See Now, Buy Now: The Talisman Jacket from Triple Aught Design Is Ready for Spring Rain

Remarkable durability and standout construction, all done with a blend of classic and sleek style in mind.

There are times where a lightweight, more packable rain jacket isn’t quite going to cut it — be it an off-trail adventure or a daylong outing (maybe with some shopping and a brewery trip thrown in), you need the right gear for the job. And well, my friends … the right gear for the job just so happens to be the Triple Aught Design Talisman Jacket, a positively beastly coat and the latest See Now, Buy Now entry on ye olde Style Guide. For when times get tough and rainy, the Talisman Jacket should prove an able-bodied companion to reach for at a moment’s notice. Dramatics aside, Triple Aught Design focuses on streamlined styles packed with functionality — case in point being the Talisman Jacket. The woven and waxed cotton canvas shell can certainly stand up to similar jackets in the category, creating an outer layer that’s breathable yet waterproof. And as luck would have it, the Triple Aught Design Talisman Jacket is made in the good ole U.S.A — who can say no to that extra attention to detail, right?


Heck, even the hood is durable to a fault — it’s made of Ventile, perfect for putting up when the rain really starts coming down. Snapdown pockets give you crucial space for your everyday carry, and a fit that’s slightly more relaxed offers the chance to layer the Talisman Jacket up as you please. As for me, I’d keep it simple: A classic grey crewneck sweater, slim dark jeans and tough leather boots. Oh, and a rugged casual watch. Aside from that, this jacket just looks classic as heck, yet small touches like slanted stitching on the snap pockets lends the Triple Aught Design Talisman Jacket a bit more of a modern flair. As one might say, it’s just the full package. No questions asked.

Can you dig the Triple Aught Design Talisman Jacket? How would you wear it this spring? 

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