#OOTD: How to Wear Your New Favorite Denim Jacket

We always try to cover a lot of ground when it comes to our #OOTD series, from how to wear boots during the summer to the best way to style your chambray shirt. It all comes down to, as always, taking your favorite pieces and mixing up the formula, the fit and the styling. Such is the case with today’s featured #OOTD, my friends. It starts with a tried-and-true menswear essential — the rugged denim jacket — and features unique, summer-friendly styling touches, like the Taylor Stitch Hawthorne Shirt and go-anywhere classic suede chukka boots. These are items that work well on their own, and yet look even better blended into one ensemble. The resulting look is a different way to wear a piece (the stylish denim jacket) that you know and love. Between the laidback trousers and a pair of retro-inspired sunglasses, you’ve got an outfit that screams casual versatility, from brunch to the market to your favorite coffee shop. If you really want to beat the heat? Ditch the rugged denim jacket and wear the Taylor Stitch Hawthorne Shirt on its own — I’ll let you be the judge of how you ultimately want to make this #OOTD work for you, though.

Your favorite denim jacket, worn in an unexpected way.

  • Flint and Tinder Denim Trucker Jacket, $168 — Here’s the trusty, stylish denim jacket we mentioned earlier. The centerpiece of this outfit, the solid fit and pleasing mid-wash make it a winning summer layer.
  • The Shirt: Taylor Stitch Hawthorne Shirt, $125 — Beat the hot weather with the Hawthorne Shirt from Taylor Stitch, complete with short sleeves (to rid yourself of excess heat) and a seriously cool pattern.
  • The Pants: Life/After/Denim Harbor Pants, $148 — One way to stay casual and breezy this summer? The Harbor Pants from Life/After/Denim, featuring a tapered fit, a cotton-linen blend & a drawstring waist.
  • The Boots: Astorflex Greenflex Boots in Dark Khaki, $145 — We talked a couple weeks ago about how to wear boots this summer, and if you want to dip your toe in those waters, the Astorflex Greenflex are a great way to start. Fear not: These classic chukka boots are relatively light and very easy to wear.
  • The Socks: American Trench Mil-Spec Sport Socks, $12.50 — I’m an advocate of investing in classic items you love to wear — and that’s why I love the classic style and comfort of the Mil-Spec Sport Socks. With a no-fuss design & an array of color options, they’re the perfect complement to this #OOTD.
  • The Watch: Form-Function-Form Horween Leather Weekender, $98 — Reach for a rugged, stylish casual watch to balance out the go-anywhere nature of this outfit. The Horween Leather Weekender from Timex checks all the right boxes.
  • The Sunglasses: Taylor Stitch Legend Sunglasses, $175 — Sure, you could reach for classic Aviator sunglasses with this ensemble, but the Taylor Stitch Legend Sunglasses are much more visually interesting and just … cool.
  • The Grooming Essential: Blind Barber 30 Proof Styling Cream, $18 — I love me a vintage-inspired ballcap as much as the next guy, but the Blind Barber 30 Proof Styling Cream will give your ‘do and your look a little something extra.

So, what exactly makes this outfit different from another summer #OOTD? Well, if you start with a timeless outer layer (in this case, the rugged denim jacket from Flint and Tinder), you can mix and match as you please. You’re ready for a breezy summer night or an in-between summer day in equal measure, especially when you pair the Flint and Tinder Denim Trucker Jacket with the Taylor Stitch Hawthorne Shirt for versatile layering. Easygoing pieces like the Harbor Pants from Life/After/Denim drive home the breathable, cool nature of this outfit. And both the American Trench Mil-Spec Socks and classic chukka boots like the Astorflex Greenflex add a dash of everyday style. Throwing on a rugged, casual timepiece like the Horween Leather Weekender from Timex keeps this outfit firmly in casual territory, while a grooming must-have like the Blind Barber 30 Proof Styling Cream takes your ‘do to the next level — to say the least. So, what’s your takeaway from this week’s #OOTD? Which piece is your favorite, at that? Join the conversation on Twitter.

Thanks for reading!


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