Women’s Style Holiday Gift Guide 2017: What to Buy for Her This Christmas

Quick, get your credit card and your shopping list ready — it’s time to for this year’s Women’s Style Holiday Gift Guide, my friends! We’re going past style into lifestyle goods, too — fear not. If you find shopping for any of the women in your life to be a bit of a challenge, we’ve got you covered. That goes for whether you’re buying for your mom, your significant other, your sister, your sister-in-law … anyone on your list. I definitely hope these picks are as useful (and fun!) as our ongoing series covering the best men’s gear — after all, it’s useful (and recommended) to get out of your comfort zone every once in a while when it comes to shopping. Keep in mind that the best gifts truly do come from the heart — seriously! Again, whoever happens to be on your list … this gift guide is the way to go. Want to see different brands included or want to weigh in on what you’re buying this year? Hit me up on Twitter. Happy holidays!

For Your Wife or Girlfriend: Christina Nicole Ayaria Earrings — $72

Simply refined earrings that are perfect for everyday wear or more special occasions.

Perhaps these stylish, unique Christina Nicole Ayaria Earrings are but one part of a larger gift to your significant other, which is fantastic! To this writer’s (somewhat) trained eye, they’re an elegant, lovely accessory that can be worn through the holiday season and the rest of the year with just about anything.

For the Broadway/Music Fan: Tickets to Your Wife, Girlfriend or Mom’s Favorite Musical — TBD

Dropping more than four figures on “Hamilton” might not be advisable … but go for it if you want to! Image courtesy of Hamilton.

OK, am I suggesting you open up a second mortage to buy those tickets to “Hamilton,” the famed rap musical about founding father Alexander Hamilton? Ehh, not quite. But splurging on tickets to an amazing musical (or a music act) that your mom, girlfriend or sister loves can be a very cool, very enjoyable gift — heck, it could even come with a trip  built right in! How about it?
For the Book Lover: “Sing, Unburied Sing” by Jesmyn Ward — From $11.27

An award-winning novel that anyone can appreciate.

Know someone who loves to read and devours the latest and greatest off shelves? If they haven’t read this number yet, I’d suggest it. Even if someone like your mother-in-law isn’t a devout reader, it’s tough to find someone who doesn’t appreciate a well-crafted novel — this acclaimed tome took home this year’s National Book Award for Fiction.

For the Style Lover: Red Wing Heritage Clara Boot — $359.99

Stylishly made, well-crafted leather boots from the brand that also makes your own favorite boots.

Did you know that Red Wing Heritage made women’s boots? Extremely stylish women ‘s boots at that? It’s a relatively recent addition to the brand’s lineup, and the Red Wing Heritage Clara Boot features every bit as much craftsmanship and outstanding quality as your own pair of rugged leather boots. These offer a bit of chic refinement, so the receipient can rock ’em on date night or on a winter stroll around town. The catch? You need a shoe size first … get to it!
For Your Wife or Girlfriend (Continued): Ethics Supply Co. Firefall Bath Salts — $32 AND Cultiver Marais Robe — $110

Two gifts for … well, not for the price of one. But a great combination nonetheless.

Two great gifts bundled into one idea here.  That is to say,  you’ll have to wrap it yourself. The Ethics Supply Co. Firefall Bath Salts are a refreshing and relaxing way to unwind, while you can’t beat a high-quality bathrobe like the Cultiver Marais Robe. See, isn’t this easy? I kid, I kid.
For the Jewelry Lover: J. Alexander Silver and Turquoise Jewelry Box — $72

A cool, classic way to store her jewelry from J. Alexander.

For the woman who’s got quite a lot — I mean, A LOT — of jewelry, this elegant J. Alexander Silver and Turquoise Jewelry Box is an excellent gift, perhaps in tandem with the Christina Nicole Ayaria Earrings we discussed earlier. It’s striking and well-designed, yet not too over-the-top, exactly what’s needed in a nice Christmas gift.
 For the Style Lover (Part 2): The Horse The Classic Time Teller Watch — $164.98

A sleek, simple watch that goes with anything — perfect for the woman who loves style.

Whether you’re buying for your mom, your sister or your mother-in-law, a crisp and refined timepiece is an excellent gift (one that keeps on giving, you might say). The Classic Time Teller Watch is elegant, refined and easily wearable during the holidays and well after — a terrific value for the money.
For the Coffee LoverFellow Stagg x Pour-Over Set — $69 AND Canyon Coffee Medium Roast — $17

Two great gifts that work very, VERY well alongside one another. Who doesn’t love a great cup of coffee?

Here’s another gift that works quite well as a set — the well-made Fellow Stagg x Pour-Over Set, paired up with an exceptionally tasty Canyon Coffee Medium Roast, is a great one to open on Christmas Day and enjoy right then and there. At least, that’s what I’d do. You can also give each gift individually — it’s all up to you. Who’s got my next cup of coffee?
For Your Sister or Sister-in-Law: Nisolo Clutch Wallet — $128

A sustainably crafted clutch that’ll come in very handy all year long.

If you’re a bit stumped on what to get your sister or sister-in-law — fear not, we’ve all been there — then a simple clutch (a sustainably made one, at that), is a safe bet on the gift-giving front. Nisolo makes its Clutch Wallet from quality materials built to last, so it’ll be durable and stylish long after the holidays.

For the Sneakerhead: Gola Classics Women’s Bullet Metallic Trainer  — $95

A cool pair of sneakers for the woman who appreciates cool style.

Know a woman who’s seriously into sneakers — or who simply loves a sporty, chic pair of footwear? The Gola Classics Bullet Metallic Trainer is an excellent pair to buy, filled with British sporting heritage and sleek, modern style. A unique gift under the tree that someone might not have thought of — that’s what we’re going for here.
Holiday 2017

So, was this list a good start? I sure do hope so. Taking care of gift giving can be a bit of a difficult proposition, especially when buying for multiple people (and keeping track of your own holiday wish list, of course). Let me know on The Style Guide Facebook page what you’re buying this year, and stay tuned for more holiday gift guides for everyone from your father to your brother!

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