The Thursday Buy: Forty Five’s Slub Pocket Tee Is the Best T-shirt for the Dog Days of Summer

Best men's T-shirt for summer.

The best men’s style essentials — especially from one of the best online stores for men, Huckberry — always tend to offer up more than meets the eye, as you know if you read the blog on the regular. What do I mean by that? Well, be it better construction or design, better fabric or a better fit, something as simple as the humble T-shirt — once just an undershirt, now a bonafide style staple — becomes something you can wear with ease all on its own. It also becomes a T-shirt you can style in some pretty cool ways, as is the case with the Forty Five Slub Pocket Tee. Named for the 45 RPM record — one perfect record meets one perfect T-shirt –perhaps you remember these stylish men’s T-shirts from my guide to the best summer T-shirt earlier this season.

Shop your new go-to T-shirt at Huckberry

You won’t want to wear another T-shirt

Rece Absinthe - New Spring '22 Style

Consider this a prime reminder, with a new deal in store, to boot: Get 3 of the best men’s T-shirts for $95, then wear them with plenty of other Huckberry Bestsellers, be it stylish stretch chino shorts or breezy linen trousers. Now, I’m going to wrap up today’s post in short order, since you don’t need me to remind you any more about the importance of finding one of the best T-shirts for men — agreed? Agreed. Now, get out there and find your new favorite T-shirt in a wide range of colors — and in a breezy, ready-to-beat-the-heat fabric.


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