Online Shopping Picks: Best Men’s Fall and Winter Sweaters

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Just one sweater style you could throw on this season. Cardigan & shirt by Frank & Oak. Glasses by Warby Parker. Braided leather belt by Target Merona.

Just one sweater style you could throw on this season. Cardigan & shirt by Frank & Oak. Glasses by Warby Parker.

It seems we’ve had a bevy of Online Shopping Picks posts on this site in the past few weeks, simply because there’s so much standout fall product cramming store (and digital) shelves now. And, transitioning from the hot days of summer into the cooler days of fall & winter can happen rather suddenly — case in point: It was sunny and about 70 degrees in Brooklyn not too long ago, and now I’m fighting off the chilly fall rain; time to stock up on fall gear, and quick. So picking up a standout sweater or two would be a wise move. This latest Online Shopping Picks doesn’t focus on one style, like V-neck sweaters, and it doesn’t necessarily make the distinction between sweaters you might want to dress up and ones you want to dress down — although a V-neck sweater can certainly do both, as I noted in this throwback Effortless Gent post. The picks below, on the other hand, run the gamut of styles, brands and price points, all while bringing good versatility — so hopefully, you find one (or two, or heck, three) options that catch your fancy. And for a complete sweater hierarchy, head to Dappered in the meantime. Let me know if I missed any stellar selections in the comments below!

#1. Uniqlo Cotton-Cashmere V-neck Sweater — $29.90

A classic color and a can't-beat-it price.

A classic color and a can’t-beat-it price.

As with most Uniqlo products, it seems there might not be a better value for a sweater on the market in terms of price and quality than this V-neck sweater (although a budget brand like J. Crew Factory is also worth a look). But there are certainly some positives to this Uniqlo number aside from the price. It features a fit that’s likely quite slim, and the cotton-cashmere fabric should actually have a hint of stretch to it. It’s also available in a plethora of colors (every option but those Orange or Light Green picks should do very well this fall). And the price simply can’t be beat!

#2. H&M Wool-Blend Sweater — $19.90

Two bold chest stripes and a deep navy color helped this sweater land at No. 2 on this list.

Two bold chest stripes and a deep navy color helped this sweater land at No. 2 on this list.

Have you caught wind yet of the Fall 2015 version of David Beckham’s Modern Essentials collection for H&M? If the product is anything like the spring offering, it should be a well-curated collection of both tailored and casual wear with a continental edge. And that wool-blend sweater just might be the best of the bunch. It’s a got a noir-ish vibe to it thanks to the dark navy color, and the chest stripe provides enough contrast that it should still pair well with dark blue denim. A chest stripe is always a nice touch on a sweater, as it can accentuate your build. And it’s the kind of piece that be paired with something as casual as a chambray jogger or as dressy as some light grey trousers and a white Oxford. Again, the price is an absolute highlight (although it’s best to pay close attention to how you wash it, as it could shrink – this is H&M, after all).

#3. Grayers Avalon Cardigan — $125

A shawl cardigan and soft fabric make this a nice high-low piece.

A shawl cardigan and soft fabric make this a nice high-low piece.

Here, we’re jumping right from affordable, versatile pieces to a chunky shawl cardigan that leans more casual in nature – and is definitely more expensive. That could turn some away from it, but this Grayers cardigan still has a lot going for it. It’s an in-between shade of grey-blue that meshes nicely with some navy trousers (as modeled by my friend Clay of Brothers & Craft on the Grayers site). It looks like it’ll be thick, warm and comfortable, too – the type of sweater to throw on for casual weekend errands or a casual Friday on the job with some dark denim (you could even throw it together with some tweed trousers and a blue Oxford for a high-low work week look). And any way you style it, a shawl cardigan is an excellent piece to convey tough, rugged style – a la everyone’s personal favorite, James Bond.

#4. Todd Snyder Classic Pocket Sweatshirt in Olive — $98

A pricey basic that remains a great investment.

A pricey basic that remains a great investment.

This is, again, a decidedly casual sweater that won’t be for everyone – after all, it is just a crewneck sweater, yes? Well, not quite. Todd Snyder’s been pumping out reliably well-fitting, well-made updates to sportswear classics for a few years now and his crewneck sweatshirts are always a hit. They fit slim, incorporate small details like that chest pocket and come in versatile colors, like this olive option here, which will do well to dress down grey denim, wingtip boots and perhaps a chambray shirt and navy knit tie. If splurging on a crewneck sweatshirt isn’t your bag, Old Navy offers similar styles for much, much cheaper.

#5. JACHS NY Light Grey Merino Wool Cardigan — $125

The ideal type of sweater to get you through fall, with some on-trend elbow patches, to boot. Short-sleeve henley by Pistol Lake. Stainless steel dive watch by Invicta.

This cardigan was first seen here as a Style Pick of the Week just last week, and it’s the kind of sweater to buy now, wear now and keep in your rotation through fall (and likely into winter). The merino wool is surprisingly lightweight and breathable, while that light grey color provides some good versatility (pair it with everything from navy corduroys to olive chinos). Because it’s lightweight, that’ll make it a bit more of a tricky play in winter, though. The elbow patches, on another note, are a neat styling touch that seems to have come back into play across the menswear board. The price is another matter for most of us, but maybe it’s a pre-fall splurge. Or, you could pick up a solid handful of multi-colored V-neck sweaters from a place like Uniqlo and call it good.


Sorting through such an assortment of sweaters proved fairly difficult, what with lots of brands, fabrics and styles. As always, J. Crew did an excellent job with its sweater offerings this fall, particularly this lambswool colorblock number. Brands like Old Navy and even Target’s Merona line ($8.74 per sweater!) absolutely shouldn’t be pushed off to the side, either. And if you can make the trip into a physical retail location, it’s worth it to swing through Express for a look at the brand’s V-neck sweaters, which fit slim and (when free of that lion logo) are quite comfortable & affordable when on-sale. And if you fancy yourself a sweater addict (again, *raises hand*) picking up a few of these styles will leave you well-set for this fall and winter … and the next.

Which of the above picks will you be snagging for the season? Any styles or brands that you think are worth a look?

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