The List: Shop The Best New Menswear for the Season Ahead


Rich dark indigo jeans, a nice contrast to your typical pair of blue denim.

Ladies and gentlemen, gather around to shop the latest and greatest fall style essentials. At least when it comes to your editor at The Style Guide, planning for the season ahead never stops. Whether it’s picking up a rugged long-sleeve henley or simply stepping into a pair of classic dark denim, now is the time to get your gear locked down before it’s too late. Here to lead us off as we cruise through September? Your new favorite pair of everyday jeans. Good luck this fall, my friends.

Flint and Tinder Dark Indigo Jeans — $118

Flint and Tinder

Crisp, sharp denim that can go as dressy or casual as you want it for fall.

Here’s that pair of dark indigo denim we mentioned. It comes to you courtesy of Flint and Tinder — they’re perfect for wearing with a rugged flannel shirt and classic leather boots.

Abercrombie & Fitch One-Pocket Denim Shirt — $39

Abercrombie & Fitch

Your new go-to fall shirt.

Now, what exactly are you wearing with your new pair of dark indigo denim? A richly crafted, seriously affordable denim shirt from the rugged style purveyors at Abercrombie & Fitch.

Faherty Brand Indigo Jacquard Henley — $118.98
Faherty Brand

A new take on the henley.

A rich indigo henley pairs perfectly with dark tan chinos and brown moc toe boots for all your fall weekend escapades — well-done, Faherty Brand.

Relwen Knit Jacquard Snap CPO — $269.98


A new favorite fall layer? It’s up to you.

While we’re in the  business of talking rugged fall layers, allow me to present the excellent Knit Jacquard Snap CPO from Relwen. Warm, easy to layer, easy to stay warm. It’s good stuff, right?

Blundstone Super 550 Boots in Antique Brown Leather — $199.95

Rough-and-tumble boots for the season ahead.

For all those fall weekend adventures — be it a brewery visit or a football tailgate — you’re going to need durable boots that can take a beating. The rich Antique Brown leather on these Blundstone boots is a perfect match.

Abercrombie & Fitch Deck Jacket — $140

A new classic jacket that’ll work quite well for eveyrthing from weekend coffee to a day hike.

While we’re on the crucial subject of fall style essentials and rugged layers from Abercrombie & Fitch (the brand that also makes your new favorite chinos!), let’s turn our attention toward the military heritage of the Deck Jacket.  Perfect for wearing with a classic white T-shirt and yes, dark indigo denim. Bingo!

Taylor Stitch Yosemite Shirt in Red Buffalo Plaid — $109.98

Rugged, versatile and always coveted.

This might be the very best version of the much-loved Yosemite Shirt to date — at least, for yours truly. The Red Buffalo plaid fabric is beautiful, and should pair very nicely with dark indigo denim (like the pair above!).

Little River Sock Mill Textured Herringbone Crew Socks in Cocoa — $22

A fall-friendly pattern on some fall-friendly socks.

We told you we’d get all of your essentials taken care of, right? Herringbone socks from Little River Sock Mill translate this classic fall pattern into a stylish and eye-catching accessory.

American Giant Classic Crewneck — $94

American Giant

A durable, well-crafted crewneck for fall and winter weekends.

I can’t get enough of American Giant — simple-yet-stylish, essential basics made the right way. The well-fitting, soft and easy-to-layer American Giant Classic Crewneck is a surefire fall favorite for me (and perhaps you, too!).

Foster & Rye Canvas Bar Tool Kit — $52

‘Tis the season to enjoy a rich cocktail, right?

Fall is the perfect time to enjoy your favorite cocktail with dark spirits (I prefer an Old Fashioned if I can get one). Thus, the Foster & Rye Canvas Bar Tool Kit is the affordable set of bar tools to pick up now.

Mollusk Surf Shop Benetau Windbreaker — $90.98

A durable and affordable windbreaker to carry you through September.

This time of year is slightly tricky — not cold enough for a flannel-lined trucker, yet not warm enough for no layers. The Benetau Windbreaker provides protection from the elements and bridges gap.

Most Modest Niko Extension Cord — $96

A better way to connect your home.

Your home goods can be every bit as stylish as the rest of your fall style essentials — take the cool-looking, well-made Most Modest Niko Extension Cord. Talk about a stylish living room upgrade, right?
Danner Mountain 600 Chelsea Boots — $170

Versatile, trail-ready Chelsea boots — they exist.

These stylish outdoor Chelsea boots have been out for a while now, and y’know what’s so great about ’em? They’re boots that are made for the trail and the city, perfect for fall.
CIVIC Jack Merino Oxford in Stone Green — $128

A sharp, sustainably made Oxford.

What’s cooler than a classic Oxford shirt? What about one made with an innovative fabric, a la the CIVIC Merino Oxford. We’re talking tailored-yet-casual style, perfect for pairing with a heather grey shawl cardigan this fall.

Forsake Range High — $136.98

Durable sneaker boots that’ll fit right in with rugged outdoor gear.

When it comes to functional fall footwear, it’s tough to top a pair of stylish sneaker-boots, especially these ones from Forsake. Easy to wear with classic dark denim and a grey crewneck sweater on the weekend.

Rustico Sidekick Leather Cord Wrap — $29.98

An underestimated accessory for your daily haul.

It’s the little details that continue to make the difference in matters of men’s style — thus, I’d recommend you add the Rustico Sidekick Leather Cord Wrap to your list of everyday carry essentials for fall.

Hopefully, this post served as a reminder to get your fall style essentials in order — every last one, from your dark indigo denim to essentials for your home bar. What’s your favorite pick from this list? For me, it’s gotta be the one-of-a-kind Taylor Stitch Yosemite Shirt.  Thanks for reading, and enjoy the season! 

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