Men’s Style Christmas Wish List

Thanks to thoughts from Siblings With Style’s female perspective, the Christmas spirit is alive and well in the Great White North…er, Michigan’s Siblings With Style hub. Personally, holiday season shopping is a pretty easy time to pinpoint what’s affordable and attainable for gift-asking — and what’s simply not. But without further ado, (and if Santa’s willing to splurge a little … or a lot), here’s what’s on my ultimate wish list this year.

The Bond Peacoat

By Billy Reid. As worn by 007 himself.

By Billy Reid. As worn by 007 himself.

While it’s essential to have a good navy peacoat on hand, there’s something special about this one. It could be the fact that it’s worn by everyone’s favorite secret agent in the latest Bond film, but the biggest draw is the quality and luxury it represents. Billy Reid is famous for high-quality goods and American style, and this peacoat is a classic wardrobe staple. Now about the price…

Clarks X Horween Chromexcel Leather Desert Boots

A beautiful burgundy leather.

A beautiful burgundy leather in a classic silhouette.

It’s clear that a good desert boot is a true style essential, but this pair takes the tried-and-true Clarks silhouette and bumps it up a notch, using rich Chromexcel leather in a great burgundy shade (among others). By taking a classic outline and ramping it up with unique and beautiful materials, they’ve created a hot collaboration with style to burn. This piece isn’t nearly as pricey as the Bond peacoat, for example, but from the looks of things, it’s still worth every penny. And more than worthy of my list, to boot … (pun intended).

Allen Edmonds Strand Cap-Toe Oxfords

A fantastic-looking, investment-worthy shoe.

A fantastic-looking, investment-worthy shoe.

Shopping on a budget for versatile and classic-looking pieces can make it difficult to splurge on the big-ticket items, items that will last decades or even longer. The Allen Edmonds Strand Cap-Toe Oxfords are a shoe more than worthy of that title, and more than worthy of envy. The American-based shoemaker’s items always seem to generate exceedingly positive reviews and have remarkable durability. In the case of this pair of shoes, they’d stand out with nearly any suit, from charcoal to navy or light grey. For one pair of shoes, they’re more than worth the sticker price.

Hamilton Khaki Field Watch

Black and brown? In a watch? Yes and yes.

Black and brown? In a watch? Yes and yes.

Although those two dominant colors might seem out of sorts, when it comes to watches, black and brown just … work together. And this case is no exception. It’s a enviable watch for yours truly, without a doubt. Hamilton watches are right at the edge of the ultra-expensive price point — they’re getting up there, but not unattainable necessarily. However, don’t mistake their quality — they’re absolutely a heritage watch company providing heirloom pieces. Maybe a watch to match those shoes above, too…

So that’s my personal Christmas wish list. Any thoughts or feedback? What’s on your list? Leave it in the comments below!



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