The Friday Read: A New Shirt Jacket for Fall, The Best Travel Blazer & Big Thief’s New Album

A legendary leather jacket you’re going to want to pre-fund ASAP.

How are you getting ready for fall and winter? Hopefully, with a stylish leather jacket as essential and iconic as the incredible Taylor Stitch Moto Jacket seen above — it’s available now for pre-funding via Taylor Stitch, everyone’s favorite menswear brand. And did I mention it’s one of the best leather jackets this menswear writer has seen in some time? This latest release is no different, and it could just be your new favorite leather jacket … easily, at that. So, that’s setting the stage style-wise for a great fall weekend. What’s on your agenda? For this menswear and craft beer writer, I’m looking forward to closing out a busy week the right way. For one, I returned from lovely Asheville, North Carolina on Monday, where I spent the weekend in the rolling mountains of western North Carolina for my good friend and former college journalism colleague Dillon Davis’ wedding! For the wedding and the weekend, I made good use of my Taylor Stitch Telegraph Jacket, and for exploring Asheville, I wore some classic leather boots (Clarks Originals Wallabee Boots, to be exact), while also checking out prime craft beer spots like the Belgian ale mecca that is Thirsty Monk. If you saw all the fun on my Instagram, you know that Asheville has a wealth of craft beer riches and beautiful scenery.

The Best Basics. Summer Ready.

So, that was last weekend. And this week has been plenty eventful, including a string of incredible indie rock shows at my favorite venue on the planet, Brooklyn Steel! Namely, Tuesday night saw a triumphant return to the stage by ethereal British indie rockers Bombay Bicycle Club (an old college favorite!), while Wednesday saw yet another excellent Brooklyn Steel show by indie rock luminaries Big Thief (more on them in a moment!). There’s nothing I love more than a transcendent rock show, and there’s no better way to enjoy a night out in Brooklyn, in my opinion. Add in the fact that the newly opened 18th Ward Brewing is right by Brooklyn Steel to upgrade your craft beer experience, and you’ve got the makings of a perfect night. But I digress — it’s time to dive into today’s Friday Read to get the weekend started. Cheers!

  • Finding the right blazer to wear for travel — the type of stylish blazer you can wear both on and off the plane or train or automobile — is tricky. Not so anymore thanks to the Tact & Stone Traveler Blazer, a wildly comfortable and polished blazer made in travel-ready fabric. Wear it over a merino T-shirt with slim faded jeans and classic chukka boots for style that’s easygoing yet sharp, no matter where you go — and of course, learn more via my latest GearMoose briefing in the meantime.
  • Durable layers are a must for a fall weekend, especially if you want to gear up with your favorite henley or your new favorite pants for fall — and in that regard, the Proof Reversible Shirt Jacket seems to check all the right boxes. Helpfully, I covered that crucial piece for GearMoose. Happy layering!
  • I mentioned my new favorite indie rock band, Big Thief, above; given that they’re releasing their SECOND album this year on today of all days, it seems fitting to recommend this driving indie rock track, “Forgotten Eyes,” off that second album. Two incredible albums in one year is more than we could ever ask for — enjoy!

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So, we’ve covered indie rock, we’ve covered craft beer, we’ve covered essential fall layers … I’ll leave you with one last briefing covering the durable pants you need to buy for fall. If you read the blog, you’ll recognize these as some of the best pants for the season. That being said, it simply doesn’t get much better than the Proof Rover Pants, especially if you’ve got a busy weekend of tailgates or brewery visits on the horizon — I’ll see you at the next IPA tasting. Again, cheers and thanks for reading!


The Friday Read: The Best Chore Coats, The Top Shirt Jackets for Fall & A New Beer to Enjoy Now

The best way to gear up for fall on the outerwear front? Quite possibly.

We’ll kick off today’s Friday Read in suitably rugged fashion given that we’ve moved into October — namely, you could do worse to layer up for fall than by grabbing one of the best waxed trucker jackets on the market … yes, the utterly classic Flint and Tinder Flannel-Lined Waxed Trucker Jacket. It’s as good as it gets for rugged weekend adventures (and weekday commutes, too). It’s been a longtime favorite of the blog, and I’ll be wearing it the next time I’m back in Brooklyn. Reason being, I’ll be on the road this weekend heading to North Carolina for the wedding of my great college friend and former journalism colleague Mr. Dillon Davis! The wedding takes place outside Asheville in the lovely mountains of Western North Carolina — of course, I’ll be dressed in style and am even planning to break out my Taylor Stitch Telegraph Jacket. To follow along with my fall wedding style moves, check out my Instagram. Have any suggestions for what to see or where to go in Asheville? Let me know, as I’m looking forward to using some free time to check out the Asheville craft beer scene with another great college friend, beer writer extraordinaire Mr. Pat Evans! It’ll be a great trip and a great time to celebrate Dillon’s wedding and see so many old friends. I can’t wait! Of course, in the meantime, we’ll still have tomorrow’s Style Pick of the Week incoming — and there’s still plenty to enjoy from the below men’s style reads, too. Like what you see? Thanks for stopping through!

  • As I mentioned, we’ve got a lot of ground to cover when it comes to stylish fall layers — and it’s with that approach in mind that I covered the very best chore coats from some of my favorite brands within the rugged confines of GearMoose. ‘Tis the season, after all!
  • Let’s keep it rolling with more essential fall outerwear, shall we? In this case, I also wrote about some of the best, toughest shirt jackets on the market for The Manual — within that piece, you’ll find plenty of helpful, warm and durable options from brands like Taylor Stitch & Flint and Tinder. Read on and study up!
  • We’re about more than just menswear here on the blog — if you read the site regularly, you know this to be true. So, let’s turn our attention toward a seriously fun, limited-edition beer that’ll add some refreshment and enjoyment to your craft beer rotation. That is to say, when you want to switch it up from a typical IPA or pilsner, reach for the Pulped Fiction Berliner Weisse (particularly if you  live in a  warmer climate). It’s light, refreshing and juicy — and it’s my latest beer entry for GearMoose! Bottoms up.

Alright, so we’ve talked craft beer and tough shirt jackets and the best waxed jackets aplenty — with that being said, I’ll leave you with one last roundup of the best new men’s gear for fall. There’s no time to waste, folks. Have a great weekend!

The Friday Read: A Florida Vacation, the Best Lightweight Jackets and A New Pumpkin Ale

The perfect bag for a weekend getaway — like the one I’m about to enjoy, in fact.

We’ll kick off today’s Friday Read by talking about one of the best duffel bags for fall travel; that’d be the WP Standard Canvas Travel Tote. Why is that so important on this fine fall Friday? Well, I’m packing up one of my favorite weekender bags as we speak — to hit the road to sunny Florida! I was originally supposed to take this trip across Labor Day weekend (as seen in this post here), but the potential for Hurricane Dorian thwarted those plans. So now, it’s time for a do-over, as it were! On tap this weekend? Quite literally, visits to a Fort Myers favorite (Point Ybel Brewing), plus the recently opened Coastal Dayz Brewery, to go along with some beach time, some BBQ (my dad’s famous homemade ribs!) and plenty of relaxation. As per usual, you can follow along on my Instagram! It’s my first time in Florida this year, wildly enough, and I always relish the chance to visit family and take in the beautiful weather. I’ll also be looking forward to getting some final wear out of my favorite gear for summer, seeing as we’re on the verge of *gasp* October. If you happen to be hitting the road for fall, again, get a load of the WP Standard Canvas Travel Tote, one of the best weekender bags you can buy right now. And in the meantime? The below Friday Read should help you start the weekend off quite nicely.

  • Let’s stick with GearMoose for a second, shall we? And again, although my mind isn’t exactly on the best pumpkin beer for the season as I head to Florida, it’s tough to pass up the Montauk Pumpkin Ale, is it not? It’s the ideal beer to enjoy on a crisp fall afternoon (preferably at a tailgate).
  • Is there anything better than realizing the time is finally right to wear your favorite fall jacket? As in, one of the best waxed jackets on the market? From Filson to Taylor Stitch, I rounded up some of my favorites for The Manual. Enjoy the season, my friends!

We’ll keep it fairly brief for today’s Friday Read — but not before I direct you back toward my guide on how to wear black jeans this season. Class ’em up casually with a chambray shirt (in addition to the picks in this #OOTD) or keep it rugged and versatile with your favorite leather boots. Again, stylish black jeans are your secret fall style weapon. OK, that’s all as we close out this last September weekend. Cheers!

The Friday Read: Danner’s New Boots, the Best Oktoberfest Beers and Taylor Stitch Outerwear

The perfect fall weekend boots from Danner? Very nearly!

My friends, we’ve reached the end of another work week (at least, I hope that’s the case for you). If you’re anything like me, you’ve got your shopping cart full of fall style essentials as we patiently await the finest hour in menswear. And speaking of stepping into a new season, the rugged, versatile Danner Vertigo 917 Boots as showcased above could just be the perfect new addition to your closet. Danner makes all of its footwear in the U.S.A. with prime attention to detail, making the above pair some of the best leather boots (period!) that you can snag for fall. Now that we’ve covered off on the best boots for the weekend, what say we dive into something like … Brooklyn’s best new coffee shop? I’ve had the pleasure recently of checking out Sweetwaters Coffee & Tea in Brooklyn’s idyllic Park Slope neighborhood (as you might have seen on my Instagram), and I’m certainly a new fan! If ever you get to the borough, I can’t recommend you visit this spot enough. It’s a welcome addition to the Brooklyn coffee scene, seeing as the company was founded in my home state of Michigan, and it’ll be a crucial weekend stop for me tomorrow, too. As for the rest of my weekend, I’ll be taking in some college football action by my Michigan State Spartans, and enjoying a cold fall beer at Threes Brewing. How about you? Feel free to check in with me in the comments below!

  • Fall is well and truly here — at least, it’ll officially be here next week on the calendar (and hopefully soon thereafter in terms of the weather). With that in mind, I put the best flannel shirts to the test for GearMoose, and believe you me, there are some stellar options when it comes to fall’s perfect shirt. Layer it up with your favorite henley and tough camp pants, then get out there & get to work.
  • Speaking of essential fall gear, I sure do hope you moved quickly to pre-fund the excellent Taylor Stitch Mechanic Jacket. Crafted from the brand’s famed Boss Duck fabric, it’s a hard-wearing jacket that should arrive just in time for fall — read my full scoop on the best new fall jacket over at GearMoose, naturally.
  • Let’s turn once again toward this here blog, and our ongoing #OOTD series. There’s still time for you to get plenty of wear out of your favorite denim jacket — you just need to layer it up accordingly, and that’s why I recently covered how to wear a denim jacket for fall. There’s no time to waste, my friends.
  • And because it wouldn’t be a fall weekend without a little craft beer action, I rounded up the best Oktoberfest beers to enjoy as we move into this prime, prime season for hops-inclined refreshment. Again, I point you toward GearMoose for that briefing — cheers to Friday!

So, for old’s time sake, let’s close out today’s Friday Read with one last helpful #menswear reminder before the weekend — I’ll point you back to The Style Guide, and my take on the best hooded sweatshirt for fall. It’s just that good … believe me. OK, that’s all I’ve got today, folks. Enjoy the weekend!

The Friday Read: The Taylor Stitch Yosemite Shirt, New Whiskey and the Best New Leather Watch

You’ll be the talk of the town if you pick up this shirt in advance of the weekend.

There’s no question about it, the best flannel shirt for fall — and particularly for an early fall weekend — has got to be the rugged, purely essential Taylor Stitch Yosemite Shirt. It’s your new favorite shirt, it doubles as a rugged overshirt, and you can style it plenty of different ways. In short, just know that this is the best men’s shirt for a fall weekend … like this one that’s on the horizon right now! I always love my fall weekends in Brooklyn, from the idllyic confines of Prospect Park to enjoying a rich IPA or crisp Oktoberfest at choice Brooklyn haunts like Gold Star Beer Counter. I’m still waiting on the weather to shift to slightly colder temperatures, but when it does, Taylor Stitch is what I’ll be wearing as I enjoy my favorite beers.

And on tap for me this weekend elsewhere? Some Michigan State football, to be sure, plus preparing plenty of fall style content for the blog and of course, my Instagram. It’s always nice to be able to take some time to relax after travel, too. Again, if you follow me on Instagram, you perhaps saw that I was in Denver last weekend to see my favorite band, indie rock heroes The National! The city is an exceptional one, blending a love of the outdoors with stunning beauty and a host of quirky, cool spots, like My Brother’s Bar (the oldest bar in Denver!) and pioneering Denver brewery Great Divide Brewing. Elsewhere, I also enjoyed a highly affordable and seriously tasty breakfast at Sam’s No. 3 on Sunday to close out my trip, and I also visited the minimal and modern menswear shop Steadbrook — and of course, CREMA provided crucial refreshment & energy throughout. Speaking of great gear, it was also a treat to check out the menswear & gear market expo American Field on Sunday! It’s a yearly traveling showcase highlighting American-made brands (like Topo Designs, a personal favorite!), complete with plenty of craft beer and coffee to test out from local markets (Denver, in this case!). AF heads to Brooklyn this November, too. Not bad at all. Have you been to Denver? What’s next on your radar in terms of trips? Oh, and I almost forgot — let’s get to the Friday Read below!

  • As we shift our attention toward fall and style that’s ever-so-slightly rugged, it would behoove you to reach for a rugged leather watch that can stand up to the rich textures and fabrics of your fall style essentials. To wit: I covered the Dango TK-01 Trek Watch, a heck of a tough leather watch to bring you into the best season for menswear. Check it out at GearMoose.
  • Speaking of fall essentials, one could argue that the best new whiskey is a fine fall essential to have on hand — and in that regard, it was a pleasure to dive right in and cover the 1792 Aged Twelve Years Bourbon for GearMoose. It’s a pleasing fall sipper that’ll warm you up on many a chilly fall or winter night.
  • And let’s close things out today with more essential, seasonal gear from Taylor Stitch — namely, the rugged Taylor Stitch Camp Pants are exactly what the doctor ordered if you’ve got to go off-trail, get upstate or simply suit up in rugged fashion for a chilly tailgate. Don’t sleep on these, folks!

OK, my friends — we’ve called out this handy, seasonal #OOTD in the past, but it’s worth calling attention to again. Wondering how to dress for early fall? Of course you are — that #OOTD as mentioned above can help, guaranteed. Alright, that’s a wrap on the start of this early fall weekend — cheers!

The Friday Read: Denver, The National & The Best Denim to Buy Now

The perfect layer to get ready for a September weekend.

Alright, folks — we’re going to get into the Huckberry x Howler Brothers collaboration as seen above later on in this article, but it’s the spirit of that type of gear that’s important here. It’s the first weekend after Labor Day, and maybe you’re back in the office, dreaming of your next getaway — the Huckberry x Howler Brothers North Coast Collection can help you do that. But more on that collection of the best new men’s gear in a second. Let’s go back to the spirit of adventure: That applies particularly for me this weekend, as I’m hitting the road to Denver (a new locale for me!) to once again take in a lifechanging show by my favorite band, The National. This group of indie rock heroes have given me more than a few highlights of my entire year (and my life!) these past few months.

That includes the release of their incredible new album and short film, “I Am Easy To Find,” back in May, but it really kicked off all the way back in April in New York City with a special, pre-album release show at Beacon Theater. This wonderful night of soulful, expansive indie rock was actually just captured via the new documentary, “The National: I Am Easy to Find, Live from New York’s Beacon Theatre” — I simply can’t stop listening or watching. From there, well, the hits have kept coming — I’ve had the chance to live out my dreams, heading everywhere from Los Angeles to Madrid and all the way back to Brooklyn to see this iconic band (all the while dressed in style, of course!). I feel very lucky, to say the least! And I positively can’t wait for two shows at the new Mission Ballroom!

I’ve heard stellar things about Denver across the years as well, from the city’s excellent craft beer scene to its easily accessible outdoor culture and atmosphere, and I really can’t wait to explore the city. Planned stops include spots like Crema Coffeehouse and Ratio Beerworks, naturally, along with the humble (but tasty-looking!) confines of Butcher Block Cafe. I’ll be bringing along favorites like my Flint and Tinder Light Wash Jeans and of course, a new Taylor Stitch Jack Shirt — you can check out all the music & craft beer fun on my Instagram, naturally. So, that’s what’s on tap for me this weekend — how about you? Start things off the right way with another edition of The Friday Read. Cheers!

  • It’s hard to top affordable men’s denim, right? Especially when that denim happens to be from Jomers — the best men’s denim on the market comes courtesy of the brand’s work with White Oak Cone Mills, former purveyors of truly excellent indigo cotton fabric made into some seriously excellent jeans. And on the Jomers front, you can check out my coverage at The Manual here.
  • Speaking of early fall and rugged outdoor adventure, it was a true treat to cover the Huckberry x Howler Brothers North Coast Collection over at GearMoose — it’s some of the most outdoor-ready gear you can get your hands on, and it all comes courtesy of a lauded online retailer and the stellar Howler Brothers brand. Now, let’s get out there.
  • It’s crucial that you start prepping for fall as early as possible — and seeing as it’s September, that time is now … right now. If you didn’t catch it last month, I’m going to point you toward my roundup of the best new men’s gear for the season. Happy shopping!

I’m going to serve up one last item for the weekend before I take off (literally, in this case!). There are still plenty of breezy nights to be had out there, and in that case, you’re going to need this rugged Faherty Brand poncho for the occasion. It’s one of the best men’s jackets for that last camping trip or a breezy day near the water. That’s all I’ve got today, folks! Enjoy the weekend.

The Friday Read: Labor Day Weekend, The Dickies 1922 Collection & the Best New IPA to Try Now

Step into the holiday weekend in style with this perfectly rugged jacket.

You see the rugged Flint and Tinder Flight Jacket pictured above? It’s perhaps the best transitional jacket to wear right now, and it’s one heck of a style essential to have handy for Labor Day weekend (seriously, you can still order it here before you head out for the weekend!). This long weekend is a momentous and exciting one, seeing as it closes the books on summer and signals the unofficial start of fall — and with that comes plenty of seasonal style content on the site, of course.

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Before we dive right in though, I’m taking in all that the weekend has to offer in NYC. I was initially supposed to head down to sunny Florida, but over the past few days, Hurricane Dorian is on track to make the state … decidedly less sunny. My family is safe and sound in Fort Myers in the meantime, and while I keep in touch with them throughout the weekend, I’ll be enjoying the start of the Michigan State football season tonight, cold beer in hand. I also plan on making the trek out to Jersey City on Saturday to see the much-lauded live return of one of my favorite bands, Future Islands! I loved seeing them at last year’s “There’s No Leaving New York” Festival in NYC (featuring The National!) and this will be my first time hearing new songs they’ve got on tap! To say I’m excited to head to the excellent White Eagle Hall (and have a cold one at Jersey City craft beer establishment Pint) is an understatement. How about your weekend plans? Follow along with all the fun on my Instagram. In the meantime, here’s the Friday Read you’ve been waiting for below! Cheers.

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  • We’ve talked in the past about how difficult it can be to find the right made-in-America menswear — that’s why I’m such a fan of the Dickies 1922 Collection, a series of updated takes on the brand’s iconic silhouettes, from a tough truck driver jacket to a classic chambray shirt. Read my full overview at The Manual for more.
  • Hey, it’s the weekend — treat yourself to a cold one, will ya? And on that note, I give you perhaps the best new IPA (OK, well, one of them at least). It’s coming to you courtesy of Goose Island, and the Next Coast IPA is the right beer to add to your cooler or fridge in time for Labor Day weekend, tailgating season and beyond that.
  • For Labor Day weekend — the style moment of the hour, as it were — you’re going to want gear that’s laidback and breezy, casual yet versatile … so, kind of like this Faherty Brand poncho. It’s the perfect piece of weekend outerwear, easily paired up with slim chino shorts, white canvas sneakers and a classic white tee to head to the beach or the boardwalk. It’s an effective way to layer up when summer’s last call gets breezy, too.

The Best Basics. Summer Ready.

And with that, it’s time to close out summer and head into the weekend. Fear not, though — I’ve got one last suggested piece of reading for your enjoyment. I’m guessing — just a guess — that my guide as to what to wear to a bonfire could come in handy this weekend. It’s all things rugged-yet-casual, and ready for anything. Enjoy the weekend, folks!