The Sunday Sale: Stock Up On Rugged Fall Menswear with the Howler Brothers Last Call Section

40% off Howler Brothers Entire Fall Collection | Cool Material

It’s rare to find a brand that practices what it preaches as much as Howler Brothers. The Austin, Texas-based brand, found at retailers like Huckberry as well as online at its own store and in Austin at its own outpost, is all about seizing the spirit of adventure. It’s made all the better by the best deals on menswear in the Howler Brothers Last Chance section, the reason we’re here for today’s Sunday Sale. What makes this brand so special? Reader, I’m glad you asked. So named for howler monkeys that founders Chase Heard and Andy Stepanian encountered during a jungle adventure in Costa Rica, the brand is about blending form, function and rugged appeal. They mix technical fabrics — suited for fun on water and back on land — with silhouettes like puffer jackets, shirt jackets, short-sleeve shirts and more. It’s vibrant, it’s Southwest-inspired and yet, Howler Brothers menswear works just about anywhere there’s a good time to be had and stylish memories to be made.

In fact, the Fall 2021 Howler Brothers Collection — packed with technical shirts, cozy hoodies, colorful short-sleeve shirts and much more — is about seizing the day and taking on whatever life throws at you, in style (naturally). And yet, it’s the fast-selling Howler Brothers Last Chance section that’s particularly of interest (at least to this writer). Right now is actually a great time to get discounts on last season’s menswear and much more, believe it or not, be it the rugged Howler Brothers Harker’s Flannel or the go-anywhere Howler Brothers Stockman Stretch Snapshirt. Helpfully, prices tend to drop well below $50 or $60, and well below that, throughout the technically minded, rugged-but-modern Howler Brothers Last Chance section. What will you add to your rotation today? Be sure to let me know on Twitter.

The Sunday Sale: Get Free Shipping on Orders Over $75 at Patagonia, Including This Rugged Fall Flannel

Shopping on a budget for the best fall style essentials can be a little tricky, and I say this as someone who loves investment-worthy menswear picks aplenty. So any amount of cash you can save is pretty crucial, right? And if you can do it with sustainability and style in mind, well, isn’t that all the better? Hence, today’s Sunday Sale: A look at garb like the best men’s workwear, as well as the fact that you can get free shipping on orders over $75 at Patagonia. The outdoor retailer is committed to activism and helping the environment, using upcycled, recycled or organic materials across its product line, which just so happens to feature some of the best rugged gear for men. I’m personally a fan of the Patagonia Farrier Shirt, which could be one of the best flannel shirts for fall. For starters, it retails for $89, so it meets the order cut-off nicely. That’s not all this rugged work shirt can do for you, and it’s far from the only nice steal you’ll find at Patagonia.

The Patagonia Farrier Work Shirt (again, just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the best gear right now at Patagonia) comes in a classic red-and-black pattern, plus essential solid colors. Best of all, it’s warm, it’s substantial, it wears nicely with Patagonia jeans and durable Patagonia work pants, and you needn’t pay extra for shipping. Take your pick between a rugged work shirt made with either industrial hemp and recycled polyester, or else one derived from 88 percent organic cotton and 12 percent industrial hemp. Either way, it’s still a darn-fine and mighty tough work shirt made to tackle fall and winter projects with ease. In fact, the entire Patagonia men’s line is packed with hard-working, sustainably gear delivered to your doorstep without over-the-top shipping fees. If that sounds like something you’d appreciate, then I’d say it’s about time you took advantage of free shipping on orders over $75 at Patagonia. If you like what you find, you can always let me know on Twitter. Happy fall, folks!

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The Sunday Sale: Use This Discount Code for 30 Percent off Final Sale Items at Mott and Bow

If it’s one of the best deals on the best menswear that you seek, well, you’ve certainly come to the right place. We’re back here with another Sunday Sale, this time diving into the stocked-up but quickly moving Mott and Bow Final Sale section. It’s not very often that you get the chance to shop some of the best men’s jeans and one of the best T-shirts for men, all at prices as low as $10 (the brand’s Classic V-Neck Tee) and $30 (for some standout Mott and Bow denim). Now, these items won’t be around forever, and stock is moving quickly, so a word to the wise: If you see something you could be in the market for when it comes to fall style essentials for men, go for it and add it to that digital shopping cart. Any Mott and Bow review is going to tell you it’s worth the price, to be sure (especially if that price is seriously discounted). And oh, as to the code in question in the Mott and Bow Final Sale section? It’s simple enough: Use the code ‘finalsale’ to get 30 percent off the entire selection. Now, that doesn’t include one of the best men’s sweaters, as I’ve talked about here on the blog, but the best of the rest is up for grabs.

Shop final sale inventory at Mott and Bow

The best jeans for men and more are on sale for 30 percent off

The great thing about shopping a retailer like Mott and Bow, even when checking out the NYC-based brand’s sale offerings, is that you know you’re getting some of the best denim for men (and more), made the right way. Men’s jeans at Mott and Bow are made with a hint of stretch and expert washes, along with a range of sizes and three fits. Heck, the Mott and Bow Final Sale section is a downright steal, but even at full price (pricing starts at $108), the brand’s jeans — frequently well-reviewed and much-loved — aren’t a bad deal, either. If it’s the best men’s jeans you want, at excellent prices, then go right ahead and use the code ‘finalsale’ to get 30 percent off the entire Mott and Bow Final Sale section. The choice is yours, my friends.

The Sunday Sale: Get Jeans, Chinos, Denim Jackets and More On Sale at Huckberry

Is there a better place to go right now to stock up on the best fall menswear essentials than Huckberry? Especially when it comes to the best deals on men’s style gear? I’d say no, because you’re going to be hard-pressed to find another retailer that stocks and sells everything from the best men’s jeans to the best chinos, home goods, shoes and more, all in one place (and all at standout discounts). It’s not all that different from, say, the Filson Last Chance sale section in that regard, but the Huckberry Sale Section is updated more frequently and totally spot-on when it comes down to just about anything you could picture yourself wearing this season.

In fact, it’s as if the good folks at the San Francisco-based retailer went above and beyond even what you might have on your wish list. The incredibly jam-packed Huckberry Sale Section includes deals on home goods like towels and even a comfortable mattress, too. If it sounds too good to be true, trust me when I say it’s not. Shop away to your heart’s content, stock up on exactly what you need for fall, then get back to the rest of a relaxing Sunday.

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The Sunday Sale: Get Some of the Best Boots Under $300 from HELM

What is right now if not an outstanding time to start shopping some of the best boots for fall from HELM, right? It seems like just yesterday, we were talking about the importance of scoring some of the best boots for early spring. But like clockwork, it’s now just about time to lace up some highly dependable, utterly stylish boots for fall — and it doesn’t hurt that today’s boots in question are more than 10 percent off at HELM Boots (they should drop down to under $260, in fact).. The Austin-based bootmaker gets so many of the details right, including premium materials and exceptional production, and that makes the HELM Hollis Boots (a favorite of mine over the years) an incredible on-sale pickup as you search for the best men’s boots for fall — and beyond.

The Coolest Men’s Boots for Fall

HELM Boots delivers rugged, durable, handsome leather boots at unstoppable prices

HELM prides itself on affordability, not to mention high-class design and durability to begin with (they already make some of the best boots under $300, as it were). And now, staple items like the HELM Hollis Boots get an even deeper discount. Every penny counts these days, especially if you want to build a well-rounded and reliable boot collection, so start putting those savings towards your next big fall boots purchase. Briefly, what do you get with the HELM Hollis Boots? Quite a bit of bang for your buck, from the rich Dark Natural leather to the rubber mini-lug outsole for added fall traction. Antique Nickel eyelets dial in that sense of well-made durability, and the build means they’re suitable to wear with your favorite blue jeans or tailored chinos in equal measure. We’re going to wrap this one up here, because rugged boots on sale only means one thing: There’s no time to waste in adding ’em to your rotation.

The Sunday Sale: Get 60 Percent Off Rugged Fall Gear in the Filson Last Chance Section

Filson | American Heritage Outerwear, Clothing, Bags & More

There are all kinds of ways to stock up and save on the best new gear for fall right now, be it a classic men’s sweatshirt, some new men’s grooming essentials or, well, the rugged menswear up for grabs right now in the well-stocked (but fast-selling) Filson Last Chance Section. I’ve got no doubt that the best fall menswear is also up for grabs elsewhere on the Filson site, naturally, but if you want a hard-to-find deal from the famed Pacific Northwest heritage outfitter, then you now know just the place to go. While the Filson New Arrivals section is certainly well-stocked, it always pays to save some dough, especially when you’re planning for fall road trips, concerts or festivals, right? No doubt about it.

I’ll keep things fairly brief today in this edition of the Sunday Sale, because there are plenty of picks to shop when it comes down to the best on-sale fall menswear. Chief among them, I love the utility of the Filson Kitsap Work Shirt, which is the ideal layer to throw on atop a Filson henley through chilly fall weather on tough days when you’ve got to get the job done. Of course, the ultra-warm and super well-made Filson Acrylic Watch Cap Beanie is a perfect fall and winter accessory as well, and it’s on sale right now for one heck of a deal. It’s tough to go wrong when you can get 60 percent off at the Filson Last Chance Section, so be sure to take your time sorting through the best fall menswear sale out there. Happy shopping, my friends.

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The Sunday Sale: Save Big on this Flint and Tinder Sweatshirt for Multi-Season Wear

Behold, the array of stylish gems now available in the always well-stocked, nicely curated Huckberry Sale Section. Think of it like a wide array of the best men’s gear, available at some standout deals that are nearly too good to be true. No matter what the occasion or the situation you find yourself in, there’s a great chance you’ll be able to find the proper menswear pick via Huckberry. That brings me to the shifting season we find ourselves in right now, where days start warm and end cold, the sort of days that call out for the Flint and Tinder Terry Pocket Crew Sweatshirt. Oh, and the deal you happen to be getting today? This Flint and Tinder sweatshirt is 30 percent off right now at the stellar Huckberry Sale Section.

Mack Weldon

As far as the best men’s sweatshirts are concerned, it hits the right specs for both a summer sweatshirt and an early fall sweatshirt, something that can be mighty tough to do. How does Flint and Tinder pull it off? The same way they always have: By using high-quality fabrics, time-tested construction methods and attention to detail that results in one versatile sweatshirt for your transitional wardrobe. In this case, the trio comes together to turn the Flint and Tinder Terry Pocket Crew Sweatshirt into more than just your average crewneck.

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It’s the midweight French Terry cotton blend that gives the Flint and Tinder Terry Pocket Crew Sweatshirt its superpowers. This isn’t a bulky sweatshirt, but more a mid-layer you can wear atop a Flint and Tinder T-shirt or your favorite henley casually, or else thrown atop an essential chambray shirt with, say, the Flint and Tinder 365 Pants. If it seems like Flint and Tinder designed each of its pieces to work seamlessly with one another, well, that’s essentially because… they did. Of course, that makes it tough for any Flint and Tinder review to single out favorites, but the Flint and Tinder Terry Pocket Crew Sweatshirt is more than worthy of praise.

Mack Weldon

Add in little touches, like the front-button pocket for that ever-critical visual interest, plus the textured, garment-dyed fabric, and you’ve got a winning crewneck sweatshirt. It’s even got the classic “V” notch design at the collar, a staple of athletic sweatshirts. Last but not least, the Flint and Tinder Terry Pocket Crew Sweatshirt is made entirely in the U.S. of A., and you can never go wrong with that extra care and quality. One last reminder: The Flint and Tinder sweatshirt is 30 percent off right now at the stellar Huckberry Sale Section. Alright, get shopping. Cheers!

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The Sunday Sale: Score Stellar Discounts on Menswear in the Todd Snyder Sale Section

Shop the Issue - Todd Snyder

When you need to stock up on the best men’s style essentials, where do you go? Perhaps you’ve got your own set of preferred brands, like Taylor Stitch or Bonobos. As for me, I keep a weather eye out for the best menswear deals, and in the case of today’s Sunday Sale, that means Todd Snyder, long one of the country’s best menswear designers, is a perfectly reliable place to shop, no matter what you need. Snyder’s namesake brand specializes in a little bit of everything, be it the best summer crewneck sweatshirt or, well, the best summer menswear in general. And right now, the Todd Snyder Sale section is packed with the best of the best, from Todd Snyder x Timex watches to Todd Snyder x Champion gear that’s perfectly for laidback lounging.

Many of these picks are at least 20 percent off, and some climb well above 30 percent off. Whether you want a stylish new camp collar shirt or comfortable-as-can-be Todd Snyder x Champion sweat shorts, Snyder has it all, and at standout prices, too. Consider this a ringing endorsement from yours truly, and use the extra time with today’s shortened post to really dive into this incredible, and incredibly well-stocked, sale section. Your wallet and your wardrobe will thank you.

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The Sunday Sale: Subscribe and Save on a Trio of the Best Men’s Grooming Essentials from Caldera + Lab – Caldera + Lab Review

The Good

Some grooming routines are overly complicated, especially if you want a few quick and easy steps to upgrade your daytime and nighttime skincare. Folks, you’re in luck with today’s Sunday Sale. Meet one of the best grooming brands for men, Jackson, Wyo.-based Caldera + Lab. They’re an eco-conscious grooming brand using rigorous testing and research to perfect just three essentials for your daily routine, each designed to work seamlessly alongside each other, and each available for a discount if you start a membership through Caldera + Lab.

Editor’s note: Thank you to Caldera + Lab for providing products for this review. All opinions are my own.

As to becoming a member at Caldera + Lab, why wouldn’t you? The benefits of adding a Caldera + Lab trio to your rotation are exceptional. Let’s dig deeper, starting with the fact that the company is ethically certified as a Certified B Corporation and focused on U.S.A.-made production. On that note, any Caldera Lab review certainly has plenty of ground to cover.

Within the aforementioned trio, you get the Base Layer from Caldera + Lab, one of best face moisturizers. You’ve also got the chance to pick up The Good, the Caldera + Lab face serum, and the Clean Slate, a remarkable facial cleanser. Collectively, if you become a member at Caldera + Lab, you’re saving 20 percent on a trio of the best men’s grooming essentials, and that’s an offer that’s too good to pass up. If you haven’t yet tried a facial serum (The Good is the standout product from Caldera + Lab), fear not — each product on its own is essential and high-quality, but the serum is next-level, as they say.

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The Clean Slate

Caldera + Lab operates with meticulous care and attention to detail, using wild-harvested organic and rigorously certified ingredients to craft a facial serum that moisturizes your skin, soothes and softens your face and reduces wrinkles. Seriously, The Good is something else, and if you’re a member of this organic grooming brand, you save $20 on your purchase (it normally retails for $97). The Clean Slate is a mineral-rich, plant-based cleanser packed with nutrients your skin needs, with the ability to protect and soothe your skin through a diverse array of safe ingredients. And it’s also on sale through a membership through Caldera + Lab, which knocks the price down to $29 from $37.

Last but certainly not least among the carefully curated and expertly crafted array of Caldera + Lab grooming essentials, you’ve got a prime finishing touch: The Base Layer from Caldera + Lab, a moisturizer that targets everything from environmental stress to blue light pollution. And it might sound too good to be true, but you’re picking this one up for $11 off. When you buy all three Caldera + Lab essentials, you are indeed saving 20 percent on some of the best new grooming products for men. If it sounds too good to be true, it certainly isn’t. You’ll see results nearly right away (I know from personal experience), so starting a membership through Caldera + Lab is the best move you’ll make right now.

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The Sunday Sale: Get a Deal on the Best Dress Shoes for a Summer Wedding at FRYE

There’s really no time like the present to start shopping again for the best men’s dress shoes. Perhaps that’s what brought you here in the first time: That noble quest of once more dressing for the real world, be it meetings or cocktail hours or, perhaps most importantly, a summer wedding. Travel is returning, outdoor weddings are getting back into full swing, and your calendar very well might be filling up. Let me take care of one thing for you: The FRYE Grant Oxfords are, hands-down the best dress shoes to wear to a summer wedding.

I’ve got even better news — namely, these stylish leather Oxford shoes are classic, versatile and on sale for nearly 35 percent of. Head on over to FRYE, illustrious American makers of some of the best boots and the best men’s dress shoes for more than a century, and you’ll find the FRYE Grant Oxford Shoes marked down to under $200 from $298. So, that’s the deal you’re getting today. And what about the shoes themselves? Absolutely primed for summer wedding season. Throw in the FRYE Leather Care Kit and they’ll last and last. It helps that they’re pretty stylish shoes to start with.

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The really excellent thing has got to be the fact that, like all remarkably durable shoes, the FRYE Grant Oxford Shoes are crafted with care from premium materials. Premium doesn’t even begin to cover it, in fact. The Grant Oxfords are made with natural tumbled buffalo leather with a high-shine finish. Skip the rental pair of dress shoes or a cheaper purchase from a fast-fashion outlet. The FRYE Grant Oxford Shoes are every single thing you need in classic brown leather lace-up dress shoes, and then some. Plus, that price tag (remember, under $200 right now at FRYE) is but another winner in my book.

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Plus, the rich brown leather will shine right up if you use the excellent, aforementioned FRYE Leather Care Kit, a must-have if you’ve got multiple weddings on the docket this season. The FRYE Grant Oxford Shoes feature a sleek profile that you can also wear with dark blue denim for business casual office settings, but it’s that “outdoor summer wedding” environment where these will really shine. The contoured comfort footbed will add some spring in your step for that wedding reception, and the classic design of the FRYE Grant Oxford Shoes means you can wear them on the plane with chinos and a breezy polo to make packing easy. You’ll have to decide for yourself whether these are the best men’s dress shoes under $200, but they sure seem like a safe bet to me (to say the very least!).

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