The Friday Read: United By Blue, Mother’s Day and the Best Men’s Dress Shoes

If you’re new to The Style Guide and joining us for the first time today, welcome! This right here is our weekly rundown of menswear-related news items, with an occasional dash of music and craft beer thrown in. If you’re looking for a way to start your weekend right, look no further. There’s plenty of fun in store, I promise. And if you’re looking for something neat to listen to while you read about summer style essentials and your new favorite polo? Might I suggest one of my favorite bands, emotional indie rockers The National? You’ll get used to hearing a lot about them on the blog. And if you’re returning as an old and seasoned reader of the blog? Welcome back! It’s Mother’s Day coming up on Sunday, and we’ve got a great sale detailed below to help you out with last-minute gift-giving needs. Hurry! In the meantime, dive on into the other choice reads below, and enjoy this lovely spring weekend ahead.

  • United By Blue, a favorite of mine for their balance of sustainable and rugged style, is holding a positively massive warehouse sale — the sale features a range of items for your summer style adventures, all marked down by whopping amounts (try 81 percent off on for size, ehh?). That’s a heck of a deal, folks!
  • Know a mom who absolutely loves her footwear? Mother’s Day is, well, tomorrow, and Minnetonka is offering free shipping on all orders (yep, all of ’em!) with the code MOMLOVE. Hurry, hurry — you’ve still got some time!
  • I always try to help out with those tricky footwear decisions in life — especially when it comes to spring and summer dress shoes. You want something with character and style, but not a ton of added weight — that’s where my picks for the best spring dress shoes (at The Manual!) come into play! Hurry up and get to it.

That’s wrapping up this week’s short and sweet Friday Read. Be sure to come back tomorrow for our Style Pick of the Week, where we talk all about one must-have menswear item for the season.

Thanks for reading!



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