The List: Enjoy August with the Best New Menswear to Buy Now

The J. Stark Prospect Briefcase is but one of the versatile essentials you should shop now.

See the J. Stark Prospect Briefcase above? It’s exhibit A in today’s post — everyday essentials to carry you through the month(s) ahead. August is an interesting time in terms of the menswear calendar. If you’re anything like me, you’ve got your eye on men’s style essentials to buy for fall, yet the temperatures outside might still read summer. What’a guy to do in that case? In the opinion of your humble editor, that means you should buy pieces that’ll work both in August and in September, or October, or November … and beyond. Like the Prospect Briefcase. So, let’s shop this week’s edition of The List, shall we?

Taylor Stitch Slim Chinos in Navy — $98

Classic navy chinos, done the Taylor Stitch way.

Every guy — you and me, and even that guy over there — can make use of classic navy chinos, no matter the season. Wear the Taylor Stitch Slim Chinos now with a charcoal Oxford shirt and stylish brown leather dress shoes.
GrowlerWerks Black Matte uKeg — $169

A uniquely stylish and great-looking growler for your home bar.

For when you’d prefer your beer is served in a manner that’s as stylish as your favorite pair of leather boots, there’s the handsomely appointed GrowlerWerks Black Matte uKeg.
Viberg Hiker Boots — $710

Astoundingly beautiful and well-made boots from Viberg.

The folks at Viberg are masters at making rugged leather boots — with a hefty price tag — that last and last, and look great while doing it. The Viberg Hiker Boots are certainly worthy of your hard-earned cash.
Bulletprufe Tobacco Brown Denim — $98

Unique denim in a rich multi-season color.

They’ve got a unique name (Bulletprufe??), a cool color and the versatility to be worn with everything from a white Oxford to a navy henley. The Bulletprufe Tobacco Brown Denim deserve to be worn both now and on into fall.
Timex Archive Waterbury United Watch — $120

A casual watch with a textured strap — made to work in August and into fall.

Is it possible to find a watch that works stylistically both in the summer and the fall? Yes, sir. The Timex Archive Waterbury United Watch, with a stone-washed cotton strap and easy-to-wear design, is that watch.
J. Stark Prospect Briefcase — $295

A durable and rugged everyday brief, made to work in every season — but especially right now.

As you’ve seen at the top of the page, the J. Stark Prospect Briefcase has exactly the right type of all-season style and dependability that you need — it’s a piece that’s going to work as handsomely this month as it will later this fall.
Taylor Stitch Legend Sunglasses — $175

The right blend of modern and classic, all from Taylor Stitch.

Can Taylor Stitch make sunglasses? They sure can. The Taylor Stitch Legend Sunglasses are exactly what you’d expect from these guys — just unique enough to stand out from the pack, blending modern and retro design. They’re quite possibly the perfect pair of sunglasses to buy now … and then wear on sunny fall days.
ArmorLux Short-Sleeve Breton Shirt — $55

A pure and simple, utterly classic tee to wear all the time.

What’s the one type of stylish T-shirt you can wear now? And then keep handy to layer up underneath a grey crewneck sweater on a chilly fall day? The ArmorLux Breton Shirt, of course.
Blind Barber 30 Proof Styling Cream — $18

A quality styling cream to keep your new haircut in place.

For under $20, you get a terrific Blind Barber styling cream that’s going to make your summer ‘do last well into fall.
Form-Function-Form Horween Leather Weekender — $98

Cool. durable and classic – – the perfect watch to buy right now, and then wear for months to come.

Another Timex? Absolutely. If you follow me on Instagram, you’re likely aware of how much I love my Form-Function-Form Weekender. This timepiece is no different. It’s a durable, rugged & stylish casual watch to buy now, my friends.
So, which of the above picks do you like — or love — the most? For me, it’s got to be the dependable style and rugged nature of the  J. Stark Prospect Briefcase — a piece to buy now, and then carry for months and months to come. Happy shopping out there, and feel free to catch up with me on Twitter if you like what you’ve read.

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