Fall Style Suggestion: A Color Wheel of V-Neck Sweaters

Here in Michigan, temperatures are continuing to drop (yes, it’s happening!). With winter on the way for most of, layering should ramp up substantially. With that increase comes the need for some tried and true favorites, items that could easily be swapped out as part of a rotation and layered on top of and under. Enter the v-neck sweater. Crewneck sweaters definitely have their place in the world of style, and there are crazy good options out there, but v-neck sweaters never really seem to fall out of favor when it comes to style. In the right color scheme, they can be an indispensable part of a guy’s wardrobe. (They’re even part of Dappered’s “Always” list, as good of an indication of timeless style as any).

A plethora of v-neck sweaters. From top to bottom: Old Navy, J. Crew Factor, J. Crew, Old Navy, Express, Frank & Oak.

A plethora of v-neck sweaters. From top to bottom: Old Navy, J. Crew Factory, J. Crew, Old Navy, Express, Frank & Oak.

V-neck sweaters should, like most clothing, skim the body but not fit too tight. Affordable options are out there by the dozens, recently at places like Gap, Old Navy and Uniqlo. Those price points are well within range for many, and the plethora of color options shouldn’t discourage you from wearing a brighter palette in winter. In fact, pairing a v-neck sweater with a blue or white button-down shirt, dark jeans and, say, desert boots could constitute a very worthy rotation of items. And in the dull days of fall and winter, v-neck sweaters provide that nice “it” factor when looking to work color into your wardrobe. In smaller amounts and possibly less luminous colors than those of summer, a nice shade of blue or a deep purple wouldn’t look out of place, either.

Extremely splurge-worthy alternatives are on the market too, but for price points that are fast on the rise. For those of us not a James Bond budget, it’s hard to beat snagging a few on sale at a place like Old Navy. Some aren’t partial to shopping there, but on a budget, the quality is tough to pass up. Three sweaters in the personal rotation have gotten heavy wear across the past winter and have held up more than alright. 

The classic Ludlow sportcoat in Herringbone English Wool, over an Old Navy sweater and Target Merona button-down.

The classic Ludlow sportcoat in Herringbone English Wool, over an Old Navy sweater and Target Merona button-down.

Outside of more casual options, v-neck sweaters work outstanding when paired with the right pair of slim corduroys, chinos or dress pants. Over a nice shirt and tie, the combination is killer. Underneath a blazer, too, a v-neck sweater provides an added layer of warmth and some visual appeal (as seen in the photo above). If the blazer is winter-weight (like that J. Crew blazer pictured ), the combination can work as seamlessly with snow on the ground as it can when it first gets bone-chilling cold. Wingtip boots might not be a bad add-on either, if the dress code calls for something a bit more polished. As far as other outfit components go, affordable blazer and dress pant options can be snagged at J. Crew Factory or Frank and Oak. While you’re there, don’t forget to stock up what could arguably be the most important (and basic) item in your closet this fall and winter — the v-neck sweater.


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