The Thursday Buy: Billy Reid’s Western Shirt is Your New Favorite Fall Shirt

Best men's shirts for fall

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: It’s crucial to have variety within your wardrobe, especially menswear essentials that blend two key ingredients at the same time. It’s something of a specialty of Billy Reid: Taking something a bit rugged and a bit classic, and merging them together seamlessly. One only need look at the Billy Reid Western Shirt to get the idea. It’s got the classic looks of a Western shirt, with just a touch of rugged design all the while, and that makes it your new favorite shirt for fall.

Trust me on that, and be sure to look around the rest of the seriously well-designed Billy Reid New Arrivals section to get some of the best menswear for fall (and beyond). The Alabama-based designer already does a standout job crafting some of the best men’s shirts, what with touches that are both refined and yet wearable just about anywhere, and the Billy Reid Western Shirt is no exception. Now, it can be tough finding Billy Reid gear on sale, but this pick-up is worth it at full price.

What makes the Billy Reid Western Shirt so essential? Well, all things Western are certainly on trend right now, yet they don’t overdo it. This blue-meets-green multi-plaid design is eye-catching yet wearable with classic picks like tan chinos or inky blue denim, and small contrasting touches like white buttons offer a touch of visually appealing style, too.

Contrast stitching helps set the Billy Reid Western Shirt apart, too. On days when you want to class up your favorite fall blazer with a unique shirting touch, or on days when you simply want to throw on a stylish, grab-and-go shirt, this investment-level option is your best bet.


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