Women’s Style Holiday Gift Guide 2017: What to Buy for Her This Christmas

Quick, get your credit card and your shopping list ready — it’s time to for this year’s Women’s Style Holiday Gift Guide, my friends! We’re going past style into lifestyle goods, too — fear not. If you find shopping for any of the women in your life to be a bit of a challenge, we’ve got you covered. That goes for whether you’re buying for your mom, your significant other, your sister, your sister-in-law … anyone on your list. I definitely hope these picks are as useful (and fun!) as our ongoing series covering the best men’s gear — after all, it’s useful (and recommended) to get out of your comfort zone every once in a while when it comes to shopping. Keep in mind that the best gifts truly do come from the heart — seriously! Again, whoever happens to be on your list … this gift guide is the way to go. Want to see different brands included or want to weigh in on what you’re buying this year? Hit me up on Twitter. Happy holidays!

For Your Wife or Girlfriend: Christina Nicole Ayaria Earrings — $72

Simply refined earrings that are perfect for everyday wear or more special occasions.

Perhaps these stylish, unique Christina Nicole Ayaria Earrings are but one part of a larger gift to your significant other, which is fantastic! To this writer’s (somewhat) trained eye, they’re an elegant, lovely accessory that can be worn through the holiday season and the rest of the year with just about anything.

For the Broadway/Music Fan: Tickets to Your Wife, Girlfriend or Mom’s Favorite Musical — TBD

Dropping more than four figures on “Hamilton” might not be advisable … but go for it if you want to! Image courtesy of Hamilton.

OK, am I suggesting you open up a second mortage to buy those tickets to “Hamilton,” the famed rap musical about founding father Alexander Hamilton? Ehh, not quite. But splurging on tickets to an amazing musical (or a music act) that your mom, girlfriend or sister loves can be a very cool, very enjoyable gift — heck, it could even come with a trip  built right in! How about it?
For the Book Lover: “Sing, Unburied Sing” by Jesmyn Ward — From $11.27

An award-winning novel that anyone can appreciate.

Know someone who loves to read and devours the latest and greatest off shelves? If they haven’t read this number yet, I’d suggest it. Even if someone like your mother-in-law isn’t a devout reader, it’s tough to find someone who doesn’t appreciate a well-crafted novel — this acclaimed tome took home this year’s National Book Award for Fiction.

For the Style Lover: Red Wing Heritage Clara Boot — $359.99

Stylishly made, well-crafted leather boots from the brand that also makes your own favorite boots.

Did you know that Red Wing Heritage made women’s boots? Extremely stylish women ‘s boots at that? It’s a relatively recent addition to the brand’s lineup, and the Red Wing Heritage Clara Boot features every bit as much craftsmanship and outstanding quality as your own pair of rugged leather boots. These offer a bit of chic refinement, so the receipient can rock ’em on date night or on a winter stroll around town. The catch? You need a shoe size first … get to it!
For Your Wife or Girlfriend (Continued): Ethics Supply Co. Firefall Bath Salts — $32 AND Cultiver Marais Robe — $110

Two gifts for … well, not for the price of one. But a great combination nonetheless.

Two great gifts bundled into one idea here.  That is to say,  you’ll have to wrap it yourself. The Ethics Supply Co. Firefall Bath Salts are a refreshing and relaxing way to unwind, while you can’t beat a high-quality bathrobe like the Cultiver Marais Robe. See, isn’t this easy? I kid, I kid.
For the Jewelry Lover: J. Alexander Silver and Turquoise Jewelry Box — $72

A cool, classic way to store her jewelry from J. Alexander.

For the woman who’s got quite a lot — I mean, A LOT — of jewelry, this elegant J. Alexander Silver and Turquoise Jewelry Box is an excellent gift, perhaps in tandem with the Christina Nicole Ayaria Earrings we discussed earlier. It’s striking and well-designed, yet not too over-the-top, exactly what’s needed in a nice Christmas gift.
 For the Style Lover (Part 2): The Horse The Classic Time Teller Watch — $164.98

A sleek, simple watch that goes with anything — perfect for the woman who loves style.

Whether you’re buying for your mom, your sister or your mother-in-law, a crisp and refined timepiece is an excellent gift (one that keeps on giving, you might say). The Classic Time Teller Watch is elegant, refined and easily wearable during the holidays and well after — a terrific value for the money.
For the Coffee LoverFellow Stagg x Pour-Over Set — $69 AND Canyon Coffee Medium Roast — $17

Two great gifts that work very, VERY well alongside one another. Who doesn’t love a great cup of coffee?

Here’s another gift that works quite well as a set — the well-made Fellow Stagg x Pour-Over Set, paired up with an exceptionally tasty Canyon Coffee Medium Roast, is a great one to open on Christmas Day and enjoy right then and there. At least, that’s what I’d do. You can also give each gift individually — it’s all up to you. Who’s got my next cup of coffee?
For Your Sister or Sister-in-Law: Nisolo Clutch Wallet — $128

A sustainably crafted clutch that’ll come in very handy all year long.

If you’re a bit stumped on what to get your sister or sister-in-law — fear not, we’ve all been there — then a simple clutch (a sustainably made one, at that), is a safe bet on the gift-giving front. Nisolo makes its Clutch Wallet from quality materials built to last, so it’ll be durable and stylish long after the holidays.

For the Sneakerhead: Gola Classics Women’s Bullet Metallic Trainer  — $95

A cool pair of sneakers for the woman who appreciates cool style.

Know a woman who’s seriously into sneakers — or who simply loves a sporty, chic pair of footwear? The Gola Classics Bullet Metallic Trainer is an excellent pair to buy, filled with British sporting heritage and sleek, modern style. A unique gift under the tree that someone might not have thought of — that’s what we’re going for here.
Holiday 2017

So, was this list a good start? I sure do hope so. Taking care of gift giving can be a bit of a difficult proposition, especially when buying for multiple people (and keeping track of your own holiday wish list, of course). Let me know on The Style Guide Facebook page what you’re buying this year, and stay tuned for more holiday gift guides for everyone from your father to your brother!

Thanks for reading,


The Friday Read: 2016’s Best Watches, Last-Minute Gifts and Holiday Travel Style

Check your watch, check your calendar, check this blog — we’re just two (TWO) days away from Christmas! It’s been a hectic week between my winter trip to Baltimore and some travel to sunny Florida, but I hope you’re en route to your holiday destination — and traveling in style, of course.  If you’ve slacked (big-time) on your gift buying, check out our women’s holiday gift guide and the requisite men’s holiday gift guide one final, last time. And right after we turn from Christmas, New Year’s Eve is upon us — to that end, we’ll cover what to wear on New Year’s Eve in the next few days. And we’ll be going through men’s style resolutions for 2017, too. If your resolutions include upgrading your workout gear, you’d do well to enter this site’s latest menswear giveaway. But back to business. It’s been great to reflect on a stellar year in NYC over the last few days; that includes the chance to build on my career in fashion PR, write this blog and pursue my passion through other great menswear sites like The Manual and GearMoose. We’re not done with the style content on this blog for 2016 yet — far from it. For now, I’ll leave you today with the best in men’s style — I hope you take care of your last-minute shopping, and more importantly, I hope you’ll join us for tomorrow’s Style Pick of the Week.  Now, get to it!

  • Whenever you talk about a  stylish, durable watch, it’s advisable to turn to the folks at GQ. Yes, they do make some questionable styling choices and hop on and off quite a few trends, but hey, GQ.com rounded up 2016’s best watches — and the list includes some stone-cold stunners, like the rugged Tudor Black Bay Bronze.
  • Let’s stay on the topic of GQ, shall we? The publication’s digital arm rounded up 16 holiday travel style favorites. Some of these picks are mighty premium — take the $840 AMI overcoat, for starters — but the premise is admirable. 16 items, a full set of outfits and some solid suggestions (denim-on-denim among them).
  • And on the topic of last-second shopping, if you’ve got someone on your list who values a touch of irreverent style and a bit of high-fashion — like an embroidered Levi’s denim jacket  — use the code ‘MERRY30’ to get 30!percent off almost everything online and in-store at Brooklyn’s own Kinfolk. Note that the deal excludes footwear, collaboration apparel & N. Hoollywood gear, but hey, there are plenty of picks from which to shop.

One last item to read …

  • Did you catch the launch of the slick new Taylor Stitch Minimalist Collection? It includes a bifold wallet and a slim cardholder, among other goods. They’re reasonably priced for investment-worthy leather pieces and feature the classic design that’s made Taylor Stitch so coveted among lovers of great menswear. Get the scoop via my latest GearMoose post.

Did that help you fill the time between holiday shopping sessions? Once more, check out the women’s style gift guide and shop our men’s style gift guide as quickly as you can.

Finally: Have a great day, and a great weekend!

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Men’s Style Holiday Gift Guide

Editor’s note: Need more shopping help? Check out the Women’s Style Holiday Gift Guide.

OK, so it’s very quickly bearing down on us now — Christmas is coming, and if that’s something you desperately need to shop for at this point, The Style Guide has you covered.  We’ve already talked about how to dress for your holiday party and what to buy her this Christmas, but what about … what to buy him? Him being your dad, brother, father-in-law, significant other — you get the picture. If you’re still shopping for that perfect gift, you’ve come to the right place. Again, a thoughtful gift personalized to the recipient trumps anything on this list — but if there’s some crossover between the two, that’s all the better. Yessir, the good folks at Huckberry have a bevy of picks for everyone from the #menswear fan to the spirits aficionado. For more gift guide action, check out what my friends at The Manual & GearMoose have to say. And weigh in on the below picks via the trusty comments section, or check out style shopping inspiration on Instagram. More importantly — shop on, and good luck!

#Menswear: Lanona Shoe Co. Academic Boot — $298

A hard-wearing boot for the menswear fan in your life.

A hard-wearing boot for the menswear fan in your life.

Did you snag a pair of the durable, rugged and Huckberry-exclusive Academic Boot  when it was featured in this site’s rugged fall style ensemble? Yes? No? Thought about it? If you know a guy on your list who loves tough boots for inclement weather, this sturdy, stylish pair from Lanona Shoe Co. is the pair to buy. Consider it a big gift from Santa to supplement smaller gifts, perhaps. They’re a pair of boots to be worn with a classic chambray shirt and slim denim, plus a shawl-collar cardigan … then again, you won’t know unless you buy a pair for yourself too, right? (Wink, wink).

Watches: Luminox P-38 Lightning Chronograph — $379.98

Equal parts rugged, durable and essential for any watch fan.

Equal parts rugged, durable and essential for any watch fan.

Why put this reliable-as-heck, handsome-as-all-get-out P-38 Lightning Chronograph in the “Watches” category as opposed to another menswear option? Well, plenty of us love collecting stylish watches, and if you know an aficionado, watches are a bit of a devotion. It’s a good thing that this Luminox timepiece as sold by everyone’s favorite retail site (that’s Huckberry, duh) is in a league of its own. It’s Swiss-made, with the precision to keep exact time and the durability to pass everything from special forces to diving tests.

Home Goods, Part #1: Southern Lights Electric Original Bell Jar Table Lamp — $89.98

I love lamp. Yes, this lamp.

I love lamp. Yes, this lamp.

So, fear not — that’s indeed a lamp listed on this here gift guide. But not just any lamp. If you’ve got a guy in your life — say, a bachelor who could use some home design help *raises hand* — the Original Bell Jar Table Lamp is an interesting option to consider. It features an exposed Edison-style bulb at its center, not to mention that handsome, old-time aesthetic plenty of us crave in our home layouts. The solid wood base is manufactured in Nashville, while the name plate itself is silk-screened by hand. And the end result? A stylish, handsome table lamp to add some class to the recipient’s home, apartment or office.

Frank & Oak

Home Goods, Part #2: Norden 3-Candle Box Gift Set — $84.98

A masculine, subtly stylish candle set for the guy with an eye for design.

A masculine, subtly stylish candle set for the guy with an eye for design.

We’ve got another unique gift offering in the home goods department for y’all here. Candles are a somewhat unlikely present but again, if you’ve got a guy with a space that could a bit of TLC, look no further. Norden makes its finely crafted candles with sustainability in mind — the ceramic vessel carrying said candle can be washed out and re-used. Plus, the ceramic containers are a subtly stylish way to add a bit of visual interest to the lucky gift … getter’s apartment or home. And of course, each candle makes use of a unique, outdoors-y scent.
A great-looking blanket from a company that knows a thing or three about making 'em.

A great-looking blanket from a company that knows a thing or three about making ’em.

We’ll stick with the theme of well-made, premium pieces to upgrade your living space for this great Woolrich blanket. Items like these can be thoughtful touches to spruce up a couch or chair, and this particular blanket does a nice job at sticking with classic colors reminiscent of fine menswear. So, it’s but another option to supplement other gifts you might give. Oh, and Woolrich has been making blankets since the Civil War, so you can’t top ’em.
Deals of the Week at PaulFredrick.com

Spirits & Libations: Whiskey Peaks Rocks Glasses (Set of 4) — $69.98 OR W&P Design Homemade Gin Kit — $44.98
Know someone who loves a well-made drink? Here are your gift picks, folks.

Know someone who loves a well-made drink? Here are your gift picks, folks.

Let’s say you’re buying for your father-in-law? Often tricky, right? And let’s say said father-in-law loves a good drink — I’d say you can’t go wrong with the neat, entirely unique set of Whiskey Peaks Rocks Glasses, or the even cooler W&P Design Homemade Gin Kit. The gin kit allows you to turn one bottle of vodka into your own blend of gin, complete with all of the ingredients needed to do so — including a secret botanical blend from W&P Design. Oh, and the Whiskey Peaks glasses? Talk about a one-of-a-kind offering — each glass features a raised impression of a different, famed American, well, peak. It’s a neat home design piece and a welcome way to enjoy your whiskey, all in one.

If you’re looking for more gift ideas here, we’ve reached the end of this year’s gift guide. Hopefully, you got some inspiration? And knocked out a few choice picks? Subtly stylish gifts like a beautiful Woolrich blanket or a one-of-a-kind table lamp are truly unique items to give this holiday season  — and hey, who doesn’t love a stylish watch  or an investment-worthy pair of rugged leather boots? If you’ve got someone on your list appreciates the finer things in life, premium whiskey glasses are just the ticket — and it gives you a reason to enjoy a glass with them, right? Got questions on what to gift in the days to come? Just shoot me a note on Twitter and we’ll set you right.

What will you be buying and gifting this holiday season?

The Friday Read: Black Friday 2016 Shopping Edition

Ahh, so it’s here again — Black Friday. If you still haven’t recovered from a healthy dose of turkey and football, we’re here to help you at The Style Guide. It’s a bountiful time for shopping — namely, right here from your laptop. And as great as the weekend is, it’s also important to take some time to kick back, enjoy the holiday with loved ones. But make no mistake, there are deals to be had wherever you look. With plenty of retailers opening their doors and starting online sales well in advance of Black Friday, some of the below deals have been going on for a while. But fear not, you’ve got plenty of time to catch up on all of your #menswear shopping needs. Yes, make no mistake, there are some excellent sales out there — with a slew of promotions from Huckberry, Shinola, JackThreads and plenty more favorites, it’s the ideal time to knock a few items off your style wish list. Without further ado — bring on the Black Friday deals!

Huckberry: The lauded online retailer is offering tons of deals through Sunday, namely featuring the following brands:

Sword & Plough: The men’s and women’s accessories company — as featured in this stylish fall travel ensemble — is running a Thanksgiving week sale giving you 20 percent off all the way through Tuesday! They support veterans every step of the production process, so the brand is certainly worth a look.

Mott & Bow: Everyone’s favorite denim brand has a nice Black Friday deal going on today. Use the code ‘BLACKFRIDAY’ to get 10 percent off orders of $150 or more, 20 percent off $250 or more, or 30 percent off $350 or more of Mott & Bow gear.

Johnston & Murphy: The heritage footwear maker is offering select shoes and boots for up to 30 percent off.

JackThreads: Another Style Guide favorite has been running a Price Drop & Lock Guarantee  for the past few weeks, meaning low prices. well, drop and stay there; oh, and they’re giving everyone 25-30 percent off site-wide for Black Friday! And on Cyber Monday, they’re offering 30 percent off site-wide, all day.

FOURLAPS: The neat athletic brand upstart is providing some nice deals on stylish workout gear — you can snag the Dash Tank, Bolt Short and Smash Tee $30 through Monday, November 28th. And once Cyber Monday hits,  you can shop the Silver Charge Tee for $20

CHASE54: The performance and style-focused golf brand is serving up a nice deal through Cyber Monday —take 30 percent off any two-piece bundle and 40 percent off any three-piece bundle.

Batch Men’s: Batch is serving up a rare sale deal — makers of rugged-refined staples like the Tactician Utility Shirt, they’re offering 40 percent off a wide selection of shirts; get the deal using the code ‘THANKS’!

johnnie-O: The preppy, sport-inspired clothiers are offering a nice Black Friday deal — use the code ‘Tweener’ to buy one button-down, get another button-down free.


GREATS: In addition to launching two new sneakers (the third iteration of its Beast Mode collab with retired NFL star Marshawn Lynch, plus a special “Black Friday” edition of its low-cut Royale sneaker), the Style Guide favorite and is giving y’all 20 percent off and free shipping sitewide for Black Friday. That goes along with a series of tiered deals on Cyber Monday: namely, you’re looking at 20 percent off and free shipping sitewide from 12 a.m. to 12 p.m., then 25 percent off and free shipping from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m., capped off by 25 percent off and free shipping on all shoes under $100 from 6 p.m. to midnight on Saturday. Hop to it!

Old Navy: The noted casual retailer — who seems to churn out better and better men’s apparel by the season — is offering 50 percent off through Black Friday. That’s a heck of a deal, y’all.

Shinola: The brand is launching its Special Edition All Black Collection, an assortment of signature all-black Shinola products, debuting today.  It includes the brand-new Shinola Runwell Wall Clock and Shinola Power Supply Cords made in partnership with General Electric, plus an all-black Shinola Runwell Turntable, a 47mm Runwell watch with a PVD black sandblasted case and black dial, a one-of-a-kind black tandem bicycle and the Shinola + Benchmade Titanium 765 Pocket Knife. That’s a heck of a lot of gear! Read more about Shinola on Effortless Gent.

Sunday Somewhere: The eclectic sunglasses brand with an international following is giving you stylish guys up to 50% off storewide through Monday, excluding regular eyeglasses & accessories. No discount code needed!

Links of London: Need a special gift for that special someone? Refined British jewelry makers Links of London are offering 25 percent off for Black Friday, both in stores and online, until the 27th, with that same deal running online only through Cyber Monday. And if you spend $495, you’ll receive the brand’s Limited Edition Timeless Diamond Bracelet, a promo that runs in-store from the 28th, and online from the 29th, until December 11th.

Baxter of CaliforniaThese fine purveyors of high-quality men’s grooming products are offering 25 percent off the entire site now through November 28th.

Dr. Scholl’s Shoes: Until the 27th, you can get  20 percent off sitewide, plus free shipping, with the promo code DRS20FS. Then, on Cyber Monday, you can take 25 percent off sitewide, with free shipping also included, using the code DRSCYBER.

Reef: The surfwear and basics brand is serving up free 2-Day Shipping on all orders until the 28th using the code REE2DAY.

Richer Poorer: The standout basics brand is offering 40 percent off sitewide for Black Friday.

Steven Alan Optical: Until November 29th (that’s next Tuesday), you can receive 25 percent off all Steven Alan Optical eyeglasses and sunglasses with code BFWKNDSALE16.

Well, folks — that’s just a selection of some of the best #menswear deals out there on the market. From places where you can knock out all your shopping at once — like Huckberry — to e-tailers like JackThreads and Shinola who serve up stylish outerwear and accessories, this weekend is one of the best of the year (if not the best). And if you’re a fan of shopping and scoring deals? You’d do well to hop to some shopping. Wishing everyone a happy Thanksgiving weekend — and we’ll be back tomorrow as scheduled with our Style Pick of the Week.

Stay stylish, my friends!

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Men’s Style Christmas Wish List 2015

Editor’s note: To check out past Christmas Wish List posts, click here.

Alright, folks — you know the drill. In just a little over two weeks, Santa’s coming to town (yes, Santa!). And that hopefully means some stylish gifts for us menswear aficionados out there — but more importantly, some great time spent with loved ones. However, it can be pretty sweet undoubtedly to get just what you want under the tree. As to your humble style blogger over here — well, I’ve got my eye on some nice gear as well (just look at my Wish List Pinterest board for starters). Budgetary constraints definitely put some limits on these things the rest of the year, but a guy can dream … right? What’s on your Christmas Wish List?

#1. FRYE Company Grand Tall Lace Sneaker — $288

Antiqued leather and rawhide laces put these sneakers a cut above the rest.

Antiqued leather and rawhide laces put these sneakers a cut above the rest.

If you follow this blog, you’re probably well-acquainted with the fact that I love me a great sneaker (particularly from Brooklyn’s own, uh, GREATS). And throughout the fall and winter, I find myself always on the hunt for a terrific high-top leather sneaker — the style just seems to go well with the heartier textures and colder weather of the season. FRYE is normally known for its rough-and-tumble boots, yet these sneakers look absolutely superb. The rich cognac color would pair well with black, grey or blue denim, and they look dressy enough to wear with a navy blazer and some burgundy cords, too. Alas, they’ll have to stay on the wish list for now.

#2. Apolis Wool Chore Jacket — $328

A versatile color and an updated take on a classic silhouette make this item worthy of the Holiday Wish List.

A versatile color and an updated take on a classic silhouette make this item worthy of the Christmas Wish List.

Yet another item that’s pricey yet drool-worthy, and that’s why it fills out the second spot on this list. Apolis has done a great job combining quality product and an emphasis on doing business the right way. They don’t lose any style points in the process — its outerwear across the board represents updated takes on classic workwear styles, and versatile options ike this olive chore jacket provide great styling potential. That goes for blue or black denim, or even light grey chinos. Its indigo jackets are frequent hot sellers as well, but I think this colorway would be just as versatile — can you hear me, Santa?
Ben Sherman US
#3. Shinola Runwell 41mm Watch — $550

A football leather strap and a crisp dial are excellent finishing touches for a stellar timepiece.

A football leather strap and a crisp dial are excellent finishing touches for a stellar timepiece.

A Shinola Runwell watch made my Christmas Wish List last year too, and a new Shinola Runwell watch from the American-made brand is more than worthy of inclusion in this year’s edition. Shinola has a penchant for watches of exceptional quality, on top of subtle design touches that create a pleasing overall package. The dark camel football leather strap is one such feature here. The black dial and gold numerals build off the crisp style for which the brand is known, and that 41mm case diameter hits the sweet spot. Again, taking notes Santa?

#4. JackThreads The Bomber — $149.50

Just one of the many Wish List-worthy items from JackThreads' new menswear line.

Just one of the many Wish List-worthy items from JackThreads’ new menswear line.

Two jackets on one Christmas Wish List? Yes, sir — they’re both that great-looking. While this bomber jacket certainly isn’t as cost-prohibitive as the other items on this list, a buck-fifty is still a good chunk of change to throw down — and this is coming from a guy who loves his jackets.  JackThreads has done a tremendous job launching its new menswear line, and it’s filled with modern updates on stylish essentials; one such example can definitely be seen here. This is the kind of jacket I might wear with a great henley and some slim denim on the weekends, or over a knit tie and chambray shirt to work.

#5. Todd Snyder Great Lakes Sweatshirt — $198

A touch of home in a stylish (and expensive) sweatshirt.

A touch of home in a stylish (and expensive) sweatshirt.

Just as Shinola nabbed a spot on this list for the second year in a row, so too does Todd Snyder. There’s something about the noted American menswear designer and his penchant for mixing heritage sportswear and contemporary fits, as he continually does with his collaborations with Champion. I have a soft spot for the Great Lakes Sweatshirt in particular, as I love visiting my home state of Michigan. The piece on its own is the epitome of a casual weekend sweater — stylish, versatile and made with what looks to be high-quality washed cotton. Can you ask for much more in a crewneck sweater?

So that about wraps up my Christmas Wish List for this year, although I can say in advance that I’ll certainly be looking forward to spending plenty of high-quality time with my family in sunny Florida in a few weeks’ time. And if in the meantime, one of these gifts ends up under the tree, I certainly wouldn’t be mad about it!

What’s on your Christmas Wish List? Any of the above picks?
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Women’s Style Holiday Gift Guide — For Guys!

Editor’s note: For other potential gift suggestions for the lovely ladies in your life, click here.

It's the most wonderful time of the year -- once you get your shopping done, that is.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year — once you get your shopping done, that is.

With the holiday season upon us, you might have it all set in your mind exactly what you’d like (and on that note, I’ll be sharing my Christmas Wish List on Wednesday). But shopping for a woman in your life, be it your mother, sister grandmother, girlfriend or wife, can be a bit tricky. And time is running short this Christmas season — although hopefully you’ve been paying attention for possible gift suggestions. Regardless, to save you a bunch of time and stress, I went ahead and put together a handy little gift guide — one that hopefully doesn’t need to be used out of desperation (you won’t make that mistake again, right? Right). What follows below are one man’s suggestions for gifts this Christmas, each with a rather affordable tilt to them; each can also be altered or changed accordingly (for example, might not want to give a piece of jewelry from Tiffany & Co. to that girl you met a few weeks ago, yeah?). So read on, fill up your cart and then shop for all the #menswear you’ve had your eye on.

For Your Girlfriend or Wife: Duet Snap Clutch: $98 OR Madewell Adjustable Knotshine Bangle, $17.50 AND An Experience [A Special Dinner or Trip]

Two choices, one chic and pricey, the other more cost-effective yet just as fashionable.

Two choices, one chic and pricey, the other more cost-effective yet just as fashionable.

So you can take your pick of two gift options here — a rather pricey (for us younger guys) black leather clutch that’s simple, fashionable and usable with anything. or a much more cost-effective yet no less chic Madewell bracelet. Add on something that’ll create a lasting memory, whether that’s a nice dinner out, a special day trip or perhaps a neat class that fits both your interests, be it cooking or wine tasting.
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For Your Mother: Le Pavilion Dot 3-Piece Kitchen Set — $35

Simple dots to upgrade some basic kitchen items.

Simple dots to upgrade some basic kitchen items.

If you grew up in a household like mine, you might have had a lovely mom (Hi, Mom!) who really enjoyed putting together delicious meals and desserts galore (Editor’s note: Very much looking forward to all those Christmas cookies). If that’s the case for you as well, this neat set of Kate Spade kitchen products  (a dish towel, oven mitt and pot holder) might fit the bill accordingly. Think of it as a mini-style upgrade for your mom — the small touches count in the kitchen too, so fun items like this can make cooking even more fun. Conversely, a premium candle is always a nice way to brighten a home (maybe augment this one with a personalized card).

For Your Sister: A Great New Book + “Travel the World” Calendar — About $26

A book and a desk calendar that complement each other quite nicely!

A book and a desk calendar that complement each other quite nicely!

So let’s say your sister is quite into reading in her spare time – – you’ve won half the battle right there! While it could also be great to consider a book that fits her particular interests, there’s a good in-between option if you’re stuck: A Field Guide To Getting Lost  is, by all accounts, introspective, fascinating and well-written. And who doesn’t like a book that checks those boxes? It’s a nice deal that’ll provide good value beyond just one read, too (see, this is just like menswear!). A cool desk calendar with some nice color is a simple way to brighten up a space, and it complements the wanderlust theme of the book — a one-two punch!

For Your Grandmother: Kate Spade Raise A Glass Tidbit Plate — $30

Patterned plates make cocktail hour more enjoyable for everyone (not that it's not fun already).

Patterned plates make cocktail hour more enjoyable for everyone (not that it’s not fun already).

As we talk about style upgrades in the menswear world, the same idea can apply to little things like cocktail plates. This set of Kate Spade plates  in particular plays off that motif quite nicely; the patterns are pleasing and just a bit fun, too. This is another gift that you could complement with a nice handwritten card or perhaps, a photo of yourself. If your grandmother is more into something like understated jewelry, this silver cuff could be the perfect gift. Conversely, playing to her interests with a book by a well-loved author could also be just the thing to do.

The key when giving gifts is to play to the interests and hobbies  of the recipient — and the biggest thing that goes into that is putting thought and attention into what you give! I hope your holiday season is fun-filled, and that your shopping goes smoothly — let me know your thoughts on this gift guide below, and thanks very much for reading.


Women’s Style Holiday Gift Guide — For Guys!

Santa's on his way.... wait — SANTA?? I KNOW HIM!

Santa’s on his way…. wait — SANTA?? I KNOW HIM!

Even though the calendar’s drawing closer and closer to Christmas, there’s still plenty of time for the savvy shopper (that would be you, my stylish male friend!) to snag some great gifts for the women in your life — be it your girlfriend or wife, mom, sister or another relative. And if you read the Men’s Style section of this site, chances are you enjoy shopping for yourself — and others, too! Shopping for a great woman in your life doesn’t have to be intimidating or expensive though — a lot of it comes down to your knowledge of that person (thus, these are only humble suggestions). Even better, it can be done online at the click of the button, allowing you to narrow your selections and find that perfect gift. Read on for some (hopefully) great picks below!

For Your Girlfriend or Wife: Kate Spade Tied Up Pave Studs — $48

A pair of earrings that offers lots of styling potential — all at a nice price.

A pair of earrings that offers lots of styling potential — all at a nice price.

Kate Spade has built its reputation as a chic, stylish and nicely priced brand that lots seem to like — and depending on what sort of earring collection your partner has, this pair would hopefully be a worthy addition to their lineup. If your partner doesn’t have her ears pierced or doesn’t wear earrings that often, a simple bangle bracelet could be a good alternative. The price is just right on these earrings (not too high or low) and the styling offers the opportunity to wear them with dressier pieces or a casual outfit — just like a great men’s style item! Now, not all are into jewelry or similar items — in that case, something fun for the two of you, like a class that interests both of you or a fun weekend trip, could be much better.

For Your Mom: Trinket Box Candle ($22) and a Handwritten Card

For a colorful, festive addition to the home, this candle lights the way (pun intended).

For a colorful, festive addition to the home, this candle lights the way (pun intended).

Anthropologie is another excellent source for gifts that won’t break the bank and also offer chic style. The store has a more bohemian vibe than Kate Spade, but that offers all the more opportunity to find unique gifts. While a candle isn’t by nature the flashiest gift, these have a neat, colorful design that should go with most types of decor while standing out in the right way. A few of them would work nicely as a set, too. And when you pair a gift like that with a colorful, handwritten card on some nice cardstock paper, your mom should be more than happy. If you feel that’s not enough, add a nice framed photo of yourself (see below).

For Your Sister: Urban Outfitters Lounge Colorblock Eternity Scarf — $34 

Two trends combined into one warm, stylish piece.

Two trends combined into one warm, stylish piece.

If your sister is into style or simply likes to look good (and stay warm), a thick scarf that combines two trends — the eternity loop and colorblocking — knocks both out of the park. Also available in black and lavender, each combo offers lots of possibilities for pairing with like colors. This is also another gift that won’t break the bank in terms of price, making it a worthy buy that should last for seasons to come.

For Your Grandma: Anthropologie Pressed Glass Photo Frame (with a photo of yourself!) — $18 — $22

Giving the gift of a cherished memory.

Giving the gift of a cherished memory.

Now with these particular photo frames, two of the options aren’t available until righttt before Christmas (December 23, to be exact) — so if you have the opportunity to snag one of the options in store, that would be much more ideal than rushing a delivery last-minute. A photo of yourself is a surprisingly thoughtful gift that most of your older relatives would presumably love to have around — it allows them to see you every day, after all! And if the photo features you and said relative, even better!

If you have other people on your list who are more specific or more difficult to buy for, this excellent list from Dappered offers plenty of terrific additional suggestions. Check it out for more ideas!

What are you buying for your significant other and the great women in your life? Any places to check out or specific gifts worth buying? Let us know!