The Sunday Sale: Save 50 Percent On these New Chukka Sneakers at Huckberry

If you’re the type of guy who never feels like he has enough stylish sneakers in his rotation — especially some of the best on-sale sneakers — then today’s post is going to be right up your alley. We’re heading over to Huckberry to shop the always-excellent Huckberry Sale section, and I’d say you’re going to love the results. The sneakers in question are the durable, rugged and fall-ready OBRA Heavy Suede Chukkas, the sort of sneaker hybrid that blends a high-top and a chukka, and here’s the catch: Your new favorite sneakers are 50 percent off right now. Yes, that’s right: You’re saving 50 percent on some durable, sustainable sneakers.

Best men's sneakers for fall.

What’s the catch? Well, these sneakers are final sale, so you’ll have to shop carefully, but because they’re coming from Huckberry, care and attention to detail is the name of the game. The OBRA Heavy Suede Chukkas use soft Brazilian suede set atop a sturdy Brazilian rubber outsole for traction and grip, while the rubber-wrapped toe offers even more durability.

The chukka design wears well in place of regular high-top sneakers, so feel free to rock these with your favorite fall style essentials, including hard-working blue indigo denim and timeless light grey chinos. For under $80 via the Huckberry Sale section, you won’t find a better pair of men’s sneakers to shop this fall — trust me on that.

The Sunday Sale: Shop and Save on the Best Men’s Boots Today at HELM Boots

Best rugged leather boots for men.

As we step ever closer towards fall, and as you slowly but surely break out your collection of the best men’s boots, perhaps you’re realizing that your footwear lineup has a few pieces missing. Like, say, some rugged-yet-versatile lace-up boots from a brand like HELM Boots? Sure, the brand also makes some of the most stylish leather sneakers on the market, but it’s the best boots for men where the Austin-based company truly excels.

And that brings us nicely into our Sunday Sale. Simply hop on over to the HELM Boots Sale section to shop at least 20 percent off your new favorite pair of boots, be it the dependable, wedge-soled HELM Jakob Boots (as shown at the top of the page), the ever-versatile HELM Declan Chukka Boots, or a set of stylish sneaker boots.

Best leather lace-up boots for guys.

Whatever pair your wardrobe needs, from rugged lace-up boots to timeless chukka boots, I’d wager you’re going to find it in the HELM Sale section (and remember, you can also snag 15 percent off your first order at HELM — talk about one heck of a deal for the best on-sale boots of the moment).

Seriously, the good folks at HELM Boots can do it all, and they use methods like Blake stitched construction and handsome leathers for maximum durability and style. These styles are selling mighty quickly, so I’ll let you go early today, all the better to shop the best boots for men. See you out there this fall, my friends.

The Sunday Sale: Shop & Save on the GREATS Wooster Mid, the Best Men’s High-Top Sneakers Right Now

Best men's high-top sneakers

We talk often here at the ole Style Guide about taking advantage of any opportunity to shop the best men’s style essentials on sale, and when the style essential in question happens to be some of the best men’s high-top sneakers, it’s all the better to save a few hard-earned bucks. In fact, when the brand making those sneakers is Brooklyn-based GREATS — a longtime favorite of your Brooklyn author — then things only get even better.

Satchel and Page

Perhaps you recognize GREATS from making standout product picks like some of the best hybrid sneaker boots, and today’s equally outstanding pair is just as stylish and versatile. For starters, you can get the GREATS Wooster Mid in a crisp Blanco leather upper and gum rubber outsole for a whopping 50 percent off. Yes, that’s right: These sneakers are marked down below $70, and it doesn’t hurt that they’re some of the best sneakers for men to buy now and wear into early fall.

Sure, the GREATS Wooster Mid are a heck of a deal to shop right now, but that doesn’t mean the brand cut corners on quality — they used a vulcanized rubber outsole with a sturdy reinforced toe design and a treaded pattern for traction as you move through stylish city streets. The tongue boasts exposed foam for a neat deconstructed touch, while the overall design of the GREATS Wooster Mid is modeled after old-school high-top sneakers.

Part tailored jacket, part sweater, all versatility.

The GREATS Wooster Mid are the kind of kicks you can dress up or down — try them with your favorite light wash jeans and a pocket tee this summer, then swap the T-shirt out for a rugged henley and a waxed trucker jacket come fall. The combination of gum rubber and a clean, crisp white is a seriously cool style touch that wears well with colorways like olive, navy, tan… you name it, and you can rock the GREATS Wooster Mid with that ensemble. For now, these stylish high-top sneakers are an outstanding 50 percent off at GREATS – do yourself a major favor and shop accordingly today.

The Weekend Sale: The Huckberry Annual Summer Sale Features the Best Menswear Deals Around Right Now

Huckberry Summer Sale 2022

When a once-a-season sale rolls around, especially one jam-packed with some of the best menswear and best gear of the moment, it’s in your best interest to shop that sale — of course, if you read the blog, you know this too well. The sale in question today? It’s an impressive one, and notably, it only runs for one more day — it’s the Huckberry Annual Summer Sale, boasting up to 45 percent off some of the most rugged menswear and gear on the market. Again: The Huckberry Summer Sale only runs through Monday, so it’s high time for you to start shopping (if you didn’t hop right on it earlier this week, that is).

Shop and save now at Huckberry

These deals run through July 25th

Of course, we’ve talked plenty in the past about how rare it can be to get deals on the best in-season gear — as in, gear you can actually wear once it arrives on your doorstep. As one would hope, the Huckberry Summer Sale features plenty of gear picks that hit the mark, including fan favorites like the much-loved Flint and Tinder 365 Shorts, plus some of the best men’s T-shirts and even some stylish summer slip-ons for your next breezy vacation.

It’s worth repeating that the Huckberry Summer Sale only runs through Monday — in the spirit of giving you plenty of time to shop, I’m going to wrap up this post, folks. Stock up, save and get ready to take on the rest of summer in style: I’ll see you out there.

The Sunday Sale: Marine Layer’s Saturday Shorts Are More Than 30 Percent Off at Huckberry

If there’s one thing we’ve talked about as of late here on the blog, it’s the importance of using a keen eye to stock up and save on the best deals on menswear — menswear that happens to fit the current season, that is. It’s a tricky proposition at times to find a deal on, say, the best men’s shorts, but that’s where the ever-well-curated Huckberry Sale section comes back into play once more. The deal in question today is a standout offering: Marine Layer’s Saturday Shorts are nearly 40 percent off, with plenty of sizes and two versatile colors up for grabs. If you ask me, that’s a deal worth diving into — but let’s find out why, shall we?

Shop and save on casual shorts at Huckberry

The best men’s shorts are within your reach

What’s the catch with the Marine Layer Saturday Shorts, and why are they on sale? Well, as I’ve said in the past, there’s no catch, folks: These are simply some of the best shorts for men — especially if laidback, easygoing style is your M.O., and the deal is one not to be missed.

The Marine Layer Saturday Shorts use a blend of cotton and elastane, plus a drawstring elastic waistband, for a look that’s at once polished and easygoing. The side hip slant pockets offer a clean finish, while the 7-inch inseam should work well on most guys while hitting above the knee.

As an added bonus, colors like Asphalt and the breezy blue of Faded Denim should work nicely no matter what essentials you wear alongside the Marine Layer Saturday Shorts. For now, just know that your new favorite summer shorts are a whopping 36 percent off — shop accordingly, my friends.

The Sunday Sale: This Linen Todd Snyder Blazer Is 50 Percent Off for Tailored Summer Style

Best summer blazer for men.

As nice — and essential — as it is to have a wardrobe well-stocked with tried-and-true classics you can wear on just about any day of the week or in any situation, it’s equally nice to be able to splurge every so often on a menswear pick-up that’s just plain, well, fun. And today’s Sunday Sale pick certainly fits the bill — the Todd Snyder Italian Linen Sportcoat channels the throwback vibes of the ’60s and ’70s with its color palette and pattern, and best of all is the fact that this jacket is now 50 percent off. Of course, it’s coming to you courtesy of the very well-stocked Todd Snyder Sale section.

Now, if you read the blog on the regular, there’s perhaps no designer that balances fun and yet classic, throwback-minded and yet fresh, than NYC-based Todd Snyder. One of the country’s best menswear designers, he makes everything from some of the very best chukka boots for men to affordable watches with Timex.

Best linen summer blazer for men.

Luckily, this Todd Snyder Italian Linen Sportcoat hits the right mark through and through, including the use of that premium Italian linen and a tailored (but not overly tight!) fit. This jacket would wear well with other breezy style staples: Think off-white jeans, perhaps navy chinos for a more grounded look, or even olive linen trousers to really drive home those summer style vibes.

Best of all is the fact that this jacket, one of the best men’s blazers out there right now, is going for under $300, marked down from $598. It’s still not cheap, and it’s one heck of a style splurge, but hey: Getting dressed should ultimately be fun

The Sunday Sale: The Billy Reid Tuscumbia Shirt Can Be Yours for 30 Percent Off Now

Best men's shirt for summer.

It can be fairly rare for one of the country’s best menswear designers — in this case, Billy Reid — to offer up some of the best menswear on sale, but that’s what today’s Sunday Sale is all about. That’s right, folks: Billy Reid’s Men’s Sale section has more than a few picks up for grabs right now, a rarity given the premium quality (and price points!) you’ll often find on the digital (and physical!) shelves of the Alabamba-based designer’s well-curated operation.

The Billy Reid Tuscumbia Shirt in particular is a staple of the brand, made with a tailored-yet-not-too-tight fit, a blend of 99 percent cotton and one percent elastane for stretch, and a buttondown collar and chest pocket for a casual-yet-polished finish. Best of all? The fact that it’s up for grabs for 30 percent off right now. Make it yours ASAP — I’ll leave you to it!

The Sunday Sale: This Taylor Stitch Shirt Is More Than 40 Percent Off at Huckberry

Every so often, a deal comes along that’s just too good to pass up, and that’s the case with today’s Sunday Sale (it’s always great to close out a weekend with some savings, is it not?). The item in question? No less than one of the best short-sleeve shirts for men, and it’s headed your way from a brand you can trust: Taylor Stitch, naturally. And not only that, but it’s curated by another brand you can trust: Huckberry, via the well-stocked Huckberry Sale section, of course. Yes indeed, the Taylor Stitch Hawthorne Shirt is the one to buy now, and better still is the fact that it’s just about 50 percent off (46 percent, to be exact).

The Taylor Stitch Hawthorne Shirt strikes the right balance between casual and formal, with a tailored fit and eye-catching patterns and colors aplenty on offer. The Navy Stripe pattern iteration of the Taylor Stitch Hawthorne Shirt is a nice change of pace from summer florals, lending it a bit more of a polished air.

And yet, the construction and specs are exactly what you want in one of the best shirts for summer: 100 percent organic cotton should prove breathable and breezy, while the Taylor Stitch Hawthorne Shirt also features a camp collar design (wear the shirt untucked and the collar open). Best of all, enjoy the fact that you’re saving your hard-earned cash by shopping the Huckberry Sale section — go to it, my friends.

The Sunday Sale: The Timex + Todd Snyder Marlin Watch is the Best Watch Under $200 On Sale Now

If you’ve kept up with this blog over the years (all the way back to 2013!), then you know that I’ve long sung the praises of designers that consistently do reliable work time and time again — like Todd Snyder, one of the country’s foremost menswear designers. He’s got a way of reinventing the classics and making them modern and fresh, like the Timex + Todd Snyder Marlin Watch shown here — it’s one of the best watches under $200 that you can buy right now, making it a perfect candidate for today’s Sunday Sale entry.

The design details are super clean and crisp, from the classically sized 38mm case diameter to the Horween leather strap — this is a watch you can easily dress up or dress down.

The designer has worked with Timex since 2016 to breath new life into archival styles, putting his own spin on the classics — as with his ongoing Todd Snyder + Champion partnership, too. The Timex + Todd Snyder Marlin Watch checks all the right boxes if you want an affordable, stylish, subtle, simple and yet truly timeless watch (in terms of looks — it tells the time just fine otherwise!).

The Timex + Todd Snyder partnership has proven fruitful, highly fashionable yet classic, and just simply plain… cool. And the fact that you can snag it right now for just under $200? That’s a watch worth shopping in my book.

The Sunday Sale: Save More Than 30 Percent on these Hybrid Sneaker Boots at GREATS Today

Summer is certainly a prime time for stepping back into the best sneakers for men, especially from an illustrious sneaker producer like Brooklyn’s own GREATS. The company is already well-known for making the famed, highly affordable GREATS Royale Sneakers, but today’s Sunday Sale offers up another deal that’s nearly too good to pass up: The GREATS Wythe Chukka Boots are now more than 30 percent off via the GREATS Sale section, a nice chance to snag some lightweight hybrid sneakers for a solid price (just a shade under $120).

To be sure, you can get 15 percent off your first order at GREATS with the code BROOKLYN15, but this is an even better way to ensure you’re stocking up and saving on some go-anywhere chukka sneakers. The GREATS Wythe Chukka Boots feature everything you know and love about GREATS sneakers, including responsibly sourced and produced leather, plus a sustainably made footbed featuring repurposed algae fiber.

Yes, that’s right: The GREATS Wythe Chukka Boots will offer up both comfort and eco-conscious design for more than 30 percent off. Plus, the profile on the GREATS Wythe Chukka Boots is versatile enough to wear with your favorite cotton shorts or with rolled light wash denim in equal measure. Long story short: Shop and save now with the GREATS Wythe Chukka Boots. Cheers, my friens.