Reader Giveaway Opportunity: Combatant Gentleman

Sharp tailored wear -- namely, a new shirt and tie -- could be yours to keep this season from Combatant Gentleman. Photo courtesy of the brand.

Sharp tailored wear — namely, a new shirt and tie — could be yours to keep this season from Combatant Gentleman. Photo courtesy of the brand.

Editor’s note: Thanks to everyone who participated! And congrats to the winner, Becca R.! Stay stylish!

It’s been a bit of time since our last Reader Giveaway here at the well-adorned Style Guide HQ, but the holiday season is as good a time as any to give away some great #menswear. With holiday parties upcoming or ongoing and even more opportunities to dress up around Christmas and New Year’s Eve, you might be looking to upgrade your style in a hurry — and on a budget. That’s where Combatant Gentleman can help — as they did for the stylish fella above. In fact, I also rocked a great suit, shirt and tie combo from the brand this past weekend. They’re one of this site’s Approved Brands, and they’ve got plenty of clout to back it up. While some might prefer  more expensive options offered up by brands like J. Crew, Combatant Gentleman nails the affordable suiting game. Whether it’s a Slim-Fit Travel Jacket (as I reviewed earlier this year) or a sharp double-breasted suit (as seen in a trip I took to Italy), the brand definitely delivers — they’re even making overcoats and pea coats, too. Of course, its chinos are worth a look; also worth a mention is its new made-to-measure suiting service — that’s how I was able to get the lovely custom Blue Glenplaid Suit Trousers I wore this weekend. But rest assured, even if you can’t pick up a made-to-measure suit right away, the brand has plenty of great garb to outfit you for the holiday season — after all, few brands can offer $16 ties, $12 pocket squares and versatile shirts starting at $30 (I’m a big fan of this Floral and Dot Brown Tie in particular).
Critically though, that shirt and tie is what’s going to set  you apart from the pack at those holiday parties (and yes, if that shirt’s well-tailored, the tie is slim and the occasion doesn’t call for a suit jacket, you can assuredly wear a shirt and tie sans jacket). That’s why one lucky winner is getting their pick of Combatant Gentleman shirt and tie in time for the holidays — and with the classic options the brand offers, they’ll definitely work during the regular 9-to-5 grind, too.

Here’s how to win — best of luck and thanks, as always, for reading!

  • Head to my Instagram and follow both myself and the ever-sharp Combatant Gentleman feed.
  • Like either Monday’s Combat Gent-themed photo, and let me know how a shirt-and-tie combo from the brand would help you elevate your holiday look (oh, and use #DressSmarter if you would!).
  • Look for a winner to be picked, announced here and notified via IG on Monday night!

Enjoy the season and stay stylish!



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