The Friday Read: Bowmore and Aston Martin, The Best Oktoberfest Beers & New Mott and Bow Jeans

My friends, we’re closing out another momentous week here at The Style Guide and rolling into the weekend the right way. We’ll get to my first style recommendation in just one second, but for now, I’m reflecting on a lifetime day trip I took the other day — a cruise up to the iconic Glass House museum in Connecticut for a tasting of an exclusive, rare Bowmore Scotch, crafted in collaboration with British automaker Aston Martin. The setting, as you can see above, was exceptionally beautiful and tranquil — a perfect locale for such a great Scotch tasting and gourmet luch! And the ride itself from NYC northward? An incredibly stylish, well-designed Aston Martin DBX. It was a thrilling, instantly memorable journey in one of the coolest cars on the planet (for my money’s worth!).

Yes, you’re reading this all correctly: The luxury automaker and the famed Scotch brand teamed up on a striking new Scotch whisky, one I had the privilege of covering for none other than Maxim as part of my freelance writing pursuits. We tasted both that exceptional Scotch — and were treated to an incredible meal and a selection of tastings from the entire Bowmore portfolio, which isn’t something you get to do every single day!

Hopefully, you’ve kept up with all the festivities on my Instagram, but for now, just know that the Scotch in question is definitely worth the price tag (and the illustrious hype!). Now, onward to business and menswear, starting with a true Friday highlight: My pick for some of the best jeans for men from Mott and Bow. Let’s get right to it!

Mott and Bow eco-friendly jeans
  • The right pair of jeans certainly ranks high among any list of the most versatile, best menswear essentials you own, able to be worn in business casual settings or during laidback weekend days. What if I told you Mott and Bow was keeping that same approach, yet making its stylish men’s jeans all the more eco-friendly? Yes indeed, NYC-based Mott and Bow just launched an eco-friendly denim collection made with sustainable recycled fibers and far less water production than other pairs of jeans. Check out these new Mott and Bow jeans here, my friends.
  • My friends: Prost! It’s the most wonderful time of the year — or the most wonderful time for a beer, more likely, as famed beer celebration Oktoberfest is back and going on as we speak in Munich. If you can’t make it across the pond, you’re in luck: You can still sip on some of the best Oktoberfest beers if you shop beer for delivery at Drizly. And to get you started? Head to my SPY guide to the best beers for Oktoberfest, folks. Cheers to that!
  • We talked just shortly ago about some of the best jeans for men, but what’s every bit as crucial as finding the right pair of jeans? Finding one of the best belts for men, which is precisely what I focused on in my latest style roundup for Men’s Journal. Stay stylish out there!
Let’s close the book on this week’s Friday Read — again, to keep up with all the goings-on in my neck of the woods, be sure to catch up on my Instagram. Oh, and be sure to swing by the blog tomorrow for my weekly Style Pick. Thanks, as always, for reading!

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