The Sunday Sale: Take 25 Percent Off the Best Winter Menswear at Taylor Stitch

When opportunity comes knocking — as in, the chance to shop some of the best winter menswear on sale from one of your favorite retailers — it’s best to answer the door, so to speak, right? And with the fast-moving Taylor Stitch Cold Weather Clearout, you’ve got a better chance than ever to upgrade your winter style essentials at low, low prices. What’s the scoop? Well, through just today only, you can take an additional 25 percent off the Taylor Stitch Last Call section, an unbelievable opportunity to score even deeper discounts on your favorite menswear essentials.

It’s the kind of deal that doesn’t come around too often, so prepare and shop accordingly if you want to layer up with rugged Taylor Stitch gear the rest of winter. The Taylor Stitch Last Call section boasts classic must-haves like the Taylor Stitch Fisherman Sweater at a whopping 48 percent off, not to mention investment-level pieces like the burly, super-warm Taylor Stitch Bunker Jacket, also priced at 48 percent off. Again, the selection within the Taylor Stitch Last Call section is moving fast, and this sale is only sticking around through today: I’ll leave you to shop early and often on this fine winter Sunday. Good luck out there, my friends!

The Sunday Sale: The Faherty Legend Sweater Shirt Is More Than 40 Percent Off

Best flannel shirt for men.

If you know where to look, opportunities abound to save on the best winter menswear — if you know where to look, that is. That’s why we’re here with today’s Sunday Sale, of course: To point you in the direction of companies like Faherty Brand, a longtime favorite of mine with a penchant for selling everything from one of the best winter jackets to the stylish flannel shirt you see above.

Best winter flannel shirt for men.

The shirt in question, of course, is the fan favorite Faherty Legend Sweater Shirt, a rugged yet ultra-soft men’s shirt for winter that wears like an overshirt or a standalone flannel shirt, any way you slice it. And the deal in question? In select colors and patterns (nine of them, to be exact), the Faherty Legend Sweater Shirt is more than 40 percent off.

That’s one heck of a deal for a casually rugged shirt you can wear virtually every day, be it through more casual days at the office or winter weekend brewery outings or lounge-ready days at home. It’s not all that often that the Faherty Legend Sweater Shirt goes on sale with such wide variety available, so hop on this deal while it’s still around. I’ll leave you to it, my friends.

The Sunday Sale: Get Up to 60 Percent Off the Best Winter Menswear at the Todd Snyder Winter Sale

Best winter menswear from Todd Snyder.

My friends, the above headline says it all, but consider this a helpful refresher as we close out the weekend today. The Todd Snyder Winter Sale is still going on, with deals that really are better than ever. Of course, we talked about one of the best winter menswear deals on the blog this past Friday, but again, deals this outstanding are tough to pass up (and certainly worth a reminder in their own right).

The famed American menswear designer, as you know if you peruse the pages of this site, does everything from stylish cashmere sweaters to one of the best trucker jackets on the market. Luckily, some of those very pieces are up for grabs right now at as much as 60 percent off. That’s right: Use the code WINTER30 to get as much as 60 percent off at one of the country’s best menswear designers.

As always with any sale from Todd Snyder, these discounts won’t last forever, so make haste — I’ll leave you to it. Happy shopping, my friends!

The Sunday Sale: Save 30 Percent and More at Mott and Bow’s First-Ever Winter Sale

Mott and Bow men's jeans

What’s a guy to do if he wants an upgraded set of the best blue jeans for men? For now, the answer is easy: Head over to NYC denim upstart Mott and Bow and shop the brand’s long-awaited, first-ever online sale. Yes, that’s right: The brand that makes some of your favorite jeans is running its first-ever sale, and it just so happens to dovetail nicely with a stylish start to 2023.

HELM Boots- $50 Off Your First Purchase

If you’ve read the blog over the years, I’m a big fan of Mott and Bow’s lightweight denim (and I’ve said as much in my Mott and Bow review posts!), and if you give the brand a chance when it comes to the best men’s jeans, I think you’ll start to feel similarly as you dive into the Mott and Bow Winter Sale.

Best men's blue jeans.

Think of it this way: If you’ve been on the fence about picking up some new denim and want an easy and hassle-free way to do just that, the Mott and Bow Winter Sale is a perfect place to start. For one, there’s the brand’s free home try-on program, and beyond that, the fact that the Mott and Bow Winter Sale delivers stylish men’s jeans for at least 30 percent off is mighty handy, too.

HELM Boots

Of course, the Mott and Bow Winter Sale also offers up discounts on stylish Mott and Bow sweaters, classic and comfortable Mott and Bow French terry sweats and a wide array of jeans for men in plenty of colors and fits. Even better is the fact that as of now, the Mott and Bow Winter Sale should have a range of sizes available in some essential styles when it comes to the best jeans for men. And yet, the Mott and Bow Winter Sale won’t stick around forever, so shop smartly to upgrade your jeans in the new year. Cheers, my friends!

The Sunday Sale: Save 30 Percent On Select Gear at the Filson Winter Sale

Best Filson menswear

If you read the blog on the regular, you’re never one to pass up the best menswear deals, right? I’d wager that’s particularly true when given the chance to shop some of the best heritage menswear on the market, the kind that doesn’t go on sale all that often. And because it’s Sunday, where we dive into the best sales on menswear out there, it’s high time you hopped over to Filson to shop the Filson Winter Sale from the legendary Pacific Northwest adventure outfitter.

The Filson Winter Sale is one not to be missed, and I don’t say that lightly: You can get 30 percent off select Filson products, including a wide assortment of some of the best, warmest winter menswear and outdoor gear. Again, sales like this don’t roll through town very often, so a word to the wise: You’ve got until January 17th to shop the Filson Winter Sale, so act accordingly right now.

Best Filson menswear to buy now.

What sort of deals are on offer this season at the Filson Winter Sale? Well, there’s more than you can shake a stick at, but I’ve personally got my eye on the Filson Mackinaw Wool Cruiser Jacket for a very nice 30 percent off, along with the Filson Field Flannel Insulated Shirt at 30 percent off.

Of course, there are more than 100 items currently available at discounts, with plenty of ’em selling fast through the Filson Winter Sale. And must-haves like the Filson Vintage Flannel Work Shirt are up for grabs at a discount of 30 percent, and again, these gear picks are selling fast. When you want to save on durable, heritage-quality gear for brisk weather, head over to the Filson Winter Sale ASAP. Cheers to a new year, my friends!

The Sunday Sale: Save Up to 50 Percent Off the Standout Faherty Brand End Of Year Sale

Best on-sale winter menswear.

My friends, first of all: Merry Christmas! Thanks for joining me in a special edition of The Sunday Sale. In the mood to splurge on yourself? Well, here we go — and you’re in luck, because there’s a flurry of year-end menswear sales hitting the market, with plenty of your favorite brands getting in on the fun. That includes pricier designers like Billy Reid and Todd Snyder, and it also includes a slate of more accessible, yet still premium retailers like my pals at Faherty Brand.

The great news if, you’ve timed it just right if you’re looking to get, say, one of the best flannel shirts for winter (or any other winter style essentials!) via the standout Faherty Brand End Of Year Sale. There’s no time like the present to upgrade your winter wardrobe, and of course, New York-based, family-owned Faherty Brand delivers the goods.

That’s the case if you’re seeking the brand’s best-selling Faherty Legend Sweater Shirt (marked down to $109 from $178), or something warm, rugged and versatile like the Atmosphere Shirt Jacket (now 52% off at $129). Even the trusty Faherty Knit Alpine Shirt gets a very nice markdown (31% off, down to a very agreeable $109).

And just in case you really want to round things out the right way, the Faherty Traveler Pants are a whopping 53% off right now through the Faherty Brand End Of Year Sale. That’s just a small selection of some of the best winter menswear sales on the market, so head on over to the good folks at Faherty Brand and really make the season bright. Cheers and Merry Christmas!

The Sunday Sale: Get Up to 50 Percent Off USA-Made Menswear at American Giant

Best hooded sweatshirt for men.

It’s not every day that you get the chance to shop bona fide, American-made menswear, and it’s even more rare that you’re going to find some of the best menswear deals on gear that’s made right here in the U.S. of A. And yet, witness what American Giant has going on over at the American Giant Last Chance section.

Inventory is moving quickly of its best-selling hoodies and other gear, but the point remains the same: You can get as much as 50 percent off the best American-made menswear, with plenty of deals available on gear between 17 and 30 percent off.

Best American-made shirt for men.

Stick around, dive in and shop rugged rarities like the American Giant Explorer Shirt, or keep things classic and score a deal on the American Giant Carolina Midweight Hoodie, among a plethora of other colorful, stylish, reliable selections. These pieces use materials sourced in America, like sturdy-yet-soft cotton. Of course, each piece is crafted with care into highly durable, dependable pieces (again, also right here in the States!).

Take it from this Brooklyn writer: I tried the thick, warm and sturdy yet flexible American Giant Classic Full Zip for everything from brewery visits to fall concert-going earlier this season, and it’s the real deal. It’s all the better if you can get one of the best men’s hoodies on sale today, so shop early and often while this gear is still around.

The Sunday Sale: Head to Billy Reid to Get 30 Percent Off the Best Winter Menswear

Best on-sale winter menswear.

How often are you able to find the best in-season style picks, like the best winter style essentials, on sale at steep discounts? Not too often, right? It’s a tricky search that just got a bit easier, though: You can head to the always well-stocked Billy Reid Men’s Sale section to get at least 30 percent off the best new winter menswear. That’s right: Everything from classic shirting to durable, stylish outerwear is on sale, and at prices that don’t come around all that often.

Part tailored jacket, part sweater, all versatility.

We’ve talked plenty about the Alabama-based Reid as of late, who fuses the crisp and timeless with the modern in sharp shirting, effortlessly cool suiting and famed, rugged-yet-refined outerwear like the Billy Reid Bond Peacoat. Of course, there’s a catch: Billy Reid menswear can often be quite pricey when not on sale, so the ever- crucial Billy Reid Sale section is a surefire win right now.

In fact, I’m willing to bet you’ll find everything you need when it comes down to what to wear to a holiday party for men within the Billy Reid Sale section, from a stylish on-sale men’s shirt to one of the coolest bomber jackets for men (pictured above, of course). When it comes time to get dressed in style this winter, make the Billy Reid Sale section your next shopping destination.

The Sunday Sale: Save 30% On the Most Rugged Men’s Gear Right Now at Howler Brothers

Best rugged gear to buy now.

What sort of gear do you reach for when you get out into the wild? That could be the best outdoor menswear you layer up with on a day hike, or on a camping trip, or on a winter market stroll… or even just the coolest menswear you rock on an evening trip to your favorite brewery.

When yours truly takes on those pursuits, I look for comfortable, dependable, hard-wearing gear that’s easy to move around in and versatile as heck — this is where Austin-based Howler Brothers enters your wardrobe. Better still is the fact that the Howler Brothers Last Call section is newly stocked with the most rugged menswear for guys.

We’re talking 30 percent off the best rugged menswear on the market, especially fan favorites like durable flannel shirts, super-soft hoodies, one of the best quilted jackets for men and more. OK, make that much more, because destinations like the Howler Reserve Collection also stock exclusive designs for solid prices, too. Keep in mind that sizes are going very, very fast, though.

Best rugged men's style essentials.

Across the board, the brand specializes in gear you can wear from day to night, especially in casually rugged situations (think a winter park stroll, followed by a few drams at a snug whiskey bar). Best of all is the fact that, again, the best rugged gear for guys is now at least 30 percent off at Howler Brothers. Your winter wardrobe will surely thank you later.

The Sunday Sale: Get 50% Off the Best Men’s Sneakers & More at GREATS

Best affordable sneakers for men.

Let’s talk sneakers on this fine Sunday, shall we? In fact, let’s do more than that: Let’s dive into how to shop one of the best early Black Friday deals from GREATS right now, one of the best sneaker brands for men and a company that’s been making waves in Brooklyn with stylish men’s sneakers for about a decade now. Hopefully, you recognize the fan-favorite brand for its ability to sell the best affordable high-top sneakers and other winter-friendly kicks, like the most rugged men’s boots, but let’s talk about the savings available right now at GREATS on essentials like the stylish GREATS Royale Sneakers.

Of course, those classic men’s leather sneakers are just one of the pairs you can get seriously discounted right now: In fact, you can save 50 percent off select styles at GREATS for a limited time. That includes everything from the best men’s sneakers to functional sneakerboots and even cozy winter slippers in select sizes and colors. Sounds too good to be true, right? You better believe it, though.

Best leather sneakers for men.

As incredible as it might seem, these savings on the best sneakers for men from GREATS are the real deal, and that goes for extremely popular models like the GREATS Royale Sneakers, too. The GREATS Royale Sneakers are a fan favorite for a plethora of reasons, from the use of fine leather and to the fact that they’re made in Italy, yet served up at an extremely agreeable price. And yes, here’s another reminder that picks like the handsome GREATS Royale Sneakers are now 50 percent off for a limited time at GREATS. In my humble opinion, that makes them a worthy addition to your sneaker collection right now.