The Sunday Sale: Get More Than 30 Percent Off the Best Spring Boots at FRYE

FRYE men's boots review

Some of the best Chelsea boots for men this spring, and for a great deal right now.

Folks, you need some new boots for spring. You also need a deal on some of the best men’s boots, the FRYE Bowery Light Chelsea Boots, right now via today’s Sunday Sale (they’re nearly 35 percent off, for the record). Of course, past iterations have talked about everything from a deal on the best men’s shirt for spring to the best men’s cashmere sweater, but let’s switch gears for a second and talk about the boots you need for spring, right now. They’re coming at you via lauded heritage bootmaker FRYE, and it helps that they’re also up for grabs via a terrific deal in the FRYE men’s sale section.

Of course, FRYE has been making some of the best boots for men, period, for years (and years, and years — over 100!), so when the time comes to get a discount on a pair, you’d do well to act as quickly as possible. The FRYE Bowery Light Chelsea Boots are everything you could want in a pair of lightweight spring Chelsea boots, featuring oiled suede that should wear extremely well with light wash denim for spring (or indigo denim, or olive chinos). The silhouette on these stylish men’s Chelsea boots is sleek and yet not overly slender, like some Chelsea boots, meaning they can be worn casually as well as with dressier slim navy chinos, for example.

SHOP: The FRYE Bowery Light Chelsea Boots

FRYE Bowery Light Chelsea Boots

An outsole that blends comfort with traction and functionality? Sign me up.

The kicker here is that these boots pack in all of these features while retailing for under $200, a downright steal considering all the usage you’re going to get out of them. The FRYE Bowery Light Chelsea Boots also feature an unlined interior so your feet won’t overheat as the thermostat climbs, and the EVA sole provides comfort and lightweight traction, too. Plus, the leather storm welt offers another layer of durability in the build of these shoes. And again, did I mention they’re nearly 35 percent off?

Because they are, and they’re as ready for a casual return to the office as they are for a day spent around town at your favorite coffee shop or outdoor brewery (or both!). And because they’ve got the guarantee of a lauded brand, the FRYE Bowery Light Chelsea Boots are going to stand up to season after season of wear, not just one season. If all of that sounds like it’s  what you need in your new favorite pair of spring boots, might I suggest you snap ’em up today in the FRYE men’s sale section? Good luck out there, folks.

SHOP: The FRYE Bowery Light Chelsea Boots

The Sunday Sale: Take 25 Percent Off This Essential Bomber Jacket from Faherty Brand

Faherty Brand Men's Sale

A great deal on a stylish and functional bomber jacket, folks.

What is spring, ladies and gentlemen, if not the chance to get one of the best men’s bomber jackets on sale for a heck of a deal? So begins another edition of the Sunday Sale, with a very timely, very functional and very essential outerwear pick for your consideration. The Faherty Brand Reversible Surplus Bomber is two jackets for the price of one from this famed NYC brand, with the sort of utility that makes it mighty fitting to be worn the rest of spring. And I should mention that it’s more than 25 percent off, making it one of the best men’s on-sale jackets to buy at the moment. In fact, it’s the perfect jacket for both March and April (and breezy summer nights thereafter), featuring both a quilted nylon side and a washed cotton twill side.

Either edition of this stylish bomber jacket is simply ideal for laidback spring style that works and works. The entire Faherty Men’s Sale collection is worth your time this season, too — it features soft-washed shirts, cool hooded poncho sweaters and plenty more gear with which to load up your favorite weekender bag in advance of a spring getaway. On that note, you should also certainly shop the Faherty New Arrivals section, packed with some of the coolest men’s gear for the season ahead. But back to this durable bomber jacket for spring, ehh?

SHOP: The Faherty Brand Reversible Surplus Bomber

Faherty Brand Surplus Bomber Jacket

The quilted nylon side of this bomber jacket — durable and downright essential for spring.

As with anything from Faherty, the Faherty Brand Reversible Surplus Bomber checks all the right boxes if you’re in search of a classic bomber jacket (and one that’s on sale for a very nice deal, to boot). The textured heather rib collar and cuffs are ideal touches for a breezy spring day, because you don’t want any flimsy edges on your spring jacket (plus, the heathered fabric is a neat visual detail). The Dark Olive color is the definition of spring-ready versatility, what with the ability to be worn with staple items like light wash denim or classic tan chinos and your favorite henley with ease.

The bomber jacket silhouette is also classic enough to work with items as simple as a grey T-shirt or as office-ready as a washed Oxford shirt from Faherty Brand. And at this price, you’re going to want to get tons of wear out of the Faherty Brand Reversible Surplus Bomber — talk about plenty of bang for your buck. When the going gets tough, the tough get the affordable and stylish bomber jacket shown here today. Happy shopping, folks.

SHOP: The Faherty Brand Reversible Surplus Bomber

The Sunday Sale: Save Nearly 30 Percent on Cashmere Sweaters from Todd Snyder

Todd Snyder Cashmere Crewneck Sweatshirt

A plethora of on-sale cashmere crewneck sweaters at Todd Snyder today.

Folks, here we are again with another look at some of the best shopping deals for men, as we do every Sunday, and it helps that we’re back the swing of things with one of the best sweaters for men from Todd Snyder. Not just any old sweater, either. It’s the Todd Snyder way, after all, to take the basics, like the humble crewneck sweatshirt, and reinvent them in a way that’s fresh, modern, seriously well-made and seriously cool. That’s absolutely what you’re getting with the Todd Snyder Cashmere Crewneck Sweater, available in a cool shade of Camel for 29 percent off right now (that’s $209 at Todd Snyder, versus $298). Is that a serious investment for the seemingly humble crewneck sweater? It certainly is, but the difference is in the details, as you know with all things Todd Snyder menswear

Other editions of Todd Snyder cashmere sweaters are on sale as well, including a Todd Snyder Cashmere Crewneck in Electric Blue that you can score for 33 percent off. But for maximum versatility, serious style points and plenty of refined bang for your hard-earned bucks, let’s look at the Todd Snyder Cashmere Crewneck Sweater in Camel as we roll into another spring week.

SHOP: The Todd Snyder Cashmere Crewneck Sweater

Todd Snyder men's sweaters

The most versatile sweater you can buy for spring? You be the judge of that.

Simply put, the Todd Snyder Cashmere Crewneck Sweater in Camel has plenty going for it that makes it worth investment. There’s the cool Camel color, the kind you can wear with dark indigo jeans, light wash denim, your favorite pair of chinos or even canvas shorts in for a high-low style blend… you name it, and it’s the ideal shade to step into early spring and beyond. Of course, Todd Snyder cashmere sweaters have plenty going for them as far as quality is concerned, too. In this case, we’re talking a midweight cashmere fabric blend that’s as breathable as it is warm, making this the ideal sweater to layer up over a classic Oxford shirt or even a long-sleeve cotton T-shirt. The crewneck silhouette also is at once casual and yet crisp, providing the right base for a business casual look with a poplin dress shirt and a knit tie.

It’s also knit with ribbed cuffs at the wrists and the waist for a better fit (this sweater won’t stretch out or lose its shape). The Todd Snyder Cashmere Crewneck Sweater in Camel is the kind of sweater you’re going to find yourself wearing casually (even with tapered joggers and high-top sneakers) or when the need to dress up for a Zoom call comes into play, and that makes it a must-buy spring sweater.

SHOP: The Todd Snyder Cashmere Crewneck Sweater

The Sunday Sale: Shop Filson Surplus for More Than 50 Percent Off This All-Season Shirt

Filson men's shirts

A rugged flannel shirt in a Western cut for all sorts of spring layering.

The time is here to stock up on rugged spring style essentials aplenty, the sort of gear picks that won’t let you down when spring unexpectedly turns chilly, breezy or rainy (or all three). That’s where the Filson Surplus section comes into play, offering up final sale deals on the best men’s gear for outdoor adventures, yard work and casual spring get-togethers (of the small variety, that is!). It’s what you’d expect from a dependable retailer that’s been around for more than a century, and it’s that commitment to quality and craftsmanship that makes the Filson Flannel Western Shirt the exact sort of shirt you need in your rotation ASAP.  It’s one of the most versatile men’s shirts for spring, what with its iconic Western build, and it’s available in plenty of sizes and two classic patterns for under $65. It normally retails for $135, so we’re looking at more than 50 percent off here. How about that, huh?

Now, if you read the blog on the regular (where I’ve talked plenty about the best gear to buy from Filson), you know that Filson’s menswear is an investment, at the very least. So to find one of the best men’s shirts for spring for 51 percent off, well, that’s a deal worth getting your hands on.

SHOP: The Filson Flannel Western Shirt 

Filson Western Flannel Shirt

A midweight cotton flannel shirt for all kinds of seasonal layering and expert style.

Your search for one of the best men’s shirts has to check plenty of boxes (including versatility in color options, but let’s start with the basics. As luck would have it, this is a seemingly simple area where Filson excels. In this case, it’s the 6.2oz. cotton twill fabric used in this rugged flannel shirt that gives it, a not-too-heavy and not-too-light feel. It’s been brushed for softness, to boot (can you say bingo?). The fabric weight gives the Filson Flannel Western Shirt the ability to be layered atop a classic Filson men’s T-shirt or a thermal shirt when temperatures dawn particularly cold. You can also wear it underneath a spring-friendly denim jacket  or a Filson rain pullover with ease.

The button-snap front and button flap pockets are akin to what you’d find a much more expensive Western shirt. So, it’s got style points and rugged good looks aplenty going for it. Pair it with a white T-shirt and your favorite pair of blue jeans for all-American style, or rock it with tan chinos for a unique take on a casual Friday when you do return to the office. The Filson Flannel Western Shirt doesn’t hold anything back, so the fact that you can get your new favorite shirt for more than 50 percent off is quite the bonus. Welcome spring the right way, starting today.

SHOP: The Filson Flannel Western Shirt 

The Sunday Sale: It’s Your Last Chance to Get 40 Percent off these Durable TAFT Leather Boots

TAFT Dragon Boots in Rust

These classic leather boots are a standout deal right now from TAFT.

Here’s the thing about shopping for the best men’s boots for winter (and beyond) — if you don’t act quickly enough at times, you’re liable to miss out on what could be your new favorite boots. Don’t believe me? Witness the TAFT Last Chance sale section, your final opportunity to get standout deals — in this case, a remarkable 40 percent off — on the best boots for men, made to last season after season. And today’s Sunday Sale pick is a real winner: The TAFT Dragon Boots blend rugged appeal and timeless style, plus excellent functionality, and you really can’t beat the fact that these boots are 40 percent off right now. I’ve got a pair of TAFT Dragon Boots myself, and have been more than pleased with the blend of the tread outsole, the sleek profile and the rugged leather. These are boots to wear with jeans or with tailored wool trousers in equal measure (and that’s just the tip of the iceberg — keep scrolling for the full specs). And if you’ve been wanting to pull the trigger on a pair of hyped TAFT men’s boots, or if you’ve simply been curious about the brand, you’re in luck today.

SHOP: The TAFT Dragon Boots in Rust

TAFT men's boots

A sleek design and textured leather make these boots casual, rugged and yet sharp as can be.

The brand uses European leathers and hand-cutting & painting to get the sort of detailing other shoe brands can only dream about (just check out the best-selling TAFT Jack Boots, for instance). And since TAFT launched in 2013, it seems the brand has built a cult following that sometimes makes its stylish men’s boots tough to come by. All of this is to say, when you can get a pair of the best boots for men on sale for 40 percent off, and in plenty of sizes, you should hop right on it. Of course, the TAFT Dragon Boots in Rust are a terrific deal at full price, too: They’re made with Stead Waxed Commander leather for unique texture and durability — they’re fully waterproof. How’s that for some bang for your buck? Waxed laces and a full leather lining are touches that ensure a comfortable fit and premium quality.

That rich brown leather also makes the TAFT Dragon Boots in Rust a fine candidate to wear with herringbone wool trousers and a classic Oxford shirt when you have to get back into the office. And when you clock out, wear them with your favorite pair of dark blue denim and a classic pocket T-shirt during warmer weather. Yes indeed, the TAFT Dragon Boots in Rust are simply that good — and simply that much more affordable via the TAFT Last Chance sale section. Can’t get better than that, can you? No, sir.

SHOP: The TAFT Dragon Boots in Rust

The Sunday Sale: Buy One of the Best Winter Peacoats from Overland for 40 Percent Off

Overland men's jackets

Layer up for the rest of winter with ease and style in mind, thanks to this refined wool-blend pea coat.

Just when you thought you might have made it to the other side of winter (for now), well, it comes roaring right back, does it not? That’s why you need one of the best men’s pea coats for navigating the chill, the snow and the harsh environs of winter, and that’s why we’re back once again with another edition of The Sunday Sale. The pea coat in question is the highly stylish, refined and great-looking Overland Emmet Wool-Blend Pea Coat, and here’s the kicker: You can get your new favorite pea coat for 40 percent off at Overland right now. If you’re not yet familiar with Overland, well, you will be soon enough. The company launched in New Mexico in the 1970s with one outpost and a focus on sheepskin outerwear, home goods and more. Today, Overland has 16 stores across the country, and still focuses on selling the best jackets for men (and women) — that makes the Overland Emmet Wool-Blend Pea Coat a downright steal for the price if you want a finely crafted pea coat to carry you through a long winter into spring.

SHOP: The Overland Emmet Wool-Blend Pea Coat

Overland Emmet Wool-Blend Pea Coat

An easy-to-layer fit in a versatile color with handsome leather detailing. What’s not to love?

The specs are truly what set the Overland Emmet Wool-Blend Pea Coat apart from the pack, including the expertly crafted wool-and-alpaca blend that makes up this coat. Alpaca fibers are incredibly soft and smooth to the touch, while wool is a classic, hard-wearing winter fabric. The jacket is lined in polyester, so be sure to layer up (as you usually would on a cold winter day) with something like a classic crewneck sweatshirt and your favorite Oxford shirt for versatile, go-anywhere style.

As you might expect, Overland doesn’t stop there. The leather trim stands out stylishly with the collar flat or popped up against the cold. The fit is plenty agreeable for layering, although you might want to size down if you need a trimmer fit. Either way, you’re assuredly getting one of the best pea coats for men on the market, made by a classic heritage brand. The Overland Emmet Wool-Blend Pea Coat doesn’t come cheap, but here’s your reminder that once again, you can get this coat for 40 percent off right this very instant. How’s that for a deal on your new favorite pea coat, ehh? Not bad at all.

SHOP: The Overland Emmet Wool-Blend Pea Coat

The Sunday Sale: Get a Discount on a Variety Pack of the Best Hot Sauce on the Market

TRUFF Hot Sauce Review

Save on a trio of the best hot sauces on the market the more you spend at TRUFF.

Perhaps you were caught off guard by the headline there mentioning the best hot sauce on the market, right? After all, isn’t this a style blog? Indeed it is, but in the same way that I’ve talked about, say, the best whiskey to enjoy at home (as you dress in style), I think it’s only fitting that we expand the palette (briefly, and only occasionally) into other worthwhile pursuits, like checking out one of the best hot sauces around. And folks, that would be TRUFF Hot Sauce, a seriously hyped hot sauce brand that I’ve had the pleasure of trying out recently on everything from sandwiches to mac and cheese, chicken & more. Let me tell you, TRUFF definitely meets my high standard for hot sauce (I’m a hot sauce fiend) — better still, you can get a discount on a TRUFF Variety Pack, plus free shipping on any order of TRUFF’s hot sauces. The ever-useful TRUFF Variety Pack delivers a trio of hot sauces, with increasing discounts on the number of boxes ordered (5 percent off two boxes, 10 percent off three boxes, and so on).

That makes it a highly agreeable target for today’s Sunday Sale, right? No doubt. What makes TRUFF Hot Sauce so special? Well, folks — there’s plenty. TRUFF makes everything from a  white truffle hot sauce (made with a blend of truffle, chiles and agave nectar) to a classic hot sauce and truffle pasta sauce, each highly unique, flavorful and uncommonly delicious. The enthusiasts among us should also consider picking up the TRUFF Gallon Jug of hot sauce, too. Heck, it’s also pretty neat that TRUFF sells a fun TRUFF Hooded Sweatshirt.  But at the end of the day, it’s the TRUFF White Truffle Hot Sauce that has my tastebuds tingling (in a good way). Let’s get into what makes it so delicious.


TRUFF White Truffle Hot Sauce

Give your meal a serious upgrade with TRUFF White Truffle Hot Sauce (among other picks).

I’ve enjoyed the TRUFF White Truffle Hot Sauce the most out of the TRUFF Variety Pack I’ve tried, so it’s worth picking up the trio (which also includes TRUFF Hotter Hot Sauce) if you want to get the full experience. TRUFF’s hot sauces are rich and ever-so-slightly sweet, with a pleasant heat and that wonderful truffle flavor — it reminds me why I love truffle fries when I get the chance to have them. Again, I’m no gourmand, but this is a taste you really have to try out. It doesn’t hurt that every bottle in the TRUFF Variety Pack features a striking bottle design, the kind that you can proudly display on your countertop. It also helps that you can stock up on multiple boxes with a discount, because I can nearly guarantee that once you try TRUFF Hot Sauce, you’ll go through it in a hurry. Last but certainly not least, the essential TRUFF Variety Pack is delivered in a neat matte black-gold foil box, making it a perfect gift for the hot sauce lover. If you do end up ordering the TRUFF Variety Pack or any TRUFF items, let me know on Twitter. Happy cooking, folks!


The Sunday Sale: Take Nearly 40 Percent Off These Suede Chelsea Boots at Bespoke Post

Score these rugged-yet-refined Chelsea boots for under $100 at Bespoke Post.

If you’ve taken a look at your rotation of rugged winter boots and the like, perhaps you’ve spotted a bit of a glaring hole: A pair of the best Chelsea boots, preferably with a bit more refined and dressy construction than your trusty winter snow boots, yet with a bit more durability than your favorite dress shoes. After all, a guy’s got to get dressed up in the dead of winter sometime, right? And that “sometime” is right now via today’s Sunday Sale, which lifts the curtain on some of the best men’s Chelsea boots of the moment.

Indeed, the Shoe The Bear Suede Chelsea Boots, funny name and all, represent one of the best deals you can get on Chelsea boots for winter right now, and they’re up for grabs (but not for long!) via Bespoke Post. Snag them for nearly 40 percent off via the always well-stocked Bespoke Post Sale section — you might be surprised what else you find on sale there, but let’s stick with the Shoe The Bear Suede Chelsea Boots for now, shall we? (On a side note, I’ve also written about my top Bespoke Post sale picks elsewhere on the blog). But back to these boots: Two handsome and easily wearable color options, a rugged Brown and an eye-catching Green, are available, so take your pick and let’s get rockin’.

The great thing about Bespoke Post, for starters, is that the NYC-based company stocks and sells excellent brands big and small (in addition to its rotation of Bespoke Post subscription boxes), and you’d sure be hard-pressed to find a better pair of Chelsea boots under $100 this instant.

SHOP: The Shoe The Bear Suede Chelsea Boots 

One of two excellent colors in which you can score your new favorite Chelsea boots.

They’re made in Portugal using handsome 100 percent suede and built with a sleek profile, the sort that would work well with slim blue jeans or olive chinos in equal measure. That dressy-but-versatile design also lends itself to plenty of pairing options on your top half, from a rugged flannel shirt to a thermal henley and an unstructured blazer. Think high-low style that befits these casual times, but whatever you do, get the Shoe The Bear Suede Chelsea Boots on your feet ASAP.

Now, these classic suede Chelsea boots are best worn when you’re not dealing with plentiful snow drifts, but the flexible outsole should still provide solid traction on cobblestone streets as you search out a heated outdoor dining space. Be sure to treat them with waterproofing spray for even more wearability this season. Of course, you’ll have to act quickly, because at a price like this one ($99 at Bespoke Post), I’d wager that the Shoe The Bear Suede Chelsea Boots won’t be around for much longer.

SHOP: The Shoe The Bear Suede Chelsea Boots 

The Sunday Sale: Take 30 Percent Off This Classic Winter Henley from Bonobos

Bonobos Jetsetter Henley

One of four essential colors in which you can score this classic Bonobos henley.

Perhaps if you’ve taken stock of your wardrobe as of late, you’ve realized you’re missing a crucial piece of winter gear: One of the best men’s henleys for versatile layering and standout style. Wearable with everything from a refined suede jacket or as a base layer underneath your favorite flannel shirt, I’ve got just the classic men’s henley for you in today’s Sunday Sale. I’m talking, of course, about the Bonobos Jetsetter Long-Sleeve Henley, which is now on sale for 30 percent off at BonobosIf you follow the blog, you’re well aware that Bonobos has been running a standout winter sale for weeks now, with prices starting as low as $38 on everything from men’s chinos to rugged basics like one of the best henleys for men.

These are deals that can’t be beat, especially if you’re a fan of the NYC-based brand’s updated takes on classic menswear staples. That’s what makes the Bonobos Jetsetter Long-Sleeve Henley so essential, seeing as it’s available in a range of neutral colors (from Navy Blazer to White) while also retaining that classic Bonobos quality and attention to detail.

SHOP: The Bonobos Jetsetter Long-Sleeve Henley

Bonobos menswear

Pick up this rugged-yet-refined henley in Charcoal for ideal winter layering and laidback style.

Of course, this piece is one of the best henleys for men for a reason, and it’s all the better that the price tag now drops below $50. If I were you, I’d get at least two, then pair them with ease alongside everything from tapered Bonobos joggers to classic Bonobos chinos. But what exactly separates the Bonobos Jetsetter Long-Sleeve Henley from the pack? It’s simple really, and it starts with Peruvian cotton that’s been blended with sustainable REFIBRA lyocell for a soft handfeel and plenty of eco-conscious style (it’s a blend of upcycled cotton and wood pulp). This is a rugged henley for men that can go just about anywhere you want it to go, whether you layer it under your favorite winter blazer for a Zoom meeting during the week or team it with the aforementioned tapered Bonobos joggers for cozy weekend style and comfort. And if you feel like mixing in, say, classic men’s blue jeans and a refined cashmere cardigan, well, you can certainly make it happen with the Bonobos Jetsetter Long-Sleeve Henley. It’s selling fast, and at a discount like that (again, 30 percent off at Bonobos), it’s not hard to see why. Make it yours today.

SHOP: The Bonobos Jetsetter Long-Sleeve Henley


The Sunday Sale: Take 40 Percent Off the Best Dress Shoes for the New Year from Bruno Magli

Bruno Magli men's dress shoes

Take your pick from some of the finest men’s dress shoes, all on sale to start a new year.

Check your calendar, check your footwear rotation and get your credit card at the ready, because it’s time to pick up some of the best dress shoes for men to kick off a new year — and it helps that you can get a great deal on ’em in today’s Sunday Sale. If you’ve kept up with the blog in recent weeks, you know that Bruno Magli makes some of the best leather dress shoes around, what with refinement and style the name of the game (just check out my guide to the best loafers to wear at home, for starters). That’s where the ridiculously cool and well-made Bruno Magli Ancona Cap-Toe Oxfords enter the equation, and not a moment too soon if you’d like to upgrade your men’s dress shoes for winter 2021 and well beyond.


In fact, the headline says it all — you can get 40 percent off some of the best men’s dress shoes right here, right now. How about that, ehh? We’re talking stylish leather dress shoes that normally retail for close to $400, now available for under $200. That’s what we call a bingo, folks. Either way, they’d be worth the full price (more on that in a moment), but know that you’re certainly getting your money’s worth.

SHOP: The Bruno Magli Ancona Cap-Toe Oxfords

Bruno Magli Oxford dress shoes

Beautiful cognac leather and refined details make these an ideal pair of dress shoes for men, regardless of the season.

And in these increasingly casual times, it can absolutely pay off to keep your footwear rotation well-stocked with a pair of the best leather dress shoes, especially when you’ve got to (eventually) head back to the office. Heck, even if you just feel like dressing up for a date night or happy hour at home, the Bruno Magli Ancona Cap-Toe Oxfords have your back. The made-in-Italy construction and use of Italian leather are both major signifiers of quality, and it helps that the rich Cognac leather is versatile enough to wear with everything from navy chinos and a classic Oxford shirt to a charcoal suit and a light blue dress shirt. Of course, these stylish Oxford dress shoes are still more versatile than you might expect. Feel free to wear them with dark blue denim, that same Oxford shirt and a cashmere cardigan this winter, too (the captoe and brogue detailing naturally makes them a bit more casual). When you want stylish leather dress shoes that exceed any and all expectations, you want these one, folks.

SHOP: The Bruno Magli Ancona Cap-Toe Oxfords