Style Pick of the Week: Buck Mason Curved Hem Henley – A Rugged Summer Style Classic

Best short-sleeve henley for men.

From time to time, you’ve simply got to keep classic menswear essentials at the forefront of your wardrobe (and your shopping search). For instance, in the heat of summer, there are ways to step out in style that are visually appealing and different from the everyday, like opting for a stylish curved hem henley as opposed to a classic crewneck tee or even a pocket T-shirt.

It’s a classic move, it’s the epitome of rugged style, and there’s one brand in particular you should trust to outfit you accordingly. That brand, of course, is Buck Mason, and if you read the blog on the regular, I’d hope you know them very well indeed.

What makes the Buck Mason Pima Curved Hem Henley a must-buy? There’s plenty going for it, especially as we move into the hotter climes of summer. The sporting roots of the henley shirt are a nice touch, to be sure, while the button placket frames the face and can be customized with any particular number of buttons (see how Ryan Gosling wears his favorite short-sleeve henley, for instance).

Best short-sleeve henley for men to buy now.

Now, we can’t all be as suave as Ryan Gosling, but any time a celeb of such esteem wears a rugged style classic, it’s a move worth emulating — and the even better news is, you needn’t spend an arm and a leg on the Buck Mason Pima Curved Hem Henley. Sure, it’s decidedly more expensive than a standard 3-pack of T-shirts at $68, but if you’ve tried out Buck Mason men’s T-shirts, you know that the quality is worth the extra investment. And with the Buck Mason Pima Curved Hem Henley, it all starts with the fabric itself.

It’s a long-staple pima cotton for an exceptionally soft hand feel and a touch of durability, and this rugged henley is available in both classic colors (like Black, Heather Grey and Heather Oat), as well as an even softer Venice Wash option in a breezy, versatile Olive. And of course, there’s the curved hem itself — it’ll prove flattering on multiple body types — as well as the cuffed sleeves, a retro touch that also flatters your upper body and arms.

If it seems like the Buck Mason Pima Curved Hem Henley checks all the right boxes, that’s because, well, it does. In my experience, the Buck Mason Pima Curved Hem Henley fits exceptionally well, drapes comfortably and retains its shape, and feels super-soft to the touch. That sounds like a summer menswear essential to buy now, does it not? Get out there and shop accordingly, my friends.


See Now, Buy Now: This Buck Mason Camp Collar Shirt is a Retro-Meets-Modern Classic

Best short-sleeve shirt for men.

When the time comes to consider your wardrobe of summer style essentials — a time like right now, perhaps, as we roll into a new season — you very well might want to switch things up ever so slightly from the norm. For instance, perhaps you want to trade in a more classic short-sleeve chambray shirt for something with just a bit more retro flair.

Where’s a guy go to do just that? Easy. Stick with a tried-and-true brand you can trust, one with a knack for getting even more adventurous styles designed in expert fashion. That brand, my friends, is the all-American style purveyors at Buck Mason, and when you want to switch up your rotation of the best short-sleeve shirts for summer, they’ll have you sorted out in no time.

Take the throwback-tinged Buck Mason Cotton-Linen Camp Shirt. It’s got plenty going for it in terms of breezy fabric, yet it’s the camp collar design — a ’50s and ’60s style staple — that makes it so covetable. Of course, it only gets better from there, as does the rest of the Buck Mason Spring and Summer Collection.

Best men's camp-collar shirt.

The Buck Mason Cotton-Linen Camp Shirt tones things down from the traditional polo or a short-sleeve shirt with a classic stand-up collar. Because of the lay-flat collar and the roomier fit through the body, it’s ideal for especially hot conditions while still delivering a cleaned-up look. Buck Mason also used single-needle stitching throughout this garment, which prevents shearing and helps the shirt drape better — again, this is another crucial touch in the heat.

Plus, the Buck Mason Cotton-Linen Camp Shirt features vented side seams, which also allow the shirt to lay in a more refined manner. Those touches give the Buck Mason Cotton-Linen Camp Shirt the ability to be worn a touch casually (with chino shorts, for instance) or in a more classic fashion (with rolled Buck Mason jeans and chukka boots).

You can also style the Buck Mason Cotton-Linen Camp Shirt — especially in the crisp Navy and Faded Black colorway — underneath a Buck Mason suit for the ultimate hybrid between easygoing looks and refined fashion this season. A classic, made modern? That’s the Buck Mason way, and your wardrobe is all the better for it.

See Now, Buy Now: Layer Up for Spring with this Buck Mason Canvas Jacket

Best spring jacket for men.

Leave no stone unturned in your search for the best menswear essentials for spring, starting with your new favorite jacket for breezy spring days. Take a cue out of the Buck Mason style playbook — one that focuses on rugged-yet-versatile upgrades to modern classics — and reach for something like one of the best chambray shirts, then round things out with today’s featured style pick. That pick in question is the Buck Mason Canvas Rider Jacket, a style modeled after vintage outerwear that manages to look just as fresh and dependable today as it might have decades ago.

It’s modeled after workwear jackets, like the kind made years ago by brands like Dickies, yet with a bit more modern flair in terms of fit and design. The Buck Mason Canvas Rider Jacket boasts soft sueded cotton canvas in a 7.5oz. weight, which should prove ideal for throwing on atop one of Buck Mason’s stylish T-shirts or your favorite spring polo on breezy, casual days.

Beyond that, the Buck Mason Canvas Rider Jacket comes in a highly wearable Sand color: It fits right in with lighter, breezier spring color palettes, no doubt about it. Plus, if you prefer the casually cool, vintage-minded stylings of other Buck Mason menswear must-haves, this jacket should fit seamlessly into your wardrobe.

Best lightweight men's jacket for spring

Other details on the Buck Mason Canvas Rider Jacket are a bit more subtle, from the slanted hip pockets (like other classic workwear jackets) or the button cuffs, which you can flip up for a bit more comfort and airflow. Of course, the Buck Mason Canvas Rider Jacket also features three-piece workwear sleeves for a touch of added mobility.

And yet, this jacket might best be worn with a pair of classic Buck Mason jeans, a soft T-shirt and your favorite chukka boots for laidback spring pursuits aplenty. When you’re searching for a go-to, casually rugged spring outerwear option, this rugged, durable canvas jacket from Buck Mason is a new must-have.

The Friday Read: Dining at Reyna New York & The Best Menswear for Your Weekend

Reyna New York City review

My friends, thanks for joining me here at The Style Guide this fine spring Friday. It’s been quite the bustling first full week of spring here in the Big Apple, as you very well might know if you follow me on Instagram, and I had the chance to switch things up just a bit.

Yes, I attended a press preview with excellent active recovery footwear brand OOFOS, and I caught up with some PR industry friends at the buzzy ’70s-style cocktail bar The Flower Shop, but there was one highlight of my week in particular that stood out as a bit different from the ordinary (an understatement).

I don’t consider myself a major gourmand by any stretch of the imagination, but I know what I love — a mix of hearty and refreshing dishes that put a new spin on the classics, and I found that in spades when I dined at NYC’s newest hotspot, Reyna New York (courtesy of Purple PR). I’m grateful I get to experience plenty of the best on offer in NYC and elsewhere, broadening my horizons (and my palate!) all the while through my freelance writing pursuits.

The Mediterranean tapas and cocktail bar is much-loved in Toronto, and I soon suspect NYC will join that list. We chatted all things spirits and menswear, of course, but the star of the evening was the meal itself. I’ll keep it brief right from the jump: Add it to your list the next time you visit The City That Never Sleeps.

Reyna NYC review

I especially appreciate a spot that makes rethink what I thought I knew about certain styles of cuisine, like the Mediterranean fusion emphasized throughout the menu at Reyna (which opened formally last fall). There’s a luxe feel to the space, communicated nicely through warm lighting, colorful banquettes and a detailed cocktail menu that doubles as an illustration book for each offering.

And the menu itself, from the Lebanese Tacos to a wonderful Paella dish (share it among friends!), is full of something for everyone. Take it from me: Get the Mezcal Smokeshow if you want to step into the world of Mezcal, and be prepared for a delightful array of small plates. Again, take it from: Reyna New York is a must-go on your next visit to the city. So, that’s but one recommendation to start your weekend.

Of course, I’ll leave you with a menswear recommendation you can find more close at hand (in your wardrobe soon enough, if you order today!). If you keep up with the blog — and I’m certainly hoping you do! — you might have seen this one coming, but as spring rolls into town, there’s perhaps not a better brand to shop than Taylor Stitch.

It’s a simple enough recommendation, to be sure, but whether you seek the classic Taylor Stitch Jack Shirt or a super-soft, lightweight and breezy polo, the Taylor Stitch New Arrivals section will certainly outfit you handsomely — especially if you have spring or summer plans to visit New York City and dine at Reyna! In the meantime, let’s gear up for spring the best way possible: With a gear refresh and a few fun plans on the horizon. Cheers and thanks for reading, my friends!

See Now, Buy Now: This Buck Mason Chambray Shirt is a Timeless Spring Style Move

Best chambray shirts for men this spring.

If you ask your favorite Brooklyn style writer (ha!), I think every guy’s wardrobe should be filled with heavy hitters, reliable menswear essentials that can work in practically any style situation. Take the classic chambray shirt, for instance. Originally a workwear staple, the textured chambray fabric is at once rugged and yet versatile, more casual than your favorite Oxford shirt yet easier to wear (in terms of comfort) than a starched dress shirt.

And the Buck Mason L023 Chambray Shirt is a prime example of the style, and yet another way in which one of your favorite menswear brands delivers, well, some of the best menswear essentials.

It’s part of Buck Mason’s ongoing Menswear Spring Preview, an assortment of picks new and old made to be mixed and matched for practically anything your upcoming calendar throws your way. If you’ve been reading the blog, you know that Buck Mason already makes one of the most rugged spring jackets, along with dependable pieces like stylish men’s chinos and the best men’s henleys. Helpfully, this chambray shirt falls right in that same wheelhouse.

Best men's chambray shirt for spring.

The Buck Mason L023 Chambray Shirt is one of two pleasing, timeless washes in which you can snag this soft, 100 percent indigo yarn-dyed cotton chambray shirt. It’s outfitted with a buttondown collar and chest pocket for casual style points (unlike a traditional dress shirt, which usually forgoes a chest pocket).

Beyond that, the Buck Mason L023 Chambray Shirt is just an utterly classic option, made to be layered over a Buck Mason henley and jeans, or styled with Buck Mason chinos and leather loafers at the office. If that sounds like an agreeable spring style combination, I’d urge you to move forward with picking up a new spring favorite.

See Now, Buy Now: The Buck Mason Storm Stopper Deck Jacket Is the Perfect Casual Jacket for Spring

Best men's spring rain jacket.

Sometimes, stepping into a new season is all about turning back the clock. Take the good folks at Buck Mason, a brand with a knack for taking old-school styles and updating them in a way that results in nothing less than, say, one of the best spring jackets for men (among many other throwback staples at which the brand excels). Whether it’s an eye-catching rugby polo or one of the best thermal henleys, there’s something special about gear made to last — especially when the piece in question is the impossibly cool yet highly functional Buck Mason Storm Stopper Deck Jacket.

Helpfully, you’ll find it within the carefully curated Buck Mason Spring Preview section, an enticing look ahead at breezy weather and breezy layers, from the famed selection of Buck Mason T-shirts to perfectly executed lightweight sweaters and of course, the Buck Mason Storm Stopper Deck Jacket.

It all starts with the fabric when we’re talking spring jackets, especially one of the best spring rain jackets, and this vintage-inspired jacket is built with yarn-dyed cotton-poly weather cloth, perfect for standing up to spring breezes. Of course the throwback inspiration behind the Buck Mason Storm Stopper Deck Jacket is applause-worthy, too.

Best men's spring rain jacket.

That’s because the Buck Mason Storm Stopper Deck Jacket takes its cues from deck jackets, with a seemingly simple design that actually packs in tons of functionality. It’s fully lined in nylon and finished off with corduroy cuff and collar accents in old-school fashion (turn up the collar for added protection from the elements), while the Buck Mason Storm Stopper Deck Jacket also boasts a drawcord waist for a snug fit.

Shop New Arrivals from Billy Reid

For good measure, the Tanker Green color is utterly classic, almost as cool as a jacket you’d discover in an old Polaroid, while the combination of both a zipper and button front offers even more protection from the elements. The price tag on the Buck Mason Storm Stopper Deck Jacket is agreeable considering it could easily morph into an everyday, casual spring jacket as well as a highly dependable jacket on breezy, rainy days.

Satchel and Page

It’ll set you back $228 at Buck Mason, not a bad price for your new favorite spring jacket. It’s the kind of casually rugged jacket meant to be worn with Buck Mason jeans or even stretch chinos, whether on the road or at home around town, and it’s never too early to prep for the season ahead.

The Thursday Buy: This Rugged Buck Mason Thermal Henley Is Your Go-To Casual Layer The Rest of Winter

Best thermal henley for men.

What’s more indispensable in a menswear wardrobe than something that’s functionally rugged, timeless and yes, stylish? Something like one of the best men’s henleys should fit the bill nicely, don’t you agree? That’s my estimation at least, and your Brooklyn style writer is wearing a classic thermal henley as this post is being penned. And if you’re looking for a way to amplify your own winter wardrobe in a way that’s warm and wearable day in and day out, the Buck Mason Vintage Thermal Henley is certainly your best bet.

Shop New Arrivals from Billy Reid

The excellent Buck Mason Vintage Thermal Henley is a departure from Buck Mason curved hem henleys in a few notable ways (note the straight hem in particular), so take note of those details if you’re a fan of that style. That being said, because it’s all-American retailer Buck Mason, with a distinct sense of throwback quality and dependability, the Buck Mason Vintage Thermal Henley should more than pass muster for your durable winter layering needs.

Of course, the Buck Mason Vintage Thermal Henley wouldn’t be a reliable winter layer without the right fabric, and it’s a sturdy double-knit ribbed cotton in a waffle weave that provides insulation and a nice weight. Ribbed cuffs provide a snug fit at your wrists (another underrated touch in terms of insulation from winter breezes), and for good measure, the Buck Mason Vintage Thermal Henley boasts corozo buttons. The three-button placket itself is also woven — note the contrast between the shirt and the placket itself — for a nice stylistic touch.

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And like seemingly everything sold by the standout team at Buck Mason, the Buck Mason Vintage Thermal Henley comes in a range of cool, pleasingly faded, classic colors meant to match up with mostly anything (but especially faded Buck Mason jeans or Buck Mason chinos). Pair the Black or Anchor colorways of the Buck Mason Vintage Thermal Henley with tan, olive or black jeans or chinos, and look to do much the same with the faded Venice Wash editions of your new favorite henley.

Best thermal henley for men.

Wear it at home on its own, layer the Buck Mason Vintage Thermal Henley beneath the best shawl cardigan, or take it on the road with a waxed trucker jacket. When you need a cozy layer to keep you going this season, the Buck Mason Vintage Thermal Henley is your next rugged style move.

The Thursday Buy: Switch Up Your Winter Style with Buck Mason’s Rugby Polo

Best long-sleeve polos for men

Dressing well in winter can sometimes feel like a bit of a taxing chore at times: It’s cold, there’s only so much you can do to layer up while still breathing easy, and it can get just a bit repetitive. But like clockwork, that’s where Buck Mason enters the fray, taking classic winter style essentials and upending them ever so slightly, whether it’s a rugged shawl jacket or an even cozier shawl cardigan for men. The brand isn’t resting on its laurels though, this time taking the traditional polo and turning it into a new winter must-have via the Buck Mason Field-Spec Rugby Polo.

Shop New Arrivals from Billy Reid

Buck Mason shirts — from one-pocket Oxford shirts to toasty flannel pieces — are already a tried-and-true closet staple (at least for this Brooklyn writer), and the Buck Mason Field-Spec Rugby Polo is an even cooler departure from the norm. Rugby shirts have been a prep style staple for years, and companies like Rowing Blazers have brought them back into the fold.

So it goes with the Buck Mason Field-Spec Rugby Polo, which subverts the warm-weather nature of the polo and turns it into a distinctive layer you can now wear to the office or to a polished winter gathering.

The Buck Mason Field-Spec Rugby Polo, available in colors like crisp blue Jet, classic Black and sharp White, hits the right notes for a preppy staple made modern. The classic fit should prove flattering on several body types, while the three-button placket on the Buck Mason Field-Spec Rugby Polo frames the face nicely. And lest you should think the Buck Mason Field-Spec Rugby Polo will prove too lightweight, it’s made from cotton jersey fabric in the same vein as thick rugby polo cloth.

When it’s especially chilly, consider the Buck Mason Field-Spec Rugby Polo as your base layer, topped off by, say, a Buck Mason sweater and a trusty Buck Mason waxed coat. Note that the Buck Mason Field-Spec Rugby Polo has been garment-washed for added texture and visual interest, and it’s a ready substitute in place of an Oxford shirt beneath a blazer.

The split hem falls in line with classic polo design details, and the price on the Buck Mason Field-Spec Rugby Polo ($88) is similar to other stylish Buck Mason shirts. However, the Buck Mason Field-Spec Rugby Polo shakes up the design just enough to make it a fun change of pace this winter, all for under $100. Sounds like a can’t-miss menswear purchase in the new year.

See Now, Buy Now: This Buck Mason Shawl Jacket is the Perfect Men’s Coat for Winter

Best winter jacket for men.

While there are assuredly some men’s style essentials that are a bit more straightforward, like one of the best shawl cardigans or one of winter’s best blazers, there are other menswear picks that blur the lines between the two — in a way that’s rugged, stylish and seriously cool all the while. Take the Buck Mason Interloop Shawl Jacket, a near-perfect mash-up of two standout style picks for men this winter (the aforementioned blazer and shawl cardigan).

You’ll find it, of course, in the Buck Mason New Arrivals section, and it’s here just in time for a little post-Christmas, pre-New Year’s dressing (and well beyond that, naturally). The Buck Mason Interloop Shawl Jacket is the sort of piece that, like the brand’s classic Oxford shirts or timeless blue jeans, sits in both the past and the present, with a wear-anywhere quality that works back at the office, on the road or on a Zoom call from home.

That’s because of the hybrid style, of course, and the high-quality specs (keep scrolling for more).

Best shawl cardigan sweater for men.

You see, the Buck Mason Interloop Shawl Jacket manages to be easy to layer — thanks to the brushed back French Terry cotton fabric — as well as relatively warm at the same time. You should certainly be able to layer the Buck Mason Interloop Shawl Jacket over one of the brand’s expertly cut and washed shirts, while the shawl collar provides extra protection at the neck (wear it inside the house on drafty days or use it as a mid-layer beneath your favorite peacoat when temperatures plummet).

The Buck Mason Interloop Shawl Jacket also features some more appealing visual details that make it one of the coolest casual men’s jackets out there, like hip patch pockets (similar to a blazer). Double-needle stitching adds a nice dash of durability, while articulated sleeves make it easy to move around even when layered up.

And of course, the Buck Mason Interloop Shawl Jacket is nothing if not timeless in terms of color, be it the Classic Grey option or deep Jet. Either would wear well with some Buck Mason men’s jeans or chinos, any day of the week and any time winter weather hits. Your search for a go-anywhere winter jacket is complete, thanks to the arrival of the Buck Mason Interloop Shawl Jacket. You know where to find it, folks.

Style Pick of the Week: Buck Mason Herdsman Shawl Cardigan – The Best Winter Sweater to Shop Now

Best men's cardigan for winter

It’s sometimes nice to treat yourself to a luxe upgrade to a style classic — a better, more improved version of a trusty staple you’ve had in your closet for years, like one of the best men’s sweaters. And this season, that upgrade is the Buck Mason Herdsman Shawl Cardigan, as high-quality, warm and stylish a cardigan as you’re apt to find on the market.

Shop Men's Apparel from Billy Reid

Of course, you ideally know the brand from making timeless seasonal picks like one of the best corduroy shirts, or everyday carry essentials like the best leather wallet for men, but this soft-yet-rugged sweater takes things a step further in terms of quality, and that’s probably an understatement. The Buck Mason Herdsman Shawl Cardigan looks like something a style icon like Hemingway or McQueen might have worn, for starters. and it only gets better from there. Note the use of merino wool and cashmere to craft a stylish men’s sweater that’s breathable, warm and anti-microbial.

Crucially, the Buck Mason Herdsman Shawl Cardigan is also built the right way beyond just that luxe, upgraded fabric — the sweater features a thick ribbed vertical knit for maximum warmth and a touch of visual interest, too. Buck Mason is certainly right to call your new favorite winter sweater a “timeless cold weather staple,” because the Buck Mason Herdsman Shawl Cardigan checks all the right boxes when it comes to the best men’s winter sweaters (fabric very much included).

Satchel and Page

Yes indeed, the Buck Mason Herdsman Shawl Cardigan also features a ribbed hem, cuffs and collar (simply roll the thick wrist cuffs back to customize a perfect fit for the Buck Mason Herdsman Shawl Cardigan). The sweater itself is also garment-washed for a more lived-in feel that might make you think you’ve had this sturdy, cozy, rugged cardigan for years.

Satchel and Page

Heck, the Buck Mason Herdsman Shawl Cardigan even looks like an old-school sweater with a more relaxed fit, ideal for layering atop a Buck Mason shirt for holiday and winter gatherings aplenty. Keep in mind that this classic men’s cardigan is a pricier investment than average at $228, but bear in mind that they just don’t make sweaters like the Buck Mason Herdsman Shawl Cardigan anymore. Pick this one up as soon as you can, my friends.