#OOTD: How to Dress for A Casual Spring Weekend

Style is all about dressing in a way that stays true to yourself — and in a way that’s true to the situation, right? Right. There’s no sense in wearing a suit to the ballpark, for instance. The best style moves — from the classic Oxford shirt to the perfect pair of everyday denim — nail that tricky balance of classic-yet-versatile style, while working in any situation. And so it is with today’s #OOTD — we’re talking a specific situation (in this case, an easygoing spring weekend) and we’re talking picks that should fit right in with your wardrobe if you’re the kind of guy who values casual, laidback style with just a bit of retro cool. That’s what I call staying true to yourself, ehh? Spring is a time to shed extra layers and take it easy, so we’re stepping out in retro-inspired high-top sneakers, a classic leather watch and — perhaps most crucially — an ultra-cool short-sleeve shirt for the season. All of it adds up to an outfit that’s appropriate for a park picnic, a zoo visit, a stroll through an outdoor art fair or a visit to your favorite brewery … maybe all in one day? If you’ve got thoughts on this outfit, let me know via The Style Guide Facebook page or Twitter. Cheers!

Layering a stylish short-sleeve shirt with an easygoing tee and high-tops — that’s all there is to it!

The Shirt: Portuguese Flannel El Dorado Shirt, $125 — The purveyors of your favorite flannel shirts for the cold weather turn their attention toward a retro-inspired short-sleeve shirt — get yours now.

The Tee: Flint and Tinder Slub Tee in White, $25.98 — Are we layering a short-sleeve shirt over a tee? Heck yes, we are. This Flint and Tinder Slub Tee has a bit of a similar feel to something Armie Hammer might have worn in “Call By Your Name,” I’d say.

The Denim: Todd Snyder Made in L.A. Natural Indigo Selvage, $248 — Is this a pricey pair of light wash denim? It sure is. But Todd Snyder makes some of the very best denim around, easily. Roll these atop your sneakers or wear them with just one cuff. Speaking of sneakers …

The Sneakers: Rancourt & Co. Carson Mid, $185 — Made-in-America high-tops like these spring-ready Rancourt & Co. sneakers are tough to come by — these should stand up with ease to bar crawls and park strolls alike.

The Socks: Anonymous-ism Boucle Mix Socks, $12 — While you could go with no-show socks here, these Anonymous-ism socks feature a neutral color and fabric that’s not too heavy — both spring must-haves.

The Belt: Filson Leather Belt, $85 — We’ve featured this Filson leather belt in a past #OOTD entry, and with good reason — it’s a dependable, stylish addition to your accessories lineup.

The Watch: Jack Mason Field Camp Watch, $195 — The Jack Mason Field Camp Watch is the timepiece you need for a spring weekend — it’s got just enough sharp style and just enough rugged appeal to go anywhere.

The Essential: ManCan 128oz. Picnic Keg, $44.98 — Is the ManCan Picnic Keg an essential? Well, only if you fancy having a park picnic … which I’d wager you do!

This outfit can go anywhere you go on a casual spring weekend — it’s pieces like slim light wash denim and those durable, retro-inspired Rancourt & Co. sneakers that get the job done when it comes to laidback style for the season. Layering a  retro-inspired short-sleeve shirt underneath a Flint and Tinder Slub Tee is also a slightly unexpected style move that gives this outfit some versatility and visual interest — it’s the kind of look that’s going to look particularly at home lounging on a patio with a margarita (or your drink of choice, that is to say). To stay on time through it all, the rugged style of the Jack Mason Field Camp Watch should help out admirably, while the ManCan Picnic Keg — funny name and all — is the essential to bring with you to a park picnic or a backyard party.  And the great thing about this outfit is the freedom of choice — you can rock it with or without the Anonymous-ism socks, for instance. So, where will this #OOTD take you this spring? What picks would you add or subtract? Let me know in the comments below!

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