#OOTD: How to Style a Denim Jacket This Winter

When you think of winter style essentials, your mind probably doesn’t jump to a denim jacket … does it? After all, the denim jacket is a layering essential that’s ready for spring, summer and fall, but not winter. Right? Wrong. When worn the right way, a denim jacket can absolutely work in winter. Maybe not during a blizzard or as you dress for the polar vortex, but on a day with temperatures above freezing? The denim jacket can work wonders, folks — today’s #OOTD is going to show you how. It’s all about accessorizing accordingly, reaching for warm winter essentials like an American-made cashmere scarf and prepping accordingly with a stylish casual leather watch. We’re building it from the ground up with essentials like a rugged henley, slim stretch chinos and tough shearling-lined boots, for starters. And the rest of the picks? Well, you’ll just have to read up below. Let me know if this is a #OOTD you’ll be breaking out over these next couple weeks — good luck out there!

Pairing a denim jacket with a rugged henley is an A-plus style move, folks.

The Denim Jacket: Todd Snyder Made in Los Angeles Denim Jacket, $298 — Leave it to Todd Snyder to make a simply outstanding, well-cut, well-crafted denim jacket — ideal for layering up.

The Henley: Taylor Stitch Heavy Bag Henley in Natural, $68 — Taylor Stitch has the perfect winter henley for you, made from sustainable, durable fabric.

The Scarf: American Trench Cashmere Scarf in Charcoal, $180 — Because we’re still taking on winter weather, the handsome American Trench Cashmere Scarf is the one to buy now.

The Chinos: Grayers Newport Stretch Modern Fit Chinos, $98Slim tan chinos — especially the Grayers Newport Stretch Modern Fit Chinos — add a bit of casual refinement to this look.

The Boots: Rancourt & Co. Shearling-Lined Dresden Boots, $365 —  Want stylish winter boots that are going to work twice as hard to keep your feet warm? The Rancourt & Co. Shearling-Lined Dresden Boots are that pair precisely.

The Watch: Szanto Vintage Dive Watch 5205, $224.98 — Remarkably rugged, well-made and casually stylish, the Szanto Vintage Dive Watch nicely offsets your tough denim jacket and classic henley.

The Socks: CHUP Dia Socks, $35 — This outfit balances classic neutrals with rich texture — so, the CHUP Dia Socks add some nice pattern, comfort and style. Bingo!

The Beanie: Topo Designs Merino Wool Beanie, $45 — What’s the perfect capper to this outfit? The warm, stylish Topo Designs Merino Wool Beanie.

See, doesn’t it make more sense that a denim jacket can work in the winter? It’s all about what you pair it with — the rich, deep indigo of Todd Snyder’s made-in-America denim jacket pairs right up with the perfect winter henley
from Taylor Stitch, which in turn nicely offsets the Grayers Newport Stretch Modern Fit Chinos — is there a combo more classic than that? Hardly. Accessories like the crucial Topo Designs Merino Wool Beanie and the well-made (but admittedly pricey) American Trench Cashmere Scarf are going to help you fight the chill accordingly. On the footwear front, it’s hard to go wrong with a rugged pair of winter boots, especially the remarkably tough Rancourt & Co. Shearling-Lined Dresden Boots. Stylish socks are a must no matter the season, and the warm, visually interesting CHUP Dia Socks add just enough color and pattern to this outfit. Of course, a rugged casual watch is just what you need to bring it all home — the Szanto Vintage Dive Watch was practically made for pairing with an outfit like this one. So, what say you? Will you throw on this ensemble for winter in the weeks ahead? Let me know via The Style Guide Facebook page.

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