The Thursday Buy: This Rugged Down Jacket from Huckberry Is Your New Go-To Fall Layer

At times when it comes to your favorite fall gear picks, it’s best not to overdo it. What I mean to say is, sometimes, you just need a grab-and-go jacket, one of the best jackets for fall, to throw on without too much fuss. When your fall days, especially the weekend, could involve everything from park strolls to brunch to yard work or a brewery visit (much better than yard work, right?) shouldn’t you have a jacket — like the essential Proof Graphene Down Jacket — that you can wear through blustery breezes and fall weather all the while? Yes, that’s absolutely right. As dreamed up by the good folks at Huckberry (Proof is one of the in-house brands of the famed retailer), the Proof Graphene Down Jacket is nearly too good to be true, blending plenty of bells and whistles into an unassuming-yet-tough design. This rugged down jacket is hard-wearing yet packable, lightweight yet warm, and a little bit of everything in between.

It’s got lots going for it, starting with a design that seemingly blends the classic Harrington jacket (note the stand-up collar) and the simple build of a bomber jacket. Plus, the specs are everything you need in a durable fall jacket. The Proof Graphene Down Jacket gets its name from the lightweight yet remarkably tough Graphene fiber used throughout the lining, which manages to regulate your temperature and yet has a higher strength-to-weight ratio than steel. This isn’t the sort of puffer jacket to easily cut or rip, that much is true.

The Proof Graphene Down Jacket also packs a punch with its exterior construction, too. Try on the jacket and breathe easy knowing that it’s coated with a 100 percent DWR finishing, then filled with down inside that durable graphene lining for plenty of comfort. The Proof Graphene Down Jacket also lands right in the fairway in terms of versatility: Take your pick between Olive or Navy, and then pair either color with everything from your favorite pair of blue jeans to tan chinos or durable Huckberry work pants.

Layering options abound, from the potential to throw it on over your favorite henley as you head out the door, or the ability to team it with a chambray shirt for casually cool, day-to-night style. It’s also priced quite agreeably (the Proof Graphene Down Jacket retails for $168 at Huckberry), given that you can wear it to the office, out on seasonal adventures and pretty much anywhere in between. When fall starts to roll through in earnest — as it’s doing now! — make sure the Proof Graphene Down Jacket is on your shoulders.

The Thursday Buy: Oak Street Bootmakers Delivers Some of the Best Men’s Boots to Lace Up Now

Is there a better time than right now to buy some of the best men’s boots for fall? Not quite, and that’s why it’s in your best interest to start carefully researching, shopping and, well, buying, because breezy, crisp seasonal weather is rolling through in earnest. And the boots in question at the moment are just what the doctor ordered this season, to say the very least. The Oak Street Bootmakers Trench Boots (an exclusive edition at Huckberry) blend everything you need in a standout pair of fall boots, from the classic silhouette to the rich, premium materials, making ’em some of the best men’s boots to shop this very instant. There’s no time to waste, after all, as we tick through the middle of October. Perhaps you’re looking forward to park strolls or outdoor beer garden visits, or even a return to the office. These stylish suede boots are everything you could want for all of those pursuits and then some (there’s a reason they’re exclusive to Huckberry — they’re some of the best boots, period).

The Oak Street Bootmakers Trench Boots are made with all the care and attention to detail one might expect from a product exclusive to Huckberry, and that’s great news for stylish shoppers (like yourself!) everywhere. For more than a decade, Oak Street Bootmakers has been making some of the finest boots and shoes right here in America, with heritage passed down through multiple generations (founder and current Design Director George Vlagos apprenticed alongside his father, an Illinois cobbler by way of Greece). It’s that family history and attention to craftsmanship that lends itself so nicely to some of the best boots for men, and the Oak Street Bootmakers Trench Boots live up to that legacy.

The difference really is in the details with the Oak Street Bootmakers Trench Boots, from the rugged brass eyelets to the use of durable, handsome-yet-rugged full-grain roughout leather from the Charles F. Stead tannery in England. This leather is going to get better with age, especially as you wear them consistently throughout the fall. The trench boot silhouette, as you can see above, is neither too bulky nor too slim, making these a pair of boots you can wear with jeans (dark blue or black should style up mighty nicely). And yet, the Oak Street Bootmakers Trench Boots are also wearable with olive chinos or burgundy corduroys, all owing to that rich, versatile shade of roughout Stone Waxy Mohawk roughout leather.

If it’s your new favorite boots you’ve been looking for, you just might have found ’em. They’re also made with Goodyear welt construction, meaning they can be resoled and quite literally revamped after years of wear. And here’s another thing about the Oak Street Bootmakers Trench Boots: You really will have them for years, which should help justify the higher price tag (they’ll run you $462 at Huckberry). It’s always worth it to have a pair of boots in your closet that you can count on, and the seriously dependable, highly stylish and effortlessly classic Oak Street Bootmakers Trench Boots are the ones to buy now.

SHOP: The Oak Street Bootmakers Trench Boots

The Thursday Buy: Filson’s Double Layer Henley is the Best Base Layer for Fall

Keep your rotation well-stocked for fall when it comes to the best menswear for fall, and you’ll never run out of the right gear to rock. Start with your base layers, like the Filson Double Layer Henley, and things only get better from there. It’s part of the outstanding and perfectly fall-minded Filson New Arrivals section, one that’s worth scouring for hours on end in its own right. But it’s one of the best men’s henleys that you’re really going to need these days, especially as the weather turns colder and you add other outfit essentials atop the ever-so-rugged Filson Double Layer Henley. Filson says you can wear this shirt all by itself or as that always-critical base layer, which is just the beginning when it comes to its list of standout features.

Get ready for fall with Filson’s New Arrivals

The heritage retailer has you covered

And when it comes down to it, one of the best henleys for men is just a staple piece that every guy looks good wearing. The multi-button placket provides more visual interest than just a crewneck T-shirt or sweatshirt, making it an easy contrasting layer beneath, say, a rugged Filson flannel shirt. In fact, you can wear this shirt buttoned all the way up or unbuttoned slightly to regulate airflow. Henley shirts were worn originally for athletic pursuits (rowing on the River Thames in Great Britain), and they needed to function as both a warm base layer and a sporting shirt, and the Filson Double Layer Henley carries on that lineage nicely (no matter if you’re not much of a rower — neither am I!). The Filson Double Layer Henley checks all the right boxes in terms of fabric and fit, too.

Let’s start with the fabric when it comes down to one of the best henleys for men. Filson is using a jersey cotton blend in a double-knit design with both cotton and polyester. It’s also made with rib knit cuffs and collar, meaning you can customize the sleeve length to your liking as you layer underneath the Filson Mackinaw Jacket or the aforementioned rugged Filson flannel shirt. And because it’s Filson, you also get variety in matters of style: Take your pick between four colors, each wearable with plenty of other Filson style staples (the Dark Navy or Fir might be my personal favorite).

Whether you wear it under a waxed jacket for a fall day hike, on its own for a hot cup of coffee on a cool morning or layered underneath a chambray shirt for a day in the yard, the Filson Double Layer Henley is your new go-to fall henley (that’s saying quite a lot in a crowded market). It’s just the Filson way.

The Thursday Buy: Filson Has Crafted the Best Field Jacket for Men This Fall

When building your fall wardrobe packed with men’s style essentials, you’ve got to have certain pieces you can count on in the clutch. Luckily, Filson makes plenty of pieces you can count on in the clutch, and the Pacific Northwest outfitter has been doing that for 100-plus years. There are rugged outdoor staples aplenty in the Filson lineup, but its newer releases pass muster, too. And if there’s one thing you can count on when it comes to the exceptional Filson 3-Layer Field Jacket, it’s that it won’t let you down in matters of functionality and style in extreme conditions through fall and winter. That sounds like an ideal place to start if you want to stock your wardrobe with the best fall outerwear, does it not? It’s a jacket designed for all manner of outdoor pursuits, but it’ll particularly appeal to hunters, or anyone who spends a ton of time in the field. In fact, look at it like this: This Filson field jacket is just about the most versatile, hard-wearing and durable field jacket you’re apt to find this fall.

It’s made the way only Filson can dream up a piece of outerwear, starting with the kind of fabrication you’re not going to get anywhere else. This isn’t an overly flimsy rain poncho, nor is it a puffer jacket that’s too hot to carry you through the sometimes unexpectedly balmy and rainy weather of early fall). It’s one of the best men’s field jackets, made with 100 percent nylon featuring a breathable waterproof membrane, a crucial touch designed to keep you cool in the field and on the go. Three layers here separate it from other rain jackets, including the polyester tricot backing for a bit of added warmth in the field and on the go. Long story short: The Filson 3-Layer Field Jacket is going to keep you warm and dry on fall adventures aplenty.

Get the perfect field jacket for fall

Layer up right now with Filson

As with every piece of gear from Filson, the Filson 3-Layer Field Jacket is made to exacting standards: It’s fully seam sealed, ensuring no water gets out or in. That’s another added level of versatility: It’s both a rain jacket and a traditional field jacket (note the front hip patch pockets with gussets for added storage space). Interior pockets add even more storage potential for all your everyday carry essentials while also keeping ’em dry at the same time. And like traditional field jackets, the Filson 3-Layer Field Jacket features an adjustable hood and Velcro cuffs to truly customize your fit. It’s the kind of jacket that’s going to perform admirably in, well, the field.

And yet, you can also wear the Filson 3-Layer Field Jacket in casual style situations across the city. Try it with some Filson men’s denim, one of the best Oxford shirts and rugged Filson leather boots for high-low style suited for an outdoor beer garden or a weekend coffee date. And be sure you’ve got the Filson 3-Layer Field Jacket close at hand for weekend tailgates and fall road trips, because it offers all the utility you need from sunrise to sunset. And when you want to trek out into the field wearing, say, Filson Dry Tin Pants and a Filson thermal shirt, you’ve got the perfect piece of outerwear in your rotation already. What are you waiting for? Go score one of the best men’s field jackets now.

SHOP: The Filson 3-Layer Field Jacket

The Thursday Buy: The Bespoke Post Layers Box Has the Best Gear for Fall Right Now

If there’s one place you can go when the calendar starts flying quickly towards fall, it’s Bespoke Post. The NYC-based brand offers up an easy and effective way to stock your calendar with the best subscription boxes for men, month after month, and that brings us to today’s Thursday Buy. You might best know the brand for its stellar deals on tons of gear, including the famed Bespoke Post Weekender Box. Right now though, it’s the Bespoke Post Layers Box you’re going to want in your rotation right now, especially with the official start of fall only days away. In fact, when you join Bespoke Post, you’re getting the Bespoke Post Layers Box for just $45, a downright steal when you consider the utility you’re getting in exchange. What exactly awaits you in one of the best men’s subscription boxes? Reader, I’m glad you asked. It’s no less than one of the best flannel shirts, to go along with a stylish beanie cap for the chilly months ahead. We’re just getting started, though.

Get the Bespoke Post Layers Box ASAP

Stock up on fall gear early

How does Bespoke Post do it? Again, I’m glad you asked. They seek out new, fresh gear month after month, then bundle it up at prices that are too good to be true (the Bespoke Post Layers Box, for instance, is just $55 even if you’re not a member of the lauded subscription service). From cocktail kits to rugged flannel shirts like the soft-as-can-be Line of Trade Summit Flannel Shirt found in the Bespoke Post Layers Box, it’s all delivered in a highly impressive manner. In the case of the flannel shirt found here, it starts with luxurious and yet rugged fabric, as with all great flannel shirts (keep on scrolling for more).

As if it wasn’t enough to get a standout deal on two tried-and-true fall essentials, the Bespoke Post Layers Box is about as high-quality as you might expect from an affordable flannel shirt (which is to say, incredibly high-quality, since it’s Bespoke Post we’re talking about here). That means the shirt itself is made from ultra-soft brushed cotton flannel, the kind that feels great on its own against your skin and super-warm when layered up atop your favorite henley for fall from Bespoke Post. Plus, it’s tough to top the range of four essential color combinations on offer here when it comes to the Line of Trade Summit Flannel (note that you can also get the shirt on its own for a higher price, but why not take advantage of the deal at hand?).

The beanie cap from Wren is also a suitable topper to your next fall ensemble, delivered in an engaging range of colors that pair perfectly with the aforementioned Line of Trade Summit Flannel within the perfectly rugged and downright essential Bespoke Post Layers Box. In short, you’ve got the makings of a stylish, effective seasonal outfit up for grabs here with just a few clicks. Again, when you sign up to join Bespoke Post, you’re getting access to a whole range of the best subscription boxes for men, month after month after month. The next time you reach for a flannel shirt and beanie cap, make sure you’re wearing these two from the Bespoke Post Layers Box.

Layer up for fall with Bespoke Post

Your new favorite flannel is here

The Thursday Buy: Layer Up with Faherty Brand’s Quilted Fleece CPO for Fall

We’re already barreling through September, believe it or not, and that’s why you should have your sights set on the best new fall menswear from, among other retailers, Faherty Brand. Of course, any menswear wardrobe should be stocked with the best seasonal style essentials, but there are just a few companies in particular that really seem to get the spirit of the best fall menswear in particular. After all, what could be more seasonally friendly than layering up with the rugged-yet-soft, extremely comfortable Faherty Brand Epic Quilted Fleece CPO? If that name sounds like a handful, well, rest assured that Faherty Brand lives up to the promise of “epic” quality in crafting one of the best shirt jackets for men, and that’s really saying something.

I’ve become a fan of Faherty over the years through the brand’s use of fine, premium materials and extremely high-quality construction, something that echoes across the board whether you’re in the market for a short-sleeve henley in the hot months or something like the perfect flannel shirt for cold weather. In that sense, the Faherty Brand Epic Quilted Fleece CPO is just about everything you could ask for in a rugged fall layer, starting with the military-focused origins of the style (so modeled after the type of versatile and durable jackets worn by Chief Petty Officers).

SHOP: The Faherty Brand Epic Quilted Fleece CPO

Naturally, Faherty brings things forward into the 21st century with the Faherty Brand Epic Quilted Fleece CPO using a cotton-polyester blend, well-made quilted construction and contrasting nylon fabric for some visual interest when layered up this season. The Faherty Brand Epic Quilted Fleece CPO is especially sharp in the navy colorway shown here, which means you can wear it over shades of grey (as in, a rugged long-sleeve henley) or even a vibrant plaid shirt. Antique brass snaps offer up another bit of durability as far as one of the best men’s shirt jackets is concerned, and you get the true “shirt-jacket” feel through waist welt pockets.

Get the best shirt jacket for fall now

Faherty Brand delivers yet again

To me, the Faherty Brand Epic Quilted Fleece CPO is best worn on casual, cool fall mornings, subbed in as a blazer substitute for an end-of-week meeting or thrown on as you pack up the car for a safe fall road trip. It works more than serviceably in each of those situations, providing warmth, style and rugged appeal. Of course, you’re shelling out just a bit more for the Faherty Brand Epic Quilted Fleece CPO than your average layer from a fast-fashion brand (it retails for $198 at Fahery Brand), but think of it like style you can count on and trust, all the while. Throw in the fact that you can select from multiple color options, and Faherty Brand has every base covered with this reliable, all-new fall layer.

SHOP: The Faherty Brand Epic Quilted Fleece CPO

The Thursday Buy: Get this Flint and Tinder Henley Sweatshirt for Early Fall Layering

What’s a guy to do when he wants one of the best layers for early fall, for those times when it’s not quite chilly enough to throw on an insulated jacket, but it’s too cold to rock your favorite T-shirt solo? That’s easy: Turn to a hybrid layer that represents the best of both worlds: Something like the Flint and Tinder Henley Sweatshirt. It’s got plenty going for it, starting with the fact that it hails from the same company that makes the famed Flint and Tinder Waxed Trucker Jacket, as surefire a fall style classic as you’re apt to find these days. Better still, it’s got the warmth of a sweatshirt and the rugged good looks of a henley, to boot. And on top of that, it’s on sale at Huckberry right now for under $64. That’s marked down from $98, so you’re getting quite the nice discount on one of your new favorite sweaters for fall — or is it a henley? You be the judge, but just know that you won’t be able to live without it soon enough.

Get your new favorite fall layer

The best of both worlds, with rugged style in spades

The Flint and Tinder Henley Sweatshirt checks all the right boxes if it’s rugged, casual style you seek. It’s practically made to be thrown on in laidback weekend situations, especially with vinyl spinning and hot coffee in hand. It’s really the construction that makes the Flint and Tinder Henley Sweatshirt stand out handsomely, as with most all things Flint and Tinder. It starts with super-soft, substantial-but-not-too-heavy French Terry cotton fabric, translated into a henley style with that three-button placket.

SHOP: The Flint and Tinder Henley Sweatshirt

You can wear it like a normal henley, sure, but the Flint and Tinder Henley Sweatshirt is made to be worn over a super-soft long-sleeve tee with faded stretch denim for the ultimate in weekend-ready comfort. It also looks good enough to be worn atop, say, a chambray shirt with stretch chinos back at the office on a relaxed fall Friday, and again, that’s the beauty of the versatility you get with the Flint and Tinder Henley Sweatshirt. USA-made construction and tough rubber buttons make this henley sweatshirt a serious keeper, despite the on-sale price.

It’s only available in Washed Navy right now, but that color should prove a natural pairing with everything from burgundy corduroys to tan work pants (no matter how little work you have on your weekend agenda aside from visiting a new brewery). Because it’s made by Flint and Tinder, consider that a bit of another guarantee of quality and long-lasting style. Simply put, the Flint and Tinder Henley Sweatshirt looks darn good, wears well with all of your favorite fall style staples, and keeps on trucking day after day, all season long. With fall on the way, upgrade your wardrobe accordingly.

Get yourself hybrid style with Flint and Tinder

Pick up a henley and sweatshirt, all in one

SHOP: The Flint and Tinder Henley Sweatshirt

The Thursday Buy: Mott and Bow Is Making the Best Fall Jeans for Men

A great wardrobe, or at least a wardrobe in progress, is packed with men’s style essentials for situations aplenty. Take the best jeans for men. It’s no easy feat to find the right pair to begin with, let alone a pair that works for changing seasons. Here’s where Mott and Bow comes into play (NOTE: First-time customers can get 10 percent off with the code beau10). The NYC-based retailer, a favorite of mine on the blog over the years (and a brand also found in my Style Guide Shop) is now making some essential jeans for fall (to go along with the best jeans for summer). Meet the Mott and Bow Mercer Slim-Fit Jeans, made with a medium-weight 10oz. cotton and available in a particularly seasonal Olive color. These are jeans you can wear with your favorite pocket T-shirt right now (also from Mott and Bow), and then jeans you can readily style as you layer up with a waxed trucker jacket and a rugged henley on chilly fall nights. Consider it the tip of the iceberg, because these could be your new favorite jeans.


There’s a lot to love about the Mott and Bow Mercer Slim-Fit Jeans as we head into fall, including the ways in which the Olive tone (one of 10 versatile colors available) fits in with the colors of the season. Add in the Slim fit, and you’ve got yourself a clean pair of jeans to wear to the office or at home (they’re also available in Straight and Skinny fits, though). Let’s keep talking about these stylish men’s jeans, shall we?

SHOP: The Mott and Bow Mercer Slim-Fit Jeans

Get 10 percent off at Mott and Bow with the code beau10

First-time customers, score this deal now

It can certainly be mighty tricky to find your new favorite jeans, what with so many options out there (some, a bit too pricey, some far too cheap). Mott and Bow toes that fine line quite nicely, using that medium-weight twill denim with a hint of stretch to give you plenty of bang for your buck in a well-executed pair of jeans. They’re comfort stretch jeans perfected with the family knowledge of founder Alejandro Chanin, whose family has been involved in the denim industry for decades. Low Cost. High Quality. Classic wardrobe essentials for less!

The result is a pair of the best jeans for 2021, available in a suitably rich, fall-ready color that pops nicely against a white Oxford shirt or your favorite chambray shirt, for starters (something that Mott and Bow also makes, as luck would have it). Customize the Mott and Bow Mercer Slim-Fit Jeans to your liking with fit, sizing and try-on options, layer them accordingly with a thermal henley and a rugged trucker jacket, or better still, wear them starting right now with a classic T-shirt. They’re guaranteed to deliver all the standout early fall style you need. Happy shopping, my friends.

Get 10 percent off at Mott and Bow with the code beau10

The Thursday Buy: The Red Wing Iron Ranger Boots are the Perfect Boots for Fall

We’ve talked a bit lately about how to dress in style for early fall, but the biggest key before you can actually get dressed is, well, stocking your wardrobe with the right pieces. Take, for instance, some of the best men’s boots for fall, the iconic, instantly recognizable and seriously rugged Red Wing Iron Ranger Boots. Since you’re shopping for the season just a bit early, you’re in luck: You can get your new favorite leather boots right now from Bespoke Post, with a solid selection of sizes and colors available. For me this year, it’s all about the durable and eye-catching Red Wing Iron Ranger Boots in Charcoal, a slight change of pace from other Red Wing Heritage Iron Ranger Boots (take, for instance, the Red Wing Iron Ranger Boots in Amber). Of course, I’ve certainly sung the praises of the Red Wing Heritage Iron Ranger Boots here on the blog over the years, but it’s always worth getting a refresher on a classic.

The rich Charcoal color is every bit as versatile and attention-grabbing as other men’s boots up for grabs right now, but it’s got a little something extra going for it. It’s the kind of pair of boots you can wear with a suit (preferably, in a fall fabric like herringbone or wool), but they’ll also be able to put in double-time when teamed with your favorite pair of blue jeans. And because these are Red Wing boots we’re talking about here, the appeal only builds from there.

SHOP: The Red Wing Iron Ranger Boots

Straightforward, dependable and hard-wearing has always been the name of the game with the Red Wing Iron Ranger Boots, which remain classic and stylish almost without fail. The original version, after all, was designed for iron miners in the 1930s, and Red Wing has stayed true to that commitment to quality and integrity. When it comes down to it, you likely won’t find a tougher pair of work boots (or boots for casually rugged style) than a pair of Red Wing boots. They’re also water and stain-resistant and of course, they’re made in the U.S.A.

Wear them with tan chinos and a white Oxford shirt for classic high-low style, or break them out with slim blue jeans and a pocket tee. When it gets colder, I’d wager you already know how to wear your Red Wing Iron Ranger Boots: Start with, say, a long-sleeve thermal henley and an indigo denim jacket, then consider adding a classic crewneck sweatshirt to the mix as it gets chilly. No matter how you choose to wear ’em, the Red Wing Iron Ranger Boots will come through in the clutch, every time you need an expert blend of style and durability.

SHOP: The Red Wing Iron Ranger Boots

The Thursday Buy: You Need the Flint and Tinder 365 Pants in Your Daily Wardrobe

Folks, when the going gets tough, when it feels to hot to wear pants, when you feel like your summer wardrobe is on the fritz, well, that’s when you need a pair of the Flint and Tinder 365 Pants. I’d be willing to bet that if you read this site on the regular, you don’t need me to sing the praises of Flint and Tinder, the excellent in-house brand dreamed up by the fine folks at San Francisco-based Huckberry. They’ve long been one of my favorite retailers, and indeed, one of the best places to buy menswear online, and that only becomes more clear by the day. So, that’s a great place to start if you’re thinking about buying the Flint and Tinder 365 Pants — and yes, I mean right now, as hot as it might be. That’s because the Flint and Tinder 365 Pants aren’t your average pair of chinos. They’re certainly part of any well-regarded list of the best shopping picks at Huckberry, but it goes beyond that.

We’ve certainly talked in the past about what makes these some of my favorite pants, but consider this a refresher – and again, even in the summer heat. The remarkable Flint and Tinder 365 Pants are a Huckberry best-seller for good reason, starting with the fact that they’re built as tough as jeans, with the styling potential of chinos. It’s the five-pocket design and yet polished build that stands apart from the pack. That versatility makes them easily wearable in situations where it’s too casual for jeans, but you still want to feel comfortable (and look great). Heck, go ahead and buy two pairs for $175 then thank me later.

SHOP: The Flint and Tinder 365 Pants

Particularly in the summer months, I’m a huge fan of the Salt colorway, which sits nicely at the intersection of off-white and bright white (which might be a bit too fashion-forward based on the situation. Beyond that nice and summer-ready option, they come in a dozen colors, each as wearable as the next with other Flint and Tinder essentials. You’ve also got your pick between Slim, Straight and Tapered fits. I’ve tried out both the Slim and Straight fits, and even the Straight fit is nicely cut, and not overly baggy.

The 8oz. cotton blend fabric, with just a hint of stretch, is also breezy enough for summer, but dependable enough for fall and winter. That makes them a true pair of four-season men’s pants, a rarity for under $100. Remember though, you can buy two pairs for $175 and save a bit of extra cash. Plus, the versatile design pairs well with everything from a Flint and Tinder T-shirt (right now) to a chambray shirt layered over your favorite henley (in the fall and winter). If you haven’t yet tried out the Flint and Tinder 365 Pants, consider this the perfect time to take the plunge. You’ll stay polished and stylish, even in the heat — I guarantee it. If you’ve tried out some of these pants, let me know in the comments. Stay stylish!

SHOP: The Flint and Tinder 365 Pants