Product Review: Jomers Corduroys

One of the first keys to establishing great style is finding pieces that you love to wear over and over again. For many, dark denim fills this void more than adequately in terms of pants. However, it’s always ideal to mix up textures and fabrics with things like chinos in seasonally appropriate shades. Corduroys are another great way to find a denim alternative, as well. A relatively new start-up out of New York City’s Garment District, Jomers is looking to meet that need for fashionable guys everywhere. Joe over at Dappered first reviewed their cords back in August, and some readers noted similarities to Bonobos, but believe me, these are different in price and looks. It took me a while to get my hands on a sample pair of them, but now the review is in. Read on below, and to check out an interview with the company’s founder, click here.

Jomers Curacao corduroys. Waist size, 33. Shirt by Target Merona. Sweater by Old Navy.

Jomers Curacao corduroys. Waist size, 33. Shirt by Target Merona. Sweater by Old Navy.

The first (and perhaps most noticeable) part about these corduroys is the texture. They’re a pinwale cord, which is very fine and light. As a whole, the fabric is very airy and breathable, which would make these perfect for summer and spring, but probably not as much for the fall and winter — although that’s not to say they couldn’t be worn in those seasons.

The fit is quite trim, very close to a Levi’s 513.  Or, if you happen to wear Frank and Oak’s Newport Chinos, the fit is quite close to that as well — slim with some taper, but not as tight as a Levi’s 510 or 511. It’s something definitely preferable for those who are trim, but even the beefier guys among us could probably use a slimmer pair of pants, too. The fabric also has a decent stretch to it, which contributes to the breathability factor. In terms of length, the cord is long enough to be cuffed, but also sits with minimal break over a pair of shoes (or in the case of the photo, wingtip boots). The color of the pants is also quite nice — a dark, rich navy that’s just different enough from jeans or chinos thanks to the thin pinwale cord. From the looks of the site, they offer a variety of other colors, mostly in vibrant shades.

Patterned detailing along the waistband. A similar pattern in the back pockets.

Patterned detailing along the waistband. A similar pattern in the back pockets.

Additionally, the detailing on these Jomers cords are what sets them apart, as you can see above. The floral pattern is actually a pretty interesting touch, although some might be wary to take these for a spin in a conservative office because of that slight detail. It’s just different enough to set these apart from another pair of pants, however. The fly is a slide-lock closure, another sturdy touch that makes these worth the price.

And on that note, the price isn’t bad at all for the Curacao at $50. From the looks of things, the most expensive it gets for a pair of Jomers is $56 or so — and shipping is free for all domestic orders. For a starter pair of corduroys that would change up your denim and chinos rotation, that’s practically a steal. Furthermore, despite some of the inherent similarities to Bonobos, you won’t find a pair of Bonobos pants at that price point hardly ever. If you’re shopping on a budget, Jomers are the way to go. Quality and looks at the right price. Can’t ask for much more than that when it comes to style.


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