Men’s Style Fall Wish List

Now that Labor Day’s rolled right on by, it’s time to seriously start thinking about snagging some key style pieces for fall. While the eyes of the fashion world have been focuses squarely on spring 2015 this week in New York City, the rest of us should probably be focused on more affordable (and wearable) style than what’s seen on the runways. With that in mind, it’s still important to take stock of what’s currently in your wardrobe, and what could use a refresher — seasonal additions in appropriate colors (like a rich burgundy or a faded indigo) are always a great way to shake things up. And on that note, I’ve had my eye on some purchases for the colder weather; hopefully, some of these picks make it into your closet as well!

Gap Reverse Jersey Shawl Cardigan

A fall (and winter) cardigan thanks to the shawl collar and cream color.
A fall (and winter) cardigan thanks to the shawl collar and cream color.

A chunky cardigan is a terrific alternative to a more traditional V-neck sweater, especially with a thicker shawl collar, like this one. In a cream shade, it’s also ideal for fall — it provides a nice contrast to darker, rustic colors, like auburn, burgundy or navy. It would also pair extremely well with a chambray shirt, thanks to the rugged-looking collar and patch pockets. It would also layer well over a henley or under a peacoat (and for more on a nice potential winter coat pick-up, read on below).

John Doe 420 Boot in Brown

A cheaper alternative to Wolverine's 1000 Mile boot.
A cheaper alternative to Wolverine’s 1000 Mile boot.

While this brand isn’t what you might think of when reaching for a pair of boots (Wolverine’s stellar 1000 Mile collection comes to mind) that’s exactly what makes them a great pick-up. This pair is still a deep, rich shade of brown that’s on-par with the similar Wolverine boots, yet these have a slimmed-down appeal — a less aggressive toe, considerably smaller shoelace eyeholes and a sleeker overall shape. Now, from a brand with arguably less of an emphasis on craftsmanship and less history than another competitor like Wolverine, quality concerns could arise.  But as part of a rotation with other boots in the fall, these are most likely a solid pick-up.

Saturdays Surf NYC Ulysses Peacoat 


Fit for fall and beyond.
Fit for fall and beyond.

A classic navy peacoat will never really go out of style, but it’s always nice to have a change of pace on hand when needed. This slick-looking option from Saturdays Surf NYC does just the job. Also available in navy, this heather grey number is a visual standout. A slim cut and an additional built-in collar are welcome updates to this classic piece of outerwear, and the price tag is substantially lower than the much-coveted Bond peacoat from Billy Reid — making this a welcome alternative.

 Form-Function-Form Button-Stud Burgundy Watchband

Changing up the typical black or brown-leather strap.
Changing up the typical black or brown-leather strap.

While a black or brown-leather watch is great to have on-hand (or on-wrist, rather) for repeated wear, sometimes your watch game needs an update. Much like a patterned watch strap can provide a jolt of color to your spring and summer wardrobe, a unique shade of leather more than gets the job done in the  fall and winter. I’ve already got a black-leather strap from form-function-form, and if the quality of this strap is anything like that one, it’ll hold up quite well over time with repeated wear. And the great thing about this shade of burgundy is that it can provide a needed (yet seasonally-appropriate) pop of color against black shoes, while working well with rich shades of brown.

What’s on your fall wish list? Any planned big purchases? 



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