a fun, summery feel that I can’t help but shake it to. You’ll know what I mean when you listen!

Seasons (Waiting on You) – Future Islands
Future Islands were a band that Beau introduced to me. We recently saw them live at The National Homecoming Festival in Cincinnati and it was the craziest and most fun performance I’ve ever seen. This is, hands down, their most popular song but I can only attribute that to the fun nature and beautiful message behind it.

Sangria Wine – Pharrell, Camila Cabello
This is a new release from Pharrell. Everything he does is so unique and fun! I mean, even the title has summer written all over it. This song makes me want to be on a beach drinking sangria. I won’t lie, it’s a pretty sexy song! I dig it.

Obvs – Jamie xx
Jamie xx is always a fun add to any playlist. This song is all instrumental and pretty chill, so it’ll be nice for relaxing in the summer heat with a drink in hand.

Surprise Hotel – Fool’s Gold
This one’s a long one, running almost 7 minutes. But it’s a fun song and I can imagine myself jamming it at a summer BBQ.

Narcos – Migos
I can’t tell whether I’m putting this on here to be funny, or because I really enjoy it. I’ve been having that inner debate about Migos for a long time now, but I’m starting to think I actually like it. This is just a fun song with a great beat. No one can lie and say Migos doesn’t get stuck in your head — no matter what song it is!

Kids Turned Out Fine – A$AP Rocky
Wow. This new A$AP Rocky album is incredible! ICYMI — Rocky released his album, “Testing,” last week and it’s SO good. This is one of the tracks that stood out to me. It’s slow, it’s cool, and the whole album in general is going to be part of my summer rotation.

With that, we’ll bring this edition of the Friday Read to a close! Like what you’ve heard? Head to Twitter (follow Laura OR Beau, or both!).

Cheers to Friday and happy listening!

The Friday Read: Taylor Stitch Denim, Memorial Day Weekend and Pure Michigan

Folks, who else is amped for the official (or is it technically unofficial?) start of summer? And by a show of hands, who here is taking some styling inspiration from this week’s post on what to wear for Memorial Day weekend? I hope you found those tips and tricks handy — and I hope you checked out this week’s edition of The List, featuring a whole bunch of summer style essentials to shop for Memorial Day weekend. If all of that shopping hasn’t kept you busy enough, know that we’ve got a few choice #menswear reads below to help you kick off your weekend. I personally can’t wait for some much-needed time off. I capped off a PR event at my day job on Tuesday night, and I’m positively PUMPED to head back to my home state to see my  wonderful girlfriend, Laura! If you haven’t yet checked out Laura’s blog, I’d suggest you give it a read — her Playlist Friday posts are a particular favorite of mine! She also does a standout job covering women’s fashion on a budget — we all know I approve of style on a budget! As it were, I was in the Mitten last weekend for a trip with Laura’s family to Mackinaw City, and this coming weekend promises plenty of fun. On the agenda: A helping of Michigan craft beer, some easygoing backyard grilling and some exploration of Detroit — always a highlight! To keep up with all the fun, check out my Instagram, if you feel so inclined. For now, let’s get your weekend going with the below fun links. Cheers!

  • We’ll kick things off with a post that’s really of the essence here — Taylor Stitch is offering up a rare pair of slim light wash denim for your shopping pleasure. Namely, the brand’s Slim Jeans in 24-Month Wash come from Cone Mills — the legendary denim mill shut down last year, and the material the brand used in these jeans is one-of-a-kind. I’d get on it ASAP!
  • In the spirit of summer style, I rounded up the best summer T-shirts for men over at The Manual. Seriously, don’t doubt the style potential of a classic T-shirt — these picks are fit for layering under a rugged denim jacket or a slim blazer, or wearing all on their own. Trust me.
  • I mentioned this earlier, but if you glazed over that part of the post (shame on you!), then you’d do well to shop the latest edition of The List, covering essential summer gear galore — you’ve got no excuse now.

We’re going to close up shop just a bit early today, all in the spirit of enjoying some time off this weekend. Check back for tomorrow’s Style Pick of the Week, and we’ll catch ya later!

The Friday Read: A Rugged Men’s Henley, Favorites from Shinola and A Michigan Weekend


Snapped by my amazing girlfriend Laura — a heck of a talented photographer — exploring Detroit recently. I layered up with my Grayers Edgeware Cotton Moto Jacket!

We made it to Friday, and another Friday Read— cheers! For me as of late, the week’s end has been especially fun and meaningful — Friday has often meant a trip back to the Midwest (to The National Homecoming festival, for instance), or back to my home state of Michigan (like Detroit, shown above!) to see my lovely girlfriend, Laura! And that’s the case this Friday as well — we’re heading north to Mackinaw City to experience a bit of early summer fun “up North,” as we Michigan natives like to say. What does the weekend have in store for you? Whatever the case might be, I hope it’s packed with some #menswear shopping, some craft brews (or your beverage of choice), and great times with family and friends. As for me? Well, I’ve got a flight to catch. But you should feel more than free to stick around and make yourself at home. You’ll enjoy this week’s style reads, and you’ll certainly get a kick out of tomorrow’s Style Pick of the Week. Thanks for reading!

  • In need of a new, rugged henley for spring and summer? This classic henley from Faherty Brand ought to do the trick — it’s our most recent Style Pick here on the site.
  • The fine folks at Shinola excel — and I mean, simply EXCEL — at producing all manner of beautiful lifestyle goods that anyone can appreciate. With that in mind, I picked out my five favorites from Shinola for The Manual! Shop now, will ya?
  • The fine art of crafting stylish men’s shoes is something I’ve always found fascinating — the folks at Gear Patrol tend to agree on that front. I found their recent interview with John Lofgren (maker of everything from high-top sneakers to durable boots) to be seriously cool.
  • Now that we’re ticking toward Memorial Day, you’re probably wondering … what should I wear? Rest assured that we’ll have a full ensemble coming next week, but in the meantime, you should certainly check out this #OOTD (from the blog!) on how to wear stylish shorts this summer. Cheers!

Ready for the weekend? I know I sure as heck am. Can’t wait! Thanks for sticking around, and be sure to check out my Instagram for the scoop on all of this weekend’s Michigan adventures.


The Friday Read: United By Blue, Mother’s Day and the Best Men’s Dress Shoes

If you’re new to The Style Guide and joining us for the first time today, welcome! This right here is our weekly rundown of menswear-related news items, with an occasional dash of music and craft beer thrown in. If you’re looking for a way to start your weekend right, look no further. There’s plenty of fun in store, I promise. And if you’re looking for something neat to listen to while you read about summer style essentials and your new favorite polo? Might I suggest one of my favorite bands, emotional indie rockers The National? You’ll get used to hearing a lot about them on the blog. And if you’re returning as an old and seasoned reader of the blog? Welcome back! It’s Mother’s Day coming up on Sunday, and we’ve got a great sale detailed below to help you out with last-minute gift-giving needs. Hurry! In the meantime, dive on into the other choice reads below, and enjoy this lovely spring weekend ahead.

  • United By Blue, a favorite of mine for their balance of sustainable and rugged style, is holding a positively massive warehouse sale — the sale features a range of items for your summer style adventures, all marked down by whopping amounts (try 81 percent off on for size, ehh?). That’s a heck of a deal, folks!
  • Know a mom who absolutely loves her footwear? Mother’s Day is, well, tomorrow, and Minnetonka is offering free shipping on all orders (yep, all of ’em!) with the code MOMLOVE. Hurry, hurry — you’ve still got some time!
  • I always try to help out with those tricky footwear decisions in life — especially when it comes to spring and summer dress shoes. You want something with character and style, but not a ton of added weight — that’s where my picks for the best spring dress shoes (at The Manual!) come into play! Hurry up and get to it.

That’s wrapping up this week’s short and sweet Friday Read. Be sure to come back tomorrow for our Style Pick of the Week, where we talk all about one must-have menswear item for the season.

Thanks for reading!



The Friday Read: The National Homecoming, Spring Style Essentials and Slim Light Wash Denim

Sipping an iced coffee and reflecting pensively on a great long weekend in Cincinnati. Wearing a cotton flannel shirt from Todd Snyder and a navy T-shirt from Mott and Bow. Photo by Laura Henschke.

Gather ’round the proverbial Style Guide fire for another weekly edition of The Friday Read. It’s been a whirlwind couple of days, as I roadtripped back from Cincinnati on Monday following a long weekend trip with my amazing girlfriend, Laura (you can view her photo work at the top of the page, as well on her site and on my Instagram, naturally!). What took us to Ohio? Well, if you caught last week’s Friday Read, you know that the extraordinary first edition of The National Homecoming festival was more than enough reason to visit the seriously cool city of Cincy (This terrific piece by The Ringer sums up the weekend nicely!). Headlined by, yep, The National and featuring sets from luminaries like Future Islands, Lord Huron, Julien Baker and Alvvays, we had a great time sipping on cold beverages from Rhinegheist (check us out on their Instagram!) while enjoying lovely (if somewhat chilly) spring weather. If ever you get to Cincy, I know Laura and I both loved the gourmet Mexican food and margaritas at Bakersfield OTR, plus the excellent brunch deal at Nation. We also enjoyed hearty cold brews from Coffee Emporium and checked out a National-themed photography exhibit at the city’s Contemporary Arts Center! Top it off with two stellar, unique sets from The National, and you’ve got the makings of an extraordinary weekend! To say the very least. In other happenings, well, we’re about to kick off another weekend, and this one will also find me traveling back to Michigan — and Grand Rapids — for Cinco de Mayo celebrations with Laura and close high school friends. Follow along with all the fun on Instagram, and be sure to get your weekend going with a few more-than-engaging reads below. Cheers!

  • Let’s get right down to it — if you missed this week’s post about spring style essentials to shop in the latest edition of The List, you need to catch up. We’ve got stylish spring sneakers, we’ve got everyday carry essentials, we’ve got a stylish weekender bag … and it’s all yours for perusing now.
  • If you haven’t yet heard, J. Crew Factory is running an extraordinary summer sale, and has all the picks you need to shop now, right this very instant. Get to it and stock up on summer style essentials just a bit early.
  • Speaking of music festivals, Pitchfork put together quite an interesting and insightful analysis of the gender balance — or rather, inbalance — at festivals via some revealing data-crunching and colorful graphs. The biggest takeaway? More representation is needed at festivals across the board! That’s all there is to it.
  • Lastly, I’ll leave you with one more #menswear essential to buy now — these slim light wash jeans from Raleigh Denim, as featured on the blog last week, could feasibly see a ton of use in the weeks and months ahead. Get to shopping!

That’s all I’ve got in today’s Friday Read, my friends. Cheers!


The Friday Read: The National, Cincinnati and Your New Favorite Field Watch

It’s Friday, and I know what that means for me — as we speak, I’m en route to Cincinnati (with my amazing girlfriend Laura!) for the long-awaited, much-hyped Homecoming festival, curated and headlined by my favorite band, The National! The weekend brings these award-winning indie rockers back to their hometown for a weekend of music, excellent beer from Cincy’s Rhinegheist Brewery, and neat accompanying exhibitions (like a photography exhibition of the band on display at the Cincinnati Contemporary Arts Center. Other performers on the docket include personal favorite likes Alvvays, Future Islands and Julien Baker, plus intriguing sets from Father John Misty and rockers The Breeders. Oh, and The National are playing their seminal 2007 album “Boxer” in full on Sunday night. Whoa. Am I excited? Heck yes. Am I thrilled to be able to spend time with my lovely girlfriend Laura (who’s an amazing photographer, by the by)? Yes and yes. If you have any must-hit spots or recommendations for Cincy, feel free to let me know on Twitter! And in the meantime, we’ve left you with a ton of stylish content to peruse this weekend and beyond. Check out this week’s #OOTD on how to style a white tee, or shop what could be your new favorite spring shirt. At any rate, it’s sure to be an action-packed weekend. Follow along with all the fun via my Instagram, and be sure to tune in to the blog tomorrow for our weekly Style Pick. Cheers!

  • Valet, a favorite lifestyle read around these parts, tells you all about the color that’s a magnet for compliments. I myself prefer to wear, well, blue … and more blue, but it’s worthwhile to consider switching up your color scheme every now and then (for instance, to different shades of blue!).
  • Let’s talk about watches for just a second.  Helpful as ever, Gear Patrol is giving you the scoop on the American-made field watch that you need to buy now. Like, right this instant. Besides, who doesn’t love shopping for some new spring style essentials?
  • I’m now inclined to point you toward last week’s Style Pick, which covered an extraordinary spring jacket from Taylor Stitch.  It’s got a bit of workwear style, it makes use of a classic color, and it pairs up with plenty in your closet. Yessir, it’s your new favorite spring jacket.
  • I’ll leave you this week with a very cool read that ties in quite well with this weekend’s Homecoming festival in Cincinnati. If ever you’ve wondered what it’s like for The National to coexist as band members and brothers (who hasn’t!?), then this excellent interview sums it up nicely.

That’ll do it for today’s Friday Read. Want something else to peruse? Shop for new spring style essentials here on the blog. And here. And here. That’s just a start!

Thanks for reading!


The Friday Read: David Byrne, Athleisure to Shop Now, and Your New Spring Jacket

Style Guide readers, listen up. It’s Friday! And we’re nearing the end of April. That means you should hopefully be well-stocked in the way of spring style essentials, things that we’ve even discussed this week — take the perfect white T-shirt, for instance. Or a casual spring weekend look that’s going to show you how to wear stylish sweatpants. Need some new sneakers? This blog has you covered there, too: Yours truly wrote about the best men’s high-top sneakers to buy now. What are you up to this weekend? It’s weekend two of Coachella, which I will … admittedly not be attending. We’re just one week away from another festival that’s much more up my alley, Cincinnati’s Homecoming festival as hosted by my favorite band, excellent indie rockers The National. My amazing girlfriend Laura and I will be attending, and I positively can’t wait! In the meantime, I’d recommend you look toward this weekend with a few choice reads. Want to connect? Check out The Style Guide on Facebook. TGIF!

  • It’s a bit lengthy, but offers up a neat, deep and intriguing profile of music icon David Byrne, with a career that’s thrived on innovation and doing things uniquely his own way.
  • If you haven’t yet checked it out, the best athleisure lines to shop right now are … well, most importantly, they’re all approved by yours truly. And they’re all the right mix of casual, sporty and easygoing. Read more at The Manual.
  • No matter the season, I’m a big fan of the recently launched series The Endorsement. It only makes sense that the latest iteration covers the essential spring jacket you just gotta buy now — the Baracuta G9. It’s as simple as that, folks.

We’re keeping things short and sweet today, folks. Cheers!