The Sunday Sale: Take 40 Percent Off the Best Dress Shoes for the New Year from Bruno Magli

Bruno Magli men's dress shoes

Take your pick from some of the finest men’s dress shoes, all on sale to start a new year.

Check your calendar, check your footwear rotation and get your credit card at the ready, because it’s time to pick up some of the best dress shoes for men to kick off a new year — and it helps that you can get a great deal on ’em in today’s Sunday Sale. If you’ve kept up with the blog in recent weeks, you know that Bruno Magli makes some of the best leather dress shoes around, what with refinement and style the name of the game (just check out my guide to the best loafers to wear at home, for starters). That’s where the ridiculously cool and well-made Bruno Magli Ancona Cap-Toe Oxfords enter the equation, and not a moment too soon if you’d like to upgrade your men’s dress shoes for winter 2021 and well beyond.


In fact, the headline says it all — you can get 40 percent off some of the best men’s dress shoes right here, right now. How about that, ehh? We’re talking stylish leather dress shoes that normally retail for close to $400, now available for under $200. That’s what we call a bingo, folks. Either way, they’d be worth the full price (more on that in a moment), but know that you’re certainly getting your money’s worth.

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Bruno Magli Oxford dress shoes

Beautiful cognac leather and refined details make these an ideal pair of dress shoes for men, regardless of the season.

And in these increasingly casual times, it can absolutely pay off to keep your footwear rotation well-stocked with a pair of the best leather dress shoes, especially when you’ve got to (eventually) head back to the office. Heck, even if you just feel like dressing up for a date night or happy hour at home, the Bruno Magli Ancona Cap-Toe Oxfords have your back. The made-in-Italy construction and use of Italian leather are both major signifiers of quality, and it helps that the rich Cognac leather is versatile enough to wear with everything from navy chinos and a classic Oxford shirt to a charcoal suit and a light blue dress shirt. Of course, these stylish Oxford dress shoes are still more versatile than you might expect. Feel free to wear them with dark blue denim, that same Oxford shirt and a cashmere cardigan this winter, too (the captoe and brogue detailing naturally makes them a bit more casual). When you want stylish leather dress shoes that exceed any and all expectations, you want these one, folks.

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The Sunday Sale: Take 50 Percent Off This Refined Suede Jacket at the MR. PORTER Sale 


A seriously refined, cool suede jacket you should snag for a nice deal right now .

To me, it’s always crucial to end the weekend on a high note, be it a Brooklyn stroll, a cold happy hour beer or of course, another edition of The Sunday Sale. That’s why we’re here, of course, and you’d do well very well to listen and read closely, because the ongoing MR. PORTER Sale is not to be missed. To dive right into it, that’s where you’ll find one of the best jackets for men right now, and at a great deal. Yes indeed, the Kingsman Slim-Fit Suede Jacket can be yours for 50 percent offa deal that’s sure to upgrade your outerwear rotation as soon as you slip into one of the best men’s jackets for winter and beyond. To be sure, pieces from the film franchise-inspired Kingsman line, like the Kingsman Cashmere Cardigan, aren’t cheap, but they’re worth it in terms of style points and quality.

It’s not every day, or every month, or even every quarter, that you can get a deal on stylish men’s outerwear from a refined retailer like MR. PORTER, so it’s best you look sharp, check out top MR. PORTER sale picks and give special consideration to this refined and highly versatile suede jacket. Why invest in one of the best men’s suede jackets when it’s still, well, an investment at nearly $800 at MR. PORTER? Well, bear with me — and I’m glad you asked, my friend.

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KIngsman Suede Jacket

This stylish suede jacket is as well-made as your favorite blazer.

Consider it like the cooler version of your favorite blazer for Zoom calls or happy hours, and think of it like a sharper investment that you can wear as dressed-down or as dressed-up as you please. Seriously, the trucker jacket styling makes the Kingsman Slim-Fit Suede Jacket closer to a moto jacket or a denim jacket than even an unlined blazer, so you can rock this cool-as-can-be piece atop something as simple as a rugged henley or a grey long-sleeve T-shirt with ease.

Of course, the Kingsman Slim-Fit Suede Jacket  also wears nicely with a classic Oxford shirt and slim blue jeans or tan chinos. The made-in-Italy construction and the hidden chest pocket flap buttons give this entire coat an incredibly sleek and refined look. Plus, who doesn’t love the highly versatile Olive Green suede shown here? It’s a winner all around. Again, keep in mind that you can get it at MR. PORTER for 50 percent off, and it’ll give you a leg up in all things stylish, sharp outerwear for years to come.

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The Sunday Sale: Take More Than 30 Percent Off This Classic Todd Snyder Shirt

Todd Snyder Cotton Cashmere Twill Shirt

Take more than 30 percent off this stylish men’s shirt for expert looks heading into 2021.

Folks, we’re back with another edition of The Sunday Sale, and better still, we’re back with another Todd Snyder sale to share the scoop on an excellent deal on one of the best men’s shirts around. How great does that sound? And because it’s the first weekend of 2021, today’s discounted offering really takes the cake if you want an essential men’s shirt for winter. The shirt in question? It’s the Todd Snyder Brushed Cotton Cashmere Twill Shirt, and you can get it right now for more than 30 percent off (33 percent off, to be exact). Although this Todd Snyder cashmere shirt might at first appear simple on the surface, it’s anything but. It’s the kind of timeless, classic men’s shirt that the NYC designer excels at making, one that’s subtly stylish, highly versatile and ready to wear with everything from slim Todd Snyder jeans to tan chinos and more. If you’ve been looking for the best shirt for men to start the year, you could surely do worse than this soft, cozy buttondown shirt for expert style on the daily.

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Todd Snyder Brushed Cotton Cashmere Twill Shirt

One of five stylish colors in which you can get this classic shirt from Todd Snyder.

As you might expect, the Todd Snyder Brushed Cotton Cashmere Twill Shirt is exactly the kind of piece that goes above and beyond what you’d expect from your typical men’s shirt. To wit: The premium fabric is made from a blend of cotton and cashmere wool for an exceptionally soft feel. That means you can wear this newly iconic shirt atop something as simple as a crisp white henley or a grey thermal shirt (depending on which of the five colorways you buy) without missing a beat. And touches like a button-chest pocket add a bit of visual interest — you can assuredly wear this Todd Snyder shirt all on its own, layered up atop a tee or paired with a rugged leather aviator jacket. The real winning touch? The versatile color options, and that 30-plus percent discount at Todd Snyder (not something you find very often when searching for one of the best shirts for men). The next time you need a go-to shirt for casual style situations and Zoom calls or happy hours alike, get the Todd Snyder Brushed Cotton Cashmere Twill Shirt.

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The Sunday Sale: Stock Up on Basics With A Discount on the Best Men’s Socks from Bombas

Bombas Marls Classic 8-Pack Socks

Get a discount when you buy eight essential pairs of the best socks for men from Bombas.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: Socks? Really, just socks? Especially when we’ve got to  close out the year right? Well, the answer is “yes and no” in today’s Sunday Sale. As in, yes, we’re going to talk about a discount on socks, and yet … we’re going to be talking about a discount on some of the best men’s socks out there, and a brand you should have on your radar (if you don’t already). That brand, my friends, is Bombas, and they’re one of the best men’s basics brands around — seriously, they’ve expanded beyond socks into a range that includes a variety of stylish T-shirts, and the quality speaks for itself.


But back to the deal of the day. The best socks for men are somewhat hard to come by, especially if you’re a guy who likes to find out the best sock brand, and then stick to it hardcore. For all of the assembled gathered here today, I think that brand could be Bombas. To be more specific: You can get 10 percent off an 8-pack of the Bombas Classic Marls Calf Socks when you go right ahead and invest in an ever-critical eight-pack in helpful and easy-to-style colors for plenty of casual or even business casual wear.

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Bombas Best Sellers

You can also use the brand’s pack deals to get up to 15 percent off a whole range of essential socks.

Plus, the Bombas story is nothing if not helpful and inspirational: The brand donates an item for every item purchased, often working with homeless shelters and partners across all 50 states. And hey, it helps that the socks themselves really do pass muster (at least in my opinion). The Bombas Classic Marls Calf Socks are substantial yet easy enough to wear with chukka boots or work boots without squeezing your feet too tightly or making it hard for ’em to breath. That’s all the better, because the fact that the Bombas Classic Marls Calf Socks are sold in an eight-pack is a wise move indeed. The next time you need to stock up on basics, you can’t go wrong with Bombas.

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The Sunday Sale: These FEIT Wool Hiker Boots are Nearly 40 Percent Off at UNCRATE

Some of the coolest leather boots on the market, guaranteed.

Folks, welcome back to another Sunday Sale, and the last edition of the Sunday Sale before The Big Day next week — if you’re still on the hunt for a last-minute gift for the stylish guy in your life, you best get him a discount on the best men’s hiking boots on the market. What’s more, the FEIT Wool Hiker Boots (as sold by the team at UNCRATE) are nearly 40 percent right now (marked down to a more agreeable and still investment-level $499, from $800). Yes, that’s right: Like much of the gear at UNCRATE — and much of the gear in the UNCRATE Suprlus Section — these are a big-time purchase, all the better when you consider how much wear you’ll be getting out of these rugged leather hiking boots this season. And if you’re gifting the guy who’s got nearly every type of boot, but not these ones, consider them a head-turning, show-stopping, super-stylish purchase. Some of the best men’s leather boots, period? Yes indeed, my friends.

SHOP: The FEIT Wool Hiker Boots at UNCRATE

Fully fashioned crewneck sweater to keep you warm against the harshest winter climates.

FEIT Wool Hiker Boots

A rugged design and classic hiking boot construction set this pair apart from the pack.

The FEIT Wool Hiker Boots really are one-of-a-kind, featuring a pigment-dyed leather in a sleek and cool Black color that blends utility and plenty of style. These are hiking boots that have more in common with tough combat boots than a pair of clunky, older hiking boots, which makes them all the better for wearing with everything from rugged chore pants to indigo denim to plaid wool trousers this winter. Consider them some of the coolest men’s boots, period, with style points and a price tag to match. Yes indeed, the FEIT Wool Hiker Boots also feature top-notch Goodyear welt construction, which means you can have them resoled after years of wear. They’re a pair of boots worth investing in, and if you head to the UNCRATE Suprlus Section, they can be yours for a standout deal.

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The Sunday Sale: These Wolverine 1000 Mile Sneakers are the Best Deal on Sneakers Right Now

Wolverine 1000 Mile Original Sneakers

Head to the Wolverine sale section to get one of the best deals on the best men’s sneakers right now.

Today’s Sunday Sale, if I may, is a real doozy when it comes to finding a great deal at a heritage brand like Wolverine, and you can trust me on that. If it’s the best men’s sneakers and boots you seek, all at great deals, then you’re going to want to check out Wolverine men’s shoes this season, and you’re going to want to do so in a hurry. As a matter of fact, the Wolverine Men’s Sale is packed to the brim with iconic silhouettes, new styles and classic takes, all available at standout prices — and yes, that includes the Wolverine 1000 Mile Original Sneakers. Think of them like, well a sneaker version of your favorite pair of Wolverine boots, packed with all the quality and style you could possibly need for winter and well beyond. Here’s where it gets even better. These classic high-top sneakers retail for well under $300, giving ’em plenty of bang for your buck. Yes indeed, if you want rugged leather sneakers that wear more like boots but give you plenty of casual versatility and some serious style points, then it’s the Wolverine 1000 Mile Original Sneakers you’re going to want on your feet ASAP.

SHOP: The Wolverine 1000 Mile Original Sneakers

Wolverine 1000 Mile

One of four cool colors in which you can find these rugged and iconic sneakers.

The great thing about finding your new favorite pair of sneakers, yet one as made by a lauded boot brand, is that you’re getting the same attention to detail and top-notch construction that Wolverine delivers day in and day out. In the case of the Wolverine 1000 Mile Original Sneakers, that means rich leathers and rich color options, plus handcrafted quality (more than 80 artisans worked on these sneakers). The use of rich Horween leather is another huge bonus, and the Vibram outsole should provide maximum comfort and durability. These are the kind of sneakers you should be proud to wear with a host of winter style staples, from rugged canvas work pants and a waxed parka to slim blue denim and your favorite crewneck sweatshirt for unstoppable casual style. It’s all thanks to Wolverine, so don’t sleep on your new favorite kicks.

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The Sunday Sale: Get 40 Percent Off This American-Made Jacket from American Trench

American Trench Slim-Fit Down Hooded Jacket

This rugged, tough and durable down jacket is available for quite the steal right now.

Now that we’ve hit December, one thing should be top priority as far as your menswear wardrobe is concerned: That’s getting one of the best men’s jackets for winter on your back and in your closet, and that leads us to today’s edition of The Sunday Sale. To get even more specific, the American Trench Slim-Fit Down Hooded Jacket is as fine a pick-up as you’re apt to find in the American Trench Clearance Section (and elsewhere, for that matter) and you can snag it for 40 percent off today. It’s got all the proper specs you could ever ask for in a durable winter jacket, starting with some serious style points via the classic navy colorway. But the hits just keep coming with the American Trench Slim-Fit Down Hooded Jacket, from the weatherproof Japanese nylon fabric (crinkled for added texture) to the 750-fill power down insulation (that’s the good stuff as far as keeping you warm). It was originally part of the brand’s Fall 2019 line, hence the deep discount, but plenty of sizes are still in stock.

SHOP: The American Trench Slim-Fit Down Hooded Jacket

American Trench review

American Trench always does a standout job at getting the details right, as you can see here.

This slim-fit down jacket is the ideal blend of modern style and functionality, featuring tough ripstop nylon in the interior to really drive home that weather-ready sense of performance. And as the name would imply, the fit is trim and yet should still leave you room to layer, let’s, a  henley and a classic crewneck sweatshirt for chilly, blustery days. It should go without saying that the hood of this American Trench jacket will also come in mighty handy on particularly snowy days. The moral of the story is this: If you know where to look, you’ll be able to find downright great deals on winter gear, starting with the American Trench Slim-Fit Down Hooded Jacket.

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The Sunday Sale: Get 35 Percent Off Sitewide on the Best Leather Goods at Billykirk

The Billykirk team (that’s founder Chris Bray, who started the brand with his brother Kirk in 1999) has been hard at work crafting some of the best leather goods for the season ahead.

My friends, as you might expect, the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals roll on, from large retailers to some of your favorite craftsmanship-oriented brands. In fact, there’s no time like the present to get a deal on some of the best leather goods at New Jersey-based Billykirk, in fact. Here’s the scoop: 35 percent off sitewide using the code BLACKFRIDAY35, with some seriously great picks up for the taking. Yes indeed, if you want to upgrade your everyday carry essentials (or get ready for the holiday gifting season), you can hardly go wrong with the long-running purveyors of finely crafted leather goods. Billykirk has more than 20 years of hard work and experience going for it — as you know if you read the blog — and that’s why they’re a name you can trust as we power through another edition of The Sunday Sale. So, let’s ease on into it with a pick you can add to your cart ASAP and then stuff in a stocking later on: The incredibly well-made, remarkably cool-looking Billykirk No. 397 Slim Card Case, an expertly crafted leather wallet upgrade.

SHOP: The Billykirk No. 397 Slim Card Case

Billykirk review

One of the coolest leather wallets around, now at an even better price.

Keep in mind that this handsome leather wallet is just one of the standout gear and everyday carry picks you can snag from the brand, seeing as they take great care in crafting everything from slim leather belts to one of the best weekender bags for men. However, it’s the Billykirk No. 397 Slim Card Case that might be the most useful if you or someone you know needs a well-priced wallet upgrade in time for the holiday season. Don’t forget Billykirk’s valet trays, tote bags and plenty more, either. And once again, know that it’s all 35 percent off with the code BLACKFRIDAY35. If I were you, I might want to knock out plenty of my holiday shopping all at once these days. Good luck out there, my friends.

SHOP: The Billykirk No. 397 Slim Card Case


The Sunday Sale: Get 30 Percent Off Classic Blue Jeans from Mott & Bow Today

Mott and Bow product review

Slim blue jeans that’ll break in over time and look great all the while — on sale now for a great deal.

Thanks for joining us, my friends, for another edition of The Sunday Sale, where we give you the inside scoop on a great deal to close out your weekend the right way. And as we roll through the holidays in earnest, here’s where it gets good: You’ve just now stumbled across a standout deal on some of the best men’s jeans out there, all thanks to the good folks at Mott & Bow. In fact, you can get 30 percent off Mott & Bow final sale jeans with the code ‘finalsale’, a move I recommend you make as soon as possible. To be more specific, you can snag 30 percent off the famed Mott & Bow Slim Norfolk Jeans, an inky blue pair of raw denim that hasn’t been pre-washed, giving you all the more opportunity to truly make these jeans your own this season. Call ’em some of the coolest men’s jeans out there, just make sure you get them in your closet for versatile holiday dressing. Here’s the kicker, though: These jeans are final sale, so no returns or exchanges are allowed.

SHOP: The Mott & Bow Slim Norfolk Jeans 

A slim fit and quality fabric set these jeans apart from the pack.

However, if you’ve read the blog through the years, you’ll recognize that Mott & Bow should certainly deliver plenty of quality and style for the price (now, well under $100 using that discount code). Heck, you can head back to my 2015 Mott & Bow product review for even more evidence that these jeans deliver the goods, and that’s saying something. Normally, Mott & Bow offers free returns and exchanges, so you’re taking on some risk here, but these jeans should pay off in spades if you need a versatile, well-fitting pair to rock at holiday gatherings (either of the smaller, distanced variety or the Zoom type). The best part is that discount and all the style potential you get from ’em. Well-done, Mott & Bow. Well-done.

SHOP: The Mott & Bow Slim Norfolk Jeans

The Sunday Sale: This Patagonia Down Shirt Jacket Is 50 Percent Off Right Now

Patagonia Men's Web Specials

One of the most dependable and sustainable shirt jackets out there.

Folks, you read that headline right: The Patagonia Silent Down Shirt Jacket seen at the top of the page, perhaps one of the best layers you can buy for fall right now, is 50 percent off and selling fast. As we move into the cold confines of the approaching holiday season, it’s a casually rugged layering piece you can’t afford to go without, and you can’t afford to sleep on a deal like this one from one of the most sustainable retailers out there. It’s deals like this one that make the Sunday Sale weekly edition go round and round, and this shirt jacket in particular is done up in a way that makes it mighty tough to pass by. It’s got all the right bells and whistles going for it, starting with its functionality — the kind you’d expect from Patagonia. To wit: We’re talking windproof and weather-resistant fabric for long days on the trail, plus filling made from 100 percent recycled down. Patagonia takes extreme responsibility at every step of the supply chain, so that’s another encouraging component of this stylish shirt jacket, too.

SHOP: The Patagonia Silent Down Shirt Jacket

Patagonia Silent Down Shirt Jacket

Another colorway in which you can get this tough shirt jacket from Patagonia.

In fact, three colors of this rugged shirt jacket are up for grabs currently, although sizing is limited — again, jump on this deal ASAP if you want a layer that works with ease atop your favorite henley or even, dare I say it … a chambray shirt. Yes, a shirt jacket over another shirt, folks. The Patagonia Silent Down Shirt Jacket  is the kind of unheralded piece that can go from the trail to the town to a brewery without missing a beat, and it should prove easily packable on fall weekend road trips, too. Everything from faded blue jeans to tough chore pants are also fair game when it comes to completing your next winning fall ensemble. Go forth and shop this sale right now, my friends.

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