Brand Profile: Tom Cridland Trousers

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A U.K.-based brand expanding into the U.S. via Kickstarter.
A U.K.-based brand expanding into the U.S. via Kickstarter.

The men’s pants market has received several shots in the arm across the past half-decade or so, notably from Bonobos and their tremendous Washed Chinos. Of course, Bonobos has since expanded into brick-and-mortar Guideshops across the country. Some brands are still doing it the “old-fashioned” way in this new age of technology, starting with an online presence and expanding from there. Tom Cridland is a curious case in this regard — they’ve got a solid brand base in the UK (and stock in certain physical retailers), along with a full e-commerce retail site, but they’ve recently taken to Kickstarter to finance a push into the States (check out the full Kickstarter campaign here).  Check out more coverage on their brand blog here, as well.

Tom Cridland's Classic Navy option.
Tom Cridland’s Classic Navy option.

They’re offering cotton trousers in a wide array of bright colors for now, similar to Bonobos, and they’re aiming to raise $20,000 by Feb. 15. That’s a pretty tight deadline, but the campaign to date has raised more than $11,000. The brand’s offerings range from a Classic Navy chino to louder colors, like a Chili Red pair of chinos (seen below) that wouldn’t look out of place with a pared-down set of white sneakers and a grey henley this summer.

A more vibrant Chili Red that could be dialed down with minimal accessories.
A more vibrant Chili Red that could be dialed down with minimal accessories.

The fit of these pants looks particularly promising for those who favor a slim cut — from the photos, these pants look like they should rival something like the Bonobos Slim Tailored option. However, they’re only offering a slim cut, for now — that leaves those with more leg muscle out in the cold. Sizes do run from 30R to 40L. And note that while Kickstarter can be tricky for certain men’s fashion campaigns, this has a solid base to build off and some good deals for those who contribute (a pledge of $98 gets you a pair of Tom Cridland trousers — normal retail $139). On top of that, for $176, you can knock $100 off the normal retail price for two pairs of trousers. A bonus: Worldwide shipping is included in the pledge.

At full retail, those prices are certainly a cut above what most of us would pay — that’s what makes this Kickstarter so advantageous. And if you’ve been looking to take the plunge on a more colorful pair of pants, these could be just the ticket — remember, just one pop of color at a time though!

Any plans to contribute to this Kickstarter campaign? Thoughts on Tom Cridland? Let me know below!



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