See Now, Buy Now: The Viberg Service Boots are the Best Boots You Can Buy Right Now

A rugged pair of boots you would do well to invest in now — yep, even in summer.

In spite of the heat of the summer, we’re back at it today on The Style Guide, and yes, you’re absolutely right that I’m calling for you to buy some of the best men’s boots around, the Viberg Service Boots … despite the fact that it’s July. You’re likely more interested in the best sneakers to wear right now, but that doesn’t mean your favorite leather boots should be relegated to the back of your closet. No, sir. As a a matter of fact, you’d  be surprised at how investing in a pair of quality footwear can pay dividends months down the line — such is the case with the rugged construction and standout durability of the Viberg Service Boots. But I digress. Why are the Viberg Service Boots some of the best boots on the market right now? Well, the quantity can be scarce as heck to find — that’s gotta mean something, right? It also comes down to quality, construction and toughness — something Viberg as a brand offers in spades (in fact, you might recognize Viberg from my Instagram).

At any rate, if you haven’t yet given the brand a chance, now is as good a time to start as any. The handsome, beautifully made Viberg Service Boots feature U.S.-sourced, oil-tanned roughout leather that’ll age very, very nicely over time. And on another note: The wheat color looks plain great with plenty of your favorite style essentials, everything from indigo denim to olive chinos. In terms of other specs, the resoleable stitchdown construction on the Service Boots also lends them an extra touch of durability and quality that really can’t be topped. The Viberg Service Boots are finished off with brass tacks from England, plus a heavyweight insole from Spain and some pretty stylish, rugged leather across the board. In my humble opinion, that makes the Viberg Service Boots an absolutely essential purchase … even in the middle of July. That’s all there is to it!

Are you going to be investing in the Viberg Service Boots soon? 


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