The Friday Read: Rock or Bust World Tour, Vintage Shopping & Cheap Watches

Editor’s note: Expect these posts once a week on Fridays — consider this a jumpstart on reading for your weekend downtime. Expect a mix of style and non-style content. For more entries, click here.

It’s been quite the wild week around these parts. Last night, I had the great fortune to attend a Fall 2015 collections preview courtesy of Wolverine at the brand’s excellent Wolverine Company Store on NYC’s quaint Elizabeth Street, put on in conjunction with women’s style blogger Rachel-Marie Iwanyszyn of Jag Lever. It was a great collection, full of refined takes on rugged style staples and an excellent evening catching up with some blogger friends and industry colleagues while enjoying complimentary whiskey and some tasty appetizers, too (check out more at my Twitter here). It proved a bit more tiring than usual to make it to that event, as the night before (Wednesday on the calendar), I fulfilled a dream about seven years in the making — seeing AC/DC live (again). It surprises most folks to know they’re one of my favorite bands — but they really are something else (I swear you can hear me yelling in this video of the standout title track “Rock or Bust” as they opened the show). They put on an electrifying show at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, N.J., and thankfully, my ride home was taken care of via party bus. So that made for a whirlwind end to the week! And now, the weekend’s here. Get a start on some much-needed relaxation by catching up on all the hits from the week — including a dose of rock n’roll.

  • The style crew at Dappered rounds up 10 watches worth your time (pun intended), and they all clock in at under $100 — a downright steal. I’m a big personal fan of the Invicta Automatic Diver (also known as the 8926 model) and featured here.
  • While we’re talking rock n’roll, Rolling Stone delivered a glowing review of the show that preceded the standout concert I saw in New Jersey — the opening of the North American leg of the Rock or Bust World Tour last weekend in Massachusetts.
  • Getting back to the style front, Esquire sent famed fashion director Nick Sullivan into the heartland of America with a simple mission — come back with two outfits for under $200, shopping at only vintage or thrift stores and the like.
  • Long Read of the Week: Sticking with more content from Esquire, writer Tom Chiarella spent four days traversing the streets of Chicago wearing four distinctly different uniforms and chronicled the reactions of people he encountered. Pretty fascinating read as it relates to the idea of, quite literally, adhering to a personal uniform.

That’s all for this corner of the Internet; here’s more on the style front elsewhere though.

    • Heritage bagmaker Satchel & Page recently added to its lineup of stellar high-quality leather goods with a run of belts funded through Kickstarter — I covered the campaign here for VOUCH Mag.
    • Get caught up on what you might be missing from elsewhere in the world of #menswear with returning guest author Mark Lai’s post on the men’s dress footwear scene in Malaysia.


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