The Sunday Sale: This Best-Selling Bonobos T-Shirt Is 50 Percent Off Right Now

Best men's T-shirt for summer.

Folks, let’s waste no time this weekend in directing you towards the menswear essentials you can make use of right now — and then the rest of the season. I’m talking, of course, about a handy deal and a tried-and-true essential that’s going to come through in the clutch: One of the best men’s T-shirts, naturally.

And the brand making your new favorite T-shirt? Of course, it’s Bonobos, the same brand that also makes your favorite classic chinos. In my experience, Bonobos can do no wrong — but allow me to expand on that.

The T-shirt is a staple in every guy’s wardrobe, no question — for conference calls (underneath a lightweight blazer), for summer travel, for fall and winter layering and for, well, every single style situation you can dream up.

And I’ve got just the T-shirt for you, one that’s available for 50 percent off right now. Yessir, the Bonobos Soft Everyday Tee delivers the goods, and it’s one of the softest tees on the market, for my money’s worth (as the name would imply). It’s regularly priced anywhere from $29 to $35, and available in a range of fits and sizes, so pay attention to your selection of choice (assuming this deal is too good to pass up for you!).

Now, let’s get into what makes the Bonobos Soft Everyday Tee tick — it’s $15 on sale right now, and that’s a deal that doesn’t stick around forever. But is the Bonobos Soft Everyday Tee worth it? Take it from me: It assuredly is, and it wears much better than its low sale price tag might indicate.

Sizes are moving very quickly, but the cotton-poly blend is the perfect touch in terms of the right amount of stretch and a soft handfeel. Plus, the Bonobos Soft Everyday Tee comes in breezy colors like Heather Beach, Heather Moss and Heather Apple, each of which should wear nicely on its own or underneath a Bonobos denim jacket.

The real selling point here, though, might be that absurdly excellent sale price. Yes indeed, the Bonobos Soft Everyday Tee delivers the perfect mix of standout style, affordability and comfort. That’s a T-shirt worth having in your corner.


The Sunday Sale: Save 50 Percent On Stylish Sunglasses at The Huckberry Memorial Day Weekend Sale

Best men's sunglasses for summer.

I don’t know about you, but when I stumble across the best menswear deals, I’m awfully tempted to take advantage of that deal right this very second (especially on a holiday weekend). That’s certainly the case with the Huckberry Memorial Day Weekend Sale, which is nearing its conclusion — but still offering some outstanding savings on the best menswear essentials in the meantime. And there are certainly plenty of deals to be had, but one caught my eye in particular.

That’d be the chance to save 50 percent on the Walden Eyewear Pinion Sunglasses, which were dreamed up and designed by the Huckberry team. They’ve been selling like hotcakes, so to speak, ever since Walden Eyewear debuted last fall, and this deal through the Huckberry Memorial Day Weekend Sale knocks the already agreeable price of $124 down even further (to $62, precisely).

Most stylish men's sunglasses to shop now.

That’s quite the deal, no? Of course, the sale selection itself is too good to pass up, but it’s those Walden Eyewear shades that I find particularly impressive. The brand was designed with military inspiration and classic style in mind, and the Walden Eyewear Pinion Sunglasses were modeled after pilot’s shades for an added touch of rugged durability and tough style.

Huckberry Memorial Day Sale 2023.

They boast mineral glass ‘G15’ sun lenses and acetate temple tips for a comfortable, no-slip fit, and the frames are made with recycled steel and bio acetate for a sustainable touch. It’s worth keeping top of mind that you’re getting all of this (plus the assurance of shopping with Huckberry!) for an outstanding 50 percent off.

Go forth, close out your long weekend the right way, and score a pair of the Walden Eyewear Pinion Sunglasses for a standout deal through the Huckberry Memorial Day Weekend Sale. Happy shopping, my friends!

The Sunday Sale: These Rugged Huckberry Boots Are 60 Percent Off Right Now

Best work boots for men.

If you keep a weather eye on the pages of this blog, especially as of late, you know I’m all about seizing a deal when the time comes — especially if that deal happens to revolve around a pair of the best work boots for men. Or rather, heck, just a pair of the best men’s boots, period. And if you’ve been on the hunt for a pair of boots to wear with your favorite workshirt (for example), you’re in luck.

Those boots in question today are rolling in from Huckberry, and more specifically, from Huckberry’s Rhodes Footwear. The in-house brand from the famed retailer delivers the right mix of rugged-meets-refined, especially as seen in the Rhodes Footwear Logan Boots. And the even better news? They’re a whopping 60 percent off right now in the always-excellent, always-worth-a-look Huckberry Sale section.

Incredibly, that price knows the Rhodes Footwear Logan Boots down to just $100, with plenty of sizes available. But why are they worth spending and saving big? For one, the Rhodes Footwear Logan Boots should prove highly durable, stylish and versatile for the price. They boast a five-inch boot shaft height, which is functional enough to be worn properly as an actual work boot, yet stylish enough to wear with your favorite pair of blue jeans.

Best lace-up boots for men to buy now.

The Rhodes Footwear Logan Boots also boast a stacked heel and a Vibram outsole for plenty of traction, plus a rubber midsole for a little spring in your step (and these are indeed some of the best boots for men to buy this spring, especially at that price). Beyond that, your new favorite pair of boots are available in a nicely textured, richly crafted Mojave Suede, which should wear well with plenty of different shades of, say, Huckberry’s Flint and Tinder 365 Pants.

And once more, it bears repeating that you’re getting all of this — with a weight and build that won’t slow you down this spring — for a mere $100 in the Huckberry Sale section. Act accordingly and get ’em delivered to your door ASAP.

The Sunday Sale: Shop The Last Day of Filson’s Spring Sale

Filson Spring Sale 2023

Folks, as I often say, building out your wardrobe of rugged style essentials sometimes comes down to a few crucial reminders. Those reminders today? Be sure to shop early, shop often and shop with efficiency in mind — and specifically, be sure to shop the last day of Filson’s Spring Sale right now.

Now, we talked about this over on the blog as recently as Friday, but again, it’s worth jogging your memory when the rare chance comes through to save 30 percent at Filson. Deals like this certainly don’t come around that often, and better still is the chance to save on gear you can actually wear right away, like the Filson Ranger Anorak.

Best spring rain jacket for men.

That jacket is very likely one of the best spring rain jackets — for your commute, for adventures off the grid and for everything in between. And yes, that rugged spring rain jacket is 30 percent off, dropping it below $200. Yes indeed, there are deals aplenty to be had at Filson’s Spring Sale, but I’ll say it one more time: Today’s the last day to shop! Go forward and amp up your spring wardrobe now, my friends.

The Sunday Sale: Save More Than 40 Percent at Huckberry on the Best Men’s Sweatpants

Best men's sweatpants.

If you read the blog on the regular, you know that your favorite Brooklyn style writer is all about making small style upgrades in as many different ways as possible, be it a better spring jacket, a stylish new spring polo or even a new pair of stylish sweatpants. Yes, that’s right: Your sweatpants (especially in these post-pandemic times) are actually getting more streamlined and wearable than ever, and that’s certainly the case if you cruise through the Huckberry Sale section these days.

Within that well-stocked Sale section, you’ll find the Taylor Stitch Apres Pants, which you can secure right now for more than 40 percent off. The Apres Pants fall right in line with the Taylor Stitch ethos of taking the classics, like cozy sweats, and making them that much better in terms of fabric, fit and design.

Taylor Stitch men's sweatpants.

With the highly affordable Taylor Stitch Apres Pants, it all starts with better fabric than most sweatpants — in this case, it’s a 100 percent organic cotton double cloth waffle weave. That weave boasts distinctive texture for breezy spring days at home and on the road, and it’s all the better that the Taylor Stitch Apres Pants also come in a Huckberry-exclusive colorway.

Beyond that, they feature elastic jogger cuffs and a comfortable elastic waistband, but the front side slash pockets and button fly are touches that elevate the Taylor Stitch Apres Pants above most loungewear. Even the drawcord strings feature antique brass hardware tips — the ultimate point is, the Taylor Stitch Apres Pants are certainly polished enough to wear out of the office.

And the fact that you can get ’em now for more than 40 percent off (the agreeable price of just $65)? Well, that’s a deal too good to pass up. Add the Taylor Stitch Apres Pants to your laidback spring style rotation now.

The Sunday Sale: Take 40 Percent Off This Breezy Faherty Brand Shirt for Spring

Best buttondown shirt for men this spring.

There are times as you curate (yes, curate!) your wardrobe of spring style essentials that it’s best not to overdo it, to not go too far into wild territory — sometimes, for example, you want a straightforward, stylish, comfortable buttondown shirt, not one with a bold print or pattern. And when that time rolls around, you should know where to look: The good folks at family-owned, New York-based Faherty Brand, of course.

Specifically, look into your closet, where you’ll find the Faherty Knit Seasons Shirt…if you act now and shop it on sale, of course. The Faherty Knit Seasons Shirt is a very agreeable 40 percent off right now ($89, versus $148), with all the plentiful style features and comfort you’d expect from a brand known for easygoing-yet-rugged picks. And this shirt (available on sale in two wear-with-anything colors — Blue Night and Pine Olive) handily gets the job done when you want the right blend of straightforward spring style and comfort.

Best casual shirt for men this spring.

In fact, the Faherty Knit Seasons Shirt could just be one of the best casual shirts for men on the market, with helpful front-button pockets that drive home that laidback style (and also turn it into more of a shirt jacket with extra everyday carry storage space). The key is the knit organic cotton for a soft handfeel, while topstitch detailing gives the Faherty Knit Seasons Shirt a nice touch of contrast, too.

It’s easygoing enough to wear over a henley or your favorite graphic T-shirt, but it’s dependable enough to wear untucked with your favorite blue jeans for spring weekends aplenty. And again, it bears repeating: The Faherty Knit Seasons Shirt is now 40 percent off

The Sunday Sale: Shop the Filson Warehouse Sale to Save 50 Percent off the Best Rugged Menswear

Filson Warehouse Sale 2023

Filson, that famed Pacific Northwest heritage retailer with a penchant for making some of the most rugged gear for guys, just keeps knocking it out of the park (at least in my humble opinion). That’s the case with some of its new spring layers, like one of the best men’s hoodies, but the rest of the famed brand’s inventory more than delivers the goods, too.

As Filson says, after all: “Might as well have the best,” and when given the chance to shop and save, I’d urge you to hop right on it. That’s because we’re in the midst of the Filson Warehouse Sale, a rare opportunity to save on the best rugged menswear out there.

The scoop? It’s more than ideal if you want to refresh your wardrobe for early spring, with more than 500 items (yes, 500!) knocked down 50 percent off. Yes, you read that correctly: The Filson Warehouse Sale gives you 50% off more than 500 items, and some of these picks are quite simply heirloom-quality and true seasonal style essentials.

Now, granted, that’s plenty of stylish on-sale essentials to sort through, so I’m going to wrap this one up early today. A word to the wise, though? Picks like the Filson Unlined Denim Cruiser Jacket and the Filson Field Flannel Shirt are downright steals at the moment in terms of style and quality (to name just two picks). Do yourself a favor and ramp up that wardrobe for a hefty discount this season at the

The Sunday Sale: This Timeless Todd Snyder Cardigan is 50 Percent Off Right Now

Best cardigan for men to buy now.

It’s like I’ve often said here on the blog: The classics are the classics for a reason — for their reliability, their timeless sense of style and their effortless cool. And what’s all the better about today’s Sunday Sale is that you can get a modern classic for a heck of a discount, and just in time to upgrade your early spring layering in fine fashion. That modern classic is the Todd Snyder Garment-Dyed Cardigan Sweatshirt, part of the designer’s own “Issued By:” collection, and it’s more than worth an extra look.

It hails, of course, from the well-curated pages of Todd Snyder‘s online menswear emporium, the sort of place where you can find everything from the best chore coat for spring to a rugged-meets-refined, classic trucker jacket. But let’s go back to the Todd Snyder Garment-Dyed Cardiganright off the bat, it’s on sale for a whopping 52 percent off. That marks it down to $94 – still quite the amount of cash to spend on a cardigan, but more than worth it all the same.

Best casual cardigan for men.

Your favorite Brooklyn style writer is quite the fan of one of America’s best menswear designers, and hybrid pieces like this are an example of what the Iowa-born Snyder does best. The cardigan can feel a bit stuffy at times, but with the Todd Snyder Garment-Dyed Cardigan Sweatshirt, you’re getting the best of both worlds. The pigment-dyed French Terry cotton feels as soft and as broken-in as your favorite Todd Snyder x Champion sweatshirt, the kind you’ve had for years on end.

Best men's sweatshirt for spring.

Plus, the fabric for the Todd Snyder Garment-Dyed Cardigan Sweatshirt is made exclusively for the designer at a family-owned Toronto factory, with an emphasis on design touches like flat-locked seams for durability. It boasts the button front of a classic cardigan, plus the classic hip patch pockets, yet the Todd Snyder Garment-Dyed Cardigan Sweatshirt harnesses the feel and soft, laidback coziness of a classic crewneck sweatshirt. And yes, it’s worth repeating that it’s 52 percent off right now. Go with Navy Sand, go with a versatile Heather Grey, and bask in the comfort and rugged appeal of a classic hybrid cardigan.

The Sunday Sale: Take An Extra 15 Percent Off On-Sale Menswear at Huckberry This Week

Huckberry Winter Sale 2023

As I often talk about here at The Style Guide, curating a wardrobe packed with menswear essentials you love to wear should be fun, it should be consistent, and it should involve really seizing the day and striking while the iron is hot, so to speak. What exactly do I mean by that?

Well, take this weekend’s ongoing menswear sale at Huckberry, long one of my favorite brands (and one of the best online menswear shops at which to spend your hard-earned cash). If you know where to look — say, the Huckberry Sale section — you can indeed strike while the iron is hot, saving yourself an extra 15 percent in the process.

That’s because my friends at Huckberry are now running a Sale on Sale, now through March 10th. So, time is of the essence as you peruse the always well-stocked Huckberry Sale section, and that’s a good thing — these deals won’t stick around for long in terms of inventory, either.

Best waxed jacket for spring.

The scoop is this: You’re already getting as much as 40 percent off some of the best rugged menswear around, yet now Huckberry is throwing in an extra 15 percent. That means classics like the Flint and Tinder Waxed Hudson Jacket are now well under $300, and just in time for rugged spring layering, too. Don’t take my word for it, though: Check out the Huckberry Sale section yourself this week to save an extra 15 percent on your new favorite menswear. Cheers, my friends.

The Sunday Sale: Head Back to the Billy Reid Winter Event to Save 40 Percent Off Sale Items

Best flannel shirt for men.

Thanks for joining me on this fine late winter Sunday, my friends. If today’s headline looks a bit familiar as you scour the market high and low for the best menswear essentials, there’s a good reason for that. You see, we’re heading back over to Billy Reid to shop the famed Alabama-based designer’s Winter Event, the jam-packed yet fast-selling sale section that we talked about as recently as last month on the blog.

Pieces like one of the best men’s shirt jackets are still up for grabs, as is the handsome knit shirt from Billy Reid you see above, but those deals just got even better. How so, you might ask? Well, it’s the Billy Reid Sale On Sale currently running now through March 6th, which gives you up to 60 percent off (including 40 percent off already on-sale items). To save even more at Billy Reid’s Winter Event, just use the code EXTRA40 to take your wardrobe to the next level.

Billy Reid Winter Sale

There’s a bit of everything up for grabs from the award-winning designer’s namesake brand, from some of the best sweaters for men to Billy Reid henleys, the aforementioned knit shirt and much more. Again, this “sale on sale” — boasting some of the best winter style essentials for men, no less — runs through March 6th, so outfit yourself accordingly while saving more than a few bucks in the process. Shop now, thank me later and get ready to dress in style to close out winter, folks. Stay stylish out there!