#OOTD: Refresh Your Tailored Style for the New Year

With the start of a new year comes certain resolutions for each of, including those related to #menswear. At least, that’s the case for me, and I hope you’re on board if you regularly read The Style Guide. We talked last week about what you’ve got in mind as far as men’s style resolutions go — how are yours coming along? While it can be a broad challenge to retool or build up your wardrobe from square one, the below #OOTD is going to focus on mixing some pieces you probably already own in a way that you might not have thought of before. It’s a little more tailored, a little more unique and a bit more fun — all good things when it comes to revamping your look for the months to come. You’ll find a classic Oxford shirt teamed with tailored trousers and stylish wingtip boots, each of which you might already have in your closet — that’s not so bad, right? Adjusting to classic pieces worn in new ways is half the battle right there. So, let’s go into the coming weeks and months with an open mind, with some stylish winter accessories and with an ensemble that’s office-ready and visually striking. Here we go.

A refreshed way to dress in tailored style for the new year.

The Topcoat: Abercrombie & Fitch Italian Wool-Blend Topcoat, $180 — A la Mr. James Bond in Skyfall, the navy topcoat is striking, sharp and perfectly ready to wear to the office. This one is nice &  affordable, too.

The Shirt: Flint and Tinder Soft-Washed Oxford, $98 — A comfortable and tailored Oxford shirt is the right balance between casual and formal — it all comes down to what you wear it with. Speaking of …

The Scarf: Corridor NYC Check Scarf in Black, $80 — This Corridor NYC Check Scarf is well-made and — perhaps most importantly — visually interesting when paired with the A&F navy topcoat. A stylish scarf is definitely one way to refresh your look for the new year.

The Trousers: Taylor Stitch Telegraph Trousers, $178 — If you normally find yourself wearing some combo of American-made denim and a flannel shirt in winter months — as I often do — the sharp, tailored Taylor Stitch Telegraph Trousers are a heck of a step up in terms of style.

The Boots: Hudson Shoes Fernie Boots, $240Durable winter boots that manage to blend office-ready style with functionality? Yep, that’s where the Hudson Shoes Fernie Boots come into play.

The Socks: American Trench Boot Socks in Oatmeal, $29.50 — The right pair of stylish socks can do more than just keep your feet warm and comfortable — they can look good, too. The American Trench Boot Socks get it done.

The Watch: Shinola Canfield Watch, $650 — A suitably tailored outfit calls for a sleek, well-designed watch to match — and that’s why the investment-worthy Shinola Canfield Watch is a worthwhile New Year’s upgrade.

The Finishing Touch: Fulton & Roark Shackleford Solid Cologne, $42 — If you want to dip your waters into wearing cologne, a low-key, solid option — like the Shackleford Solid Cologne from Fulton & Roark — is an advisable move.

Stepping into a new year can be intimidating, so the way you dress and get ready for your daily life shouldn’t be — that’s how I view it, at least. It’s a process that gets easier as time goes on — plus, a jolt of self-confidence from a sharp look helps things along. And when you mix and match foundational pieces with dressier, more unique offerings, like pairing the Flint and Tinder Soft-Washed Oxford with the  Corridor NYC Check Scarf and a tailored topcoat, the results are stylish and just different enough. The handsome Taylor Stitch Telegraph Trousers help ground the outfit in winter style territory, while the Hudson Shoes Fernie Boots offer rugged functionality and dependable style. You also shouldn’t forgo essential accessories like the American Trench Boot Socks or a clean and classic watch — the  Shinola Canfield Watch is going to work more than ably with this #OOTD. Want to add another level to your ensemble? Finish things off with the Shackleford Solid Cologne. If you own any of these pieces, or if you’re thinking about trying out this look yourself, feel free to drop by The Style Guide Facebook page to let me know!

Good luck out there, and thanks for reading!


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