See Now, Buy Now: Flint and Tinder’s Dobby Chore Shorts are the Best Rugged Shorts for Summer

Best shorts for men this summer.

When you throw on shorts in the summer months, you want casual, easygoing comfort, right? What about if you want a bit of versatility and a dash of rugged appeal, suitable for poolside lounging and the occasional odd job around the house? My friends, this is where the best shorts for men are going to fit your every need, especially when it comes to the Flint and Tinder Dobby Chore Shorts. They strike that tricky balance between functional and easygoing, casually cool yet up for anything. Sounds like the best men’s shorts to get in your wardrobe, yes?

As you very well might have guessed, the Flint and Tinder Dobby Chore Shorts are coming at you by way of San Francisco and Austin retailer Huckberry, one of the best online menswear brands a guy can shop. Flint and Tinder, the site’s esteemed in-house brand, already makes one of the best lightweight jackets, not to mention a rugged chambray workshirt, but the Flint and Tinder Dobby Chore Shorts strike a more laidback, warm-weather-ready balance between the two. The inspiration is the highly useful yet still incredibly cool designs found in throwback French workwear, including a cotton and linen blend upgraded with polyurethane for stretch and toughness. The Flint and Tinder Dobby Chore Shorts get even better from there.

Best casual men's shorts for summer.

The design on the Flint and Tinder Dobby Chore Shorts gives you plenty to consider and enjoy, be it the combination drawstring waistband with belt loops, or the back and hip pockets for storing your everyday carry essentials. The drawstring keeps ’em casual and relaxed, but you can also polish things up by adding a belt and perhaps wearing a nicely tailored sweater polo and some of the best men’s luxury sneakers. The pleasingly faded Turnbull Blue color of the Flint and Tinder Dobby Chore Shorts is a nice touch that gives this pair a spring and summer-minded feel, while also offering up a dash of vintage style.

Taken all at once, you can wear the Flint and Tinder Dobby Chore Shorts with everything from your favorite pocket tee to one of the best polos for men, all without missing a beat. Trot out the Flint and Tinder Dobby Chore Shorts at BBQs and coastal vacations, or take them for a spin at a rooftop patio with leather loafers and a tailored short-sleeve buttondown.

Of course, the Chore Short name make them useful if you really want to get into a project or two, in the tradition of the French workwear from which the Flint and Tinder Dobby Chore Shorts get their name. Either way, these shorts will prove dependable and stylish all summer long.

The Thursday Buy: The Buck Mason Twill Short-Sleeve Shirt is Your New Go-Anywhere Shirt

Best short-sleeve shirt for men.

Quick, name at least one summer style essential you can’t live without. It very well might be one of the best short-sleeve shirts for men, right? The type of shirt you can wear with ease to the office on a casual day, not to mention for weekend days aplenty, from the brewery to the BBQ and beyond, right? And folks, can you ever have enough when it comes to a rotation of the best men’s short-sleeve shirts? I think not — that’s where the Buck Mason Draped Twill Short-Sleeve Shirt is going to shake up your wardrobe in the best way.

Hopefully, you’re well-acquainted with what Buck Mason brings to your wardrobe, be it one of the best lightweight jackets for expert travel style or some of the best summer shorts — now, you can add another tried-and-true essential to your list just as the thermostat really starts to climb. The Buck Mason Draped Twill Short-Sleeve Shirt seems simple and subtly stylish on the surface, and that’s not a bad thing to have close at hand in the months ahead. It all starts, of course, with the tightly woven yet lightweight cotton twill blend, the kind that’s going to feel substantial and yet breath easily (without wrinkling as much as a linen shirt might, for instance).

Buck Mason shirting review.

The Buck Mason Draped Twill Short-Sleeve Shirt checks plenty of other boxes, too, including a mid-length fit that looks great untucked or tucked in. Heck, the Buck Mason Draped Twill Short-Sleeve Shirt is so surprisingly polished, you could even wear it under your favorite summer blazer to stay cool without missing a beat. The use of rayon within the cotton blend also makes it super-soft to the touch and comfortable against your skin, no undershirt required. Crucially, the Buck Mason Draped Twill Short-Sleeve Shirt also fits slim through the body but offers room to move up top, thanks to the pleated back design.

The range of colors in which you can snag the Buck Mason Draped Twill Short-Sleeve Shirt is also impressive: Five neutral colors make up the offering, each easily wearable with a pair of expertly faded Buck Mason jeans or chinos, for starters. Colors like Fog or Natural are perhaps easiest to mix and match, but any option you select when it comes to the Buck Mason Draped Twill Short-Sleeve Shirt just works, well, quite well for spring and summer style. Priced fairly at $95, it’s the short-sleeve shirt you can work into many a summer ensemble. Go for it right now, then thank me later. Happy shopping!

The Thursday Buy: This Bonobos Shirt Jacket is the Best Casual Layer for Spring

Best casual spring shirt jacket for men.

It’s hard to go wrong, in my humble opinion, with the menswear being designed and sold by Bonobos. Sure, that’s a lofty claim to make, but when a brand that started out making the best chinos for men has since expanded into a major global fashion player, it’s a worthy claim to make. That’s especially true when you step back and consider the fact that NYC-based Bonobos also now makes one of the best shirt jackets for spring. Scratch that: One of the best casual layers for spring, period.

Spring is, after all, a time to make sure your entire outerwear rotation is on-point, be it dressing for the office with one of the best lightweight blazers or an utterly classic leather moto jacket. But back to the task at hand. Not every situation or every day is suited for a spring blazer or a moto jacket. What about all those times when you want a casual layer you can throw on at a moment’s notice, perhaps over your favorite T-shirt or henley? That’s where the Bonobos Supersoft Fleece Shacket steps into the ring. This durable yet soft fleece shacket is the perfect hybrid style — cooler on the surface than a zip fleece jacket or quarter-zip fleece, easy to move around in and layer with thanks to the button front, and of course, available in a classic array of Bonobos colors. Yes indeed, the Bonobos Supersoft Fleece Shacket checks all the right boxes, and then some.

Best shirt jacket for men.

Crucially, the Bonobos Supersoft Fleece Shacket lives up to its billing: It really is super-soft, made with a cotton-poly fleece blend that’s been sueded for an extra luxurious feel. Yet, that cotton-blend fabric shouldn’t prove as heavy as your favorite winter flannel shirt, so you can more readily wear the Bonobos Supersoft Fleece Shacket atop your go-to spring T-shirt without breaking a sweat. Oversized buttons and two large front chest pockets add to the hybrid design details of this easygoing yet warm shacket — the Bonobos Supersoft Fleece Shacket is made to be worn in leisurely situations (say, with tailored joggers to get a weekend coffee), but it can also be worn as a mid-layer beneath a rugged field coat if it’s an especially chilly spring day.

The Antique color option is a vibrant shade of yellow that you could style with black or charcoal jeans or chinos to really let this “shacket” pop, but the Blue iteration of the Bonobos Supersoft Fleece Shacket is your best bet for maximum versatility. For good measure, one of the best men’s shirt jackets actually won’t break the bank — as of right now, it’s marked down to $89 (previously, the Bonobos Supersoft Fleece Shacket was $119). So, to recap: You’re getting what’s truly a super-soft fleece shirt jacket in a spring-ready weight, one made from stretchy, comfortable material. And what’s more, the Bonobos Supersoft Fleece Shacket is on sale for a terrific deal. Sounds to me like you’ve found your new favorite spring layer.

The Thursday Buy: Viberg’s Scout Boots Are the Coolest, Most Rugged Spring Boots to Buy Now

Best men's boots for spring.

If you read this blog frequently, you know my philosophy: You can never have too much of a good thing, especially when that good thing revolves around stocking your closet with the best men’s boots for spring. Or really, any time at all, but especially spring, when the shifting weather and the promise of outdoor adventures aplenty awaits. That’s where the investment-level Viberg Scout Boots come into play, one heck of a pair of durable and rugged boots as sold by the durable and rugged gear purveyors at Huckberry.

Perhaps you’re familiar with Viberg reviews or with my love of my own Viberg boots over the years: These boots are built to last, crafted with care in Canada by a family-owned company that can’t seem to stop passing down its knowledge on how to make the best boots for men. And folks, this is a very good thing indeed. The Viberg Scout Boots are but the latest in a long line of ridiculously well-made, dedicated and great-looking boots to come out of the confines of our neighbors to the north, and for starters, the Viberg Scout Boots are well worth the price tag (they’ll set you back $710). How exactly does that work out? Reader, keep scrolling.

The Viberg Scout Boots are some of the best men’s boots for spring and beyond for a few key reasons, chief among them versatility. You can wear the Viberg Scout Boots with a rugged henley and your favorite pair of blue jeans for easygoing spring style, yet you can also lace up the Viberg Scout Boots with hard-wearing work pants and one of the best waxed jackets when the situation calls for it. That’s because the Viberg Scout Boots are built to last with Rowdy Dachshund leather sourced from Chicago’s famed Horween tannery (makers of some of the best leather goods and best leather boots on the planet). These hard-working boots are also made with a Goodyear storm welt for added durability — the fact that the Goodyear sole can be replaced is a huge bonus, and a visually striking Vibram Morflex sole adds comfort and a smooth ride.

If you ask me, the Viberg Scout Boots are some of the most reliable boots on the market at the moment, although sizes are going quickly right now. Vintage brass eyelets and waxed laces give these a slightly elevated touch, although one look at the Viberg Scout Boots is enough to see that they’re elevated in every way possible. Make this investment-worthy pair of boots your next pick-up right now. Once they’re yours, you’ll want to wear them as often as you can with your favorite spring style moves. Buy now, then thank me later.

The Thursday Buy: The New Shinola Runwell Grey Watch is one of the Coolest Timepieces on the Market

Best leather watch for men.

For as important as it is to stock your full rotation of menswear essentials for spring — like the best rain jacket, for instance — it’s also crucial to make sure your accessories are on-point, like seeking out one of the best leather watches for men. No outfit is complete without the little details (word on the street is that folks notice both the watch on your wrist and your shoes first), so why not invest in the best with a rugged new Shinola men’s watch? Sounds pretty ideal, right? Don’t you and I both know it. I’ve talked plenty on the blog about the rugged appeal and timeless style points of the Shinola Runwell and other styles — like the hard-wearing, weather-ready Shinola Duck Watch, too — but there’s something a bit different about the Shinola Runwell 47mm in Matte Gray.

The 47mm case diameter, for starters, is a bold and tough Shinola favorite, the kind that might be too big on some wrists but sits nicely on others (remember, they also make the Shinola Runwell 41mm). This new edition of the Shinola Runwell can certainly take a few dings, but it’s the gunmetal PVD brushed case finish that takes it to the next level in terms of durability and eye-catching style. Trust me, your watch collection needs both, and the Shinola Runwell 47mm in Matte Gray delivers.

Best everyday leather watch for men.

The Shinola Runwell 47mm in Matte Gray features other useful, Shinola-esque details, like a handsome bit of contrast between the black dial, crisp white markings and the vibrant Shinola logo detailing (again, it’s the little things that make a big difference). There’s a helpful sub-dial and within that tough watch case, the Shinola Runwell 47mm in Matte Gray is powered by the brand’s Argonite 1609 quartz movement. Quartz is a less expensive movement in the watch world, but that’s what helps make the Shinola Runwell 47mm in Matte Gray such a steal anyways — it looks like a much more expensive watch, but is priced reasonably at $675. That’s part of who Shinola is as a brand: Making some of the best men’s watches at agreeable prices, packed with plenty of style details. Yes indeed, the Shinola Runwell 47mm in Matte Gray is next on my wish list when it comes to the best watches for men.

To finish things off, the brand places the Shinola Runwell 47mm in Matte Gray on a remarkable whiskey cordovan leather strap. That contrast between black and brown just works handsomely, giving you the option to wear your new favorite watch with rugged, durable leather boots, indigo blue jeans and one of the best men’s henleys, or with stretch washed chinos and a classic Oxford shirt back at the office. Any way you wear the Shinola Runwell 47mm in Matte Gray, it’s going to come through in matters of both style and precise timekeeping. Go forth and add it to your collection, my friends.

The Thursday Buy: The Buck Mason Western Denim Shirt is a New Spring Style Essential

Stocking your wardrobe for spring is all about finding the right ingredients, so to speak: Useful pieces that come in handy in situations both casually rugged and slightly more polished. That’s why the Buck Mason Western Denim Shirt is so handy and even downright essential as you consider the proper ingredients that go into making one of the best men’s shirts for spring. Plenty of Buck Mason reviews will tell you that the all-American brand doesn’t cut any corners in matters of style and functionality. That’s the case whether the brand is delivering one of the warmest thermal henleys for the colder months or, in the case of the Buck Mason Western Denim Shirt, crafting a go-anywhere piece you can wear on its own or as a shirt jacket. Call it the tip of the iceberg, so to speak, because again, Buck Mason doesn’t cut any corners.

A denim shirt, much like the workwear roots of the cotton chambray shirt, is well-suited for moving from the depths of winter into spring as you stow away your trusty flannel shirt and search for something a bit more lightweight – and perhaps easier to layer over one of your favorite T-shirts. The Buck Mason Western Denim Shirt knocks things out of the park when it comes to its design, using a not-too-bulky, not-too-light 6.75 oz. indigo yarn-dyed cotton twill.

Best denim Western shirt for men.

In addition to the layering-friendly fabric build, the Buck Mason Western Denim Shirt gets plenty of other crucial details right, too. Note the classic pearl snap buttons, a hallmark of any great Western shirt, plus the three-button snap cuffs so you can customize the fit of the sleeves – either rolled or worn fully buttoned. The Western details are on point with the Buck Mason Western Denim Shirt, to say the least — right on down to the gold contrast stitching and Western-style snap chest pockets. The back yoke adds another layer of durability, not to mention on-trend Western detailing, too. And of course, the garment-washed denim fabric on the Buck Mason Western Denim Shirt gives it an extremely comfortable, lived-in feel right out of the box.

It’s easily wearable atop a breezy cotton Buck Mason henley, and that entire combination works well when worn with all manner of spring style essentials, be it lightweight stretch chinos or edgy Buck Mason black denim for a fresh take on double denim. The Buck Mason Western Denim Shirt is a change of pace from the ordinary, especially from more polished spring shirts like a soft-washed Oxford shirt. Given the fact that Buck Mason has come through with a highly durable, classic design, it’s a worthwhile addition to your seasonal wardrobe.

The Thursday Buy: The Todd Snyder Italian Snap Dylan Jacket is Your Spring Jacket Refresh

Best suede jacket for spring.

It seems like just yesterday that we were talking about the best winter menswear deals at Todd Snyder, and now here we are, moving right into a new season with a look at one of the best men’s jackets for spring. It comes courtesy of one of the best menswear designers in America, a name you’ve long been familiar with if you read this blog: That’d be Todd Snyder, the Iowa-born, NYC-based designer that takes rugged menswear staples, like the trucker jacket, and amps them up with premium materials and a refined, surprisingly elegant approach. Which brings us to one of the best spring jackets for men today — we’ve talked previously about the Todd Snyder Dylan Jacket in its fall-friendly waxed design, but today’s iteration is a perfect jacket for the season, done up in rich, soft suede in an striking Medium Blue color.

Of course, there are several options you’ve got when it comes to the Todd Snyder Dylan Jacket in Suede, but why not embrace the pending return of spring? It’s part of a slate of Todd Snyder New Arrivals in premium materials and vivid colors, be it rugged henleys, on-trend rugby shirts or soft indigo denim — yes, it’s all worth a look, and the Dylan Jacket in Suede leads the way.

The best men's jacket for spring.

It’s no surprise that the Todd Snyder Dylan Jacket in Suede, especially in a rich and seasonally minded color like Indigo, is a best seller of Snyder’s brand for a reason. It’s made in Italy, with extremely soft and smooth suede. This is a jacket to be worn on breezy days, but not overly rainy days, as suede doesn’t fare well in a downpour. The rest of the time though, the Todd Snyder Dylan Jacket in Suede is well worth its price tag ($998 at Todd Snyder). Handsome silver snap hardware contrasts nicely with the Medium Blue color in particular, and the trucker jacket fit hits on the hip (and runs slightly slim).

The Todd Snyder Dylan Jacket in Suede is rugged enough to pair with deep blue indigo jeans and a classic men’s henley, but it’s also an interesting change of pace to wear with tailored Todd Snyder chinos and your favorite Oxford shirt. Best of all, you can wear the Todd Snyder Dylan Jacket in Suede as a statement piece if you pick up a brighter or more bold color, or you can go more subdued in a crisp color like Olive or Dark Charcoal. Above all else, I’d look to get as much wear as possible out of the Todd Snyder Dylan Jacket in Suede, no matter what the color or wearing occasion. If you end up picking up this jacket, let me know in the comments. Here’s to spring layering, my friends!

The Thursday Buy: The Mack Weldon Atlas Jacket is the Best Men’s Casual Jacket to Shop Now

Best casual jacket for men.

There are certain casual style essentials where it’s nice to treat yourself and really step things up with the “best of the best,” so to speak, and that’s where Mack Weldon can do wonders for your wardrobe. Specifically, the Mack Weldon Atlas Jacket is one of the best casual jackets for men, the kind you can incorporate into just about anything you’re doing, day in and day out, in these increasingly, well, casual times. Perhaps you’re already well-acquainted with the New York City basics brand, known for making everything from one of the warmest men’s henleys to one of the most comfortable flannel shirts — not to mention a wide selection of some of the best-reviewed boxer briefs on the planet. The Mack Weldon Atlas Jacket, recently launched as part of the brand’s mix-and-match, innovative, go-anywhere Daily Wear System, ties everything together as a polished-yet-casual outerwear option, ideal for everything from Zoom calls to coffee meetings to laidback Fridays back in the office.

The Mack Weldon Atlas Jacket is the kind of jacket your laidback wardrobe very well might be missing, made with a water and wrinkle-resistant lightweight poly fabric you can easily layer over your favorite Mack Weldon henley alongside classic blue jeans — or else, the Mack Weldon Ace Sweatpants.

Best casual everyday jacket for men.

Taken altogether, the Mack Weldon Atlas Jacket checks all the right boxes as far as the best casual jackets for men are concerned. The moisture-wicking fabric keeps you cool and comfortable, and the hidden interior pocket is ideal for keeping your look streamlined and your everyday carry essentials safe. Versatile color options are also the name of the game with the Mack Weldon Atlas Jacket, which comes in a crisp black as well as Charcoal Heather and Total Eclipse, a sharp navy shade you could wear to the office with tan chinos and a white Oxford shirt (in place of your favorite cardigan, perhaps). The Mack Weldon Atlas Jacket is seemingly simple on the outside, yet ready for just about anything — including long days on the road.

You can team the Mack Weldon Atlas Jacket with just about any other basics in your wardrobe, be they joggers or jeans or chinos, plus this laidback jacket works great with everything from graphic tees to one of the best men’s polos from Mack Weldon. It’ll set you back $128, but when you consider that the Mack Weldon Atlas Jacket could become a jacket you wear casually most days of the week — especially if you work from home — then that price is certainly worth it. As ever, if you want one of the best jackets for men — and more — Mack Weldon is the place to go. Shop accordingly, my friends.

The Thursday Buy: The Shinola Runwell Automatic Is the Most Versatile Everyday Watch on the Market

Make no mistake, there are any number of the best men’s watches you could select and wear essentially on the daily from Detroit-based Shinola, as many a Shinola review will tell you. For your Brooklyn style writer and Michigan native, they consistently craft some of the best watches for men on the market in a range of accessible styles, be it a rugged dive watch or an investment-level dress watch. But what about if you want a watch that’s a little more toned down, a bit more easygoing and yet still just as ready for everyday wear? That’s when you should consider the Shinola Runwell Automatic 39.5mm, a sized-down version of its Shinola Runwell made for slightly smaller wrists and featuring a refined look and feel, to say the least.

What’s the key with the Shinola Runwell Automatic 39.5mm and why should you make it work for you? It’s got everything going for it that you might expect in one of the best everyday watches, starting with a crisp, retro-yet-modern dial design that wears just as well with a wool winter suit as it does with a pocket tee and your favorite pair of blue jeans come spring. Of course, the automatic movement is a big step forward for the brand, one that makes the Shinola Runwell Automatic 39.5mm noteworthy in its own right.

Best Shinola watch for men.

As you very well might have guessed, the specs on the investment-level Shinola Runwell Automatic 39.5mm (it clocks in at $1,095 at Shinola) are befitting of a handsome, elegant, and next-level everyday watch. The handsome leather strap and sharp black dial make the Shinola Runwell Automatic 39.5mm a true keeper in form as well as function, with a Swiss automatic movement (I.E. A stellar movement) to keep things ticking along in fine fashion. The Shinola Runwell Automatic 39.5mm looks timeless and sharp, ready to wear to the office with the sleeves of your Oxford shirt rolled up, and then just as at ease on the weekend alongside a rugged shawl cardigan.

If you want versatility on the daily with your watch rotation, you want the Shinola Runwell Automatic 39.5mm in your collection ASAP. A watch that can do it all can be hard to find these days, but you can rest assured you’re in great hands with Shinola’s latest and greatest innovation. Now, the only thing you need to do is get it on your wrist.

The Thursday Buy: Billy Reid’s Moleskin Jeans Are The Coolest Pants for Men to Buy Now

As much as you might have updated your uniform over the last, say, two years to reflect more casual menswear and casual times, there’s still something to be said for getting dressed the right way with a pair of the best men’s pants. Yes, that’s right: I said it, and you’re going to have to get dressed in sharp style again one of these days. Enter Billy Reid and the seriously cool, versatile Billy Reid Moleskin Jeans. They’re a perfect example of the ways in which the Alabama-based namesake brand remains one of the best menswear designers in the country.

Satchel and Page

Billy’s focus is on giving the classics a fresh, modern and yet still timeless spin, whether it’s one of the best sweatshirts for men — updated with neat elbow patches — or the classic Billy Reid Bond Peacoat. He really doesn’t miss a beat when it comes to blending the more rugged with the more refined, which is why pieces like the Billy Reid Moleskin Jeans are the perfect way to ease back into wearing more traditional pants (as comfortable as your sweatpants might be, that is). It starts with the Portuguese-made construction and the careful use of just a hint of elastane for comfortable stretch, turning the Billy Reid Moleskin Jeans into a next-level pair of pants, so to speak. It gets better from there, luckily.

As ever with Billy Reid menswear, it’s the details that make the difference, and the Billy Reid Moleskin Jeans are packed with small touches only one of the country’s top style designers can provide. Take the custom hardware on the front center of these stylish slim-fit jeans, not to mention the ultra-soft fabric and the tailored fit throughout. It’s the little things and the big things that Billy Reid gets correct here, turning these into some of the best pants for men. But remember: That touch of stretch makes them more comfortable right out of the box than stiff selvedge jeans, and that’s not a bad thing, either. They’re also available in rich colors like the khaki-esque Rubber and the wear-with-anything Earth Green shown above. Fear not the higher price tag ($228 at Billy Reid), because these are going to provide some nice bang for your buck.

Satchel and Page

The Billy Reid Moleskin Jeans are going to replace even your most treasured pair of sweatpants, and they also might even replace a pair of your favorite jeans (remember, moleskin is like a brushed cotton, a nice change of pace from classic, much-loved Billy Reid men’s jeans). The Billy Reid Moleskin Jeans are a change of pace from the ordinary, wearable with anything and everything from one of the best henleys for men — which you can also find at Billy Reid — to a tailored shawl cardigan for rugged winter layering. You can even wear the Billy Reid Moleskin Jeans with a classic T-shirt and a trucker jacket for the ideal blend of high-low style. When it’s time to get dressed properly by wearing “real pants,” I’d wager the Billy Reid Moleskin Jeans are going to prove more than essential — they might even become a new favorite.