The Sunday Sale: Save 30% On the Most Rugged Men’s Gear Right Now at Howler Brothers

Best rugged gear to buy now.

What sort of gear do you reach for when you get out into the wild? That could be the best outdoor menswear you layer up with on a day hike, or on a camping trip, or on a winter market stroll… or even just the coolest menswear you rock on an evening trip to your favorite brewery.

When yours truly takes on those pursuits, I look for comfortable, dependable, hard-wearing gear that’s easy to move around in and versatile as heck — this is where Austin-based Howler Brothers enters your wardrobe. Better still is the fact that the Howler Brothers Last Call section is newly stocked with the most rugged menswear for guys.

We’re talking 30 percent off the best rugged menswear on the market, especially fan favorites like durable flannel shirts, super-soft hoodies, one of the best quilted jackets for men and more. OK, make that much more, because destinations like the Howler Reserve Collection also stock exclusive designs for solid prices, too. Keep in mind that sizes are going very, very fast, though.

Best rugged men's style essentials.

Across the board, the brand specializes in gear you can wear from day to night, especially in casually rugged situations (think a winter park stroll, followed by a few drams at a snug whiskey bar). Best of all is the fact that, again, the best rugged gear for guys is now at least 30 percent off at Howler Brothers. Your winter wardrobe will surely thank you later.


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