The Friday Read: Vintage Rolexes, The Best New Huckberry Shirt & The Best Summer Suits

It’s been a busy week in the menswear world and in my neck of the woods in Brooklyn, so let’s get right into it with today’s Friday Read, shall we? And on that note: What’s on your style wish list these days? Perhaps, a vintage Rolex or two? As costly as those watches tend to get, it’s easy to dream — and it’s easy to scour a site like Fog City Vintage to find an option to turn into your “grail watch.” That being said, I did just that — I spent time poring over the Fog City site — to write all about some of the best vintage Rolex watches for Maxim recently, one of many writing pursuits that’s kept me plenty busy as of late.

That’s not the only thing that’s been keeping me busy — I’ve got my next music feature in the works over at Atwood Magazine, with plans for more this month. And in the meantime, I’ll be doing my best to enjoy a lovely Brooklyn summer weekend with cold beer in hand (once my menswear writing is wrapped, that is). For now, let’s get into the spirit of the weekend with a few choice reads, shall we?

Best summer suits for men.
  • Summer wedding season draws ever closer, does it not? As does the need to suit up and look your very best for any formal occasion, even in the heat. It’s with that aim in mind — staying cool and looking stylish-as-can-be — that I wrote all about the best summer suits over at AskMen. Suit up out there, my friends!
  • In need of a quick and easy summer style upgrade? It can be yours with the latest blog post, published just yesterday, here at The Style Guide. Head over this way to read all about your new favorite summer shirt — it’s as simple as making a few clicks to upgrade your wardrobe, folks.
  • Here’s one more recommendation from the blog — in case you missed it earlier this week — on how to look your best this summer. It’s as easy as buying the new, breezy Mack Weldon Pima T-Shirt Polo — it’s as soft as a T-shirt, and as stylish as, well, a polo shirt. Make it yours today by reading this blog post.

And with that, I’ll bid you farewell (at least until tomorrow’s Saturday Style Pick, that is) and I’ll leave you to your summer shopping, strolling and sipping. Stay stylish out there, my friends!


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