See Now, Buy Now: Layer Up for Winter with Bridge & Burn’s Bedford Flannel Shirt

A rough-and-tumble flannel shirt for rough-and-tumble winter weather.

We talk often on The Style Guide about the right gear for the right season — and with this season being, well, winter, the latest entry in our See Now, Buy Now series is all about getting you ready as soon as possible. That’s specifically critical in the way of winter layering. So, what’s a guy to do? Luckily, our friends from Bridge & Burn are here to help, and not a moment too soon. Perhaps you’re dealing with yet another snow storm, or perhaps you’re dealing with that first big snowstorm … staying warm and stylish is critical either way. And the Bridge & Burn Bedford Flannel Shirt isn’t just any old flannel shirt — trust me.  It’s the type of rugged flannel shirt that’s going to serve as a ready layer over your favorite henley as you prepare a fire on chilly winter mornings, and it’s more than ready to layer up with a tough winter parka when the job requires you to get outside (Editor’s note: This list of the best men’s winter accessories is also more than ready for the season). The Bedford Flannel Shirt is certainly a classic flannel shirt, crafted from heavyweight cotton flannel and features a seven-button placket, ideal for layering. Button-closure chest pockets also add to the overshirt-like feel of the Bridge & Burn Bedford Shirt — yet another nicely considered touch from a brand that takes its roots seriously.
Holiday 2017

With a strong Pacific Northwest base, Bridge & Burn makes its gear with an eye toward rugged functionality and seasonally friendly wear — I found out as much when I visited the brand during a September 2017 trip to Portland. So, I’d say you can certainly count on the distinct wearability of the Bridge & Burn Bedford Flannel Shirt for winter’s adventures ahead. You can throw it on under a classic quilted field jacket  or a tough parka, and you’ll get nothing but terrific warmth and great style, too — how’s that for a winter wardrobe upgrade? Now, it’s a hot seller, so you’ll have to act fast … but it’ll pay off. Yes indeed, my friends … the Bridge & Burn Bedford Shirt is the menswear move to make now.

Tell me: Will the Bridge & Burn Bedford Shirt be part of your winter wardrobe rotation? 



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