The Friday Read: Dining at Reyna New York & The Best Menswear for Your Weekend

Reyna New York City review

My friends, thanks for joining me here at The Style Guide this fine spring Friday. It’s been quite the bustling first full week of spring here in the Big Apple, as you very well might know if you follow me on Instagram, and I had the chance to switch things up just a bit.

Yes, I attended a press preview with excellent active recovery footwear brand OOFOS, and I caught up with some PR industry friends at the buzzy ’70s-style cocktail bar The Flower Shop, but there was one highlight of my week in particular that stood out as a bit different from the ordinary (an understatement).

I don’t consider myself a major gourmand by any stretch of the imagination, but I know what I love — a mix of hearty and refreshing dishes that put a new spin on the classics, and I found that in spades when I dined at NYC’s newest hotspot, Reyna New York (courtesy of Purple PR). I’m grateful I get to experience plenty of the best on offer in NYC and elsewhere, broadening my horizons (and my palate!) all the while through my freelance writing pursuits.

The Mediterranean tapas and cocktail bar is much-loved in Toronto, and I soon suspect NYC will join that list. We chatted all things spirits and menswear, of course, but the star of the evening was the meal itself. I’ll keep it brief right from the jump: Add it to your list the next time you visit The City That Never Sleeps.

Reyna NYC review

I especially appreciate a spot that makes rethink what I thought I knew about certain styles of cuisine, like the Mediterranean fusion emphasized throughout the menu at Reyna (which opened formally last fall). There’s a luxe feel to the space, communicated nicely through warm lighting, colorful banquettes and a detailed cocktail menu that doubles as an illustration book for each offering.

And the menu itself, from the Lebanese Tacos to a wonderful Paella dish (share it among friends!), is full of something for everyone. Take it from me: Get the Mezcal Smokeshow if you want to step into the world of Mezcal, and be prepared for a delightful array of small plates. Again, take it from: Reyna New York is a must-go on your next visit to the city. So, that’s but one recommendation to start your weekend.

Of course, I’ll leave you with a menswear recommendation you can find more close at hand (in your wardrobe soon enough, if you order today!). If you keep up with the blog — and I’m certainly hoping you do! — you might have seen this one coming, but as spring rolls into town, there’s perhaps not a better brand to shop than Taylor Stitch.

It’s a simple enough recommendation, to be sure, but whether you seek the classic Taylor Stitch Jack Shirt or a super-soft, lightweight and breezy polo, the Taylor Stitch New Arrivals section will certainly outfit you handsomely — especially if you have spring or summer plans to visit New York City and dine at Reyna! In the meantime, let’s gear up for spring the best way possible: With a gear refresh and a few fun plans on the horizon. Cheers and thanks for reading, my friends!



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