The Thursday Buy: Get the Best New Sunglasses from Huckberry For Under $100

Just when you thought you had your wardrobe all squared away with the best style essentials for men, allow Huckberry to re-enter the fold and deliver the accessory you didn’t know you needed this early fall. The accessory in question? Why, that’s easy: Some of the best sunglasses for men, from a new in-house brand developed by the hard-working folks at one of the best online menswear shops.

Walden Sunglasses hit all the right marks in terms of style, functionality, price and design — how’s that for going four-for-four to close out summer? Make no mistake, you still need a pair or two of the best men’s sunglasses even as summer draws to a close — heck, you can make the argument you need to wear your favorite pair of sunglasses all year long, even in winter. Luckily, Huckberry’s Walden Sunglasses make it easy on you in every way possible. Let’s dive in, yes?

Best new sunglasses for men

Walden Sunglasses draw from vintage design inspiration (like the 1950s inspired Walden Woods Sunglasses, or the classic square look of the Walden River Sunglasses), and in the process, they strip away “unnecessary details in favor of simplicity,” as Huckberry says.

This, my friend, is great news for you. Along the way, the Walden Sunglasses use sturdy, durable and eco-conscious materials, like a recycled steel internal frame, nylon lenses made from materials like fossil carbon, and external frames made from bio-based content.

It’s an impressive approach to design that only gets better when you consider that these pairs are under $100, and they’re made to wear well with, say, plenty of Huckberry Bestsellers. If it seems like Huckberry thought of everything when designing your new go-to sunglasses, it’s because, well, they did. Secure your pair now for effortless early fall style, folks.

The Thursday Buy: This Stylish Everlane Bomber Jacket Is 50 Percent Off For a Limited Time

Best bomber jacket for men

The key with building a wardrobe filled with the best menswear — or at least, a wardrobe that’s well on its way to hitting all the right notes — can be a bit more simple than you might think. Start with classic building blocks and go from there, like one of the best bomber jackets. Better still — as we head into the blustery days of early fall — if that stylish bomber jacket is well-made, highly wearable and also on sale right now for 50 percent off. It comes from Everlane, which has a knack for selling the best on-sale style essentials out there.

Man and woman standing in a field looking at the camera wearing white tees and jeans

Think of it like a Thursday edition of our Tuesday Steal series, and then head over to Everlane to shop your new favorite bomber jacket. That’s right: Although you might find it hard to believe, the Everlane Track Bomber Jacket is on sale for just $44 right now, marked down from $88 and here to carry you from late summer into early fall without missing a beat. Made from 100 percent organic cotton, it’s a stylish bomber jacket that wears more like a casual crewneck sweatshirt, yet looks much more ready for, well, just about anything out there.

Best men's bomber jacket

The Everlane Track Bomber Jacket is more like a hybrid piece of outerwear and athleisure gear than anything use, using that soft organic cotton construction to carry you through casual days aplenty. It’s the kind of jacket that would wear quite well with casual style picks, like an Everlane T-shirt and a pair of classic Everlane blue jeans.

Mercer Apricot 3

However, you can also class up the Everlane Track Bomber Jacket with a timeless Oxford shirt, those very same blue jeans and a pair of Everlane men’s shoes for a go-anywhere look that’ll pull double-duty at the office or on a weekend road trip. Between the agreeable, easy-to-layer fit, the crisp Kingfisher Blue colorway and helpful exterior pockets, the Everlane Track Bomber Jacket checks all the right boxes — and it might be the most affordable jacket for men on the market right now.

The Thursday Buy: Step Out in Style This Early Fall with Wellen’s Organic Cord Shirt

Best men's shirt for early fall.

As far as the best style essentials for men are concerned, I’m of the opinion — as you know if you read the blog — that it’s never too early to get ready for a new season, especially when the season in question is early fall (surely, one of the best times of year for menswear). And of course, you should stay at the ready by shopping your favorite online menswear shops early and often, like Huckberry.

We’ve talked about on-sale summer style essentials from the famed retailer here as of late, but today’s fall style pick is a crucial one — it’s the Wellen Organic Cord Shirt, a refreshed take on the classic buttondown that you’re going to love wearing this fall. You’ll find, it of course, in the Huckberry New Arrivals section, which is positively packed to the gills with some of the best early fall menswear.

Your new favorite fall shirt is available right now in seven cool, fresh colors and patterns, and perhaps better still is the fact that the Wellen Organic Cord Shirt retails for under $100, a nice steal when it comes down to shopping for the best shirts for men.

100 percent organic cotton construction and a made-in-India design drive home the modern-yet-timeless nature of the Wellen Organic Cord Shirt, and the fit should prove easy to wear this shirt all on its own or beneath your favorite henley this fall. Again, it’s never too early to prepare properly with style essentials aplenty for fall, and the Wellen Organic Cord Shirt checks off all the right boxes.

The Thursday Buy: Forty Five’s Slub Pocket Tee Is the Best T-shirt for the Dog Days of Summer

Best men's T-shirt for summer.

The best men’s style essentials — especially from one of the best online stores for men, Huckberry — always tend to offer up more than meets the eye, as you know if you read the blog on the regular. What do I mean by that? Well, be it better construction or design, better fabric or a better fit, something as simple as the humble T-shirt — once just an undershirt, now a bonafide style staple — becomes something you can wear with ease all on its own. It also becomes a T-shirt you can style in some pretty cool ways, as is the case with the Forty Five Slub Pocket Tee. Named for the 45 RPM record — one perfect record meets one perfect T-shirt –perhaps you remember these stylish men’s T-shirts from my guide to the best summer T-shirt earlier this season.

Shop your new go-to T-shirt at Huckberry

You won’t want to wear another T-shirt

Rece Absinthe - New Spring '22 Style

Consider this a prime reminder, with a new deal in store, to boot: Get 3 of the best men’s T-shirts for $95, then wear them with plenty of other Huckberry Bestsellers, be it stylish stretch chino shorts or breezy linen trousers. Now, I’m going to wrap up today’s post in short order, since you don’t need me to remind you any more about the importance of finding one of the best T-shirts for men — agreed? Agreed. Now, get out there and find your new favorite T-shirt in a wide range of colors — and in a breezy, ready-to-beat-the-heat fabric.

The Thursday Buy: DUER’s Adventure Pants Are the Best Summer Travel Pants for Men

Best summer travel pants for men.

So, you’ve got your next set of summer travel all booked, you’ve got your stylish weekender bag packed, and you’re now simply looking to get the rest of your summer style essentials on lock. Let’s start with your bottom half: For getting around in comfort and style, whether by plane, train or automobile, you’re going to need a pair of the best travel pants. Scratch that: Let’s get even more specific, because you’re going to need the DUER Live Free Adventure Pants. They’re sold by Huckberry, purveyors of rugged gear aplenty, so you know they’re up to snuff in terms of functionality and style points. Let’s keep digging in, shall we?

Shop stylish travel pants at Huckberry

We’ll see you out on the road

Perhaps you’ve got your other summer travel gear sorted, like one of the best travel watches, but there’s something even more essential about scoring a pair of the best summer travel pants, like the DUER Live Free Adventure Pants. What’s the scoop on this pair in particular? Reader, I’m glad you asked. They’re a hybrid between joggers and regular old five-pocket pants, with a sleek, tailored fit and a DWR coating to fight back against spills and rain (perfect for a long day on the road.

Best travel pants for men.

What’s more, the DUER Live Free Adventure Pants are actually a streamlined set of cargo pants, with useful pockets for your EDC — they manage to look sleek, not bulky or baggy. The blend of fabric (incorporating everything from cotton to spandex to durable TENCEL and polyester) is comfortable against the skin and yet durable enough for repeat wear, while neutral (and fast-selling!) color options make the DUER Live Free Adventure Pants as great a pair of summer travel pants for men as any. The next time you need to hit the road in style, make sure the DUER Live Free Adventure Pants are part of your ensemble — and the rest of your trip.

The Thursday Buy: Mack Weldon’s Maverick Tech Chino Shorts Belong in Your Summer Wardrobe ASAP

Is the search for the perfect set of summer menswear essentials ever really, truly at an end? It depends, but oftentimes, there’s just a bit more that can be done to help you step out in style and comfort this season — and today’s recommendation to help you in that quest? That’d be buying a pair of the best shorts for summer from Mack Weldon, a set of go-anywhere shorts that perform well, look great and offer versatility to the max. The shorts in question? The Mack Weldon Maverick Tech Chino Shorts, which check all the right boxes and provide plenty of style points in the process.

The NYC-based team at Mack Weldon already does a bang-up job of delivering on gear for all seasons, particularly as the thermostat rises and you need gear that both performs in the heat and looks great. Take one of the best men’s henleys, for instance, or a stylish men’s polo. Of course, you can now add the Mack Weldon Maverick Tech Chino Shorts to that list, and for plenty of great reasons.

Shop summer gear at Mack Weldon

Get free shipping on orders of $75 or more

The real key with the Mack Weldon Maverick Tech Chino Shorts is that blend of tech and fashion that’s so critical nowadays. We’re talking a water-resistant four-way stretch fabric designed to move and flex with you, along with a crucial six pockets and an easy-to-style 7.75-inch inseam that works well on most guys. Yes indeed, the Mack Weldon Maverick Tech Chino Shorts check all the right boxes, and they come in stylish shades like grey, olive and navy, to boot.

And hey: Because the Mack Weldon Maverick Tech Chino Shorts are priced at $98, you’re getting free shipping and some nice bang for your buck this summer. Your next few months just got even more comfortable and stylish, my friends.

The Thursday Buy: The Mack Weldon Pima Short-Sleeve Henley is the Best Henley to Buy Now

Best men's henley for summer

If you read the blog on the regular, hopefully, you know that sometimes, the best style moves are the most subtle and classic. Take the idea behind wearing one of the best men’s henleys, after all. It’s a simple yet significant upgrade over wearing even one of the best men’s T-shirts, one that signifies a touch of rugged, classic and yet casual style — and for my money’s worth (and yours!), the Mack Weldon Pima Short-Sleeve Henley is one of the most stylish men’s henleys you can rock right now.

It’s got plenty going for it, from simple style points to tech specs, and it’s worth diving in just a bit more this fine Thursday.

Mack Weldon already excels at mixing things up nicely — like making a polo that’s as soft as a T-shirt — and they’ve done just the same here with this modern take on a classic style. The henley shirt started, after all, as a shirt worn by rowers in Henley-on-Thames, with the button placket providing both extra coverage and ventilation when needed, and the Mack Weldon Pima Short-Sleeve Henley carries on that lineage nicely.

The use of super-soft pima cotton makes this shirt ultra-comfortable and breathable, while the three-button placket on the Mack Weldon Pima Short-Sleeve Henley is another classic henley design touch. Color options like Sand Heather and True Navy team up nicely with everything from olive chinos to grey stretch chino shorts, while the agreeable $42 price tag isn’t a bad deal at all given the quality and summer-friendly versatility on offer. When you want casual style that steps things up just a notch, snag the Mack Weldon Pima Short-Sleeve Henley.

The Thursday Buy: Buck Mason’s Tough-Knit Classic Tee Is A Casual Summer Essential

When is a classic style essential so much more than just a straightforward, timeless piece? When it’s made by the all-American style purveyors at Buck Mason, that’s when. We’ve sung the praises of this brand time and time again here at The Style Guide, be it the brand’s ability to make one of the best men’s polos or one of the best men’s short-sleeve shirts. But truly, the Buck Mason story begins with a focus on the classics, like the humble T-shirt — first a military-issue undershirt, and now, a tried-and-true style staple. And for my money’s worth (and yours), the Buck Mason Tough-Knit Classic Tee is one of the best men’s T-shirts to buy right now — seriously.

The Buck Mason Tough-Knit Classic Tee is so much more than just a T-shirt, believe it or not. It’s got all the specs you should look for in a stylish tee you can rock all on its own, starting with the 100 percent cotton construction for a sturdy feel and fit. The midweight cotton is heftier than the brand’s classic Pima cotton, so this stylish T-shirt should drape and wear well all day.

Note that the Buck Mason Tough-Knit Classic Tee features a straight hem, unlike the brand’s famed Curved Hem Tees — some of the best T-shirts for men out there, mind you — and classic colors like Midnight go with darn near anything you can dream up (Buck Mason jeans included). The next time you want a timeless tee for daily wear, grab the Buck Mason Tough-Knit Classic Tee.

The Thursday Buy: This Flint and Tinder Shirt is a New-Yet-Classic Summer Style Move

As we roll through another fine Thursday here at The Style Guide, it’s high time we took stock of one of the most critical parts of your summer style rotation: The short-sleeve buttondown shirt. We’ve talked a lot in recent weeks about the best short-sleeve shirts to wear all summer, the kind of shirt that adds polish to more casual looks (Think: Stretch chino shorts and canvas sneakers) or a bit of an easygoing air to looks that are just a touch more formal (like linen trousers and leather loafers). And for my money’s worth, the Flint and Tinder Cotton Linen Shirt takes the cake and checks all the right boxes when it comes to one of the best shirts for summer.

It’s sold, of course, by the fine folks at Huckberry, who’ve nailed the right balance between classic and modern with the company’s fan favorite Flint and Tinder in-house brand. The Flint and Tinder Cotton Linen Shirt is the kind of shirt that just works and works.

In a color like crisp Navy, it’s dressy and polished enough to wear with linen trousers for a night out on the town, and in a shade like the natural Salt colorway, the Flint and Tinder Cotton Linen Shirt pairs up nicely with olive stretch chino shorts and white sneakers. It’s also the right balance of sturdy and soft (thanks to the 90 percent cotton construction), and because it’s Huckberry, the Flint and Tinder Cotton Linen Shirt is the kind of shirt you can trust to stand the test of time. Make it yours for under $80, then get ready to wear it the rest of summer.

See Now, Buy Now: Flint and Tinder’s Dobby Chore Shorts are the Best Rugged Shorts for Summer

Best shorts for men this summer.

When you throw on shorts in the summer months, you want casual, easygoing comfort, right? What about if you want a bit of versatility and a dash of rugged appeal, suitable for poolside lounging and the occasional odd job around the house? My friends, this is where the best shorts for men are going to fit your every need, especially when it comes to the Flint and Tinder Dobby Chore Shorts. They strike that tricky balance between functional and easygoing, casually cool yet up for anything. Sounds like the best men’s shorts to get in your wardrobe, yes?

As you very well might have guessed, the Flint and Tinder Dobby Chore Shorts are coming at you by way of San Francisco and Austin retailer Huckberry, one of the best online menswear brands a guy can shop. Flint and Tinder, the site’s esteemed in-house brand, already makes one of the best lightweight jackets, not to mention a rugged chambray workshirt, but the Flint and Tinder Dobby Chore Shorts strike a more laidback, warm-weather-ready balance between the two. The inspiration is the highly useful yet still incredibly cool designs found in throwback French workwear, including a cotton and linen blend upgraded with polyurethane for stretch and toughness. The Flint and Tinder Dobby Chore Shorts get even better from there.

Best casual men's shorts for summer.

The design on the Flint and Tinder Dobby Chore Shorts gives you plenty to consider and enjoy, be it the combination drawstring waistband with belt loops, or the back and hip pockets for storing your everyday carry essentials. The drawstring keeps ’em casual and relaxed, but you can also polish things up by adding a belt and perhaps wearing a nicely tailored sweater polo and some of the best men’s luxury sneakers. The pleasingly faded Turnbull Blue color of the Flint and Tinder Dobby Chore Shorts is a nice touch that gives this pair a spring and summer-minded feel, while also offering up a dash of vintage style.

Taken all at once, you can wear the Flint and Tinder Dobby Chore Shorts with everything from your favorite pocket tee to one of the best polos for men, all without missing a beat. Trot out the Flint and Tinder Dobby Chore Shorts at BBQs and coastal vacations, or take them for a spin at a rooftop patio with leather loafers and a tailored short-sleeve buttondown.

Of course, the Chore Short name make them useful if you really want to get into a project or two, in the tradition of the French workwear from which the Flint and Tinder Dobby Chore Shorts get their name. Either way, these shorts will prove dependable and stylish all summer long.