See Now, Buy Now: Pack Up for Your Next Trip with the Blue Claw Co. Leather Weekender Duffel

A handsome full-grain leather bag made to be taken on your next winter trip … and the next one. And the next one.

In need of a stylish everyday bag? Of course you are, my friend. And that’s why we’re gathered here today — to find you a handsome leather weekender bag that’s just as stunning as the #OOTD you’re wearing right now. But on a serious note, the difference really is all in the details when it comes to head-to-toe looks, and your accessories are as crucial a part of that as any. If you find yourself on the road a lot, as I tend to be, the right bag for travel is going to work wonders when it comes to packing, and it might even make travel a bit more fun. Well, folks — that bag is the Blue Claw Co. Bronson Leather Weekender Duffel, a standout bag that packs in durability, heritage-quality style and plenty of functionality in one package. Add it to your list of travel style essentials, and do so in a hurry. The Blue Claw Co. Leather Weekender Duffel is exclusive to our friends at Bespoke Post, so you know it delivers the goods (and that’s probably putting it lightly.

The BronsonLeather Weekender Duffel features full-grain chestnut leather, all the better to break in over time. The cotton ripstop liner is equally durable and sturdy, more than ready to keep everything on your packing list in fine condition. And the hardware? Why, it’s solid brass, my friends. Did I mention that it’s only one of 25? Yes, just 25. Seriously, what could make the Blue Claw Co. Bronson Leather Weekender Duffel any better? There’s truly not much. Ahh, but wait … it’s carry-on approved! Yes indeed, that’s it. So, to recap: The Bronson Leather Weekender Duffel is stylish, designed to break in over time, built to carry everything you need, and more than worthy of your cold hard cash. Sound good? Sounds good.

Are you picking up the Leather Weekender Duffel from Blue Claw Co. before you hit the road next time around? 

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