See Now, Buy Now: Shop the Timex Marlin Watch at Bespoke Post Today

Best affordable Timex watch for men.

When it comes to the best places for guys to shop online, I’m all about the nature of the “one-stop shop,” so to speak. Think of the brands and retailers that stock all the menswear essentials you love, from the most affordable sunglasses to a stylish Western shirt, and then realize that you can go even deeper than that — all thanks to companies like NYC’s own Bespoke Post.

The essential in question today is but one way to round out your next summer style ensemble — or really, any style ensemble any time of year: It’s the classic, crisply designed Timex Marlin Watch, and it’s one of the coolest watches for men to buy now. You can find it, of course, within Bespoke Post’s well-stocked section of Everyday Carry Essentials, a fitting location to score accessories that elevate any outfit.

The real key here with the Timex Marlin Watch is the blend of accessibility (it’s priced to sell at $259), plus sharp style (note the contrasting deep blue dial and dressy tan leather strap). Plus, the Timex Marlin Watch clocks in at an agreeable 40mm in terms of the stainless steel case, and the day and date window detailing on the dial is a nice touch, too.

The next time you want one of the best Everyday Carry Essentials to round out an outfit, look no further than one of the best places for guys to shop online — naturally, you’ll find what you need at Bespoke Post.


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