The Thursday Buy: The Shinola Traveler Watch is the Perfect Watch for Your Next Road Trip

Best men's watch for spring and summer.

What makes a truly great travel accessory, like one of the best men’s watches for your next road trip? It’s all in the details, of course — as you very well should know if you read this blog, and as you well should know if you shop Detroit-based watchmaker and lifestyle brand extraordinaire Shinola. The company is a favorite of this Michigan native and style writer, and perhaps they’re a favorite of yours, too — there’s the sub-$400 Shinola Detrola Watch, for starters, plus one of the best everyday watches in the Shinola Runwell. And now, get ready to meet the Shinola Traveler Watch, one of the best new timepieces for guys on the market.

Recently introduced by everyone’s favorite Detroit watch brand and here just in time as travel starts to ramp up in a big way, the Shinola Traveler Watch was designed to be road-ready, be it the nicely sized, durable 42mm case (housing the brand’s high-accuracy quartz movement) or the range of options in terms of style.

Shop the Shinola Traveler Watch and take your pick between both canvas and leather strap options, all the better for versatility from day to night, through TSA and out into your destination city. Yes indeed, the Shinola Traveler Watch can do it all in matters of looks — and performance, too (keep scrolling).

Best new Shinola watch for men.

As far as the best men’s watches are concerned, the Shinola Traveler Watch takes the cake in more ways than one, starting with those crucial details — the vellum textured dial is visually intriguing and looks seriously cool when paired with just about any other travel gear in your wardrobe. Those travel picks could include, say, one of the best field jackets or the best chambray shirt, but the Shinola Traveler Watch stands up readily to styles both more casual and more tailored. Sub-dials on the Shinola Traveler Watch help you track your time on the road, as do the dual chronograph pushers so you can stay up to speed on the fly.

The overall dial design on the soon-to-be-legendary Shinola Traveler Watch is clean and classic, blending the Art Deco and the modern in a way that only Shinola can do. And when you throw in the fact that each of the four watches drew inspiration from the sandy dunes of Lake Michigan, perhaps your next summer getaway destination is already apparent.

It’s worth noting that to snag the Shinola Traveler Watch, you’ll have to pony up slightly more than other Shinola timepieces: This handsome new watch will run you $850, but it’s worth it considering you’re adding another standout Shinola watch to your collection. Looks to me like it’s time to hit the road.


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