The Friday Read: The Apple Watch, Brunello Cucinelli and Tictail

Ben Sherman US

Editor’s note: Expect these posts once a week on Fridays — consider this a jumpstart on reading for your weekend downtime. Expect a mix of style and non-style content. For more entries, click here.

We’ve reached another Friday and summer’s starting to hit its stride – it’s getting pretty hot and muggy out there, too (by the way, did you catch this post earlier this week covering how to beat the heat?).  I’ve got an exciting weekend planned after a  busy time last weekend — I was fortunate enough to have my parents in town for the 4th, whereby we promptly set out on a Brooklyn beer tour. And my college friend (and extremely talented photographer) Khoa Nguyen is coming to town this weekend — so expect more of the same (plus some photos most likely, if we get around to it!). Now please, crack open a brew yourself (or just grab an iced tea), kick back and check out this week’s Friday Read post.

        • MarketWatch reports and surmises as to the how and why behind a dramatic plummet in sales of the Apple Watch.
        • Esquire Fashion Director Nick Sullivan explains his ultra-stylish wardrobe choice for an ultra-stylish Milan Fashion Week dinner hosted late last month by the ultra-stylish Brunello Cucinelli.
        • And for more on that stylish evening (because why not, while we’re at it?), the New York Times takes a deeper dive into other fashionable choices made by some of the party’s noted industry luminaries.
        • Style Read of the Week: Switching things up from the typical long read that normally populates this last bullet, Get Kempt brings everyone’s attention to Tictail, a site that recently upped its menswear game incrementally.

Still got a hankering for more style content?

  • Read up on the shades you should purchase this summer – the Randolph Engineering Concorde series, as written about by yours truly on GearHungry.
  • Take a gander at an extremely interesting crowdfunded #menswear concept, the Vincero Collective, over at VOUCH Mag – had the good fortune to connect with co-founder Sean Agatep earlier this week on the company.

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