Reader Giveaway Opportunity: Owen & Fred

Editor’s note: Thanks to everyone who participated! And congrats to our winner, Joseph D. Thanks again for reading! 

Read on below and enter to win personalized matte black luggage tag from Owen & Fred.

You know the name. Read on below and enter to win a personalized matte black luggage tag from Owen & Fred.

When you’re first starting out in the never-ending journey that is stylistic improvement, it’s the big-picture stuff that’s often the focus — a great pair of denim, a sharp pair of sneakers, a better crewneck sweater — those kinds of things. But as that starts to take shape, or as you look to simply revamp other parts  of your life, you start to notice the little details, be it in the accessories arena or grooming or other lifestyle categories. Noticing those small details can actually lead to some nice style upgrades (as we so often talk about here), and it can even be a fun process to look at a seemingly ordinary household item — like a bottle opener — and envision one that actually acts as a decoration, a nice lifestyle addition.

Luckily, there are companies who are all about these nice, unsung design touches. Chief among them  (in my book) is Brooklyn’s own Owen & Fred.  You might recognize them from a September home accessories giveaway, in fact. I’ve gained a real affinity for the brand over the past year or so, what with their nuanced approach to designing crisp, well-crafted lifestyle essentials, from bags to leather coasters.  They’re consistently introducing neat new products as well, and that’s what brings us here today. Namely, the brand’s travel accessories add a refined touch (and a bit of edge) when you hit the road — this writer is particularly a fan of this luggage tag. So that’s why we here at The Style Guide (AKA yours truly) are giving you the chance to win one of the brand’s new Personalized Black Matte Luggage Tags!  These guys are sleek, sharp and built with hardened brass. They even come with a custom diamond-engraved message or address on there for ya. The even better news? You’ll have this bad boy in time to accessorize your bag for plenty of spring and summer trips.

But how to win, you say? Simply click on this link and follow the instructions!

Editor’s note: This contest ends at 12 a.m. on March 8.

Thanks as always for reading, and good luck to those entering!



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