#OOTD: How to Dress for Your Next Holiday Party This Year

Now, I know what you might be thinking if you’ve got a boatload of holiday party invites: Well, what the heck am I going to wear to this thing? Dressing for your next holiday party isn’t quite as much of a chore as it might seem — that is, if you know where to start, and if you go into said holiday party with an open mind. Whether it’s your office get-together or a small dinner with friends, or a crosstown jaunt to a holiday house party, today’s #OOTD tackles what to wear to a holiday party … the right way, and with ease. To wit: The season should be fun, so throw on a stylish winter blazer, ditch your regular office-hours suit (as stylish as it might be), and step out in a classic flannel shirt, to boot. These picks are accessible and sharp, yet versatile enough for other occasions (if you’ve got a black tie holiday party, then you might want to stuck with that dress code). It’s all about stepping things up accordingly and working with what you’ve already got in your wardrobe, so you’ll also find some stylish Chelsea boots and a sharp leather dress watch along for the ride. We’re not going too far over the top, so this look is anything but stuffy. Crucially, we’re also avoiding a loudly patterned sweater — save that for, well … maybe just leave that one tucked in your closet. There are no novelties or gimmicks in sight here, just a great blazer, slim corduroys and other winter style essentials aplenty. OK, it’s time to get ready. Cheers!

The right combination of refined and accessible for your next holiday shindig.

  • The Blazer: Outerknown Ambassadoar Blazer, $325 — With its soft wool construction and easygoing-yet-polished silhouette, this stylish winter blazer is a surefire holiday party hit.
  • The Shirt: Corridor NYC Check Flannel Shirt, $135 — You’re investing in the best with, well, one of the best shirts for winter. The check pattern is strong and unique, perfectly suited for a chilly winter’s night and perhaps, a sip or three of the best Old Fashioned.
  • The Pants: Flint and Tinder 365 Corduroy Pants, $98 Slim corduroy pants in a rich winter color are about as good as it gets when it comes to holiday party style, right? Right. Flint and Tinder knows how to craft a mighty fine pair of stylish corduroy pants, indeed.
  • The Dress Boots: Rhodes Footwear Huxley Boots, $220 — Sleek, stylish Chelsea boots hardly ever go wrong — especially at a holiday party where the vibe leans more tailored and less casual. And even if you’re heading over to a friend’s house & ditching your shoes at the door, well, these Rhodes Footwear boots still deliver style and functionality the rest of the evening.
  • The Socks: CHUP Montana Socks, $35 — Don’t underestimate the style and power of a great pair of men’s socks, especially if you’re going to be slipping of your shoes at someone’s home. The small details matter, and CHUP assuredly makes some of the best men’s socks on the planet.
  • The Watch: Carpenter Watches G-4 Brooklyn Gent Watch, $724.98 — WIth a crisply tailored yet accessible #OOTD like this one, the best dress watch can make all the difference. And no matter where your holiday party happens to be, you want to look as sharp as possible — Carpenter Watches reliably knows this.
  • The Gloves: Hestra John Gloves, $150 — Staying warm no matter what is critical as you head to your next holiday party — don’t leave home without a pair of the best men’s leather gloves from Hestra, ya dig?
  • The Host Gift: Michter’s US 1 Toasted Barrel Finish Sour Mash, Price Varies — Although you might be more apt to keep this Michter’s whiskey for yourself — and it’s a prime pick-up if you’re hosting a holiday party — this is a fine and seriously premium whiskey for the true aficionado, made with a unique aging process using toasted barrels. The result is one of the best new whiskeys for the season, easily.

Maybe to you, dressing for your next holiday party doesn’t look that much different than any other set of winter style essentials you might find yourself wearing. But in the season of good cheer and giving thanks, it’s all about how you carry yourself, enjoy the evening and also, pull everything together. So the casually rugged flannel shirt you reach for on the weekends can pull double-duty here as a suitably stylish office party shirt, while the stylish winter blazer from Outerknown shown above is well-suited for both the office and post-work day festivities. Heck, you can even add a tie if you  need to step things up a notch, and your stylish corduroy pants also work quite nicely at the office and at that holiday party. For getting to and from the party, you’ll be staying light on your feet AND looking sharp to boot in a pair of stylish Chelsea boots, nicely complemented by some of the best men’s socks for the season — seriously, the small details matter. Because we’re going all-out, you’re going to be wearing the best dress watch on the market (at least, for less than $1,000, that is). Your accessories continue to make all the difference, too, thanks to some of the best men’s leather gloves from Hestra — you won’t miss a beat on any fronts. And whether you’re slinging cocktails with the boss or gifting your host, a bottle of truly excellent Michter’s whiskey never fails. That, to me, represents the perfect ensemble for the season — if you agree, let me know on Twitter! Thanks for reading, and happy holidays!

#OOTD: How to Dress for a Casual Christmas This Year

Folks, it’s coming right up — we’re talking, of course, about Christmas. Perhaps you’ve made it through the holiday party gauntlet and are winding things down to enjoy the day at home … but I doubt it. No sir, this time of year calls for nothing but the best men’s style essentials, even if you’re simply relaxing with a small group of family or friends at home or on the road. And that’s where today’s #OOTD enters the fray. Just like dressing for a stylish winter weekend, even time off the clock calls for gear that’s warm, functional and … heck, just plain fun. So, that’s what we’re going with today. Whether you’re hosting a laidback dinner party, powering through a family game night or heading out for a Christmas round at your favorite brewery, this ensemble nods toward the season without forcing you to put on an ugly sweater. In fact, the stylish Faherty Brand cardigan pictured below is just the opposite.That’s also the case with the classic Faherty Brand flannel shirt that’s part of this look, too. The same can be said for the rest of our picks, right on down to the rugged leather boots and a slim leather wallet to help you get around with ease. Again, it’s all about staying polished and looking your best — Christmas is a special occasion, after all. To check out more holiday style suggestions, read our #OOTD series. Happy holidays!

Start things off with a classic cardigan & flannel shirt from Faherty Brand — it only gets better from there.

  • The Cardigan: Faherty Brand Marled Cotton Cardigan, $288 — Made with a blend of four types of cotton cashmere, this stylish sweater is rugged, easy to wear and made to keep you nice and toasty around the fire this Christmas.
  • The Shirt: Faherty Brand Stretch Seaview Flannel Shirt, $128 — Just what the doctor ordered — a versatile, classic flannel shirt made from organic cotton in a pleasing pattern that nods toward the holiday season.
  • The Classic Denim: Flint and Tinder White Oak Jeans, $98 White Oak denim is gettting exceedingly difficult to come by — these are casual enough for home, sharp enough for work.
  • The Classic Peacoat: Billy Reid Bond Peacoat, $695 — There’s nothing quite like the feeling you get when you put on an heirloom-quality coat — this sharp peacoat from Billy Reid will impress holiday guests and your co-workers, no question.

  • The Boots: Thursday Boots Caramel Wingtip Boots, $220 — Thursday Boots continues to churn out arguably the best men’s boots you can buy. This pair of rugged leather boots is a stylish and functional holiday footwear move.
  • The Socks: Anoymous Ism Indigo Cable Crew Socks, $40 — There’s no way around it — Anonymous Ism makes some of the best socks for men on the market. These are socks you can be proud of when you slip off your shoes.
  • The Watch: Martenero Ace Watch, $411.98 — It wouldn’t be an #OOTD without a stylish leather watch. This Martenero watch is rugged and yet ever-so-slightly dressy.

  • The Slim Leather Wallet: Tanner Goods Minimal Card Wallet, $40 — A refined stylish leather wallet that’s not bulky or hard to slide into your pocket — perfect for travel or for picking up that first (or second) round.
  • The Stylish Scarf: American Trench Cashmere Scarf in Navy, $180 — This cashmere scarf is simply stunning in terms of quality and classic style — ideal for braving the chill as you head to a holiday party.
  • The Grooming Essential: Dr. Roebuck’s Down Under Collagen Boosting Eye Treatment, $38 — The holiday season makes it far too easy to overindulge — but with this effective collagen-boosting eye treatment from Australia, you won’t look like you have.

Now, who’s ready for Christmas? I sure am — if you take the steps outlined in this #OOTD, I think you will be, too. Warm, comfortable and stylish layers will never steer you wrong, even if you’re only spending the evening at home with your significant other — that’s where Faherty Brand comes in. A rugged cotton cardigan is easy to layer over a classic flannel shirt, and that combo is tied together nicely with slim Flint and Tinder jeans featuring White Oak denim. Crisp blue denim is a reliable style option in any season, let alone the holidays — the same can be said for the stylish leather boots we’ve got on tap from Thursday Boots. They’ll provide both traction and style on slippery surfaces, and they’re complemented quite well by the refined nature of the Bond Peacoat from Billy Reid. On-point accessories are also a must, hence a stylish leather wallet and Anonymous Ism socks that’ll impress your guests. Staying warm shouldn’t fall by the wayside, either — an American Trench cashmere scarf provides both protection from the elements and a dash of refined style. And a collagen-boosting eye treatment is but a small way to add a little life to your grooming routine — no matter how much eggnog you have. How are you dressing for the holidays? Feel free to let me know on Twitter

#OOTD: Dressing for a Casual Christmas

Editor’s note: You’ve surely seen this hashtag lots of different places, including on Instagram. But how does that carry over to real life? The #OOTD series will take one great item and put together a versatile, stylish outfit around it. Look for past features here.

OK, so we’re coming at you with a Thursday edition of the #OOTD series. Namely, we’re just a few days out from Christmas — that came up quick, yes? Hopefully, you turned to The Style Guide (or another one of your favorite menswear blogs?) to knock out your holiday shopping. Still need a gift for her? Fear not. Or maybe you want to add an item or two to your holiday men’s style wish list? Easy does it. Oh, and that leaves another crucial question — what are you going to wear for the occasion? Whether you’ve got one last holiday party to dress for or if you’re approaching the day with a bit more formality, we’ve got you covered when it comes to dressing for Christmas. And that’s why today’s #OOTD covers another potential holiday style scenario: the casual holiday. Maybe you’ll be spending the day at your house and venturing out later for a movie or a drink with friends, or perhaps you’re taking it easy while on a holiday trip over the river and through the woods– either way, dressing with some polish is key. We’re not talking about going overboard — leave the velvet dressing gown at home. No, we’re talking about a crisp, casual outfit that looks stylish, fits great and is a bit better-suited for venturing out in public than your pajamas. If you choose to stay in your PJs all day — hey, nothing wrong with that. But if you want to look a bit more cleaned up while still feeling comfortable? I’m your guy … or rather, the below #OOTD is the one to shop.  Chime in over on Twitter if you’ve got questions, additions or deletions when it comes to this look. Hit me up on Instagram if you want to see how I’m styling my Christmas Day #menswear picks, while we’re here.

Cozy, casual, comfortable and yet ... quite put-together.

Cozy, casual, comfortable and yet … quite put-together.

The Cardigan: Abercrombie & Fitch Belted Shawl Cardigan, $75 –We’re kicking things off with a really unique, effortlessly stylish sweater from the new and very improved Abercrombie & Fitch — the Camel color is eye-catching and pairs nicely with our other casual picks.

The T-Shirt: Barking Irons Brando Tee, $49 (2-Pack) — You could always reach for a classic chambray shirt if you wanted something a bit more cleaned up, but a textured cotton tee with unique design details — like a scalloped hem and slightly raised sleeves — is a cool, effortless pick.

The Denim: Mugsy Jeans Kinzie Denim, $98 — Who said denim has to be uncomfortable? Mugsy jeans are built with more room in the crotch and a ton of flexibility for a great — plus, the light wash is more casual, and these jeans look a bit more crisp than tailored sweats.

Beckett Simonon

The Watch: Timex + Todd Snyder Red Wing Leather Chronograph in Grey, $158 — Even if you’re just hanging around the house, it can be fun to throw on a stylish casual watch — especially one from Todd Snyder.

The Belt: J. Crew Factory Braided Leather Belt, $29.99 — Let’s keep it casual on the accessories front — a trusty braided leather belt is comfortable and mixes in some cold-weather texture.

The Socks: CHUP Churro Socks, $35 — Limited edition, nature-inspired prints on a comfortable pair of CHUP socks? Sign me up. They’re pricey, but very well-made and eye-catching — perfect holiday style, in short.

The Sneakers: SeaVees White Walls Mid-Cut Wintertide Sneaker, $98 — Sneakers in the winter? Yes, sir. You can always grab a pair of durable leather boots if snow is in the mix, but if it’s simply a bit chilly? These casual-yet-crisp mid-top sneakers are made with navy flannel fabric and blend right in with this ensemble.

The Grooming Kit: Harry’s Deluxe Truman Set, $35 — Just because it’s a casual Christmas doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get cleaned up a bit, ehh? This deluxe shaving set has everything you need to look great through the new year.

OK, we’ve got your unique, modern and comfortable belted cardigan, your classic T-shirt and slim stretch denim. Those are the building blocks of a nice cold-weather casual ensemble  in fall or winter, yet they work particularly well for lounging around — yet looking great — this holiday season. When you complement those pieces with a durable leather watch and a pair of premium patterned socks, you’re set with a look that’s versatile and sharp. Navy flannel sneakers are a unique finishing touch, too. Of course, putting in a little extra effort when it comes to winter grooming essentials is a solid move, too — and if you happen to be spending some time with your significant other on Christmas, they’ll appreciate it. How will you be dressing for a casual Christmas? Or do you still have some holiday shopping to finish up before you worry about what you’re wearing? Again, check out our women’s holiday gift guide for quick and easy picks.

Stay stylish and enjoy the season!


Style Suggestion: What to Wear on Christmas Day

So, it’s almost upon us — Christmas Day! Hopefully, you’ve found The Style Guide helpful this holiday season — if you’ve got another holiday party to dress for, or a last-second gift to buy for your wife, mom or grandma, best get that taken care of … ASAP. And know that between today and tomorrow, we’ll tackle two different Christmas style suggestions. Seriously, you shouldn’t neglect what to wear on Christmas Day, whether you’re traveling for the holiday season or hanging out at home. In fact, let’s consider this a style suggestion that works on Christmas Day itself or Christmas Eve with the family or friends. Because it’s an important — and likely chilly — day, we’re going with crisp, versatile picks from some Style Guide-approved brands.  It’s certainly coming up soon, so you best get going on what to wear — and again, what to gift. Lastly, I hope Santa brings you a few items on your menswear holiday wish list, ehh? I know I’ll be waiting expectantly — and enjoying the day with family, of course! Leave questions on this look for yours truly over on Twitter, and check out my own holiday style picks on Instagram. Cheers, dress well and enjoy the day!
NOV CAMPAIGN: Photo of multiple shoes on white background with logo (border)

The Sweater: Life/After/Denim Waterloo Cardigan — $148

An easygoing-yet-crisp cardigan ideal for layering in cold weather.

An easygoing-yet-crisp cardigan ideal for layering in cold weather.

Like other prep-inspired brands that offer modern takes on the classics, Life/After/Denim gets a lot right when it comes to essential pieces ready for any situation. The Waterloo Cardigan, while pricey, is a fine example of this approach — the shawl collar is a masculine, casual styling detail that makes it perfect for layering over everything from an essential chambray shirt to a classic Oxford. And if you’re worried about getting chilly? Don’t skimp on those stylish winter accessories or a slim topcoat — especially the topcoat.

The Shirt: Penfield Ridgley Shirt — $115

Unexpected, textured fabric and a classic cut make this shirt an easy Christmas style pick.

Unexpected, textured fabric and a classic cut make this shirt an easy Christmas style pick.

Made with flecked brushed cotton for comfort and easy layering, the Penfield Ridgley Shirt is the perfect go-between in terms of casual style. The Ridgley Shirt isn’t quite as crisp as a white Oxford, so it’s more appropriate for a casual Christmas spent hanging out with family. And if you do head out for a nice Christmas Eve dinner, it moves through to those situations with ease.

The comfort and warmth of sweatpants with the tapered cut of versatile corduroys.

The comfort and warmth of sweatpants with the tapered cut of versatile corduroys.

Because you’ll be spending time around the fire or in the living room, comfort is essential — and goes hand-in-hand (or leg-in-leg?) with this pair of crisp, stylish Corduroy Jeans. With the warmth of Uniqlo’s HeatTech built in,
these corduroys feature a tapered, clean cut and the type of versatility you’d get from a pair of dark blue denim — yet, they look a bit more polished and ready for the holiday season and beyond. What’s more, the outstanding price simply can’t be beat — can it?

The Belt: Tanner Goods Classic Belt in Hickory — $99.98

Your new favorite belt -- maybe, just maybe.

Your new favorite belt — maybe, just maybe.

So, although this is a rather casual Christmas style suggestion, we’re still going with a sharp, well-made and yes, pricey Tanner Goods belt . If there’s such a thing as a handsome belt, the Classic Belt is that piece. It’s a beautiful shade of Hickory leather that will only age better over time, and it’s made right here in America. Of course, the Classic Belt will become your everyday belt in no time.

The Watch: Timex + Todd Snyder Red Wing Leather Chronograph in Grey — $158

A handsome watch that blends the rugged and the refined with ease.

A handsome watch that blends the rugged and the refined with ease.

Does it get any better than a handsomely designed, rugged leather watch from Timex & Todd Snyder? In short, the answer is no. The partnership between the lauded American designer and the classic U.S. watch brand only seems to get better and better with every season, from the much-coveted Timex x Todd Snyder Mod Watch to the latest iteration.  Made with tough, yet supple, Red Wing leather in an unexpected shade of grey, the contrasting black case and grey dial make a very sharp, versatile combination.

The Boots: Nisolo Emilio Chukka Boot — $149.98

Comfortable, appropriately casual and ready for unwrapping plenty of presents.

Comfortable, appropriately casual and ready for unwrapping plenty of presents.

Don’t think for a second we forgot about those stylish leather boots you’re going to need this Christmas. Why chukka boots? Well, the higher cut, tougher construction and slip-free heel cap on this sharp pair of Nisolo chukka boots gives you the type of functionality you need for getting from car to house (and back) across the snowy driveway. Crucially, the Emilio Chukka Boot  is going to work well for both a laidback Christmas evening and perhaps a nightcap drink at a holiday party. You feel me on that? Good.

The Socks: CHUP Prairie Socks — $35
Well-made, super stylish socks -- much better than plain old white socks, ehh?

Well-made, super stylish socks — much better than plain old white socks, ehh?

We’re sticking with unique, visually interesting CHUP socks — sold by the fine folks at Huckberry  — in this case, because every pair of durable leather chukka boots deserves great socks. Inspired by unique Native American prints, the CHUP Prairie Socks still manage to feel holiday-ready because of the unique blend of red, green and blue. What’s another benefit of spending more than $30 on socks? Other than the major style points and top-level durability, these CHUP socks look great if you do slip off your shoes at your host’s house. And on that note…

 Gift for the Host: Pappy Barrel-Aged Maple Syrup — $40

A smart guest always brings a gift -- and it helps that this syrup is aged in whiskey barrels.

A smart guest always brings a gift — and it helps that this syrup is aged in whiskey barrels.

We’re closing out this Christmas style suggestion with a wise move that’s unrelated to menswear — bringing a gift for  the host. Whether you’re traveling in style to stay with your significant other’s parents or heading over to a friend’s house to celebrate the holiday, a delicious gift like the one here is a pretty unique way to say thank you.  Pappy Van Winkle’s barrel-aged maple syrup truly is one-of-a-kind.

Alright, all set for the big day (or days)? Last-minute Christmas gifts all bought? Of course they are (wink, wink). Getting dressed for Christmas doesn’t have to be a taxing, overdone affair — it’s simply a matter of picking out great-fitting, well-made essentials built for comfort and style. From warm corduroys with a hint of stretch to a sharp shawl-collar cardigan and casual cotton shirt, your ensemble should move with you and fit right in for the festivities ahead. Stylish Nisolo leather chukka boots get the job done in terms of functionality and fashion, as does a pair of well-made socks.  And, you very well might not want to take off that handsome Timex + Todd Snyder Chronograph the rest of this year. Round it out with a great gift for the host, and consider yourself set for a very stylish and merry Christmas.

Wherever you might be headed this holiday season, thanks for reading, travel safe and as always — stay stylish!



Men’s Style Holiday Wish List 2016

Editor’s note: Be sure to check out last year’s Men’s Style Holiday Wish List as you shop around. Portions of this post use affiliate links, from which a small commission might be earned. Thanks for supporting the brands that support The Style Guide!

If you peruse the pages of ye olde Style Guide regularly, you might recognize that your author is a big fan of the much-coveted style wish list. From a seasonal favorite — the rugged-leaning Fall Style Wish List — to holiday-centric picks like the ones below, it’s fun to shop around, look ahead and set goals. That is to say, the pieces featured below are definitely investment-worthy, often made with beautiful construction, quality materials and classic styling potential for the holiday season and beyond. It’s a favorite of mine to write, and hey, it’s fun to dream about what Santa might be putting under the tree this Christmas. You’ll recognize picks from Style Guide-approved digital sites like Huckberry and brands like Apolis, along with new picks sure to surprise, delight and possibly hurt your credit card. Not convinced? Read on below and drop us a note on The Style Guide Facebook page.

#1. Thorogood Dodgeville Boots in Cognac — $375


A handsome, rugged pair of boots made in America.

Who doesn’t love a pair of rugged leather boots? Very few, I’d say. And even fewer if the boots in question are the beautifully crafted, handsome-looking Thorogood Dodgeville Boots. They top this Wish List because, to be frank, last year’s Wish List featured leather sneakers at the top, and this year’s edition needed some refreshing — truly! Even more than that, they’re a unique change of pace from something like the Red Wing Iron Ranger — they’re unlined for a lighter weight and far less break-in time, and the Cognac color of the Dodgeville Boots should prove itself versatile, rich and investment-worthy — for you or someone else on your list.

Frank & Oak

#2. Todd Snyder Suede Quad Jacket in Tobacco — $1,595

A simply stunning jacket that's unique, premium and yes ... expensive.

A simply stunning jacket that’s unique, premium and yes … expensive.

So, first things first: Wow. Just … wow. That jacket is something else! And were it not for your author’s love of rugged, durable boots, it would top this list. Now, is it realistic to spend more than $1,500 on a jacket for yourself? Ehh… not really. That’s why it’s on the Wish List, though — it reflects the type of premium approach to heritage staples that Todd Snyder has perfected. From the Todd Snyder x Champion Pocket Sweatshirt to the stunning Suede Quad Jacket, each piece is worthy of the purchase price in its own way. This upgraded hybrid field jacket is one you should wear as much as you can — with a shirt and tie, over a marled henley and out to Sunday brunch this holiday season.

#3. Lum-Tec Special Edition Combat B30 Bronze Watch — $899.98

Uniquely durable, well-designed and long-lasting -- a beautiful watch for your own wish list.

Uniquely durable, well-designed and long-lasting — a beautiful watch for your own wish list.

Yet again, another entry on this Holiday Style Wish List is a jaw-dropper — at least for this #menswear fan.  Of course, it’s a jaw-dropper in terms of price as well as looks — the Lum-Tec Special Edition Combat B30 Bronze Watch is the type of watch that’s somewhat rare, in that it’s built for the field and the office in equal measure thanks to its handsome profile. The bronze case will take on a unique patina over time, the Miyota automatic movement is one of the best around, and the Combat B30 Bronze Watch  comes with four heavy nylon straps — the interchangeability means it could be dressed up with a leather strap, too. So yes, it made my wish list pretty easily — how about yours?

#4. Flint and Tinder Bomber Jacket — $178

A versatile, easy-to-layer and oft-coveted bomber jacket for the holiday style wish list.

A versatile, easy-to-layer and oft-coveted bomber jacket for the holiday style wish list.

Now, it’s somewhat rare that a piece like the Flint and Tinder Bomber Jacket — more suited perhaps for fall than winter weather — makes a cold-weather style wish list. But then again, the Flint and Tinder Bomber Jacket  is no ordinary bomber jacket. It’s tough, durable and fully ready for winter layering — it’s the rare bomber jacket that also nails the hybrid between casual and dressier style, so it could reliably stand in for a blazer atop a blue Oxford for unique (and toasty) looks. That’s what makes it a worthy addition to this list — the Flint and Tinder Bomber Jacket is high-quality enough to hang with the best outerwear around, and versatile enough to work through the spring. Heck, you might want to gift it to someone — and then pick one up for yourself.

<Join Frank & Oak Elevate - Enjoy FREE Shipping, Cashback + more at Frank + Oak! Try it now for 90 days, risk free!

A unique take on the trucker jacket in a winter-friendly fabric.

A unique take on the trucker jacket in a winter-friendly fabric.

We all love a versatile, durable denim jacket for the warmer months, right? And sure, you’ve got a tough waxed trucker jacket for the fall season. But what about when you need another casual layer during the chill of winter? Something to throw on underneath a slim topcoat or over a classic crewneck sweatshirt?  That’s exactly the type of jacket your friendly neighborhood menswear author had in mind when adding the Alta Wool Flannel Jean Jacket to this list – it’s unique in its silhouette and fabrication, cozy enough to wear over a marled henley with a winter scarf, and ready for prime layering this winter. Hopefully, Santa brings you one.


BONUS PICK: Apolis Selvage Denim Chore Coat — $228
Apolis Selvage Denim Chore Coat

A Huckberry exclusive made with the best denim around.

We’ve got a bonus pick for you here today, ‘cuz Santa doesn’t leave just one gift under the tree — does he? Brands like Apolis stock darn near all the great menswear you could ask for, from rugged picks like the Huckberry-exclusive Selvage Denim Chore Coat to classic staples like its Standard Issue Utility Chino. But the coat featured above is the one to grab — or covet — this holiday season. It’s made from premium Cone Mills denim in an immensely wearable silhouette, from the office to the trail and back. Again, I sure hope Santa hooks you up.
And with that, the book is closed on this year’s Holiday Style Wish List. Well, partially. On second thought, might just open up another tab for that Flint and Tinder Bomber Jacket … at any rate, it’s an exercise in fun that should get you thinking about gift-giving and saving ahead for the new year. Yes, we’re all about style resolutions, and upgrading key wardrobe essentials like a rugged chore coat and a stylish field watch are great goals to keep in mind this holiday season and beyond. Chime in on additions to your own wish list in the comments or on Twitter. And let’s connect via Instagram for plenty more menswear fun.
As always, thanks for reading!

The Friday Read: Christmas Day, 100 Best Tracks of 2015 and The Year in Sneakers

Editor’s note: Expect these posts once a week on Fridays — consider this a jumpstart on reading for your weekend downtime. Expect a mix of style and non-style content. For more entries, click here

First of all: Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Thanks for sharing a bit of your day with The Style Guide – I appreciate it! What gear are you rocking today? Here’s one casual Christmas style suggestion, and one dressy Christmas style suggestion. And while we’re at it, did you get any items on your menswear wish list? I’m definitely looking forward to seeing what Santa has in store, and more importantly, I can’t wait to spend the day resting and relaxing with family here in sunny Florida (good thing I brought some stylish travel gear with me!). As always, let’s close out this week with a few good menswear reads. Look for another Style Pick of the Week here tomorrow, and then we’ll keep getting ready for 2016 with a New Year’s Eve style suggestion on Monday, followed by a full recap of my trip to Florida. Make it a great Christmas Day and stay stylish!

  • With the year drawing to a close, GQ.com covered the best sneakers of 2015 – did any of your favorites make this list?
  • Strong Italian tailoring isn’t for everyone, and it’s often very pricey – but if that’s your game, the New York Times says it’s worth putting the new Isaia store on your bucket list when you visit NYC.
  • Not to be forgotten in the menswear hubbub, Pitchfork’s editors ranked the 100 best tracks of 2015 – again, any favorites of yours on here? There are some stunners for sure, including “Eventually” by Tame Impala.

Before you unwrap the rest of your presents…

  • Splurge in a big way to start the new year with the incredibly well-designed and incredibly rare Shinola Ali Collection honoring the greatest fighter of all-time; I certainly added some items to my Wish List after covering the release for VOUCH Mag.

Style Suggestion: Christmas Day

Editor’s note: For another Style Suggestion covering a cozy, more casual Christmas, swing your sleigh this way.

Classier than Cousin Eddie, not as bold as Clark Griswold. An in-between Christmas Style Suggestion.

Classier than Cousin Eddie, not as bold as Clark Griswold. An in-between Christmas Style Suggestion.

Just last Wednesday on The Style Guide, we covered what to wear if you found yourself taking it easy on Christmas — casual, but not sloppy (looking at you, Eddie). But the holiday season can go several types of ways — including a bit more dressy, as you might have seen with this holiday party style suggestion. The tricky in-between place is where lots of occasions seem to go nowadays. If you’re in your own home or heading over to someone else’s for the day, it’s best to err on the side of caution. Dress up too much and you stick out a bit — but show up wearing sweatpants and that might just not fly, either. So your humble staff of one at The Style Guide’s Brooklyn HQ pulled together the below outfit for this exact scenario. Keep in mind that if it’s hot where you are, simply swap in a great pair of shorts and perhaps a solid polo in place of the heavier ensemble (the accessories can feasibly work with either get-up, though). In the meantime, get the last of your Christmas shopping in order with my holiday gift guide for the lovely ladies in your life, and stock up on your menswear Christmas Wish List while you’re at it.

The Sweater: JACHS NY Merino Wool Burgundy Crewneck Sweater — $129

A color that fits in for the season -- and beyond. Comfortable fabric is a bonus, too.

A color that fits in for the season — and beyond. Comfortable fabric is a bonus, too.

As with another great JACHS sweater featured earlier this fall on The Style Guide, this piece also has some on-trend and seasonally appropriate elbow patches. The color is rich and the quality of the 100 percent merino wool fabric is definitely breathable and fairly lightweight, unlike other, scratchier wool-blend sweaters. But those touches can come with a premium for some of us — that’s why if you do spring for this sweater, I’d advise you to rock it as many ways as possible throughout the rest of the winter (burgundy doesn’t just fit in at Christmas) — although the crewneck makes it more casual than a V-neck sweater, it can still go over a shirt and tie if needed.. If you fancy a cheaper option instead, give some picks from Frank & Oak a look instead.

The Shirt: Ace Rivington Beach Washed Chambray Pocket Shirt — $84 (Was $67.20)

A simple chambray is the way to go here, especially one that's been pre-washed.

A simple chambray is the way to go here, especially one that’s been pre-washed.

This indigo chambray number from Ace Rivington is a fairly solid price from a brand that takes pride in crafting its gear (although a cheaper option from GAP as seen here wouldn’t go amiss either). It’s pre-washed and lightweight yet it should still be durable — and that pre-washing should allow it to break in even easier. Unlike a stiff white or blue dress shirt, the chambray shirt is the way to go here because it strikes the all-season, all-situation vibe that should play well just about anywhere — particularly when combined with a  nice merino sweater. Plus, if it gets hot and the sweater needs to come off, the chambray shirt will do fine on its own.

The Pants: JackThreads Skinny Stretch Denim — $59.50

Made with a hint of stretch, this pair of denim looks cleaned-up but should wear comfortably.

Made with a hint of stretch, this pair of denim looks cleaned-up but should wear comfortably.

Keep in mind that you could definitely substitute in your favorite pair of denim — be it a heavier pair of Mott & Bow raw denim or something a little more lightweight, like this pair of JackThreads stretch denim. The brand has been getting a lot of play here in recent weeks simply because its new menswear vertical combines what so many guys look for — a digital shopping experience, easygoing but crisp style essentials and very accessible prices, something that’s no more true here (seriously, this price is just above a UNIQLO-type offering). Now, the 14 1/2″ leg opening runs pretty slim, so if you’ve got some leg muscle, you might be better off reaching for something like the 770 jean from J. Crew. Note that if things get a little dressier, you could keep the jeans and simply add a sharp knit tie to your top half.

The Shoes: Thursday Boots Honey Suede Scout Chukka — $149

The rich honey color should complement the other colors in this outfit nicely.

The rich honey color should complement the other colors in this outfit nicely.

Just like a heftier pair of Thursday Boots, these Suede Scout Chukkas live up to solid quality for the price (a review of the Chocolate Suede Scout Chukka is coming on Wednesday on this blog, in fact!). Combine that with a nice shade of honey (dark tan, you might say?) and you’ve got a boot that’s refined yet casual — perfect for this type of dressing situation. They’ll be comfortable should you need to leave them on, and they can easily come off since you’ll be rocking some sharp socks — but more on that in a minute. The color should stand out nicely under the dark denim and burgundy sweater here. If needed, some leather sneakers could fill the same footwear void.

The Belt: J. Crew Factory Washed Leather Belt — $19.50

Reach for a casual belt with some texture to complement the rest of this ensemble.

Reach for a casual belt with some texture to complement the rest of this ensemble.

This J. Crew Factory belt is the cheaper alternative to the Land’s End belt featured in the Thanksgiving Style Suggestion a few weeks back, and that’ s all the better for a casual leather belt. It’s not too thick in terms of width, so it could also be worn in business-casual situations outside of this occasion, and that small but noticeable contrast stitching near the buckle should break up the inky blue of the dark denim a bit. Although the boots are honey suede, don’t worry about matching up the color of the belt to those chukkas — simply enjoy your holiday in style.
The Socks: Richer Poorer Poet Socks — $12

Navy on navy -- in the case of the denim and the socks -- definitely works thanks to the pop of pattern.

Navy on navy — in the case of the denim and the socks — definitely works thanks to the pop of pattern.

Richer Poorer also made it into last week’s cozy Christmas Style Suggestion, so keep in mind that those fun polka-dot socks could work with this outfit, too. However, if you’re a fan of colorful, well-designed socks, read on. Although the Poet Socks, the dotted geometric pattern offer up some visual contrast when put right up against the skinny dark denim, and to have just a bit peeking out from atop your suede chukkas isn’t a bad thing. If you’re like me and stocked up on American Trench socks earlier this fall, some stripes from that brand could also do you good with this outfit.

The Watch: MVMT The 40 – Blue/Brown Leather$120  $108 (Take 10% Off Here)

The bright blue dial stands out next to other, darker shades of blue in this outfit.

The bright blue dial stands out next to other, darker shades of blue in this outfit.

MVMT Watches seem to fly under the radar from time to time. That is to say, plenty talk about lower-priced brands on one end and higher-end brands on the other, yet MVMT occupies that nice middle ground. The pricing is just right (and 10% off doesn’t hurt), and the looks are clean and crisp. Particularly in the case of The 40 in Blue/Brown Leather, the styling potential is just as versatile as with a white or black dial. Take the pairing of navy socks and navy denim plus this electric blue dial — it’s a combo that matches up well, as you can absolutely wear multiple shades of blue at once. And since colored watch dials lean a little more casual, it works well with the high-low nature of the outfit.

So that wraps up another round of Christmas Style Suggestions — did I cover off on everything you’ll need? Sure hope so! And while style’s definitely important around the holidays, I know I’ll be looking forward the most to spending much-needed time with family and friends on the special holiday. I hope you’ll do the same!

Stay stylish,


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Reader Giveaway Opportunity: Combatant Gentleman

Sharp tailored wear -- namely, a new shirt and tie -- could be yours to keep this season from Combatant Gentleman. Photo courtesy of the brand.

Sharp tailored wear — namely, a new shirt and tie — could be yours to keep this season from Combatant Gentleman. Photo courtesy of the brand.

Editor’s note: Thanks to everyone who participated! And congrats to the winner, Becca R.! Stay stylish!

It’s been a bit of time since our last Reader Giveaway here at the well-adorned Style Guide HQ, but the holiday season is as good a time as any to give away some great #menswear. With holiday parties upcoming or ongoing and even more opportunities to dress up around Christmas and New Year’s Eve, you might be looking to upgrade your style in a hurry — and on a budget. That’s where Combatant Gentleman can help — as they did for the stylish fella above. In fact, I also rocked a great suit, shirt and tie combo from the brand this past weekend. They’re one of this site’s Approved Brands, and they’ve got plenty of clout to back it up. While some might prefer  more expensive options offered up by brands like J. Crew, Combatant Gentleman nails the affordable suiting game. Whether it’s a Slim-Fit Travel Jacket (as I reviewed earlier this year) or a sharp double-breasted suit (as seen in a trip I took to Italy), the brand definitely delivers — they’re even making overcoats and pea coats, too. Of course, its chinos are worth a look; also worth a mention is its new made-to-measure suiting service — that’s how I was able to get the lovely custom Blue Glenplaid Suit Trousers I wore this weekend. But rest assured, even if you can’t pick up a made-to-measure suit right away, the brand has plenty of great garb to outfit you for the holiday season — after all, few brands can offer $16 ties, $12 pocket squares and versatile shirts starting at $30 (I’m a big fan of this Floral and Dot Brown Tie in particular).
Critically though, that shirt and tie is what’s going to set  you apart from the pack at those holiday parties (and yes, if that shirt’s well-tailored, the tie is slim and the occasion doesn’t call for a suit jacket, you can assuredly wear a shirt and tie sans jacket). That’s why one lucky winner is getting their pick of Combatant Gentleman shirt and tie in time for the holidays — and with the classic options the brand offers, they’ll definitely work during the regular 9-to-5 grind, too.

Here’s how to win — best of luck and thanks, as always, for reading!

  • Head to my Instagram and follow both myself and the ever-sharp Combatant Gentleman feed.
  • Like either Monday’s Combat Gent-themed photo, and let me know how a shirt-and-tie combo from the brand would help you elevate your holiday look (oh, and use #DressSmarter if you would!).
  • Look for a winner to be picked, announced here and notified via IG on Monday night!

Enjoy the season and stay stylish!


Style Suggestion: Thanksgiving Day

All ready to pack up next week? Slim Mailbag by Satchel and Page. Stowaway Weekender Bag by Navali.

All ready to pack up next week? Slim Mailbag by Satchel and Page. Stowaway Weekender Bag by Navali.

Editor’s note: For past Style Suggestions covering Turkey Day, head here.

It’s hard to believe that as I type this post, we’re looking at the third — yes, third — Style Suggestion covering Thanksgiving Day on The Style Guide. Only three, you say? Well, it feels like more than that — it’s been a great journey, with a big move to NYC and some job changes interspersed among all that, and it’s one that I’m thankful for every day. That, of course, includes the cool brands I get to work with and much more importantly, the awesome, engaging people who read this site!

And none of it would be possible without the support and love of my family & friends (some of whom might be reading this post — Hi, guys!). So in the run-up to the holiday next week, that’s what’ll be on my mind. But as to what’s on your mind — hopefully that centers around being quite thankful, too. But, say perhaps your thoughts on are what to wear, or the travel gear you should pack to get to your holiday destination? That’s what we’re covering below — and we’re keeping things casual-crisp in this Style Suggestion. Take a read and let me know your thoughts in the comments!

The Sweater: Frank & Oak Horizontal Cable Sweater in Navy — $66

A horizontal knit and herringbone texture keep this sweater quite visually appealing.

Frank & Oak is a brand that continually gets a lot of things right, something that’s quite tricky to do when you balance putting out monthly collections  with adding to a growing brick-and-mortar presence. But they do it quite well, particularly when it comes to churning out staple fall & winter layering pieces. This reasonably priced cotton sweater nails that equation — it’s cut trim in a sharp, neutral color, yet the formality is toned down by cable knitting; that touch also gives it a good bit of visual interest. It’s less formal than a crisp merino V-neck, so if that’s the way your holiday situation is shaking out, you might want to reach for one of those instead. Conversely, adding in a nice knit tie could dress things up in a pinch if need be.

The Shirt: UNIQLO Slim-Fit Long-Sleeve Oxford — $19.90 (On-Sale)

Keep it simple and crisp with the classic white OCBD for Thanksgiving.

Keep it simple and crisp with the classic white OCBD for Thanksgiving.

UNIQLO continues to rightfully earn its status as a maker of basics that hold up pretty well for the price, and that extends to its shirts in this case. When these are on-sale — and even when they aren’t — they’re an excellent value. The slim fit white Oxford shown here does indeed fit nice and trim, and like most UNIQLO products, these should have some decent stretch built in (more on why that stretch important when we get to the pants). The white Oxford is a style basic that stands up to the challenge of Thanksgiving — it’s likely a day spent in someone else’s home around a special occasion, so it helps to look polished. Yet, it’s not overly dressy, and it seems Thanksgiving is a good holiday to try out going tieless. Yes, it’s a navy sweater-plus-white shirt combo up top, but the texture of the sweater ups the ante.

The Pants: JackThreads Slim Corduroy Pant — $59.50

A basic corduroy that nails the affordability-quality equation and provides nice, er, function for the holiday.

A basic corduroy that nails the affordability-quality equation and provides nice, er, function for the holiday.

This particular pair of pants might seem quite familiar if you’ve perused this blog as of late; they were the top pick in a feature on the best men’s corduroys for fall and winter, and they’re back this go-round. They combine a slim, modern fit, a versatile color and perhaps most importantly for this holiday, a hint of stretch built in (y’know, for all that physical activity you’ll be undertaking on Thanksgiving). However, any pair of corduroys from this list could feasibly work. At any rate, cords will add another dose of texture to the outfit while still appearing a bit more formal than dark denim would, yet they’re not as dressy as some grey trousers — that’ll work well with the fact that we (or just you?) are going tieless here.

The Shoes: Thursday Boots Chocolate Suede Scout Boot — $149

A Goodyear welt, a sharp brown suede color and a slim silhouette make these chukkas look pricier than they are -- a nice addition to the outfit.

A Goodyear welt, a sharp brown suede color and a slim silhouette make these chukkas look pricier than they are — a nice addition to the outfit.

When you take one look at this shoe, you might think it retails for almost twice what it does. The Scout line of chukka boots is a recent introduction from Thursday Boots, and the Chocolate Suede Scout Boot really does look like something else (note that they also come in a crisp Brown Leather option). Thursday Boots, while the target of some criticisms, has provided this author with good quality over time as far as my Roughout Captain Boots are concerned, so we’ll stick with the brand here. On a style points note, these definitely look like something James Bond might’ve worn back in Quantum of Solace. And they’re a worthy pick to finish off this outfit, too — the silhouette makes them less obtrusive than a work boot, and the suede tones down the formality appropriately. Yet, they’re still dressier than crisp sneakers (as great as those can be to wear). That’s what we’re going for here, ultimately.

The Belt: Land’s End Distressed Vintage Jean Belt — $39.00

Go for a bit of visual interest with your belt, as with the rest of your outfit, and you'll be pleased with the results.

Go for a bit of visual interest with your belt, as with the rest of your outfit, and you’ll be pleased with the results.

If at first you experience some sticker shock over the price of this belt, rest assured — it’ll be alright. Paying a bit more for an item you can get lots of wear out of — potentially even every day of the week — is a very solid investment. And if you find yourself dressing in a manner similar to this outfit a lot, a belt with some rugged distressing is one you can reach for over and over. The roughed-up, full-grain leather continues to add a dose of texture to this ensemble in a situation where one could easily reach for a sleeker, and more expensive, dress belt. Not to worry that it doesn’t match up with the dark brown suede — it’s perfectly acceptable to break that rule when you’ve got suede shoes.

The Watch: Timex Waterbury Chronograph — $100

Design details like the aged-looking leather strap and the rugged-refined dial pair nicely with the rest of this outfit.

Design details like the aged-looking leather strap and the rugged-refined dial pair nicely with the rest of this outfit.

Timex hits the nail right on the head with a watch that’s rugged and refined, decently dressy but still acceptably casual and more importantly, ideal for the holiday — all for $100. The Waterbury line was introduced earlier this year to play off the brand’s heritage (and perhaps challenge brands like Shinola?), and it stands to reason that they’ve grabbed some customers with a lower price point and pretty good looks, to boot. The brown dial and aged brown leather strap match up nicely with the overall smart-casual vibe of the outfit. Plus, the strap itself adds some nice texture to an outfit that’s already quite full of it, from the corduroy pants to the cable-knit sweater and the suede boots. Plus, it’ll keep the time well and stand up to a reasonable game of backyard football.

The Socks: American Trench Fall Triple Stripes Sock — $14.50

Complementary colors and a breathable blend of recycled cotton make these socks comfortable AND stylish.

Complementary colors and a breathable blend of recycled cotton make these socks comfortable AND stylish.

If you aren’t yet sold on American Trench, it’s a brand that you absolutely should consider checking out. They’ve popped up here in a Style Q&A , and that gives some great insight into who they are as a brand. In short for the uninitiated: they source premium fabrics and construct their socks (and other gear, like merino watch caps) in U.S. factories, so the price that you pay is more than worth it. And in this particular instance, the Triple Stripe Sock adds a nice complimentary color scheme to the overall outfit without detracting too much from each individual piece. Plus, these socks are comfortable and crafted from a breathable blend of cotton — all too crucial if you slip off the shoes and pad to the kitchen for that second (or third) serving at halftime.

So that’s what’s in the books as far as this Style Suggestion goes — remember above all else that no matter what you wear next week, it’s about celebrating the day with the people you love, and being thankful for what’s on your plate. That’s something that definitely transcends style.

With that said though — thanks, as always, for reading.

Stay stylish,

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